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  1. You are looking for Gold Necklace, Toy car & other rare itmes?
  2. Raid Is awesome, THANKS MASSIVE!
  3. Raid Progress (Suggestion): Remove ability to skip bosses + boss hop
  4. Just finished "Story Mode" - my thoughts
  5. Just more ******ed pvp
  6. [console/PS4] How to get a 8 ppl raid party?
  7. New Gearset for Sharpshooter
  8. Does Anyone Miss This?
  9. The Division 2 Parachute?
  10. Clutch gloves
  11. Poll: Who played allready the raid
  12. Can't mod my Grenade Launcher?
  13. Funny or functional names you give to NPCs
  14. Brandset problem.
  15. Raid completion checklist
  16. How to find clan with good online?
  17. My thoughts....
  18. A request to have blue prints/mods available account wide
  19. Massive, you FUBARed your enemy AI again.
  20. Enable KB/M support for Xbox and PS4
  21. GS 500 GEAR should be able to be recalibrated 2x
  22. The manipulation game isn't new but this is why i feel massive is playing dirty.
  23. Apparel event keys.
  24. Control points over and over...
  25. global events have returned!
  26. Urm...I'm tier one and I don't know what do do?
  27. The FAMAS should have a mag attachment if the P416 has one. Here are the numbers
  28. Division 2 has all the techonical things in Division 1 but got it ALL WRONG 100%
  29. Brand Sets - Talents and Mods
  30. Avg. Gamer and Elderly (Console)
  31. Can't Upgrade Existing Chatterbox with New Components
  32. 500 GS items and Specialty Ammo... another Massive SNAFU.
  33. So what exactly was in Update 3 ?
  34. Dark Hours Apparel Event - Weekly Projects
  35. What are the max attribute score possible on different gear?
  36. Frenzy talent balance
  37. One Hit Melee Attacks By NPCs
  38. Build diversity needed
  39. Selling items and inventory glitches/issues?
  40. Recalibration question.
  41. How can I help random players on lower world tiers?
  42. Perfect example of why the DZ will always fail
  43. So those level 19 +6 generic blue system mods were removed from the drop tables?
  44. Clans in Division 2 need some serious work (seriously, was this the intern's job?)
  45. Loadouts bugging out?
  46. Amazing Weather...
  47. The Division 2 Needs To Be Fixed
  48. My issues with The Division 2
  49. Is Snitch back in play.
  50. Normalized is STILL A JOKE. Especially for skill builds
  51. DPS Builds
  52. Raid is big time wasting
  53. Forum staff appreciation thread
  54. Massive Appreciation Thread
  55. I know alot of people are mad about the raid but
  56. Dark hours raid and season pass holders
  57. Can we define the current game state 'lmg or die' ? (is my build any good?)
  58. Here shall be bugs and other stuff.
  59. Am I a Bad Player or is he a God of War??
  60. More Changes The Division 2 Needs To Happen
  61. Female Maks not positioned correctly!
  62. Please restore Enemy Armor Damage Please
  63. Selecting Invaded
  64. UBI...this is a NON-CHILD no whining Raid Post
  65. DO Mods effect your inventory average gear score for loot?
  66. why one shot sniper nerf in occupied?
  67. Fix loot drops
  68. A few issues...
  69. Please clarify: What gearscore is actually determining the '500 loot'?
  70. Ideas (What division could have been and could be)
  71. Weapon manhunt skin.
  72. Tone down the roided athlete NPCs
  73. Difficulty raid
  74. Will you please fix the dumpster fire that are gear drops?
  75. Division2 I donít Get It
  76. Merciless rifle 5 stack 2.6 mil!
  77. Crafting Gear Score 500 items...
  78. Shield in conflict question
  79. Liking Posts on Mobile
  80. Russians Detected
  81. How to fix loot and Division 2
  82. Why Are PVP keys dropping in PVE area
  83. Raid Vs. Loot Opinions
  84. XBOX owners, little way to boost performance
  85. Dark Hours - A total failure
  86. Riot Canisters backpack trophy in raid
  87. Tac 50 and Nemesis
  88. Sweet dreams upgrade blueprint
  89. Tactic game
  90. Could I please have a template for a good Wpn DMG + Turret build?
  91. Red and white circle when hitting enemys
  92. Clan management
  93. How does Safeguard work?
  94. Dark Hours apparel caches
  95. No Name enemies nor Bounities in East Mall
  96. The raid would have been easier if they didn't Nerf the magazines in wt5 update...
  97. Gear min/max attribute database?
  98. Continuing story missions from last checkpoint?
  99. Raid DPS
  100. Came back, to run away again
  101. Can lullaby get 3 talents back?
  102. Whatís the maximum damage roll on assault rifles?
  103. What are the 16 gear brands
  104. How does re-calibration work now?
  105. Are they planning to make raid easier? Raid reward?
  106. Dark Hours Raid - How do you kill 3rd and 4th boss?
  107. SHD Agents have garbage gear...?
  108. Is conflict mode completely dead?
  109. Nemesis blueprint
  110. PSA: Black Tusks in the sewers!!!
  111. Gifting seasons pass?
  112. Force all players to use cover in DZ.
  113. Ubisoft doesnt care about your security
  114. Question re crafting exotics and GS
  115. Bring back signature refills at whitehouse
  116. Question re weekly projects.....
  117. Federal Emergency Bunker Outcasts Rushing Melee Attacking
  118. Division2 Updates Patches a Then More Bugs
  119. Changing grenades on fly
  120. Question re Lullaby Upgrade
  121. Demolition Special Talent - Cant pickup ammo
  122. is Special Ammo Drop rate super low?
