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  1. Missing SHD tech
  2. the game is really boring now.
  3. New player question
  4. Division 2 Skills SUCK
  5. New side mission for Tidal Basin not showing
  6. What's the point in creating a load out?
  7. Any chance of getting the F key back
  8. If i sell/deconstruct a gear, will the equipped mod be destroyed?
  9. Any way around health/armor recovery skills?
  10. Thank you for the UI updates!
  11. Obtain good equipment is too easy
  12. Quality of loot drops since patch
  13. Fix. The. Special. Ammo. Drops
  14. reviver never works!?
  15. State of Exotics?
  16. UBIinsulin and Feedback
  17. Gear-set questions
  18. How looting actually works!
  19. What gear level are you getting?
  20. Any news on the specialized weapon ammo?
  21. Gaming Community Past vs Present.
  22. My one and only problem with the game so far.
  23. Is this a good endgame PvE build??
  24. Gear sets : Hot garbage , Change my mind .
  25. Not getting daily mission projects
  26. weekly project for invasion event keys
  27. Moving/Sliding Mobs and their hit box
  28. DZ level
  29. True Patriot set bugged
  30. Invasion Event Project?
  31. Bruh where's the 500 gear
  32. Iím really curious
  33. No Story Mode Option at Roosevelt Island Mission. Stucked at WT3. PLS HELP !
  34. Suggestion: Allow for hybrid builds (talents from multiple trees)
  35. Revive Hive in Dark Zone, why doesn't it auto revive?
  36. No love for the Solo Player
  37. accuracy muzzle mod for 5.56 cal weapons?
  38. Projects Hammer
  39. Losing it with The Division 2
  40. Can we talk about exotics
  41. Need Two Questions answered please.
  42. Has anyone recieved this drop?
  43. The game is trash plain n simple!
  44. So, I would I approach this game without dying.
  45. Why there's a Normalization Stat?
  46. Droprate GS500 ... will it get changed?
  47. No Damage
  48. Why locking the Hard Wired Set behind Crafting
  49. Which gear set from D1 into D2?
  50. Massive, could you please finally hire some QAs?
  51. Slow leveling down by a 1000%
  52. No gear set dropped today, just checking if it's a potential bug.
  53. Like Farher Like Son
  54. Soundtrack The Division 2
  55. Graphic issues. low resolution (motion blur/depth of field) character& weapons (PS4)
  56. Feedback on the current state of the game
  57. Chem Launcher Controls
  58. Cannot help other players?
  59. Problem with Random Main Mission
  60. Bullete sponges World Tier 3
  61. so why does the occupied DZ nerf skills too?
  62. Cluster Seeker Mine not adding mines
  63. this was a weird bug.
  64. Patriot Set Broken?
  65. Daily reminder : Locking Hard Wired set is unfair
  66. Named enemies not considered Elites?
  67. Loving the music
  68. division shields
  69. Loot used to be better in wt4
  70. Waited so much for TD2 ,just to realize it's worse than TD1 .
  71. Not Happy.........!!!!
  72. Why @Massive
  73. No daily projects 2 days in a row.
  74. Punishment for legitimate players because of others?
  75. Sets pieces do not drop.
  76. Gear Mods
  77. Tier 5 has left a sweeter taste
  78. Soft Gear Cap Actually 490, not 500
  79. Pre and post patch experiment
  80. didn't get the 1st part of exoctic sniper the taly
  81. start getting that Anthem feeling.
  82. Spectre mask spawn issues
  83. True patriot
  84. Trash loot, Normal or a problem?
  85. Do the devs play their own game past the story modes?
  86. No D50 RNG drop
  87. 被美国大学开除怎么办
  88. Xbox Game Chat
  89. Chem Launcher changes on xbox controller in Div 2
  90. Lincoln Memorial bugged ???
  91. PS4 graphic issues Motion blur should be disabled at aiming. pictures for comparison
  92. Tidal Basin challenging boss fight - Massive has lost every sense of proper balancing
  93. Black Screen after Title Screen
  94. Gearset scaling
  95. What's with the gear mods that offer +poison dmg %
  96. Dismantling Bug
  97. What I miss from the first Division
  98. so green gear
  99. Does Developer actuly tested or play befof publish?
  100. Glove recalibration doesn't work?
  101. Hive Reviver with Controller
  102. 5.56 sturdy extended magazine
  103. Losing control points
  104. Can we give solo and normal/hard "it's too difficult" comments their own group?
  105. Does Elite damage bonus apply for PvP ?
  106. How do you obtain all the blueprints?
  107. Is it bug?(talent steady hand)
  108. GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 425.11
  109. Anyone ever fell asleep during a mission?
  110. Weapon, Gear Scores, requirements for Strongholds Tier 1
  111. What happened to the Event Cache Keys?
  112. Best mission to farm on Challenging?
  113. Legitimate Bugs & Concerns
  114. Newest Patch wont download through UPlay??? PC
  115. Refresh timer (Crafting material containers )
  116. End game where are you
  117. Rope cutting
  118. Lower gearscore/drops rates as intended?
  119. WT5 loot is intended
  120. PLS FIX this annoying BUG soon! - and honest feedback to the WARHOUNDS
  121. I want a refund
  122. So how are the numbers?
  123. There'll come a day (kind of fishing here)
  124. LVL 3 Control Points Broken!!!!
  125. Daily missions not available? or when is reset time?
  126. Is there a way for a private pvp?
  127. Option to go back to WT4 as WT5 is just total frustation
  128. Skills Broken again!!
  129. Crafting station upgrade
  130. Few quality of like points.
  131. do we need a optimization station?
