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  1. Have to click mouse several times to get anything done
  2. GR:FS PC Version
  3. Who is developing the PC version?
  4. Defining a GR PC experience
  5. I am totally new.
  6. See if UBI really listens!!
  7. GR: Future Soldier FAQ
  8. Thank You UBI
  9. I know it was one of you mods...............
  10. New Ubisoft DRM
  11. Specs??
  12. sniper rifles
  13. Another Utterly Pointless Chat Thread
  14. Dedicated Servers
  15. What types of Modern Weapons do you want to see in GR: Future Soldiers?
  16. What I need to see with this game if I am to buy it.
  17. Console > PC
  18. PC/Consuls part 2
  19. PC versions
  20. Anyone have an idea on possible rating?
  21. The Way We Were - GR1 Alumni - What would we would like to see in the new game.
  22. Dream GR:FS
  23. PC Direct X 11.
  24. GRFS Player On Mac OS X?
  25. ''Future'' taken too seriously
  26. PC Version Info Soon?
  27. Ghost Recon - Coop
  28. New Trailer
  29. Special Edition for GR_FS? How could this SE look like?
  30. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier site
  31. Beta
  32. Seperate versions?
  33. New GR - Not for old GR fans :(
  34. Asymmetrical Warfare and Unconventional forces as opposition.
  35. before and after trailer
  36. Ghost Recon Future Soldier countdown
  37. Ghost Recon Future Soldier info about evrything
  38. you guys have to stop whining about the game being bad!
  39. Old GR and GRAW players plea to UBI
  40. FS Firefox Persona Download
  41. Play Ghost Recon: Future Soldier at the WarFighters Open Day [UK]
  42. What Do I Want from GRFS?
  43. bp weapons pack v3.0 - graw2
  44. Taking bets!
  45. Suggestions Thread
  46. E3 Q&A - Ask your questions here!
  47. same on all 3 consoles
  48. Another GR...*Crosses Fingers*
  49. Dead Forums = Dead company
  50. Hey testers, check if GFRS runs on Wine
  51. New GRFS
  52. GRFW: The 3rd Person Joke!
  53. How about a mac version ubi...
  54. Will GRFS be the same on PC as it is on Console?
  55. PC vs. Console: Why it will never come to be
  56. To the dev team
  57. Thanks!
  58. It makes you wonder, doesn't it?
  59. Ghost Recon: Fun Friday
  60. Beta Release Date
  61. Locked account
  62. An interesting Fun Friday?
  63. New here, can i rant?
  64. To the developers of GFRS
  65. what a waste
  66. Zeus
  67. O.G. - Ghost Recon...
  68. Happy Holidays from Ubisoft!
  69. New GRFS Wallpaper Pack
  70. A game for true GR fans
  71. why even post a release date ,knowing your not going to make it?
  72. Original GR on PC
  73. je cherche L'ID.
  74. ??povolat nalet?? (CZ)
  75. Ghost Recon PC CO-op Challenge
  76. I want this game to be good..
  77. Because my Serial this do it be rejected?
  78. Ubisoft Announces Development of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online
  79. Wow Very Happy To Be Here And To Be Part Of This Game
  80. Ghost Recon Online Interview
  82. GRFS Boycott
  83. Ghost Recon Online
  84. What kind of military technology is a 360 degree bulletproof dome?
  85. Future Soldier PC Cancelled or Delayed?
  86. Weirdness
  87. question
  88. What was Ghost Recon to you?
  89. PC version canceled!?
  90. Show your support for Future Soldier on the PC
  91. Kimi
  92. Hi folks! I'm your new point of contact within GRFS dev team!
  93. I want to ask so Ghost Recon Future Soldier will be avalible on PC with multyplayer ?
  94. GRO Dev Diary Video
  95. Ghost Recon Online Beta Testing in 3 DAYS! Want in?
  96. GR:FS PC version different?
  97. Will GR:FS end up on Onlive
  98. WHY was original ghost recon best game ever?
  99. It's official
  100. Getting back to its ROOOOOOOOOOOTS!
  101. No Future Solider for PC, Ubisoft cite Piracy.
  102. ubisoft, read this
  103. Pc version cancelled
  104. PRE SALES
  105. Forum is now about how bad Ghost Recon F2P is going to suck
  106. PC VERSION CANCELLED - leaving legit buyers out in the cold.
  107. If the PC version of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is cancelled...
  108. "there is no official announcement regarding a PC version of GRFS".
  111. Why!!!!Why Cancel?
  112. All PC gamers, let us unite!
  113. :)
  114. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
  117. Ghost Recon Online - Cancelled in favor of GRFS or what?
  118. Announcing release date, confirming PC version and a multiplayer beta
  119. Forum Rules
  120. Add first person modes!!!!
  121. Thanks UBISOFT for the Ghost Recon Future Soldier PC confirmation!
  122. What the majority of PC Gamers want for GRFS!
  123. I'm a die hard PC gamer and Third Person is just fine with me!
  124. They should have just cancelled the pc version
  125. PRICE of Future Soldier on PC only 4.99?
  126. Dear Ubisoft!
  127. Norway missions!!!!!
  128. Direction of series on PC
  129. Gunsmith
  130. Cant redeem beta key
  131. Ghost Recon Screen goes black.
  132. Beta email broken?
  133. Rename Soldier
  134. Beta Server Down?
  135. Ghost Recon: Project Give the PC Players a **** game as a replacement
  136. Hope G.R.F.S tech team will notice these suggestions before new product released.
  137. PC Beta?
  138. Bugging through the walls
  139. download glitch?