  123. District Arena is Buged!
  124. Armor Dyes not dropping
  125. Enemy NPCs Rushing Behavior
  126. Raids require teamwork..... not just showing up.
  127. Division2
  128. No Exclusive patch for beating Raid
  129. Ruthless Exotic Not Showing Up!
  130. is there a specific activity that rewards crafting blueprints for weapon mods?
  131. Dark hours APparel Update - Cache Key Drop Rate
  132. Is Compensated talent bugged?
  133. Give us a chance to melee fights
  134. How to loot gs 500 drops all the time
  135. Raid world firsts will be per platform
  136. Patch issues?
  137. Unhinged/Talent Question: Do damage talents automatically get reflected in the damage
  138. Not a Youtuber but
  139. Watch out for *REMOVED* clan
  140. i think im done, at least for now.
  141. Skill value on seeker mines?
  142. Raid, balance patch and game is death
  143. Autograph Hunter...not popping..
  144. Is Division 2 Dark Hours Boosting Allowed?
  145. Raid difficulty - SOLO
  146. Trinkets?
  147. Is this game dying? Why don't players like it?
  148. About locked content, gear, exotics
  149. Audio CutOuts When Firing Weapons
  150. GS 500 how?
  151. Outcasts Rushing On Federal Emergency Bunker
  152. Roosevelt Island Stronghold
  153. Will none raiders ever get the chance of getting their hands on the exotic AR?
  154. Why the loot sucks
  155. Event Keys from DZ
  156. When shift to another specialisation stats from the last one stays on.
  157. A question about talent which gives 25 ammo in the magazine.
  158. Focus on your bread and butter..
  159. Matchmaking is provided for every game activity and difficulty level...
  160. Sotg
  161. Today's STotG was....
  162. Fix your aiming Bug/issue on ps4 ols
  163. +20 rounds mag for AR
  164. How do you know if the survivor perk is active?
  165. How could matchmaking for the raid be a bad thing?
  166. This can help you massive
  167. I am here since march 2016..
  168. how does chc/chd affect merciless
  169. BAD BAD NEWS recent state of the game today 22/05/2019 I have to quit
  170. Roosevelt island
  171. Survivalist is really a Demolishonist?
  172. SOTG - I Have To Quit
  173. True State of the Game
  174. World first winner pics are going to pop up whenever we enter the WH???
  175. Where are the skill mod buffs we were told about?
  176. Tying weekly projects to more rare weapon talents.
  177. 8th Ivory Key
  178. Kicked from server and mission
  179. Level 1 Lullaby
  180. I just have too ask you guys about grinding in this or other games
  181. World tier glitch 22/5/19
  182. Game Issues..
  183. Grenade red target not showing..
  184. Load old change suggestion.
  185. Drama in Proximity
  186. Random matchmaking
  187. Raid Matchmaking Commitment
  188. Please let us Skin our Specialized Weapons....
  189. Please expand the stash space.
  190. Love the raid but I have some questions about drop rates for items
  191. Best Times in this game came from the Raid - Social Dynamic is Off the Hook!
  192. AR-king of PVP, broken crap
  193. Complaining about complaining
  194. No Allies Available Glitch
  195. Match Making for Raids
  196. Weak Point Damage and Animations
  197. Defensive gear stats boosted, but is damage working right?
  198. Special ammo
  199. Instructions
  200. Hunter Hunting at night is annoying. Hostage situations are annoying.
  201. Ivory keys
  202. UBISOFT sold 10 Times More copies Of Division 2 Than Division 1
  203. Somethign really strange is going on with this invasion..
  204. The Division 2 activated twice. Need a bit help.
  205. Simple fix for the loot
  206. + 35 mag for Lmgs with no negative, but no + 30 for ARs?
  207. PvPvE
  208. SOTG... SPEECHLESS that Ubi/Massive is tone deaf to their BASE
  209. Stop with this ******** already.
  210. Mods should be account wide
  211. About demolitionist, survivalist, sharpshooter and a raid
  212. Black Tusks Drones Its Spam A Cheap
  213. Developer Standpoints Vs Player StandPoints
  214. Any news on the workside community bug?
  215. The Raid
  216. PS4 server sucks
  217. So bored with this.
  218. The "one and for all special ammo fix"
  219. This is how easy raid is on consoles
  220. How much healing does white flag debuff gives?
  221. Why am I Still Level 30?
  222. Looking for a page on internet where i can see gears in the game
  223. New Here and Wow These Threads...
  224. Fixes in patch were removed
  225. Help! Where is Agent Heather Ward?
  226. Hijack an extraction achievement not popping..
  227. Bounty Failed?!
  228. Rescuing Civilians - FIX IT!
  229. Ubisoft wtf!!!
  230. District Union Invaded ?
  231. Where can you check how many times you've died in the game?
  232. All what is wrong with Division 2
  233. Raid difficulty
  234. [BUG xbox one] Bravo-09
  235. If I had any faith in Massive ...
  236. Thank you Massive for the daily SHD project ( no sarcasm)
  237. What is the Dark Hours event cache?
  238. Cassie has Unhinged...
  239. News Update: Recalibration
  240. Didnt they say we would now get drops of our current gear score?
  241. Black Tusks Invaded Missions
  242. 25/26 projects complete. Can't complete last one
  243. Definition of Bad Luck
  244. How do I know which Bounties....
  245. Gun dmg changing bug
  246. Max damage rolls?
  247. Base gear armor stat
  248. Why am I getting random crashes while playing?
  249. As a rogue in the DZ, the turrets will kill you if you try to leave, how do you exit?
  250. Nasty Glitch I found....