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  1. Patch it soon¬
  2. Possible solution to get rid of black borders on Hd tv and monitors and blank screens
  3. I just want to know how much time they've spent on this game.
  4. It actually let me play!!
  5. Xp system
  6. may I get refund ?
  7. Why there is no ak47 and mk14 in singleplayer?
  8. Cutscene skip please?
  9. Lost all the unlockings.....
  10. Dvorak Keyboard support - THANKYOU :)
  11. Urgent Help needed
  12. UBI Developers and top management - PLEASE READ! (Not a flaming post)
  13. Screen resolution
  14. Uplay offline ?
  15. 24 hour support?
  16. Now I can play MP! :)
  17. Yeti error
  18. Multiplayer + Single player works if ....... [ 60fps solid]
  19. Clan invite problems
  20. ScoreBoard key
  21. non riesco a loggarmi la prima volta su u-play
  22. Did UBIsoft missed this?
  23. How do I aim?
  24. Black screen on Main Menu
  25. UBI needs to focus more on quality and less on DRM. Want sales?
  26. Big problems
  27. Feedback ubisoft ffs!!!!
  28. Problem with multiplayer
  29. Disappointment @ FAIL of a game
  30. what about the people like me ????
  31. We must have public matching for co-op and gurilla mode!!!!!!!!!! + free dlc
  32. This game is shockingly slow. Hugely disappointed, thinking of getting refund...
  33. Signature Edition - Issues getting the extras
  34. Anyone messing with controls.ini?
  35. Match making with international peeps lol
  36. Can't start the game, updater downloads a small file then crashes.
  37. The Gamers Are The Support!!!
  38. Graphical Settings
  39. I want my money back (Connection Lost issue) !!!
  40. squad invitations NOT sending
  41. Yeti/fatal error
  42. I want my Money Back !
  43. Servers down?
  44. Helloooooo.............antbody out there........game is buggy
  45. ••••••••••••••••• >] MP Maps are too dam SMALL ]< •••••••••••••••
  46. Able to play multipler on my own, fail to connect to host when trying co op or guer
  47. switching sides
  48. add me
  49. Is my Uplay username my in game name?
  50. Question about co-op modes.(to ubisoft mostly)
  51. Help getting back to Ghost recon future soldier version 1.0?
  52. Steam Patch?!
  53. Windows XP patch?!
  54. Yeti error and dump files
  55. 24Hz problem
  56. Graphics problem SOLVED
  57. Invalid serial number and now cant log in
  58. Ghost Recon Future Soldier - All issues resolved !!!
  59. Stuck at checking for updates
  60. My two cents(PC Gamer) Ubi vs Hackers
  61. Class Action Lawsuit
  62. Map - Drilling Ship - FPS drop
  63. Support for 16:10 screens.
  64. Stuck at starting screen
  65. Ghost recon port forwarding
  66. Steam Answer for bad mp issues
  67. failed to join friend unable to establish connection to host
  68. What happed to first person shooter
  69. Sound Issue
  70. Multiplayer Latency
  71. How big is this game??
  72. Arctic Strike DLC.....
  73. Upcomming patch for windows XP
  74. can't start to play the game
  75. Needed Changes in Future Soldier MP
  76. why is there no couch coop for pc?!?!?!?!
  77. [SCREENSHOTS] A Beautiful Thread
  78. More maps...
  79. The real reason we get no support.
  80. Suggestions to Improve Future Soldier
  81. Where do you find the Squad Invitation?
  82. Explain to me...
  83. Best Wishes from Ubisoft to all pc gamers.
  84. Im playing fine with many online and everything works, Read How.
  85. Mouse Acceleration
  86. Amazing game. It's just the performance that killing it (for me)
  87. Allegation of fraud!!!
  88. Future Soldier Problems...and Solutions?
  89. Finally a day of happyness!!!
  90. Still not able to play.
  91. why are countries not divided?
  92. Physical media key binding failure
  93. Alright here is a word of encouragement to Ubi
  94. Save file messed up?
  95. So about these day 1 patch notes....
  96. hy does any one know if these new processors can run Ghost recon FS on high graphics
  97. Download from Best buy corrupted
  98. whats going on UBISOFT
  99. Connecting me to games in America when im in Australia
  100. Work around for mouse & keyboard issue
  101. Stuck at the loading Screen
  102. - PROBLEM - no Full Screen - movie commentary -
  103. Downloading Future Soldier does not work
  104. Just a thought
  105. Получаемый опыт
  106. Ubisoft has announced an apology for the delay in its upcoming DLC...
  107. Half EXP ?
  108. Yeti error
  109. Thanks Ubisoft!
  110. So Many Bugs and Problems but NO Solution !!
  111. Future Soldier on xp
  112. Looking for german players
  113. We Want Our MONEY BACK!!!
  114. ghost recon future soldier
  115. Problem
  116. Review of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
  117. pc version can be much better if it solve some porblems
  118. cant play or join co-op games
  119. Can't login !!!!
  120. Lag only in campaign mode?
  121. GRFS Startup Intro - How to remove?
  122. Ghost crash at game save!
  123. Fixed teh *****!!! Multiplayer
  124. Problems with the company in the game
  125. Framerate and 24hz problem solved !!!
  126. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.
