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  1. Merciless Rifle.
  2. How to craft chatterbox upgrade?
  3. My thoughts on the Dark Zone
  4. Stuck at gear score 200
  5. Looking for advice - choosing a clan to join
  6. Where to find pencils and hammers for project?
  7. Recalibrate brands?
  8. So how are your builds going?
  9. New player here, help
  10. Still blue screens in conflict
  11. Advanced stat sheet option at the end of conflict matches?
  12. Wyvern's outfit = Classified Striker Gear Set.
  13. Some improvements that could help DZ and PVP modes
  14. Is the Pestilence exotic supposed to not do damage?
  15. Where do I find...
  16. Hard Wired - Components cannot be found
  17. Mission Progressions
  18. Crafted exotic weapon has limited gear score 490 max?
  19. Are mods no longer rewards for weekly projects?
  20. Stop moaning about purple wt5 drops...reason is...
  21. Can't vault over terrain with CL out
  22. PvE & Game State Now
  23. Random Activity option fails if you don't have any Bounty points
  24. CPs and Saferoom doors broken
  25. Unstoppable Force - Tried it - Don't like it
  26. About specialization trees
  27. Why we can use event mask on black task outfit?
  28. Finally found a viable skill build
  29. Hard Wired Project ??
  30. Crafting Bench upgrade bug
  31. The Path to GS500 - the flawed progression
  32. In-game localization
  33. recalibration is still broken - some talents can't be transferred!
  34. How do i insert images direct from PC ?
  35. I am still not enjoying this game.. I am tying, but...
  36. [HINT] Dont group for Missions - solo is much easier!
  37. Crafting Station Fix soon ?
  38. What is point of Year One Pass (PC)
  39. 2nd run at mission, so different, same mission?
  40. [FEEDBACK]Game unplayable since Tidal Basin update - australia server - PS4
  41. 2 changes immediately for the dz to improve it
  42. Invaded Mission in T2?
  43. Heroic is surpisingly fun!
  44. Gear Bug?
  45. Endmatch conflict stats
  46. Help me understand the 500+ GS recalibration stuff plz.
  47. Specialist Ammo drops are still broken!
  48. Message for the "Division 2 Secrets" Team
  49. No allies available
  50. Can you run the bank for chatterbox
  51. Loot dropping at lower than 500 gear score?
  52. Question about weapon talent
  53. How do i build a mg5 build??
  54. can True Patriot set get SP?
  55. Roosevelt Heroic is a nightmare
  56. SERIOUS XBox One X bugs since last patch in Federal Triangle area
  57. Getting real tired of enemies popping out of nowhere.
  58. Stealth nerf on skill cooldowns ?
  59. Night is very dark especially during rain or windy weather
  60. Control Point issue?
  61. Normalization and skillpower
  62. Help dealing with turret dog on heroic
  63. Not sure what to do
  64. Washington D.C. seen from another poit of view
  65. Crafting bench upgrade bug
  66. Add iin game stats like in Resistance TD1
  67. @Massive: resistances NOT working - 90% fire resist but still oneshottet by...
  68. Helping another player skips the story mission?
  69. Mission completion not registering.
  70. Isnt that the Scanian flag hanging up there.
  71. Tier 5: How do I get Specialist Points for my new Specialist?
  72. Cap on skills you can up from recalibration is.....stupid
  73. Game froze now won't load
  74. Make side missions replayable with higher difficulty levels
  75. Hyneas Black Tusks
  76. RNG good to me!
  77. Vindictive Talent and Sharpshooter Drone
  78. World tier 5.
  79. So I have to ruin my build to enhance my gear score?
  80. Grand Washington Hotel bug
  81. NPCs Inside Walls Division 2
  82. Reg Grenades dont restock Incendiary Grenades?
  83. Admin Moderators and Dev's Please Read this
  85. Enemies spawning out of thin air needs to be fixed
  86. Compensated Talent on gloves
  87. 56 round vector?
  88. MarcoStyle's video on PvP
  89. Does anyone have a spreadsheet with weapon damage rolls?
  90. Mod slots on exotics?
  91. Hey Dev's, can we get face masks?
  92. Can we console players get an alternate camera angle?
  93. Gear Loot Pool Too Big
  94. Can We Please Get Skill Power Fixed!?!
  95. Sniper skill tree 10% increased reload speed.
  96. Why can't players lay down?
  97. Simple solution to the Hard Wired problem
  98. PvE Player rooting for PvP Players
  99. Another server reboot on a weekend?
  100. Hardwire gear set
  101. Control Point Maintenance?
  102. Closed doors
  103. Enemy AI Issues The Return From Division One Plagues Division 2
  104. Enemy pop ins, multiple direction stars, doors/gates not opening
  105. Change system of gear modification (gear score)
  106. True Sons What is There Deal
  107. Normalized weapon damage
  108. Lightweight Extended 5.56 Mag
  109. eCredits to buy mats?
  110. This game was almost perfect, and then...
  111. Are we going to address the issue with ENDGAME and its rewards at some point?
  112. Roosevelt Island Stronghold so broken or is it?
  113. Come on man!
  114. OCE Servers / Conflict
  115. No exotic components dropping...
  116. Why is Heroic Difficulty mission dropping Purple Gears and low GS items?
  117. Request AK sound re-vamp
  118. What gear talent has a smiling joker face?! Its freaking me out.
  119. The hardest part of heroic missions/strongholds.
  120. I request the sound of the seeker mind
  121. I refuse to play this game until itís fixed
  122. Hard Wire gear doesn't even have guareented skill power rolls
  123. A game bragging on End game, gets boring at end game?
  124. How to you feel about the pvp in Dark Zone? Did it fall?
  125. Just a general question about sessions
  126. event keys not dropping at world tier 5
  127. this should have been hellgate london 2
  128. Is there any update on benchmark update bug!!
  129. Wheres my sound.
  130. Clan
  131. Anyone know what this locked Apparel Category is!?!
  132. Stuck?
  133. Is matchmaking prmarily for those with headsets?
  134. SHD Caches
  135. +20 Rounds for AR out there? Or just the +20 for SMG?
