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  1. Gear grind endgame.
  2. GS 515 in the DZ only
  3. Potomac Relief Camp side mission bug
  4. LMG is best weapon?
  5. Forced Dz for gear?
  6. Sotg with zero talk about sp, as expected.this dev team hates skill power users.
  7. Frozen peas anyone?
  8. Thank you Massive
  9. SHD question.
  10. Level 30 specialist unlock
  11. Whats a fpc?
  12. pve guys flaming again ??
  13. Just to make it clear
  14. Conflict fpc are always 500.
  15. Attention Ubisoft
  16. After an 1 h visit to PTS
  17. PLEASE STOP POSTING FEEDBACK HERE! Ya'll are just wasting your time.
  18. Recalibration station changes on PTS
  19. Hyena much stronger then Black Tusk.
  20. These Issues Need Attention NOW!
  21. 2/3 gearsets have a purpose, but all are broken
  22. GS 515 in DZ only but normalised to 500 so why does it drop in the DZ?
  23. Conflict strategy!
  24. Recalibrating my LMG
  25. I wish we players had more stones
  26. Oh Dear........ TD1 all over again.
  27. Still no skill fix
  28. Frenzy nerf
  29. The Dark Zone Problem With PVP And Rogues
  30. Couple questions about getting my end game build
  31. Which Gear and Skill Mods should I keep?
  32. update 3 - skills still trash
  33. Conflict CD and Buffs changes looks terrible.
  34. Video Games are for Everyone
  35. Treasure available at control point?
  36. Dear Massive
  37. watch this clip and tell me the game isnt broken
  38. Wanted easy Farmer PVE kills in DZ
  39. if you have to bribe players....
  40. Broken beyond belief, if true
  41. Goodbye fellow Division Agents o/
  42. Not Being Able to Recalibrate Beyond 500 Doesn't Matter!! SMH!
  43. Disappointed with nerfs
  44. When do the changes talke about today go into effect?
  45. Patch notes for PTS?
  46. hive reviver broken and useless
  47. The changes that are coming.. DZ NPC's
  48. NPCs Rushing And All This Frustration
  49. Now Ladies its time to get ready for the DZ......
  50. underbalenced intergrated spring does not fit anything
  51. Removing crits from hipfire. Is that just for pvp?
  52. Add 515s to heroic rewards
  53. @Massive, will 515 gear actually be better than 500 gear?
  54. Raid/Update 3 Delay - I think it's a good idea
  55. Challenging/heroic missions/bounties should drop 515 gear too
  56. T-Posting NPC's
  57. Blueprints not available from Alert Level 3+ CP's
  58. Zone with normalization drops highest item level gear because - reasons.
  59. The Outfit Situation
  60. Just couple of Ideas for the game. Call it feedback.
  61. Massive - if you try to force me into the DV I will no longer play
  62. Thoughts on fixing the game.
  63. There needs to be a hard cap on gun damage or remove the cap on skills
  64. State of the Game change list?
  65. I regret buying this game!!!
  66. So DPS Talent Nerfs + Color Attribute Wall = Starting from 0 again
  67. Pvp in occupied dark zone on new test server
  68. Do the nerfs make shotguns viable?
  69. after patch long load times
  70. Changes on talents on PTS
  71. got new download for the game
  72. Anyone else gone back to Div 1?
  73. I dont want to play DZ
  74. Massive just have Heroic difficulty drop 515 Gear
  75. My Feedback and Suggestions to ( Talent Balancing )
  76. Another month for the raid!!!!!!!
  77. Turret and its damage, anyone playing a build revolving around the turret?
  78. The current view on "balancing" is not god for the longevity of Div 2.
  79. Load Time
  80. I feared the PTS would delay new content
  81. Normalization question
  82. DZ - A friendly place?
  83. Hey Agents, check this out, it might make general chat a better place?
  84. Proposal: Fix a hefty portion of the game with recalibration
  85. Textura do senário
  86. Marksman Rifle Damage increased with update
  87. can the 4-shade-boxes bounty be re-done?
  88. This is what you messed up Massive...and it's going to last for awhile
  89. A serious queston for the Ubi moderators on how our commentary influences the game
  90. Conflict - Supply Drops
  91. Massive, you will never convert PVE players into PVP players
  92. We have a race folks
  93. To the developers
  94. Shield Splinterer
  95. RIP Healing
  96. State of the game - still zero mention of plans to improve the skill system
  97. So PvE players are new content for PvP players ?
  98. Stop screwing the pve player over
  99. ChatterBox Upgraded 500
  100. Unpopular Opinion (possibly)
  101. I've become addicted to Conflict but could we get longer rounds?
  102. The bs goes on, so disappointing.
  103. This will be the update that kills this game
  104. A compromise on 515 gear dropping only in the dark zone
  105. SMG bonus damage caps at 31%
  106. Bait and Switch
  107. The worst decision ever for a Coop game
  108. Tip for farming gear, equip what you seek.
  109. Will the new raid even be worth doing??
  110. Word on Raids in PTS?
  111. Calculated Skill, pretty mandatory for anyone using skills.
  112. No game has or ever will be able to balance PvE and PvP together..
  113. Option Menu in PS4 is still bugged, needs to be fixed
  114. Fire Red Storm for Changing Talents
  115. Bug ridden patch YOU LIERS.
  116. damage attributes or weapon talent? which one is better?
