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  1. Shepherd Commendation is an INSULT!!
  2. Thx for fixing priorities again - anything you would like to get fixed ?
  3. About Exotic Gloves
  4. DEVELOPER Suggestion - Color Code Load out items
  5. Valves to reduce water pressure!!!!
  6. Whats going on with the MM system?
  7. servers full of Lag. please tell me that it's not just me and my friends
  8. Base Damage Discrepancy
  9. Blown
  10. Ornate Leather Holster = Hyena control point?
  11. [SPOILER][Question] Kenly Metro Station
  12. Too Easy!!
  13. Brand Set "Drop Mods"
  14. Only Tidal bassin heroic
  15. Remember the Thieves's den? Well...
  16. Sharing gear and weapons ?
  17. Ongoing Audio Issues - Sound has cut out completely on PS4
  18. Update launched the game automaticly?
  19. FAMAS, FN F2000 Tactical and MP7
  20. New hunter or a glitch in the matrix?
  21. Heroic Mission - Tidal Basin
  22. If the drop cant be picked up tone down the highlight
  23. Give a countdown before entering Monorail in Manning Zoo
  24. Hot To Take Level 4 Control Points Solo - The Easy Way
  25. Skill builds have made a game to adore
  26. meta builds not easy difficulty
  27. Too Much Content, Not Enough Players?
  28. Active regen mods for shields need to scale better
  29. Suggestion for next apparel event
  30. This Guy is Hilarious
  31. Note to self, don't horde crafting mats
  32. Expedition questions
  33. The new update and the new missions.
  34. Feedback on TU5
  35. When you group up does the enemy AI change for you?
  36. Gamer Etiquette according to Ice-T
  37. Time for an exotic Bump Key...
  38. State of the Game - July 31st, 2019
  39. Why is the Castle Settlement still grayed out?
  40. The Nest CP level 4 bugged
  41. Equipment Adaptability Merit
  42. Hynea Rusher Speed
  43. Elites in The Division 2
  45. why are the blueprints list incomplete?
  46. Kenly Metro Station
  47. Opting Out of Early Access to Specializations
  48. who needs seekers when you have turret and drone power
  49. Free Loot not showing up
  50. Can we please address the constant crashes?
  51. Optimization station.
  52. Question about Ep 1 availability to play?
  53. My thoughts on the stash space issue
  54. Got the frogman suit...!!!
  55. Well folks...
  56. Privacy Option not working
  57. Breath control or Emplacement
  58. Clan Weekly Project - Scaling?
  59. Early access didn’t happen!
  60. Display Room
  61. Classified Assignments
  62. Negotiators dilemma is broken
  63. Grinding
  64. How do you attach mods
  65. Kinly College
  66. Best Of The Best Achievement
  67. Team healing
  68. He really does exist..
  69. First classified assigment question
  70. NPC enemies not taking damage, are they on GOD mode?
  71. - My Armor kits are gone / Entirely
  72. Is there a reason to use Super 90 over SASG?
  73. Just....one....pencil!
  74. Had a bite of the Mushroom and yep it's Magic!
  75. Heat Wave Event Concerns
  76. Looking for techbuild
  77. Clarification my post regarding about Assassin's Creed Easter eggs in The Division 2
  78. West Coast Server Problems: bad ping xbox
  79. Manny didn't care that all those JTF died at Camp White Oak
  80. Pet peeve - display of weapon stats and talent effects
  81. MM for discovery raid, qualifies you for normal mode
  82. Bottom box to the far right !!!
  83. TU6 will put TD2 on the map
  84. Artillery Turret - couple questions
  85. TU6 Will "Vindicate" TD2
  86. Deleting Stuff
  87. 8th Ivory Key help please
  88. RL flamethrowing drone. It is what you think it is.
  89. Хватит негатива на разработчиков
  90. Where's the snitch?
  91. Can you up GS to 500?
  92. Stop the negative on the developers
  93. Call For BackUp Simple Solution
  94. Devs, please listen to the feed back players are giving you
  95. Sig P320 pistol as loot?
  96. Opinion on a suggestion I made.
  97. Is Pestilence LMG good to apply status effect?
  98. Raid keys fixed-Razorback broken
  99. Looks to Become the Best Film to Deliver a $100M+ Second Weekend
  100. Ubisoft needs to do better with chat.
  101. Best 2nd talent for Unhinged Rpk
  102. What are the mechanics of the Reviver Hive.
  103. Just used an explosive skill build in the raid!
  104. Cassie
  105. Delta Errors
  106. Skill need change
  107. Questions about Kenly Metro Station / Library
  108. Interesting things i would like to share about the division
  109. When should you use the crossbow?
  110. New weapons
  111. Carbine 7/Stoner 63
  112. My clan vendor is selling sweet gear !
  113. The Delta Errors And Audio Issues
  114. Look at the chestpiece !!!!
  115. Flame On!!!! 88K damage flame turret
  116. Noone for Dark Hours in Discovery mode?
  117. I Am So Frickin Happy....
  118. Poll - Exotic Item acquisition.
  119. Make the Stakes for Going Rogue Higher
  120. The sound of silence
  121. Eliminate Elite Outcasts in West Potomac Park
  122. Been trying to take the top spot............Not going to happen.
  123. Really not understanding pvp
  124. raid running
  125. Today, I looted my last (missing) ivory key
  126. Clarification my post regarding about Assassin's Creed Easter eggs in the Division 2
  127. Drones, Turrets and Talents
  128. Could we get a little love for Lag over here?
  129. Stuck in Kenly and can't go anywhere
  130. Episode 1 Where is it
  131. looting Massive needs to decide what game its trying to be.
