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  1. Please implement Deadzone PVE only!
  2. Anybody Else Worried About Story?
  3. Optimization system
  4. Year 1 Pass???
  5. Who is buying red dead redemption instead of preordering?
  6. Chinese Censorship and TD2
  7. buy passports IELTS certificate VISA +17175464940
  8. buy passports IELTS certificate VISA +17175464940
  9. buy passports IELTS certificate VISA +17175464940 egypt
  10. buy passports IELTS certificate VISA +17175464940 croatia,
  11. buy passports IELTS certificate VISA +17175464940 brazil,
  12. Don't release so close to Anthem
  13. Season Pass
  14. Click to activate and click again to de-activate --> Scope
  15. Will We Get PvP tomorrow?
  16. Totally confused & a bit irritated
  17. Idea for D2 to add mission scoring and stats
  18. Sound API - getting ready for The division 2
  19. TD2 Aggro
  20. Stealth takedowns
  21. The Division's UI Blandness
  22. Why not universally disabled friendly fire in DZ?
  23. suggestion weapon armor how real life work and more stuff idea
  24. How will the network and server perform for TD2
  25. 3D Shadow menu text
  26. Realy what we need in division 2?
  27. Please implement a chat menu phrases for PVE
  28. Suggestion Mission Modifiers
  29. Rogue Perk/Ability/Skill Idea
  30. Dark zone jŠ!
  31. If Survival mode exists in The Division 2 there needs to be a few mission to select.
  32. A small kill cam screen appears on screen when players die in Survival mode.
  33. Unable to go Rouge to kill single players if your in a group of 3 or 4.
  34. A suggestion for a one time country of origin selection screen for The Division 2.
  35. A few limited access vehicles place around The Division 2 open world.
  36. Last enemy kill before you can claim supply drops from the Dark Zone.
  37. Completing a hard mission as a single player to unlock the Rouge option.
  38. General Changes for TD2
  39. console membership and TD2
  40. Will TD2 have support for 4K HDR?
  41. Rework/Update Suggestions for Light Zone Endgame
  42. We need Latam Server for The Divsion 2
  43. Need more info regarding clans
  44. Preorder The Division 2 from UBI STORE PS4 - Digital Version ?
  45. Hunter Storyline
  46. Inspect Function in Division 2
  47. Lack of news or am I in the wrong spot?
  48. Crossplay Xbox/ps4 e PC
  49. Please improve inventory management method
  50. im not know you can not be tank in divsion 2?
  51. Suggestion: Friends list broadcast chat | Multiplayer option board idea
  52. Beta disappeared from Uplay
  53. Beta Access
  54. Holographic Agent Pad Terminal Dispenser. (for extraction sites only)
  55. Hunters in D2 can use a Shockwave to stop players coming too close.
  56. Companion app
  57. Division 2 beta out now
  58. Phoenix Shield Collector vs Dark Zone Definitive Collector
  60. Dont put melee in the game if you cant make it work right.
  61. Division 2 Skill Technology
  62. Rpg?
  63. I am very pleased to see how the healing will work in TD2! Thank you DEVS!!!
  64. Dont put caps of things.
  65. PS Store Pre Order Date
  66. I bought the game but I don't have beta code
  67. PVP at the start in Terminal...
  68. Playstation Store showing a December 2019 release date?
  69. TD2 Free DLC ploy?
  70. Dark Zone is Division 2. Why? Why? And Why?
  71. Reason to Explore DC Beyond Gear Hunting and Campaign Completion
  72. Emphasize more on "Mark target"
  73. Idea suggestion division 2
  74. Premium credits
  75. I Miss the Sling Bags of The Division
  76. Suggestions: Game+ mode, enemy levels, inventory management
  77. Please reconsider leaving NYC behind and not bringing over characters/appearances etc
  78. MarcoStyle and Widdz Testing TD2 Pvp
  79. A christmas wish to the division 2 dev team
  80. Closed Alpha Confirmation Email, ETA?
  81. Invite received
  82. Got My Invite, Site Isnt Responding?
  83. Language translation - PortuguÍs Brasil
  84. No Console Aplha Test - Why?
  85. Question here
  86. Division 2 + Vega 56
  87. Please provide Alpha private forums link
  88. Future of the Division?
  89. So, about shotguns
  90. Division 2 / Ubisoft API
  91. The Alpha Closed Forums, where are they?
  92. ALpha Invite received not working!!!!!!
  93. sorry but could administration post a direct links for private forum?
  94. PSA: Technical Alpha Forum Access
  95. The Division 2 never showed in my games list.
  96. In-game VOIP not working
  97. Base of operation
  98. TD2 clips allready on youtube
  99. Cannot Access TechAlpha Forums
  100. I would really know if there any chance I can get beta access even I didn't pre-order
  101. NDA Reminder - This Is Not the Closed Alpha Subforum (Link Provided)
  102. Character transfer
  103. The Division watch
  104. Div 2 tech alpha
  105. Some issues in the game alpha
  106. not sure what to do now. all avenues of communication closed
  107. Have Been trying for the last three days to log in to the game , ALL have failed.
  108. Doors
  109. Division 2 pc recruiting to play with early access
  110. Terrible performance
  111. general awesome experince
  112. Something in TD2 Not Working
  113. Walmart Beta Codes partered with MTN DEW
  114. PvP builds
  115. Div 2 tech alpha
  116. Pre order from Green Man Gaming question
  117. Beta Starts on January 14th?
  118. DLC Content from Gold/Deluxe Edition
  119. Where's the big news that was coming in decmember?
  120. Guys don't forget to pre-order "energy" drinks
  121. A feature from D1 2014 trailer I would like to see in D2
  122. Will Alpha players automatically get Beta Access?
  123. Let's talk about Darkzone, its flaws, and why we need a PvE version.
  124. So ... I have to buy Mountain Dew ? I'm a Diabetic...
  125. Stop to cut
  126. Collector editions
  127. Old post but relevant topic.
  128. Linux version TD2?
  129. [Open beta] Will there be an open beta?
