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  1. LOL. Patch 1.3 is out and yet my voice chat still doesn't work.
  2. New patches!!
  3. PATCH 1.3 FOR STEAM!!!!!!!!!!! check this out
  4. Reset?
  5. If we pay for DLC we will be supporting the Sh1t they did to us!
  6. Another failure!!!!!!!!! Stupid ****s!!!!!!
  7. What is this patch?
  8. Haaaaaaaleeeeluuuujaaaaaaah!!!
  9. Most rushed release ever?
  10. Unable to assign Mousebuttons
  11. DLC question for Ubi_Antoine
  12. 1.3 fixed everything.
  13. Game will not play after update to 1.3
  14. Uncertainty
  15. Anyone got this bug, missing Mission Select missions?
  16. Ghost recon, steam & you - my theorie
  17. Still low preformance :(
  18. Yeti after patch
  19. great option!
  20. Runtime Error!
  21. Ghost Recon Online
  22. version 1.3
  23. Steam patch releases
  24. New patch worth getting?
  25. 1.3 fixed nothing!
  26. Where do i report hacker, not gonna call your number...
  27. silent talon save file
  28. The new patch has made my controls worse than before
  29. And so the patch confusion begins again....
  30. Patch 1.3 thus far
  31. Help me understand...
  32. What is this...... boing, yeti error deal?
  33. Lag causing lower damage or what?
  34. hmmm new idea.
  35. Patch 1.3: It now takes longer to connect to multiplayer matches.
  36. This is just sad now
  37. Co-op Campaign player select
  38. Patches annihilate the game's FPS!
  39. Have not been able to play a SINGLE multiplayer game.
  40. Unable to launch game after 1.3 patch??
  41. The game is already dead :(
  42. wats wrong with "sync shot"!!???
  43. Ubi look into the videos of Faron42 he is hacking
  44. I've never been more frustrated..
  45. Please post ALL hackers with video proof here!
  46. Where to download manually 1.3 patch?
  47. v1.3 is just as sucky
  48. How to remove this game from Uplay??
  49. 1.3 Finally allowed me to use mouse and keyboard
  50. I am officially done with this game!!!!!!!!!
  51. mouse button swap being ignored by game
  52. Ghost Recon Online
  53. weapon Skorpion-SMG
  54. Some weapon skins(paint) are missing.
  55. fix p90 please
  56. Where the **** is all my campaign Saved games
  57. Co-op open session ?!?!?!
  58. Patch 1.3 - problems
  59. Still have xbox prompts!!!!!!
  60. patch 1.3 sucks
  61. You broke MP for me too!!
  62. This 1.3?
  63. Stuck on Tiger Dust
  64. Is GR:FS working on windows xp 64bit?
  65. Loosing Connection
  66. Why is there so much Lag / Latency - Proof In Video
  67. Gunsmith issues
  68. Still hoping to get A class Ghost Reacon
  69. Having trouble returning this game.
  70. Input Compatibility - Title Update 1.3 - Feedback
  71. patch 1.3 help me
  72. 1.3 SP content
  73. Ubisoft support - a bigger joke than the game itself!
  74. Need help with my keyboard
  75. Gamer id thread
  76. Does Steam not have 1.3 yet?
  77. Will Weapons and Unlocks in SP ever be fixed?
  78. double time reward not working?
  79. Update v1.3 Still now nvidia surround??
  80. you ubisoft
  81. www.united-30.de sucht member ab 30+ !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  82. We want an ETA on patch 1.4
  83. Just make Dedi's UBI
  84. No Respect for us or our money!
  85. Now GRFS lags more than ever
  86. Auto Aim ajustment
  87. 3 Ghosts walk into a bar.....
  88. Money back! NOW, this is a threat!
  89. Ubi_Antoine - What is being done about Hackers?
  90. um...thanks for the patch now my game doesn't work
  91. Yeti crash, might be caused by this.
  92. REFUND : For Steam Users
  93. Another one bites the dust
  94. Can I run Ghost Recon : Future Soldier with my computer?
  95. This is how i feel
  96. How do you get more respec tokens and what is replace character? (Multiplayer)
  97. Multiplayer is still broken after patch v1.3
  98. Steam and Gamestop app users Can't play yet according to Ubisoft.
  99. Temporary solution for: "Connection to server lost."
  100. Graw is dead. How bout Spec Ops the Line?
  101. GRFS Multiplayer
  102. Is this a glitch or suposed to be in the game?
  103. GR:FS: Getting Constructive. (Please leave your rage at the door.)
  104. Servers need to be by region
  105. How are Guerilla Mode weapons specified?
  106. This game should have public coop games. Also looking for players to play coop with
  107. Did the Steam version update to 1.3??
  108. Client Sided vs. Server Sided
  109. unable to start game?!
  110. optimization for dual-core processors
  111. Its getting absurd
  112. Fix for Long loading times and resolution not changing
  113. Suppressor in mp?
  114. all you bad scout players
  115. double xp week....why not on pc?
  116. 2 Weeks and Still no Online...
