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  2. yeeeeeaaaaah!
  3. Trials Rising wallpaper
  4. Learn From the Past
  5. More Evo, Less Blood Dragon!
  6. No Analog Triggers on Switch - Any Ideas
  7. Redlynx nailed it.
  8. Coop
  9. Ranking System?
  10. First look at the track editor in Trials Rising
  11. Crossplay?
  12. Trials Rising Easter Eggs
  13. From A Hardcore Fan - Still A Lot To Prove
  14. Community's wishlist thread - Post what features you'd like to see in the game!
  15. Trials Rising media
  16. see the first extrem track
  17. A few wishes for full game speedruns
  18. Question on textures for Rising...
  19. [EDITED] Title Removed
  20. Is the Switch version Ubisoft club compatible?
  21. Special edition
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  23. No Dabs please
  24. No Physical release for PC?
  25. 1k post!
  26. Trials Rising E3 Recap
  27. Cross Buy? Cross Platform?
  28. Anybody know if the editor will have magnets?
  29. Ninja difficulty
  30. Just a big Thank You!
  31. Multiplayer aspect
  32. 30 Min / 500 Faults Limit?
  33. Rising Track Central questions
  34. My suggestions regarding some aspects of the game.
  35. Skill Games in Trials Rising?
  36. Returning Skill Games I would like to see in Trials Rising!
  37. The fender grab/hook in Trials Rising.
  38. Trials Rising resolution
  39. No ATV (panda love)
  40. Trials Rising on Switch: Analog Support and differences to other Systems
  41. License Tests
  42. Trials Rising: Returning Skill Games Wishlist
  43. SSE 4.1 requirement?
  44. INSIDE PlayDead Games based track on Trials Rising?
  45. Is that a Far Cry 4 based track I see on the Trials Rising Trailer?
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  48. requierements for the closed beta?
  49. Plaese make a Stargate trak.
  50. Steam Achievements?
  51. Trials Rising at Gamescom?
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  53. Hard achievement
  54. can we have access to the previous TCs in Trials rising?
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  56. Where are some more tidbits on Rising?
  57. 9 Minutes of Trials Rising Gameplay - Gamescom 2018
  58. February 12, 2019.
  59. Wishlist for the new Trials Rising
  60. Pre-Beta invites went out???
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  62. Please leave the teams and team leaderboards in Trials Rising !
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  64. Will we see an increase in the FPS Cap?
  65. Pre-beta not completing download, help?
  66. Did i miss the Trials Rising NDA?
  67. Stuttering while going pass checkpoints on PC
  68. Really bad keyboard and mouse UI
  69. Signed NDA...what now?
  70. We want hardcore multiplayer!!!
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  72. Watermark opacity
  73. Having trials rising problems
  74. tech test feedback
  75. Trials Rising Soundtrack
  76. Can't sign the NDA
  77. Please do not remove the teams and team LBs from Rising !
  78. Do I need to register again?
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  80. 58/5000 I have an easy wish to realize in the track editor
  81. the tracks expected on this Trials World Tour
  82. Bring back the RC car as a skill game please
  83. Extreme track Car Park Club
  84. Someone made a Trials Rising track remake on Trials Fusion
  85. 20/5000 inferno 5 confirmed?
  86. [SPOILERS] Main Career Tracks and Skill Games confirmed so far on Trials Rising
  87. Trials Rising Achievement Ideas!
  88. NDA Stream Youtube ?
  89. Closed Beta Question (How Much Content Do We Get)
  90. Can't preload the beta
  91. Stream or reviews.
  92. Still no code :(
  93. Trials Rising Merchandise?
  94. Closed Beta access
  95. MY Thoughts.
  96. WOW thatís all I can say Iím actually speechless
  97. [PC BETA] How to change brightness?
  98. Trials Rising Initial thoughts....
  99. Ninja Central 2.0 launch for Trials Rising
  100. More ghost options.
  101. Country Flags
  102. A VERY important inquiry
  103. Loving Trials Rising!
  104. On the Edge contract
  105. Error in game Hang with Motorcross
  106. Controller does not work?
  107. it is great but the map glitches bit (BETA TEST Trials Rising)
  108. Screen is black on every track
  109. How many tracks are in the beta? I have 4.
  110. Hard Hat Zone - Contract failed
  111. [Feedback][Bugs]
  112. My thoughts and experiences
  113. Resolution Error and Force Closes (PC Beta)
  114. Baskeball challenge on Everes
  115. Game stuck at 7.69GB on PC
  116. [bug][pc][contracts][redlynx]on the edge]
