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  1. Please confirm (or not) Armor on Kill working without Badger Tuff?
  2. Armor Impact on Attribute Recalibration Budgeting after TU5
  3. Only 4 characters available??
  4. DZ Missions for the PvE Base
  5. Razorback key drop
  6. Soloman Hunt: PVP (XBOX) Video Series Part 2
  7. Control points stuck at Lvl 1
  8. Conflict matchmaking wait times and region
  9. It's tile to have a sub-forum for pvp and pve
  10. P416 Adjustment incoming
  11. Awesome PTS at the moment
  12. Question concerning a raid I was finally able to get in on
  13. Fullscreen still a issue!!!
  14. Inventory help
  15. NPC vault, climb animations broken?
  16. Help wanted
  17. Extensive run, WT5, reward, you have to be kidding.
  18. Different ways to get enemies into confused status?
  19. Sad, But True - My D2 Power Fantasy Is...
  20. Question about Nemesis Acquisition
  21. Small glitches on PS4
  22. "skills are coming"
  23. Do not have 'Drone Controller' at the White House
  24. 30 High End Items in 30 seconds : Single Biggest Haul (PVP)
  25. TU5 Skill Update (PVP_| Dont be afraid of the skill builds!
  26. List talents for assault rifel and LMG build
  27. Division 2 on sale for $20 at Gamestops Summer Sale
  28. Why nobody talking about recalibration capped (not score)
  29. I finished tidal basin and got two green armors ...
  30. Please address the crashes
  31. SOTG recap typo?
  32. I have already done 4 missions trying to get hard wired and nothing
  33. The YouTubed thatís always crying toxic
  34. MANHUNT (SOLO) PVP Chronicles Part 2
  35. Early Access.. why now?
  36. Skill builds maybe worthwhile now BUT...........
  37. Tu5 Skill builds, haste and conversation %
  38. Suggestions for dealing with car size drones?
  39. Keys in the division 2
  40. Was there a corporate hitman off camera during the SOTG?
  41. New Content Locked behind progress?
  42. Maintenance - July 11th, 2019 r u serious?
  43. Dungeon master mode
  44. If the devs increases GR500 > 600 than it's over for me.
  45. Nemesis Question?
  46. Blueprint perk in TU5
  47. New exotic mask v2.0
  48. Thank you "massive" post (add your own thank you in the comments)
  49. Can anyone accurately explain accuracy on shotguns?
  50. - Possible player versus environment / dark zone solution
  51. It feels to me that the bullets speed of the AR is .....
  52. Invisible/offline option for when???
  53. I saw on YouTube that the p416 is the meta in the AR category
  54. Classified assignment - Map marker has gone
  55. Did they do anything to gearsets for this title update
  56. Time til viable?
  57. Would separating PvE and PvP be a good idea?
  58. Honest Question As I Don't Use Ubisoft Alot
  59. Eagle Bearer drop%
  60. Bring back underground in season 2
  61. The Division 1 and 2 servers are SO BAD...
  62. Starting to get really god damn annoyed at these bugs...
  63. 5v1 PVP: Incredible battle (server wipe) MUST WATCH!
  64. Why is my Nemesis BP at GS490?
  65. Stash Size
  66. Some serious lag since last update (xbox)
  67. Jammer pulse
  68. Materials and crafting
  69. No game access.................WTH?
  70. TU 5 Crafting and the carry limits....increase them....dramatically
  71. Please Devs, Allow extended mag on Famas
  72. Please fix the shotgun in the DZ
  73. The Liberty
  74. Merciless (no drop after dismantling)
  75. Year 1 pass is a lie
  76. Will they ever fix..
  77. Finally done, Full Deck Distintion
  78. I do think Ubi should give us something to spend our e-credits on.
  79. Worksite SHD Cache
  80. Crit chance/crit build eagle bearer
  81. What Sucks More, Community or Game?
  82. Did they NERF the shotguns in pts (pvp) ?
  83. Kendra's Liberty BP
  84. Anyone notice change in Adds on Dark Hours Raid?
  85. Quality of Life Inventory/Stash Space
  86. Aces and eights super broken?
  87. best way to find raid group?
  88. Leverage Project Code to help resolve RNG problems
  89. +19% Crit Hit Chance or +8% Weapon Damage ?
  90. Higher Total armour mods make Armour go DOWN
  91. Settings for 3440x1440
  92. To those who say you need match making for the raid
  93. D50 DZ East Vendor
  94. A way to reward build creators
  95. Plans for Steam release?
  96. Weekly/Daily Projects
  97. Nice to See
  98. Campus Rebirth
  99. Ammo for rifles and snipers
  100. How Can You Still Be Playing??With no loot??
  101. Where are the players?
  102. You know it's time to call it a night...
  103. Trying to unlock Gunner
  104. Reroll Eagle Bearer, what's your experiences been like?
  105. Pestilence
  106. Critique this Build (Criticism most Welcome)
  107. People to play story mode?
  108. Gwh heroic ???
  109. Can't Progress Gunner Specialization
  110. skill points
  111. Official Confirmation that Exotics Will Be Retroactively Re-Rolled to 500GS & Max?
  112. Should the Next Raid Have Matchmaking on Release?
  113. Does anyone have a clue on how to correctly get the Calibration Award merit?
  114. New Nvidia driver
  115. Getting a great gear item is like winning the lottery....and the chances are the same
  116. does "Sweet Dreams" even drop anymore?
  117. How i keep my stash space to a minimum
  118. Shock turrets and Rogue back up
  119. Darkzone player cap
  120. can't figure it out
  121. Q for the PTS guys.
  122. I think the game needs fixing but not sure.
  123. Gear Mod Showing Missing One... But Have Full Set
  124. Division single player spin off
  125. Nemesis Help
  126. Gunner research still bugged
  127. Loot drops and you
  128. Apparel Cache Duplicate Item Issue
  129. Raid kicking players option
  130. .log combat file for console ?