  127. This game IS Unplayable
  128. LOL! im so lucky that i came to check the forum first. wth man.
  129. multiplayer got fixed without a patch ?
  130. UnUp - cant connect to servers?
  131. |Videos| Multiplayer Bugs & Glitches
  132. Any Progress On Fixing The "Yeti Fatal Error"
  133. No bindings assigned mouse axis movements for T.C.G.R.F.S could this be the problem?
  134. Hi Everybody! I really need help! I beg you, help me!
  135. Please start a new game making! This just could not!
  136. If You're ABLE to play GRFS Post Your System Specs
  137. Help!!!!!!!
  138. How Can Ubisoft Make this terrible launch right to you?
  139. How to BYPASS Yeti Fatal Error
  140. Key to control Warhound
  141. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
  142. can't play single player ?
  143. Game stuck on loading screen
  144. Yeti Crash Error, possible fix (nVidia)
  145. Extremely poor performance on max settings with high end pc
  146. What you need to know before buying this game
  147. Friends
  148. Updating screwed up my saved games!
  149. 99 problems....make the dlc free since u botched the games release
  150. Uav
  151. Who thinks this game is a disappointment?
  152. One less player
  153. Do us all a big favor...
  154. Engineer gameplay
  155. How to report a hacker?
  156. The game's graphics are amazing
  157. I Fixed MP and Co-Op,
  158. Possible low or slowing FPS fix
  159. Need a graphic tweak guide
  160. Possible black screen/not responding fix.
  161. How i fixed my crashing game GTX 580
  162. Talking Potential fix for co-op connectivity...
  163. Ok new to this game .. Sync Shot on the PC.. How is it done??
  164. I think I know what the problem regarding post patch graphics is.
  165. My review of GRFS
  166. refunds or trades?
  167. how to avoid updating?
  168. no video.... AT ALL
  169. Servers go down?
  170. How to launch "real" single player
  171. it's all black after update my graphic driver
  172. Ubisoft r ukidding me?ok,its not fun,get this game fixed ok?i cant stand this!
  173. A potential fix for some people's crashing problems.
  174. Should I pass on this one?
  175. So what's next?
  176. Can I download this game from the Ubi site?
  177. Why can't I find games in Multiplayer?
  178. need help
  179. My system (game works fine)
  180. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
  181. Problems with multiplayer need help
  182. can the crashes be a conflict?
  183. Redeeme code?
  184. Post Your Issue Fixes and Work-A-Rounds
  185. truthful GR:FS review.
  186. A few things to fix/add in the next patch (suggestions welcome; please be civil :) )
  187. Respec Token is fraud
  188. Issues with Mouse, Keyboard or Controller - workarounds
  189. Game crashes at specific point
  190. Deluxe edition, only got a few things, wtf?
  191. What Ubi think about PC
  192. Fatal error.
  193. worth buying?
  194. Multiplayer
  195. [Bug] Single-player campaign weapons do not unlock after mission completion
  196. Give us the patch!!!
  197. ETA on PC patch?
  198. Mouse problem
  199. I demand a refund.
  200. Need some friends with vent!!!
  201. Game Crashing
  202. stereoscopic 3d
  203. People, check your rigs
  204. Server Down?
  205. Why does 30K have two different character designs?
  206. What is this checkmark next to my desktop icon?
  207. I can't even play this on STEAM UBISOFT WTF!
  208. Error Messege, Generate Minidump???
  209. Love this game <3
  210. Hai im 12years old and i dont know anything about pcs but im here to complain...
  211. Проблема с оружием.
  212. i want my money back
  213. Missing dxi.dll
  214. Patch 1.3 is coming July 5th to retail and Steam [unconfirmed rumour]
  215. Crashes when creating a party...
  216. LF Multiplayer CO-OP
  217. Hackers already :)
  218. Any Brazillians playing this game??
  219. Squad Invites
  220. Graphic settings keep reseting?
  221. Looks what people saying on youtube!
  222. Delivery problems - dont buy this game!
  223. 30K keep's crawling & wont join @ door breach!
  224. PC Key Pad settings
  225. from what website can I download the game, I bought a key
  226. WASD and Mouse problem
  227. Help ....!!
  228. My voice chat button doesn't seem to work.
  229. Am I seriously the only one?
  230. Best Settings Using GTX 680
  231. I think we deserve a release date on the next patch
  232. Host migration needs to maintain objective status / player positions
  233. Steam user. I CAN PLAY MP!
  234. YETI Minidump Error
  235. Ticket Support is a joke.
  236. Do the 1.1 or 1.2 patches fix connectivity issues?
  237. Hope ubisoft create 'facebook' GR like EA do to battlefield3
  238. Game keeps crashing/freezing without error message
  239. looking for teamplayer for guerilla mode
  240. No problems so far.
  241. Campagin Gunsmith Bug?!?!
  242. Scheduled maintenance - July 3rd @ 6 AM EDT / 10 AM GMT
  243. CD Key already in use with another Uplay account?!
  244. Congrats UBI
  245. I'm looking friend from Asia(Malaysia/Singpore/Japan/China) playing GR - FS ???
  246. New Patch
  247. Connection to server lost !! :(
  248. Fix matchmaking system..
  249. New patch, login issues?
  250. since the new uplay add on i keep getting dissconnected from ghost recon