  117. Conflict - Unbalanced Garbage & Boring End-Game
  118. Surgical talent
  119. Event Cache completion reward - unobtainable after event ends?
  120. Cover logic with grenades....
  121. Talent Internal Cooldowns and Refresh
  122. 7.62 Extended Mag blueprint
  123. What.. How dare you make these changes..
  124. Not showing up in uplay Library
  125. From a solo PvEer
  126. upcomming changes
  127. Who is forcing anyone to go to the DZ?
  128. Difficulty is a joke
  129. Why the skill hate?
  130. PS4 Menu very slow when play The Division 2 and server reboot
  131. Help please.
  132. Maintenance AGAIN?!
  133. 1 hour session challenging content, last boss spawned and servers shut down.
  134. Change the damn Scheduled Server Maintenance times
  135. Odd Choice For Maintenance Time?
  136. Game launch
  137. @Massive: forcing PVE players into the darkzone will backfire - solution inside
  138. The Division 3 and the Darkzone.
  139. Change game's name.
  140. Shield damage mods
  141. Mods effect Attribute numbers
  142. Actually a good idea for this game. for you Massive, free of charge.
  143. so who are redstorm?
  144. The Darkside of Monetization
  145. Dark Zone PvE only !!!
  146. My Personal State of The Game
  147. Why does it always has to apply the patch?
  148. What is PST?
  149. Commendation Caches?
  150. No weekly project blueprint reward again.
  151. Thanks for the memories
  152. Balance the DZ Dev Team = Happy Gamers
  153. This is where I draw the line...
  154. "Self Adjusting" talent - is it bugged or how does it work?
  155. Terrible dark zone
  156. Its 6am central time.
  157. Beserker
  158. The division 2 is for noobs
  159. Why remove the recalibration level of 515
  160. what is this blueprint for?
  161. Undocumented buff for LMG's in 18 April patch?
  162. Fundamental definition of DZ
  163. Gamers are so dramatic.
  164. DZ-Like PvP-Experience pretty please?
  165. Nemesis Blueprint Information piece 4/4; but no Blueprint yet
  166. Nemesis
  167. Chatterbox blueprint
  168. 2 pve dark zones and 1 pvp dark zone
  169. Thank you MASSIVE!
  170. Division one all over again?
  171. Slow loading/connecting to services after this weeks patches
  172. Just installed a Ryzen setup. Division 2 will NOT load.
  173. Update 3 and bad bad news
  174. How to tell which weapon is best?
  175. Nemesis sniper rifle
  176. So what happens to our already 500+ recalibrated gear?
  177. Unknown System Gear Mod Blueprint location?
  178. black screen.
  179. Easy Anti-Cheat violations?
  180. Nemesis
  181. You asked. We answered.
  182. DEV!!!PLease Fix the chat spam/ASP
  183. Could we get a comment from the Devs here...
  184. Did world loot get a nerf, stealth or otherwise?
  185. Weapon caches, why so many shotguns and sniper rifles, few use them.
  186. Gear Scores above 500 in a PvE Raid/Stronghold
  187. Load times to connect to Division servers drastically increased?
  188. A Hopefully Non Combative Insight into proposed changes.
  189. massive, Dev's
  190. Stash space
  191. My thoughts on the Dark zone loot issue.
  192. Project rewards are pointless - suggestion for future patch
  193. the nemesis sniper
  194. new patch more problems ???
  195. Forced to play PvP
  196. For the new exotic sniper Is it true?
  197. Starting the Raid at 500 GS. Will that be enough?
  198. Nemesis?
  199. For those who watched State of the game and liked what they heard.
  200. spitballin...
  201. Contaminated loot in the DZ
  202. DZ loot "issue" and poor player attitude opinion/rant.
  203. Assault rifles no longer dropping
  204. Side mission left? How to access
  205. The 500 vs 515 debate
  206. 52 Deck Question
  207. Nemesis damage higher than Sharpshooter signature weapon
  208. Nemesis sniper parts
  209. To the Devs...Any plans for Hunter cosmetics?
  210. More cosmetics
  211. How to get remaining weapon mods !!!!
  212. Weapon Loadouts
  213. Lets talk
  214. Unable to acquire Exotic Sniper Rifle for a MONTH?
  215. Glue Guns are...
  216. Have I missed something about 515 gear availability?
  217. Answer the call prompt missing?
  218. Load Times
  219. i login in, get in the game in almost 8 minuten
  220. Nemesis gone
  221. Upgraded Nemesis and Dmg went DOWN
  222. PVP? PVE? Who cares! Lets talk about what really matters!
  223. Why have they lowered the difficulty?
  224. Let me just ask
  225. Has Sharpshooter Specialisation Been Nerfed
  226. I thought this was single player friendly.
  227. Side Missions
  228. Malfunctioning Revive Hive
  229. Wow...you people complain ALL THE TIME...
  230. American Historic museum
  231. Iam getting slowly paranoid.
  232. Certain locations in enemy hands when logging in - I like it
  233. Any AVATAR MUD or Socom 2 players playing TD2?
  234. Do I have to wait a month for the Sniper?
  235. Good job Massive I like the changes!
  236. What if the real Division is the Agents we befriend along the way? UwU
  237. Can we have our speciality weapon auto change when we change loadouts?
  238. 515 DZ Fairness: If you feel you deserve the top gear go out and prove your self
  239. A very simple solution to this DZ/LZ situation
  240. Tidal Basin Boss and Invasion
  241. Specter mask/key still nothing
  242. Whats invaded difficulty?
  243. Nemisis
  244. Clan Abuse of Voting to kick.
  245. My feedback after over 7 days gameplay
  246. Can you get the merciless from the story mission settings?
  247. 8th Ivory Key... Has it been found?
  248. Finally a worth to play with Exotic (Nemesis)
  249. Massive/ Ubi why ?
  250. Finally got 6/6 Hardwired!