  136. I miss the old re-calibration
  137. I miss when skill builds were viable. Now it's all just DPS.
  138. Hive revives me standing next to my buddy who actually wanted to revive me....
  139. Doth it truely exist!!!!!!
  140. just give us rewards and reward like pso and EQ used to do , before endgame was a ?
  141. Practice Range Issues
  142. How change missions to invaded on PC?
  143. So what is the next nerfvision on there game to destory it ?
  144. Ok fix-it that minimum
  145. Perfect game?!
  146. Solution to loot/crafting
  147. Cant proceed to tier 5
  148. How com the mod systems , so freaken einstien ? not normal ?
  149. How to upgrade the crafting station?
  150. Waiting for content ...
  151. devs...fix the 'can't move' problem
  152. Too much RNG (loot)
  153. Serious Problems with TD2
  154. Hardwire project completed but
  155. 35 Mission completed on challenging yet no sweet dreams...Bug? after update?
  156. How to fix PVE and PVP
  157. Is it Normal/
  158. What i would like to see...
  159. Black tusk masks and black tusk outfit
  160. Safe House Vendors Rant
  161. Weren't we told we would be able to switch Armor Kits like we do with Grenades?
  162. Grupo Somba SA gear ??
  163. The hive need a big up
  164. Crafting question
  165. WHY 24h reset for loot cache ?...
  166. Judiciary square metro station
  167. Only one same type of Exotic weapon I can have??
  168. Skill Power bugged?
  169. BS Grind
  170. Projects ?
  171. DZ Rouge Discostion
  172. the WT5 is a huge backward
  173. Any suggestions for a good LMG build?
  174. Unplayable right now...PS4
  175. Are Accuracy & Stability messed up on the stats page?
  176. Idea for a more competitive playing in the occupied dz
  177. What is the point of the crossbow?
  178. DZ cheaters?
  179. Bounty Boss - The Bloom
  180. Public Test Server (PTS)
  181. Weapon damage downgrading when in PVP
  182. The one big thing to remove from the game
  183. Can you transfer The Divison 2 progress from Xbox to PS4?
  184. Armour on Kill
  185. Criticals or skills builds
  186. Signature side arms
  187. Playstation 4 = Game is Broken
  188. Audio error, control point officer error, and floating animation error
  189. plz buff mk20 SSR
  190. Can't upgrade exotics
  191. M16A2 buff suggestions
  192. Interesting healing bug or not?
  193. Customizable reticle for scopes
  194. Can't pick up green gear anymore?
  195. Anyone want a 3rd skill rather than Specialist Weapon?
  196. My take on what progession should have been.
  197. Hard wired gear
  198. Cut off by Black Tusk
  199. pvp utter ********.
  200. darkzones are *** for solo players
  201. Why only a few missions allow you to toggle to invaded
  202. DEVS: Armor and Health are nothing in this game. We will see ANY CHANGES soon?
  203. Fed up of looting the same guns all the time
  204. Question for Developers
  205. Please fix the shotgun bonus
  206. Wicked doesnít apply to pulsed enemies
  207. "bugged" missions
  208. Game is seriously bugged right now. Locked in all settlements and safe havens.
  209. Specter mask/hunter
  210. My Chatterbox got WORSE after upgrading
  211. Is the game supposed to be impossible to play once Black Tusk shows up?
  212. We need to be able to view the menu/chat when downed in a no respawn area
  213. Different Signature Weapon ammo
  214. Which one is more effective, Skill Haste? % Cooldown Reduction? or Duration mods?
  215. Stability VS Weapon Handling, what is the difference?
  216. Flame turret any good?
  217. Weapon and Gear Balancing Issues
  218. Need advice ( Supply Drop, dying )
  219. Changes that would make it feel you have an input.
  220. Stop ruining the game for the sake of the dark zone.
  221. Side mission suggestions
  222. outcast stronghold challange difficulty is nuts (bullet sponges are back!!)
  223. The most potent healer skill build talent requires damage.
  224. My Feedback after 200 hours
  225. My sidearm shotgun does 190k damage.
  226. Lincoln Memorial Hunter fixed.
  227. Are you enjoying the end game loot grind?
  228. Anyone have this Hard Wired issue?
  229. disappoint
  230. Is there anyone who managed to find a +20 ammo Mag for AR since the patch release
  231. What Are the Preemptive Majors to Secure Userís Sensitive Data in App Development?
  232. pestilence LMG
  233. Deflector drone
  234. Vector is too overpowered
  235. How to make close-range weapons work? (PvE)
  236. Hardwire component missions bugged?
  237. Diamond mask from hunters
  238. Reason to use any rifle when we've got SVD?
  239. Crafting a new "Liberty" Exotic
  240. How do you tell what BP you got from t3 control points?
  241. Missing chatterbox!?!??!?!?!
  242. One bug report and one suggestion.
  243. Apparel Project not completing
  244. SMG Loaded canister JUST WON'T DROP! WTF?
  245. Remove passive timer after dying as a rogue?
  246. Hunters Washington Monument ?
  247. Is the Chatterbox talents glitched?
  248. Hunter Talk?
  249. Backpack items
  250. Are high dmg weapons found in the dz?