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  1. How could they release such a failure
  2. Game goes to the desktop.
  3. Hey Ubisoft, your ship is sinking, broseph.
  4. Can no longer party with friends.
  5. Question for Web staff.
  6. Defective Software Lawsuits
  7. Before and After
  8. Faron42 is online tonight/today hacking like hell
  9. Gameplay is running at low fps, please help
  10. When will PC get the DLC?
  11. UBISOFT ?....New Proof that faron42 is hacking ..
  12. Required Ghost Recon future Soldier Save profile after Pakistan Helicopter misson
  13. Enough is Enough UBI and forum admins (players need answers)
  14. Request from gamepad user
  15. THIS IS B******* Already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. cannot reload gun :*(((
  17. No Artic Strike DLC for PC ?
  18. Multiplayer Gameplay Full Match, perfect, no disconnection, no crash, pure play!!!!
  19. It makes my computer freezes
  20. Give me my money back
  21. Shut it Down and Walk Away
  22. Don´t try to fix any bugs no longer
  23. A Ubisoft service is not available at the moment PLS try again later!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Uplay offline again?!?!
  25. METACRITIC score GRFS PC ...ohmy goodness..
  26. Can't Play With Friends Anymore you ****ing fail of a development team..
  27. Invisible man hacking the objective?!
  28. What ever happened to this future soldier mission?
  29. There's a great development team working hard to fix this game
  30. Stuck in loading, black screen
  31. Man i hope we get these new big maps(Arctic Strike DLC)
  32. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon crashs
  33. New patch out - it fixes everything!!!
  34. Update on Support from Ubi
  35. Connection
  36. Where can I find the invitation from clan?
  37. This game is unacceptable - Ubisoft needs to learn.
  38. Good Bye UbiSoft
  39. Elite of the Elite - People who actually beat the game on PC
  40. Multiplayer works one day, don't work the the next.
  41. This game is broken, here's the list of the problems i've had
  42. Problem with ****ing GAME!
  43. Is this game worth buying ?
  44. Forum Managers ? wheres the info on 1.4 it is 1 week after
  45. Intel HD 3000 & GT540M Full Screen Problems
  46. How many times do I need to say this about GAMEPADS ubisoft!!!!!!!!
  47. Has anyone tried running this game in bootcamp?
  48. No sessions available. Creating a new one.
  49. HEY! UBI! FIX THIS PORT OF SHiiii....
  50. DLC Content
  51. Engineer Weapons Blow
  52. Didn't Antoine say Patch 1.4 is due 1 week after 1.3?
  53. Old Video From E3, how have things changed!
  54. Future soldier or GR Online?
  55. Fix this problem UBI!!
  56. For everyone who have Fabric clocked 570-580 Crashes.
  57. Another FULL MATCH PC Gameplay Video HD. Amazing Match!!!
  58. Anyone is AMERICA even play???
  59. Sad.....So Very Sad...
  60. Artic Strike Free for PC
  61. Ghost Recon online games?
  62. Moscow Billboard Wallpaper
  63. Resolution problem - I'm tired of this "game"
  64. Host drop outs
  65. Disconnected from the server.
  66. CD-key can't activate it again after uPlay 2.0.3 Help me
  67. BUG: Single player seems to have "forgotten" all my progress.
  68. This guy really nailed it...
  69. Auto Team Balance?
  70. Ubi... are you willing. Need an answer asap.
  71. Possible fix for Problems with Geforce 580GTX.
  72. Game "crashes" to desktop randomly
  73. Need help!
  74. Future Soldier co-op LAN support?!?!
  75. Being accused of hacking.....
  76. Objectivist Gamer Review
  77. They are working hard on patches!!!
  78. So what do YOU think Community!?! POLL TIME!!!
  79. Anybody have this problem with Noble Tempest mission?
  80. raufoss ammo....wat a crap!!!!!!!!!!
  81. Multiplayer startet yust now
  82. Can see the problems ubisoft has. Patch 1.4
  83. Thowing Ubisoft a Bone
  84. Liking the game but.....
  85. Why ubi think that we are stupid monkeys?
  86. Problem with guns
  87. Arctic Strike DLC Gameplay Video...
  88. Future Soldier - Big disappointment
  89. Game Session Not Found
  90. Another 1.4 thread
  91. Game Session Not Found
  92. Things I love about GRFS and Ubisoft Devs
  93. Stuck in Mission Noble Tempest calling the airstrike.
  94. after you've fixed all the bugs, make bigger maps!
  95. Consoles get DLC this week. PC gets another thrust into our overpatient asses
  96. lessons to learn from the GRFS crisis
  97. I may have found a black bar resolution fix...
  98. My key is blocked!!!
  99. my game broke the day after i beat it, its crashes at the main menu for 3 weeks now.