  130. servers in South America?
  131. Suggests for survival model
  132. Tech Alpha forums closed, why?
  133. Hunters have a pack of wolves they release at random.
  134. Dynamic encounters?
  135. Stealth/Knife/Melee close combat kills and executions
  136. If no PVE only DZ I won't buy Div2, sick of the toxic gameplay you made ubisoft.
  137. If no PVE only DZ I won't buy Div2, sick of the toxic gameplay you made ubisoft.
  138. DZ - Your enemy should be clear.
  139. Форум Технического Тестирования Альфа в&
  140. Some changes to the DZ I would hope for
  141. How do they choose who gets into alpha/beta tests?
  142. Exotic Loot Pools
  143. I missed my technical alpha invite email 😨😱
  144. I still want PVP missions
  145. My new rig won't let me play Division 1, will it let me play Division 2?
  146. Got TD2 for Christmas
  147. Division 2 Beast mode (please please please)
  148. What's the best edition to buy?
  149. Private Beta codes will be provided via email on Feb 1 2019 for preorders
  150. PVP division 2
  151. More than 2 sets that are worth a damn
  152. Idea for a new Customization Station
  153. Division 2 rogue story line
  154. TD2 Open World questions
  155. Cronus in TD2
  156. Farewell 2018
  157. Critical concern with The Division 2 content/suggestion
  158. Request: Export gear data to XML
  159. A few questions from potential customer
  160. Not enough discussion around region select for joining server? We need this please.
  161. Offline Single Player
  162. PvP: You can't satisfy everyone! Can it be made Fair?
  163. Unranked, Ranked and Competitive DZ
  164. pre ordered!
  165. Will bullet sponges be a thing this time around?
  166. Randomness in recoil patterns of weapons
  167. Please bring Devil N Heel back...BUT!
  168. The Division 2 Private Beta Date leaked?
  169. PVP ranking in the DZ
  170. If Extractions work the same in TD2, Devs could consider adding this balance feature
  171. Drugs in TD2 ?
  172. Is it just me, or is the universal character kinda boring?
  173. Possible Improvements for the dark zone in D2
  174. shooting mechanics
  175. DZ should stay the way it is...but
  176. Zombies on The Division 2
  177. Why is no one talking about Anti-Cheat?
  178. C'mon Massive/Ubisoft - give us something
  179. Is there enemy scaling in this one?
  180. Td2
  181. Massive, PLEASE keep the gear attributes brilliant
  182. Will The Division 2 launch with or add DXR support?
  183. private beta code
  184. Turkish Language support
  185. Release Date
  186. Is there possibility to upgrade the AMD promo Div2 on Ultimate version?
  187. 3 months till release and not in Beta?
  188. When does D2 Pre-Order end?
  189. Need a Link for Div2 System Requirements
  190. Official Year 1 Info Please
  191. Not Releasing on Steam
  192. locked regions
  193. What I learned from playing the level 19 DZ again
  194. The Division specs
  195. Single Player in Division 2
  196. Ultimate vs Phoenix Shield Collector's Edition
  197. Why did Ubisoft descide to partner with AMD on graphics performance?
  198. Solo sure but is it offline?
  199. computer spec question (CPU related)
  200. Ban"s
  201. Going to put an adjustable fov in the division 2 on pc?
  202. amd and devs video
  203. Pre Download....When?
  204. and gamers all around the world rejoiced
  205. Please implement HVT procedural missions from Boards and HORDE and Underground dlc!!
  206. please TTK from The Division 1 and not again Bullet Sponges!!
  207. divsion 2 trailer not look fun
  208. Xbox mouse and Keyboard
  209. Thd1 - thd2
  210. North and South America PS Store availability date.
  211. Trading in The Division 2
  212. Any Anti-Cheat measures / software in TD2??
  213. Epic Launcher
  214. Foam Gun?????
  215. Dark Zone Definitive Edition PC Physical?
  216. Still UBI**** ride on own donkey not listening Fans TD2 no steam great UBI****
  217. CRAFTING: Exotic blueprints Idea
  218. The Division 2 DXR Support?
  219. UK + Europe Groups/Team Wanted for DIVISION 2 (PC)
  220. Current test
  221. Question about the Collectors Editions...
  222. My first time playing Division in general!!!
  223. more Interactive and important NPC events like civilians to rescue thats worth it !
  224. Transfering account from PC versoin to PS4 version of the game.
  225. Suggestions Division 2
  226. Add flamethower specializations????
  227. Clans
  228. Dark Zone edition
  229. Pre-Ordered Today But A Word Of Advice
  230. new hunters
  231. Year 1 Pass
  232. Is it just me or do the Division 2 leaks seem planned?
  233. Chat filters,.Native tongue
  234. Please no with one shot players with sniper
  235. add more specialization
  236. Div 2 Tech alpha NDA end date
  237. How many bugs and glitches are ok at launch?
  238. why say word zombie its banned here???
  239. specialized sniper its overpower??
  240. survival mode should come back in TD2
  241. World Tier already implemented?
  242. increase the stock amount enough to hold all available gun in TD2
  243. Please UBI implement IMPACT Events in this game!! i explain my Suggestion
  244. The Private Beta is it true?
  245. 8% discount in store?
  246. Private Beta's Non-Disclosure Agreement?
  247. Please more random enemy encounter spawns like in the Westside Peer
  248. epic games store beta access
  249. Something I'd like to see...
  250. Can we download the beta game 3 days before beta release ?