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  1. What's going on the GRFS patch...;;;
  2. ERROR: CANNOT get past loading screen.
  3. Any Fellow Canadians Playing GRFS PC?
  4. hey noobisoft u r need this fix
  5. About my problem on TIGER DUST
  6. Special Camo's gone...
  7. HELP!(Gunsmith)
  8. ****e on u UBISOFT.....
  9. News related to input issue patches
  10. I can't even play
  11. UbiSoft! Im using 'Forced Proxy'. What's the Best 'Host & Port' to use for connection
  12. My 2 cents to this situation
  13. Game Keeps crashing
  14. drones
  15. when i updated after...i can't play game ..told me :YETI minimap ERROR?
  16. GHFS Friends to Uplay?
  17. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier-Asks the key, although it was activated
  18. Ghost Recon Future Soldier...
  19. dont install patch 1.2 only 1.1
  20. server problem after maintenance 3rd july
  21. matchmaking for coop and guerilla mode
  22. Can't see other peoples rank/level?
  23. The new Dash Board Broke my Game (CD not Valid an more)
  24. Hello, dés que je touche la lettre D (direction à droite) J'AI UN RETOUR BUREAU SEVEN
  25. Help me, i'm french, logitech g110 problem
  26. Perth/Australia Player Looking for friends to play with, on the co-op stuff.
  27. Final mission "Shattered Mountain" lags!
  28. [SOLUTION] CD-key used by another account after uPlay 2.0
  29. New Uplay
  30. Gamepad problem
  31. Complete list of controls ?
  32. The problem with the game in the mode of the company \ guerrilla!
  33. Black Screen on Startup
  34. Steam version crash
  35. uPlay 2.0 broke my game
  36. Lost all challenges/weps/equipment from Uplay update....
  37. Refund? Are You Serious?
  38. And I thought Skyrim Had Problems..
  39. control
  40. Key binding issues
  41. Looking for group.
  42. Since GRFS all games at 24 HZ
  43. Connection Problem
  44. YETI Crash
  45. 24 hertz?
  46. Playing GRFS
  47. Taskbar is on top now
  48. Deluxe edition.. where is my extra content???
  49. Remove autoaim or filter autoaim rooms!
  50. GR:FS is performance dependent on your internet speed
  51. Ghost recon, Error code 2
  52. mISSION 2 END. game and machine crash...
  53. cant even play it
  54. PlS Heelp me!
  55. You have ruined Ghost Recon!!
  56. I cant connect to multyplayer!!
  57. Campaign progress lost
  58. Using Warhound without mouse wheel help!
  59. What do you want the player!
  60. Just finished campaign
  61. 6Vs6 Squad Question
  62. THis is why we require ranked dedicated servers
  63. Bug : in character selection in multiplayer
  64. [FAIL] Cannot install updates when game is installed to a custom folder.
  65. Worst game ever,how can you sleep at night.
  66. I have the Signature Edition But I didn't get any In-game Content besides map
  67. Anyone For Co-Op? Preferably West coast.
  68. Black screen at starting up the game...
  69. 1st person shooter
  70. Respec Token , what is it ?
  71. somtimes load screen after selecting to search for a multi game takes too long
  72. Is it playable from Steam by now?
  73. Guerrilla Mode, Lack of customization?
  74. Can we get some kind of update on the patch?
  75. Lets make this a new meme
  76. In Game Options
  77. Deluxe Edition Itens Missing !!! :(
  78. Guns and attachments???? UBI help.. lol
  79. Just bought on Steam, unable to play
  80. Some advise !!!
  81. It seems like an amazing game...
  82. Lag during Runiing and Aiming
  83. speedhack report
  84. Multiplayer Just Searches and Searches
  85. Hi End Computer But The Game Is Moving Like Its A Old XT Computer
  86. Oh I wonder...
  87. Clicking Quit Game causes Fatal Error
  88. Finishing campaign rewards not unlocking.
  89. So when exactly can we expect this miracle patch?
  90. Mouse issues
  91. It gets better.
  92. How do I get a steam refund?
  93. Game does not find a server and creates its own
  94. Ghost Recon Future Soldier problems XP
  95. Question ?
  96. Yeti: Fatal Error! How to fix?
  97. I search peoples to play [PL]
  98. Bind key to account
  99. Does anyone know how to change your Nickname in Uplay?
  100. Fail!!!!!
  101. BUG Report: After 1.2 Patch, Game runs extremely slow win7 64 bit
  102. Meanwhile MP servers have problem
  103. Uplay
  104. GRFS network app.
  105. Planning on buying this, However...
  106. Thank you for the new Uplay!
  107. Looking for players for co-op (EU)
  108. Reminder - Please read before posting
  109. Solving some of the performance problems!!!
  110. Problems with coop and Multiplayer
  111. Ghost Recon - Safe Mode
  112. Can't Download Game Client - Appears to be Already Installed
  113. Coop in 1.1 patch?
  114. i can play the solo wave maps only no online or the game its self !
  115. Catastrophic Issues
  116. Black bars up/right/left/under
  117. Any work around for SP Campaign being locked at 720p?
  118. Random freezing(?), anyone got something that might help?
  119. MP still not working...
  120. video settings not staying at where i set them
  121. How can you Justify this Title
  122. Lagness of Awesome
  123. What Will u play ?
  124. Hud
  125. Lost Save data after patch July 4th???
  126. My point of view
  127. Multiplayer: Interface, disconnects, balance, and a few more.
  128. Cant Launch Game
  129. Third hacker now....
  130. Ghost Recon Online goes Open Beta Next Week
  131. Fix - connection problems and yeti error!
  132. Windows 8
  133. Full Length Match: Bodark on Harbor (overtime comeback)
  134. Really bad game development
  135. Problem uplay, Help
  136. game does'nt work after patch?