  132. PVP, poor conflict, no new faces, same builds, sugestions
  133. A few questions for the wise
  134. How come M32A1 ammo have two different ways to be taken?
  135. Just a simple thankyou
  136. Activate CD KEY how do i do it? Why didnt i get it when i downloaded the Game
  137. Dark zone locked
  138. PVP Conflict: Best Game Xbox K/D
  139. Loving the demolition skill build
  140. Sound Problems last night?
  141. Basilisk dies before I can destroy every armor part
  142. Gunner spec
  143. You are eligible for a....
  144. Bug regarding buster firefly
  145. Graphics
  146. so i came back..
  147. What's a Melee Kill?
  148. XBox Crashing Power Off!!!
  149. Running Raid Mute....
  150. Why is my Nemesis like a wet noodle
  151. West Potomac Outcasts
  152. Tidal Basin
  153. Call for help issue
  154. Disturbing Sound Bug
  155. Why am I not getting the gloves? Fix the friggin dumpster fire already please!
  156. Shields need threat generation
  157. Whats the point in having s level 30 clan?
  158. 52k AR dmg To Body
  159. TU5 new bugs and new mods....
  160. +1.019 SP on chest for clans 20-23lvl - how long this SH*T will happens?
  161. Why is this still a thing day - ??? Devs wake up.
  162. More spam than a pig farm
  163. Skill haste need advice please
  164. Loot mess demotivation
  165. BTSU Bugged or Intended Suicide mechanics
  166. Snitch Helped Me Clear a Control Point
  167. Any clue to fight those drones in DZ pls?
  168. The Division Movie
  169. Eagle Bearer and Conflict
  170. First day i haven't logged into division 2
  171. Minigun needs a buff
  172. How can this be a thing? :))
  173. Merciless vs. Ruthless...
  174. Crafting and Recalibration Additions for Consideration
  175. That place is very un-nerving
  176. crafting station upgrade
  177. Shay Comms: Refugee Camp Missing
  178. Weekly Projects
  179. Sub tier 5 the division is basically a single player game!
  180. Black Tusks
  181. Damage to Elite in Skill Build
  182. great game very good love it
  183. Sewer People
  184. Sooo, Massive.....
  185. Do you play the loot or do you play the shoot?
  186. People not learning anything in the discovery raid
  187. Skill Mods Need a Change
  188. Loot not satifying
  189. This looks suspicious.
  190. Stash and inventory space.. get inpiration with AC Odyssey?
  191. BP 5.11 bacpack with offensive modslot.
  192. Worst buying exp
  193. Build diversity ?? Where is it ??
  194. What happens next?
  195. Ranking up Shepard Ranks is Completely Unbalanced
  196. aEchte Pässe kaufen | Führerschein (( http://www.kaufendokumentieren.de/ ))(Whatsapp:
  197. Get pieces in low level clan
  198. Where is that insulin?
  199. Leaving cover
  200. Free Content - Camp White Oak, Manning National Zoo, and Kenly College
  201. Gunner - Field Research Stage 1
  202. Healer build for TU5
  203. I made this build to prove building is busted
  204. rejoin clan
  205. Activity Summary not counting certain types of damage
  206. Lighting Issue Redux
  207. just got the EB
  208. Ballistic shield issue
  209. What is considered a "god" roll item
  210. can TP knee pads roll with a blue attribute?
  211. A hell of a lot of min/maxing going on here and a crazy thought.
  212. Apparel has loadouts
  213. what does gunner specialization:50% discount even mean.
  214. Whats the most damage you can get on a Seeker mod?
  215. Manning National Zoo WTF?!
  216. Has anyone on XB1 not done: Missing Wire Scavengers Secret Side Mission yet?
  217. Armor / Health Targets for Beserk Builds?
  218. Say It Isn't So!
  219. Kenly College
  220. eliminate or restrict the option for people to see your set
  221. Heroic difficulty ruined by explosive builds.
  222. The Black Tusks Medics Are Obnoxious
  223. where there are GOD roll's there must also be amoeba roll's
  224. Gunner Specialization 50% discount?
  225. Giving thanks to backup calls
  226. A (Very) Casual Player's Thoughts on Revising the Loot System
  227. Bought dlc season pass, still havent recived dlc
  228. Eagle Bearer Exotic AR should be available as Field Research
  229. PSA: Raid resets if raid leader leaves
  230. Stuck with level 1 pistol
  231. Horrendous Game Mechanics With Medics
  232. please give the FAL the damage it deserves
  233. Instead of new gear sets, how about
  234. Very fun skill builds
  235. Diamondback Available Now
  236. now i have all the new content i don't know how much longer i will be playing
  237. Loadouts
  238. Sorry in advance for this noobish recalibration question
  239. Mid level clans vendor
  240. I might have missed this and be a bit slow but ....
  241. Please Explain !!
  242. SOTG Wanted a discussion on loot, let's start with CP4s
  243. Day 5 and no outcast in west potomac park
  244. Question to the mods and devs
  245. Undiscovered Missions when playing in Multiplayer
  246. Tonight farewell to the Division 2 and 700 hours gameplay.
  247. Match Making isn't fun after skill buff
  248. What about player based vendors?
  249. What is "Remote Skill Haste"
  250. Did a Elite Territory control in WT2 - Purple gear wtf??