  132. Can I transfer my cluster mine/sticky bomb PVE build over to D2?
  133. Two important open world changes needed
  134. Lullaby talent
  135. X-Box One X black screen?
  136. Project Daily Missions
  137. Clan for solo players
  138. no daily missions today?
  139. PS4 Whats New feed
  140. Any word about state of game for this summer?
  141. Gear and mod slots
  142. Can we have harder content in future dlc's
  143. Does the armor rating mean anything?
  144. Distinguished Service Distinction Commendation bugged?
  145. Autorun- Console setting?
  146. profanity filter at it...
  147. Lack Of Ammo
  148. Make Weapons & Gear talents more powerful....also damage & healing method.
  149. Navigating the map ?
  150. Post patch gear seems to really be bugged.
  151. NPCs Time to kill And Time to Be Killed
  152. CP 4 Solo
  153. New player with a matchmaking question
  154. Wire Scavengers Secret Side Mission Bugged?
  155. Matchmaking not finding group
  156. No new projects
  157. Can I not get the Diamond & Phantom Masks?
  158. how to get hard wired tech
  159. TIPS for solos griping about difficulty
  160. Just me or is there a distinct lack of hyena keys
  161. Xbox Matchmaking Issue?
  162. WT5 gear & patch sucks (warning: long rant)
  163. Snitch Cards
  164. PvP feels weird/bad
  165. PVP Specific Stats
  166. Stronghold Still Red After Completing Stronghold Mission
  167. Return Asult Rifle Mod +30 rounds
  168. Hard wired project
  169. Possible old news
  170. Tidal Basin Patch has made the game no fun
  171. Exotic blueprints
  172. Weekly projects - no reward
  173. 0 Build Diversity
  174. Potomac relief camp
  175. Crafting Hard-Wired Gear - Insane
  176. A Letter To Massive
  177. I saved up fragments for a purple key and...
  178. What is my motivation for raiding?
  179. Event box keys farming...
  180. Can you please fix the DAMN sound repeating bug that's been in the game since launch?
  181. Rifles, are they weak atm?
  182. Skill Normalization for PvP
  183. the urge to play is diminishing more and more.
  184. Phantom, death, diamond, cross masks
  185. Matchmaking PS4
  186. Need to report a player who maing videos on youtube how to exploit the game.
  187. The CQBSS 8x Scope Cross Hair is Awful!
  188. Signature weapon...
  189. No Longer Excited for the Raid
  190. how many mod slots on your gear?
  191. Please add a muzzle slot for the SIG 716 CQB
  192. Discussion about some people who were talking about world first tidal basin
  193. Wt5 = wt4
  194. Lets talk about the Nun and the Viles!!
  195. !!Bugs - QoL - Things i have noticed - Final Thoughts!!
  196. Specter mask dont work annymore
  197. stuck at gear score 498
  198. Atrocious spawns.
  199. Was the demolitions ammo nerfed or bug?
  200. It's me or the game stopped to be fun and no sense to keep progressing since update?
  201. Does the Season Pass add much for solo and single player
  202. I thought you guys said you didnt want all guns to end up as low damage laser beams?
  203. Why dont we have old sets from D1 ?
  204. Cheesy cheating deaths really grind my gears. 5 surprise NPC spawn.
  205. I think this might help....
  206. Seriously...? I'm 500 GS and still can be downed in 1-2 shots!? This scaling is BS!!!
  207. I think Division 1 sets...
  208. Please, please add the ability to put the Black Tusk masks on the Black Tusk outfits!
  209. Where are the heroics?
  210. Can someone please explain why there are so many spelling errors in this game?
  211. Blueprints
  212. Cant Apply Mask
  213. Crafting green skill mods
  214. So GS 500?
  215. Stats Are Bugged
  216. Chatterbox blueprint upgrade
  217. Division 2 Dying Behind Cover No Reason
  218. Do Devs Know the State of PvP?
  219. Cannot upgrade my crafting station
  220. Just a few random thoughts/suggestions
  221. What's the point of challenging missions?
  222. Did they stop the daily missions?
  223. What loot is the raid going to drop and will it be worth it?
  224. Question about Merciless rifle farming
  225. D2 Already on sale?
  226. Add Edit character
  227. Game way less fun since the patch :(
  228. Friend Invite
  229. Daily Weekly Project Shutdown and the Apparel Event
  230. All red or just me?
  231. 1 Weekly Challenge award available
  232. *face palm*
  233. What is there to do for daily PVE?
  234. When is the server "New Day"
  235. Whats really going on?
  236. Please allow us to switch grenades without going in the menu
  237. Crafting feels pointless
  238. No way of responding to 'agent in need of backup'
  239. Loadout locker
  240. Fire grenades
  241. Trying to identify chest armor in recent Division 2 blog post
  242. My weapon shows much less damage then opponent with normalization.
  243. Ivory key
  244. Captain America Npcs
  245. Gear Sets are useless in their current state
  246. Pestilence Exotic needs a serious buff
  247. Number of vendors in game.
  248. Revive Hive
  249. Is there really no way to farm for, or work towards, a specific weapon/brand piece?
  250. Something spooky ....