  137. Ghost Recon Future Soldier Save games erased after Patch 1.1
  138. when is the patch 1.3 coming ?
  139. A little game while we wait for a new official update
  140. What I learned about Future soldier
  141. Can't get it started with the activation key
  142. The cause of low FPS in campaign
  143. Looking for MP clan / MP play m8's
  144. Sli support???
  145. Reports about update????
  146. looking for friends to play coop!!!
  147. Refund At all??
  148. XP Patch!! We need it!
  149. This is ****ed up
  150. Gunsmith still useless on pc
  151. There Should Be Harsh Punishments for False Accusations
  152. PC & Squads
  153. We need a ****ing patch
  154. Reinstalling
  155. Stereo 3D Support?
  156. Low fps issue (Just an opinion)
  157. Just a few questions for Ubi
  158. US Players Unite!
  159. Uplay 2.0.1 fixed nothing :(
  160. Patch!!!!!!!
  161. How I got my money back.
  162. New Game Client For GRFS PC Platform Multiplayer with Dedicated Server Proposal
  163. BUG report
  164. stat loss for disconnection....UBI;r u deaf or blind or mentally challenged?
  165. It should be clearer that WinXP is not supported
  166. Lost unlocked weapons in campaign
  167. Friends problem?
  168. Upper SLI Cards gets too HOT!!!
  169. Multiplayer Problem
  170. After patch 1.2 and unable to can't play mutiplayer for Retail Users...
  171. SP shattered mountian very laggy and cant even aim!
  172. why i can't join them ? always LOADING .....
  173. Where the **** is patch
  174. Players abusing Point to point hosting, and forces players to be timed out.
  175. Patch 1.3 -- UBI DEVS, READ
  176. [Graphic problem] Black screen in Tiger Dust mission 2nd part
  177. Any one for Guerilla ?
  178. How are People suppose too communicate in 'GUERRILLA'!!! No mic, No Writing????
  179. game not loading properly
  180. The Great Killcams of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
  181. ЧТО такое с мультиплеером????
  182. I want use custom gun in Guerrilla mode,cause now,LMG is only effective weapon
  183. Problema con ghost recon future soldier
  184. An alternative for in-game (currently broken) Anti-aliasing - SMAA
  185. Friendlist funktioniert nicht!
  186. Pictures of GRFS (FPS Meter)
  187. Ghost Recon Network app forAndroid / iOS devices- NOT FOR PC Gamers ?
  188. Rate of Fire Option?
  189. come on Ubisoft a little help...
  190. I get the Yeti Fatal Error. I've DLd the First Patch. Should I DL 1.2 and 1.3?
  191. Yeti Error Fix...WORKING :D
  192. Just a quick question.
  193. HELP cant even enter wave 20 in guerilla mode
  194. i lost all my weapons in singleplayer
  195. Add Me To Play
  196. SLI for GRFS SOLVED!
  197. Multiplayer
  198. Where is the best place to acquire the shotgun challenge unlock?
  199. This is insane patch 1.2 deletes my entire install!!!
  200. question REDEEM COUPON
  201. Patch 1.3 Today "LIES"
  202. Ghost Recon Future Soldier Russian Steam group (free 4 join)
  203. UK/EURO players
  204. cant connect to a friend
  205. To many bad players
  206. Multi and EXP
  207. 680 sli poor performance
  208. Another glitch?
  209. 3.1 Patch for GRFS??
  210. Double Time BS
  211. exploits/glitches/tweaks
  212. Found a small aid on performance
  213. A question about game save data.
  214. Help.
  215. Engineer LVL 40 decisions - Sentry Vs UCAV
  216. How do i "log in"
  217. I can not enter the game
  218. cant play the game! i just bougth!!!
  219. can i cancel respec token ?
  220. Cannot perform a Sync Shot
  221. steam 1.1 to 1.2 and crash........................
  222. Patch 1.3 is UP....
  223. GRFS - Game Performance Review
  224. worst game ever
  225. LESSON LEARNED " Never get a game online without hard copy"
  226. Lag in menus? Seriously?
  227. To UBISOFT (moderators, managesr, devs etc)
  228. Pre-order clarification please
  229. Looking for more for Multiplayer- Conflict
  230. Anyone want to tryhard pubstomp? Looking for players with skype+mic+1.20+kdr
  231. So i have been thinking.
  232. Signature Edition Code not working.
  233. Deluxe edition multiplayer map
  234. Needed adjustments:mad:
  235. We Deserve a GOD**** patch release date
  236. Pre-Order content not available
  237. Scoring is bugging too...
  238. looking 4 cooperation in the game
  239. Gunsmith still useless on pc
  240. Gunsmith still useless on pc
  241. Gunsmith still useless on pc
  242. Gunsmith still useless on pc
  243. Gunsmith still useless on pc
  244. For the German GRFS Version: Weapon Challenge Texts are false
  245. GRFS PC Review
  246. Issues with installation.
  247. When is the 1.3 patch due to?
  248. not buy the next DLC
  249. Patch and still getting disconnections. (Refund)
  250. Windows XP Patch, TO MANAGERS