  100. Temporary solutions to "Disconnected from the server"[discussion]
  101. And Time Stands Still
  102. Quick Question about Guerrilla Mode
  103. Ghost recon mulitplayer is so bad..
  104. I'm going back
  105. Props to EvilPixieGirl
  106. Stuff can (or will) get worse!
  107. ETA for Arctic Strike for pc ?
  108. mouse button 5 not working on GRFS
  109. Xbox button's in campaign
  110. Keyboard problem
  111. Forum Floooded?
  112. Single Player Save Game
  113. Connection Server Lost (UNPLAYABLE GAME!!)
  114. All single player unlocks gone.
  115. Anyone on Twitter? Have your say
  116. Ahahahah is this a joke? :D
  117. Maybe we are wrong...
  118. Half XP?
  119. Guys, Help me please
  120. This video seems so appropriate right now...
  121. Aim Toggle
  122. Can I vote/kick cheater out?
  123. Patch 1.4 Progress/Godmoders in MP!?
  124. JJ!! Adrien Broner vs Vicente Escobedo Live Boxing Online, 21-July-2012
  125. Fail to launch
  126. Someone please answer this
  127. Uplay download cache for Future Soldier
  128. Ubi going to do something or what?
  129. GODMODE cheater.
  130. Uplay: Cannot start game check to see if its installed properly
  131. What games are you playing now or planning to buy soon?
  132. Ghost recon wont switch to keyboard (I dont have a controller hooked up)
  133. ping cap to server - host
  134. Due to new facts found
  135. Alright, I got into 2 games tonight and this is my experience
  136. Finding teammates
  137. Now the forum is being spammed...
  138. can anyone help me!
  139. SP Last mission:Timing, scripting, triggers...you call yourselves tactical game devs?
  140. xbox button crap all over PC version
  141. Unable to Block "friends".
  142. Man, now that's a .dmp
  143. Looking for Teamplayers
  144. SPAM on forums
  145. when can i go coop-mode ??
  146. Game Review sites - IGN
  147. Problem with co-op campaign
  148. Black Border Fix on Radeon HD Cards (For me, anyway)
  149. CD-KEY needed
  150. Too all who doesnt worm multiplayer and disconect every time
  151. Hot Fix for online.
  152. Randomly joining saboteur...
  153. How to make this game work like a FPS with Mouse & Keyboard????
  154. Stuck in "Searching for games"
  155. Doing something about the cheaters
  156. Improvement needed : PC version
  157. my game broke after beating campaign 3 weeks ago. ~>(
  158. why is ghost recon future soldier lagging on this PC ..
  159. elwis155
  160. Hacker: Godmode
  161. why even report cheaters
  162. Over 3 weeks now!
  163. Something odd, be careful...
  164. Still full of ****!
  165. My honest assesment of GRFS!
  166. PC Game crashes on startup using Uplay.
  167. Multiplayer infinite loading screen bug
  168. No answer from support?
  169. Help i got a problem connect to server lost every time I tried to play Multiplayer.
  170. New cheater bame: Etich999!!
  171. Impossible to get inside multiplayer games no matter what i try.
  172. remap keyboard
  173. Game cant start
  174. Another 1.4 thread
  175. So what is the point planting stun mines when
  176. Controller question?
  177. ubi marsh
  178. Ubi Marsh #2
  179. Ubi mush
  180. finally i can play online!!!!!
  181. Hey look, I actually played a whole match.
  182. Engineer guide
  183. Regarding Connectivity for Multi-Player
  184. [VIDEO]Stun Gunner Gameplay
  185. CD-KEY needed STEAM FIX
  186. Ubi Managers
  187. Solution for Nvidia 570 GTX = GRFS
  188. I don't know how to change my start up resolution.
  189. Three weeks - still can't play the game i paid for
  190. UPlay Down?!?
  191. pc controls conversion
  192. Looking for someone to give me lessons
  193. Disappointed gameplay and graphics
  194. Ubisoft you have done it
  195. TU 1.4 prediction: end of Jul
  196. another game bug........
  197. Ubi Please look me Please T^T
  198. Suggestion that might brighten the mood of the PC community
  199. What happened to me?!
  200. mission 3 impossible
  201. Device Hung Due to Badly Formed Commands
  202. GR:FS Doesnt work. Lets get someone on line 1
  203. Incompétence de Ubisoft
  204. How can 1 person throw 20 grenades in one sitting?
  205. Status update on the 1.4 patch please?
  206. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Windows XP Patch?
  207. Livestreaming GRFS MP Right Now
  208. Hey guis ... read pls
  209. Problems on Tiger Dust Mission
  210. Server
  211. Update is coming...
  212. Why isn't the game chosing me to host the session?
  213. Bugs, ubi team, please read & reply!
  214. Your game is not it possible
  215. The title of this game fits it well: Future Soldier
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  217. How Many want a refund / If enough of us post
  218. ....I got bored.
  219. sentry turret aim?
  220. Things that can be thoroughly tested
  221. Plz Stop submitting Bugs
  222. anybody playing this game?
  223. Co-op Guerrilla
  224. Ubi *****es!!! Release the freaking patch!!!!
  225. Valued as much as console users?
  226. Meanwhile in Kiev...
  227. Witam Pytanie do Polakow
  228. A question about EMP grenades
  229. Make Your Voices Heard.
  230. device is hung due to badly formed commands FIX
  231. Game Freezes
  232. Thanks UBI - so glad consoles got cloud fix while PC still gets nothing!
  233. Lookin 4 peeps for Guerilla
  234. Connecting to others
  235. Release 1.4(BetaAddition)
  236. Are frags more powerful in pc version then in console version?
  237. UBIShop
  238. new solution to play multiplayer
  239. Punk... Busted?
  240. Grfs pc map editor ????
  241. last mission is low fps
  242. 1.4 patch bets
  243. Laggy a$$ peer to peer
  244. Thank your Evilpixiegrr
  245. AI for COOP
  246. Windows XP Patch for Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  247. HELP! How to achieve the best graphics!
  248. Very important bugs and things to know for dev
  249. Slap in the face.
  250. I try to play