  131. An idea for the weekly black tusk invasion.
  132. Changes for Division 2
  133. Have some fun, try to extract, failed rope cut and then it happens
  134. I haven't played in a few weeks. Decided to check out the forums.
  135. Hotdog & Donut Backpack Trophy...
  136. Field Research Stage 5
  137. PvP Still brokern Message to Developers
  138. Black Tush Control Points
  139. Exotic Gloves
  140. Devs, please fix blue screen issue on Nemesis Zoom
  141. fix your f****** game and your f****** servers
  142. EXPLOSIVE DAMAGE RESITANCE - is that stat captured somewhere?
  143. Signature Weapon ammo issue (Grenade Launcher)
  144. please help with build ?.
  145. DIVISION 2_________Black-screen___win 10
  146. Campus Stage Band Music! Name of song? please help Community Manager!
  147. Gunner Research: Riot Foam issue
  148. DEV's: Madbomber/Destructive Fenris Chest Piece
  149. Gunner : Banshee question
  150. Unstoppable Force - How does it actually work?
  151. Level 4 Control Points - Why not allow them to reset?
  152. Apparel Vendor
  153. Isac??
  154. Damage To Elites
  155. OFFICIAL TD2 LEAGUE needs input to perfect the league.
  156. does the talent Greased stack?
  157. Campus vendors
  158. Exotic Holster Question (obtaining additional ones)
  159. 2nd Merciless Dropped
  160. Ubisoft servers constantly down....
  161. Give us a bank at recalibration table.
  162. 100m cap on distance shooting.
  163. Blueprints sharing across 4 characters
  164. Time
  165. why is the FN Fal even in this game?
  166. seperate stat and talent recalibration
  167. Nelson Theatre Hostages last collectible
  168. Agent slots and stash space
  169. Broken game topic again ...
  170. When a hunter dissapears...
  171. Becoming a better community member
  172. Masks question
  173. All you guys complaining about loot.... what do you want?
  174. air & Space Museum Broke?
  175. Does protected reload stack?
  176. Anyone else messed around with Critical Range?
  177. My thoughts on a single player division
  178. to staff you should know about this.
  179. What TD2 Content Creators are the Best?
  180. I played in the DZ for about 2 hours
  181. Posse Comitatus Act repealed yet?
  182. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the promised torch / flashlight
  183. Found the last hunter, after assuming i was glitched.
  184. Washington State
  185. Please make a Build Subforum
  186. PVE or PVP-PVE
  187. Matchmaking polluters
  188. I love the Division 2
  189. Are the loot drops better on PC than consoles?
  190. اقرب توكيل سامسونج المنصورة (01225025360)توكيل صيان&
  191. Accidentally deleted my Exotic Holster on my 2nd character, how to get it back?
  192. Waiting for the 23rd. Gods grant me patience, but hurry please!
  193. Who thinks the shepherd XP fixes the call feature ?
  194. Windowed Mode EVERY TIME
  195. Anyone else getting a recording glitch?
  196. Why are the gear sets locked behind the raid in the first place?
  197. In depth BTSU Guide(4 mil bomb dmg), Skill tests, etc and more PTS Videos
  198. Conflict matchmaking times horrible
  199. Give a 100% dark hours key fragment drop to Razorback
  200. Why do people get so defensive for a game they didn't create?
  201. Weird builds and you
  202. Fun Topics
  203. Makes me wonder if CHD was the right path for Rifle's?
  204. Voodoo Bullet...
  205. Why not have a shepherd system for the raid?
  206. What Sucks More?
  207. I am having an inventory crisis. Please send help.
  208. BAD BEHAVIOR in Division 2
  209. Cassies shop
  210. Mask drops are very rare
  211. Artificial modification of equipment attribute entry is really good?
  212. Free the Eagle
  213. Increase inventory
  214. Best Selling Game of 2019 So Far
  215. [Not official] Survey on The Division 2's online review and their effects
  216. My wish list for the future of TD2
  217. 20+ delta 3 errors in the last 3 days. (Xbox)
  218. This game has perfect 32:9 support, thanks massive!
  219. Dark Zone, Specializations, Load-outs Totally BROKEN
  220. Expeditions/ Questions to Devs
  221. merciless explosion build (video) and few bugs
  222. New Title Update New Weapon And Exotic
  223. will matchmaking be available in the Raid discovery mode?
  224. Eagle bearer
  225. protocol and system gear mods vanishing when i grab them what the **** is going on he
  226. protocol and system gear mods vanishing when i grab them.
  227. Shd tech
  228. Can we Decouple an Item's Armor Roll from its maximum stat roll allocation?
  229. Can I play the game in English if bought in NON english speaking country?
  230. Hunter Facts
  231. Someone figure out this places secret
  232. New achievements/trophies
  233. Shepherd XP Question
  234. Blueprints
  235. Turrets need some sort of snappoint system to deploy
  236. Yet another Eagle Bearer thread ...
  237. Flame Thrower Specialisation
  238. Gunner medkit needs pvp nerf
  239. Bearer for discovery raid
  240. Exotic skills and exotic signature weapons (Idea)
  241. concern with tu5 and explosion
  242. Exotic Weapons Need Exotic Mods
  243. Raid coaches? Gear help - Xbox
  244. Whats the point of the discovery mode for the raid?
  245. Can the Eagle Bearer be rerolled?
  246. Three eagle bearers, 1 raid!
  247. Does TD2 Need A Chicken Hat?
  248. Tone down the ISAC notifications?
  249. Stuck in a bad glitch, I think.
  250. My weapon Damage Keeps changing