  117. Startup / Launch FAIL
  118. [PC Beta] First comments
  119. Failed contract bugs.
  120. [Closed beta] Bugs
  121. Trails Rising making my internet restart and shut down.
  122. XBox 360 controller working in menu but not in race
  123. Launch fail
  124. Trials Rising Singleplayer Maps
  125. My first thoughts about Trials Rising
  126. Online Ranking System
  127. Congratulations To Red Lynx And Ubisoft
  128. Why isn't streaming allowed from Xbox?
  129. 60 FPS Cap
  130. PC Leaderboards Destroyed
  131. Contract bug
  132. Tandem bike - 2nd player not working...
  133. Bikes feel weird
  134. The issues I have noticed
  135. Remove the closed beta data
  136. Some comments and This Music Selection
  137. Wrong aspect ratio, cant change resolution *BUG*
  138. This game restarts my Internet.
  139. Quality of life thingies I would like to see in the future.
  140. 14 sept. 2018 thoughts, impressions, experiences, good and bad
  141. This game restarts my Internet
  142. Build issue
  143. Microtransaction Concerns
  144. Error message on closed beta. Does my low end rig that bad?
  145. Trials Rising stuck on 5:3 aspect ratio
  146. Blank screen
  147. Stuck on loading screen
  148. Mission 4, On The Edge / Contract beat heroes510
  149. "celebration filter" bug
  150. Loot Crates
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  152. Say it isn't so .....please ! No teams in rising.... What ?
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  154. Will there be more skill games in each location?
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  156. Crossplay
  157. Fusion ninja here
  158. Trials Royal
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  161. Will there be more sponsors on contacts?
  162. Will squirrels return in Trials Rising?
  163. Will Tracks be in difficulty order?
  164. Will the Trials Trophy return on Trials Rising?
  165. How do we unlock platinum medals on Trials Rising this time around?
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  167. Tips On Building a Great Track
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  172. Trials Rising replays
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  176. Will trials rising have Easter eggs/riddle.
  177. When will we see more Trials Rising news?
  178. I've found a pre-alpha build image of the NEW DIFFERENT customization menu on amazon
  179. Discussion based on the recent reply from one developer on lootboxes
  180. OTHG looking for new members.....
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  183. A new look at a new Trials Rising EXTREME track gameplay
  184. Will we see Trials Rising in the Video Game Awards 2018?
  185. PC Physical Edition cancelled?
  186. Trials Rising sees a small delay.
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  188. Trials.fr END OF ACTIVITY
  189. Merry Christmas Everybody
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  191. E-Bike
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  193. Cross platform multiplayer?
  194. Multiplayer on launch? (PC)
  195. Vital artwork is to preclude the era of glucose
  196. question about the crossplateform
  197. Expansion pack
  198. Builder Outfit
  199. Can we get more media?
  200. Number of tracks confirmed (I think) in Trials Rising
  201. Trials Rising preview - Gameplay and editor
  202. Why is there new sub threads?
  203. Beginner/Intermediate Ninja Guide
  204. Does anyone know the resolution for the PS4 pro?
  205. New Trials Rising Trailer from Ubisoft Italia
  206. Trials HD Outfit Idea
  207. [SUGGESTIONS] What I would like to see in TRIALS RISING
  208. [SUGGESTIONS] Customization
  209. What countries/cities/landmarks/places do you want to see in Trials Rising?
  210. Microsoft store shows Xbox One x enhanced
  211. Leagues between friends?
  212. Ideas for music improvement
  213. Trials Friends
  214. Will there be a dynamic music event on the Trials Rising Level Editor?
  215. Trials 2 Second Edition Outfit Idea
  216. trackc entral
  217. The Evolution of Trials Games (2003-2019)
  218. [SUGGESTIONS] More For Trials Rising
  219. [SUGGESTIONS] Track Thumbnails & Map
  220. Trials Rising: Post Launch Trailer
  221. [suggestions][music][UI] Ability to toggle songs
  222. [suggestions][gameplay][track design][easter eggs][ninja]
  223. [suggestions][customization][currency][trials coins][track central]
  224. [SUGGESTIONS] Leaderboards Returning Feature that should return
  225. [Suggestions] A personal suggestion of mine: Trials Titles.
  226. [suggestions][UI][medals] Platinum/Diamond medal messages
  227. [SUGGESTIONS] Locations I would like to see in Trials Rising
  228. Behind the Scenes at the Trials Elite Workshop
  229. Price of the game don't work out
  230. [PREDICTION] Trials Rising OPEN BETA might release at February 21st 2018, here's why:
  231. Trials Rising OPEN BETA CONFIRMED!!!!
  232. Inferno V Community Challenge - Push your Inner Limits Beyond!
  233. [SUGGESTIONS] Trials Rising's Track Editor
  234. XBOX, PC or PS4?
  235. Retrospective - 20 years of Trials
  236. [SUGGESTIONS] A list of suggestions I would like to see in Trials Rising, MEGA THREAD
  237. Private matches on Switch?
  238. Can You Pass The Kalis Keto Test?
  239. Trials Rising DLC release dates?
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  241. Cross save
  242. Tandem bike suggestions
  243. Will trials ever go back to its root?
  244. 20% discount on consoles?
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  246. Will we be able to select which songs play in single player?
  247. Introduction to the World of Trials
  248. Bike Throttle Sound
  249. Track Graphics Go Away Once I Enter A Race, Only Audio, Blackness and a few things...
  250. Can't play Global Multiplayer [PC]