  117. U-Play offline??
  118. gunsmith still ****ed, so this forum will be ****ed too
  119. gunsmith still ****ed, so this forum will be ****ed too
  120. gunsmith still ****ed, so this forum will be ****ed too
  121. go **** yourself with your new patch
  122. go **** yourself with your new patch
  123. go **** yourself with your new patch
  124. go **** yourself with your new patch
  125. Hey, you there with the pictures on your account
  126. Reward Double Time
  127. Save Game
  128. that's enough
  129. Good game but crap to play online
  130. Cant find MP games at all?
  131. Joystick != Gamepad
  132. Port Forwarding
  133. Question: Is this Rage all about the online play?
  134. Unable to Transfer redeemed items
  135. Consoles are getting an Expansion to this game already?! wtf!!!!
  136. World in Conflict! Great game, low price!
  137. Please help me.
  138. By God.....I just had a thought!
  139. PC gamer can use Defender now.
  140. 2 weeks and I can't play
  141. Почему на работает тупой мультиплеер grfs
  142. Problem on Autoupdate
  143. Why/how was the game advertised to run on XP, but did not when it was released?
  144. New ati driver to address sli issues with gr:fs
  145. A freindly reminder.
  146. Runtime Error After 1.3 patch
  147. ghost recon has stopped from working
  148. Ubisoft sucks! Waste of money
  149. HEY ****HEADS/ubisoft
  150. I need somebody for shattered Mountain coop to catch the last two guys ( now, today )
  151. Auto Aim for PC
  152. Constructive approach at fixing Future Soldier for PC
  153. Mic problems
  154. Yeti dump error FIXED for me
  155. More cheaters
  156. Fix my god **** game or give my money back
  157. Lost all my campaign unlocks
  158. Servers are jacked up
  159. Ubisoft forum managers...
  160. STILL NO INVERT Y AXIS FOR PC?!?!?!?!?! (gamepad)
  161. Support in Capitalism
  162. Number 1 reason for Severs by Region
  163. [SPOILERS] Bug with Weapon Challenge or Game Mechanic?
  164. ripoff report.com UBISOFT listed for people being ripped off!
  165. Welcome to Ubisoft China..
  166. Yeti error ?? help me please
  167. Finished Campaign But No Un- Locks.
  168. People seem to forget that GRFS is largely objective-centered.
  169. Multiplayer?
  170. Digital Deluxe Edition
  171. ALL HACKER VIDS POST HERE!!! Proof is in the vids...
  172. FPS problems.
  173. have you all noticed their verbiage?
  174. I got a refund! Guide to get your money back!
  175. Spiel startet nicht
  176. Does anyone actually like this game ?
  177. here's what the european Union says about products like GR:FS
  178. Any OGR pc players like this?
  179. Free For All -gametype- All vs All
  180. Looking for two players for coop campaign this monday (EU, GMT+2)
  181. Request "Public matchmaking for Coop"
  182. [SPOILERS] Ember Hunt Melee Challenge Videos
  183. Friends Offline??
  184. So with the patches coming out...
  185. 3 things that need to be addressed
  186. connection to server lost... fix ?
  187. disappointed
  188. Debrief screen enter key not registering
  189. um wtf uplay?
  190. Broken Uplay System
  191. I can 'NOT' sign into UPLAY???
  192. WARNING!!! Huge bug that may lead to hardware failure!!!
  193. My mic
  194. uplay is probably updating as we speak
  195. Can not enter in Uplay
  196. For crying out loud...(a few words of a frustrated GR:FS gamer)
  197. Anyone tried this .. [video]
  198. Guerrilla Mode Unlocks are Broken
  199. Login problem
  200. False advertising about COOP campaign. Add it with patch or prepare 4 class suit UBI
  201. Ubisoft hello Chinese players Can't UPLAY landing ? Why?
  202. Campaign mode: NOOB question
  203. When the hell is Uplay coming back up?
  204. Hear us out... Why not store credit?
  205. Is that any problem over there??
  206. Money Back Please!
  207. Arctic Strike
  208. Uplay is back up
  209. What the hell is wrong with my account?
  210. 'Connection to server lost' after Uplay down all day...
  211. Hehe
  212. Why can't they admit it: they messed up.
  213. Fix this F**** Game
  214. How do you play the bonus maps Moscow Suburbs and Drilling Ship?
  215. Am I the only person here who likes this game?
  216. I will Never...
  217. Steam messed up our Uplay
  218. Performance tips for GRFS (higher FPS)
  219. found the Solution to UPlay Username/Pw issue
  220. Heh....couldn't help it....
  221. Unplayable.
  222. Why do ppl not heal?????
  223. Cannot Play PC version as it wants to use Xbox controller
  224. 1.4 and PC DLC?
  225. Cannot get past game's final challenge in Shattered Mountain
  226. To ubisoft pls reply.. cheats
  227. Co-op Campaign (Elite. Errday, erryday)
  228. M40A5 & MN 91/30 for single player?
  229. Another Mouse Problem
  230. generate minidump
  231. Does not go into the game, black screen and all!!!!
  232. Online Game work again
  233. Two Complaints: Subtle Arrow Defense Game Bug/Freeze, Content
  234. Where is patch 1.4
  235. Please help Crash and Freeze problem
  236. Sniper lver 4 unlocks: thermal vs 12x, which one to choose and why?
  237. Gunsmith Attachment Problem!
  238. Ragequit because of intel - in ther words - dedicated servers needed
  239. Patch 1.4 Update, Admins/Developers please read...
  240. Re-spec Token glitch and more?
  241. lost connect
  242. Co-op campaign issues
  243. Dimal12395 cheating
  244. So, has anyone managed to get the GRC Skins and MP-412 REX yet?
  245. Connection to server lost
  246. Steam and Ghost Recon Future Soldier PC
  247. Qucik Question
  248. Did I miss something? - Multiplayer
  249. My key got banned? Why? Whats going on?
  250. Found out how to fix the OFFLINE bug in game with friends.