  140. PC beta what i don't like....
  141. Beta - Matchup
  142. What is the difference between GRFS and Ghost recon online?
  143. Signature Edition?
  144. Are they going to add DRM to Future Soldier?
  145. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Signature Edition VS Collector's Edition
  146. Beta if i have splinter cell game pc
  147. min sys requirements ghost future soldier
  148. Just a few question about the game, from devs.!
  149. No Pre-order available for PC, but with GameStop?
  150. Pre Order Digital Download???????
  151. Forum Rules
  152. Ghost Recon for Mac?
  153. Ghost Reocn Future Soldier PC Release Date
  154. Ranked games in future soldier
  155. Modding capability
  156. Ghost Recon Future Soldier - xBox Controller Support
  157. Pre-Order bonus.
  158. Ghost Recon Future Soldier DLC & Extra Content for INDIA :D
  159. Gunsmith Video?
  160. Games for Windows LIVE?
  161. Check out these sniper shots!
  162. Steam?
  163. GRFS PC Version - Details
  164. Ubisoft announces tom clancy’s ghost recon future soldier pc release date
  165. PLEASE, PLEASE make this game STEAMworks!!
  166. We want to be able to adjust FOV
  167. Ubisoft Announces Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Commander
  168. Blackfoot studios project :d
  169. Ghost Recon Future Soldier Frag Dolls interview at PAX East!
  170. Redeem Beta key
  171. Forum
  172. pre-order bonus
  173. Competitive Games?
  174. Ported LOL
  175. PC beta?
  176. Which is the Best In Game DLC Edition of GRFS
  177. Competetive Multiplayer, skillceiling etc [Questions]
  178. New multiplayer trailer looks dope!
  179. Future Worries (FUNNY)
  180. Please add team death match to Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  181. Could I run this
  182. Ubisoft: Giving you more than just games
  183. When I Can Download Ghost Recon Multiplayer online ?
  184. My concerns about Future Soldier
  185. Please give us a proper PC graphics options menu for GRFS! Pretty please Ubisoft.
  186. PC Graphics AA+AF?
  187. Multiplayer coop matchmaking
  188. Night Missions
  189. U.A.V. Drone
  190. Uplay Achievements Reward System?
  191. Canpaign Ghost missions ( total stealth ops) ?
  192. I need some help with the beta (PC)
  193. Some things that should/need to be in the PC Version of GRFS.
  194. GeoChrome | Reviews
  195. I'm proud of Ubisoft for there view of DRM
  196. When and Why?
  197. Fanaticism Gaming Youtube channel. 20+ Beta Key Give away!
  198. To any mods regarding PC version on the MP.
  199. Will there be ranked dedicated servers for PC?
  200. Why no one plays? [GRFS]
  201. Ghost Recon Online
  202. Err any idea what happen to this gun?MR8 assault rifle-Mods any idea?
  203. GRFS development shifted?
  204. Really Hope there is a PC beta, i mean look at the console beta issues
  205. PC Beta?
  206. Online vs Future Soldier ? Confused
  207. Ghost Recon Online is better than GRFS multiplayer
  208. PC Beta Key not working...
  209. So......does this game support LAN on the PC?
  210. There is no place to put the BETA key on ghostrecononline website HELP!
  211. PC vs console? Which to buy? and why?
  212. PC version going to be SERVERS or HOSTS?
  213. gun smith/third person
  214. Will the PC version support the Razer Hydra?
  215. Trading Working PC Code for Xbox 360 Future Soldier Code
  216. Will this be the first Ghost Recon PC game not to have SADS and an MDK?
  217. voip and dedicated server questions
  218. Is this version third person shooter?
  219. Coming to OnLive?
  220. I know this is blasphemous....
  221. What's up with the Gunsmith???
  222. PhysX
  223. Reedeming the code?!
  224. Ghost Recon Future Soldier PC Multiplayer Modes
  225. Gameplay of pc version
  226. Better software
  227. Why the paucity of information only six weeks out?
  228. PC, 360, or PS3
  229. xbox controller, for GRFS PC
  230. New news from Gamestop
  231. New screen shots, deluxe edition revealed.
  232. Stiff competition? lol
  233. Ubisoft announces tom clancy’s ghost recon alpha availability
  234. don't be like dice please
  235. Ubisoft announces Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier GOES GOLD
  236. need help got two beta codes only one works
  237. Things that Should be Changed to Give this game a Great start.
  238. Help
  239. GRO vs GRFS (Still confused)
  240. Why the delayed release for PC?
  241. What PC Rig have you got?!
  242. GRFS Audio - Dolby Digital ?
  243. Ghost Recon : Future Soldier - Documentary Trailer [UK]
  244. Brand New FPS & TPS Community Launched! Ghost Recon: Future Soldier news and vids!
  245. DLC? o_O? and why?
  246. Finally, the Gunsmith up and running for me!
  247. I filled Online survey, but forgot to mention 1 thing
  248. Arctic strike DLC for PC?
  249. Ghost Recon Online- People Who played the Beta Or need to leave Feedback
  250. PC Features article, with screens.