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  1. Buying the game thought Steam.
  2. Gamestop PC download release?
  3. In game Profile not saving? Related to WASD controls not working?
  4. Screen Size Change?
  5. Screen Resolution
  6. How many people aren't having problems?
  7. Sync Issue First Level
  8. Deluxe edition content
  9. Fixed it
  10. impossible to climb ladder no matter what stage one
  11. Possible fix for people with unsupported resolution
  12. Changes needed!
  13. Fix for the Y invert 360 pad FOUND
  14. Game does not start.
  15. Game is using 24 hertz mode. This is the cause of unsupported resolution.
  16. Black bars
  17. Crash on press any key to contiune
  18. UPLAY account nickname = In-Game nickname?
  19. Cant connect to ANY multiplayer
  20. Gunsmith help?
  21. Steam Version will not update. Stuck at 1.1.120623.
  22. 5760x1080?
  23. Is there a way to get my money back?
  24. Ghost Recon Future Soldier Lighting/Texture Problem?
  25. Graphics suck?
  26. I just bought this game on steam and it didn't give me a product key
  27. holy crap! who greenlit this ****!?!?
  28. Please FIX resolution issues!
  29. Game runs like crap
  30. is this the new graphics after the new patch?
  31. Knife?
  32. You were warned, but why Ubisoft?
  33. Resolution Not Supported
  34. do you guys get 5.1 sound?
  35. Can i get my money back?
  36. Can't aim or look in Future Soldier
  37. Squad Invite. Where Is It?
  38. This game....
  39. Unplayable
  40. If only you had listened to reason
  41. Looking for Co-op players
  42. Seriously Ubi..????
  43. i keep crashing really
  44. Four hours later and.................................
  45. I'm not paying for this game twice.
  46. Disconnects galore!!!
  47. Steam Problem u.u
  48. Update?
  49. Generate minidump?
  50. Error R6025 - pure virtual function call
  51. Unable to Move with Keyboard/Mouse AND Game pad
  52. Graphical artifacts and crashing
  53. The game as of now...
  54. Refunds?
  55. Can't get the 'INTERACT' button to work, no matter what key I bind it to.
  56. Do not patch! Game fix!
  57. Ghost Recon VIP Beta- Key not working...
  58. About the artifact what i noticed!
  59. Multi-Monitor support
  60. Where is my game that i paid for?
  61. Possible fix for no mouse
  62. Not connected to the internet?
  63. Never got serial key!!
  64. Stuck as Press Any Key (Infinite loading)
  65. GRFS Hating on NVIDIA users?
  66. Multiplayer unplayable!
  67. Who else brought ghost recon online from gamestop
  68. Tracball support?
  69. "Starting problem" need help asap pls
  70. Game crashes at opening cutscene
  71. Windowed Mode
  72. Steam Crash at startup
  73. Mode not supported on HDTV monitor?
  74. Patches dont work for Steam players?
  75. Device is removed (pop up)
  76. Random crashes to Desktop
  77. Pitch Black when going full screen and/or tabbing back into the game.
  78. pre-order bonus?
  79. No support for full screen (4:3) monitors
  80. can not launch game
  81. Just a thought
  82. Always has to enter name
  83. Friend/Squad Thread
  84. Hey Everyone I Have A Problem With My Game
  85. I quit for today
  86. GR: Future soldier Graphical bug with Dx11
  87. so much for pc version.
  88. All steam users please read (mp connectivity)
  89. when will GR:FS released outside US / EU?
  90. 20 minutes of loading only to be returned to the main menu
  91. 1.0 vs 1.2 - UBI screwed up - LOW RES!!! locked 720p
  92. Anyone have any luck getting coop to work with friends?
  93. no ingame options menu (not meaning main menu)
  94. GR:FS Scaling Issue
  95. Start Up Problem
  96. For those who are having framerate issue...
  97. Frames locked at 24 fps.
  98. Driver crash (Nvidia)
  99. Gamestop Release Trouble???
  100. Game doesn't start-wonderful crash edition.
  101. Single player glitches and Multiplayer bugs
  102. Can't See Menu Titles
  103. Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  104. "great game"!
  105. Where is my custom 48 head options...
  106. looking for friends to play coop!!!
  107. Wishing I went with Spec Ops: The Line now
  108. Waste of money
  109. Host migration?? Disconnection???
  110. Idea to fix the multiplayer maybe
  111. Get off your A**es
  112. Anyone having audio issues?
  113. Tommy Jacob = NO PRIDE
  114. Connection to server lost
  115. An idiot's opinion...
  116. Invert vertical axis on Gamepad
  117. Invert y axis (pc)
  118. in game chat
  119. Fix for Xbox 360 right stick inversion.
  120. Bugs, fixes and workarounds wiki page for Ghost Recon: Future Solider
  121. Steam players, a way to play multi-player
  122. Pumpaction Shotguns with no Pumpaction Sound Bug ?
  123. 360 version?
  124. Yeti Fatal Error
  125. Crash not related to GPU overheating
  126. Loading Screens on Singleplayer Campaign
  127. dxgi.dll missing, WTF ?
  128. Eu Ubishop Release Time and Day
  129. Can't hear in-game Campaign voices
  130. [Spoilers] Ember Hunt Challenges (PC Footage, obviously)
  131. Steam GRFS Available on June 26th (USA) / June 28th (Europe)
  132. Where is my Deluxe stuff? And WTH Ubi?
  133. 60 fps cap?
  134. Bugs so far...
  135. Steam: missing decryption key? LOOK HERE
  136. Dear ubisoft : With the server lost how to return a responsibility ?
  137. You have 3 hours to fix all issues
  138. Ubisoft
  139. Ghost Recon Future Soldier - HD Textures
  140. FYI - Ghost Recon Network & GRFS PC
  141. Time to hit Ubi where it hurts, the wallet: Seek refunds
  142. Steam Product Keys
  143. Re: Missing Decryption Key
  144. Future soldier with coding from the past...
  145. Steam work around For the Update.
  146. i'd ask for a GR HD remake, but scared you'll f it up too
  147. Bugs Report - Hardware compatibility (excepted input)
  148. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days = Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  149. Problems with pc
  150. Hello all Future soldiers
  151. Bugs Report - Input
  152. I feel for you guys
  153. Bugs Report - FPS / Resolution
  154. PC Game issues
  155. How to go back to 1.0 game
  156. Bugs Report - Graphic Issues (in-game)
  157. Beta Testing
  158. Anyway to play without the extra Squadmates?
  159. Bugs Report - Online
  160. Movement
  161. DLC you must be joking.
  162. Bugs Report - Audio / Menus
  163. Really if you own a Pc and buy ubi games there is no room for complaint
  164. Bugs Report - Other
  165. Remember this STATEMENT?
  166. Alert!Alert!Alert!Alert!——lost connection lost connection lost connection !!!!!!!FK!!
  167. About the Signature Edition from Gamestop...
  168. i can only select between 3 resolutions~~help?
  169. Unplayable.
  170. Any Steam users still getting a ton of disconnects?
  171. Why is my PC game playing as an xbox?
  172. A Letter to Tommy Jacob
  173. Bug Report - PunkBuster
  174. Most Common Errors
  175. Proper uPlay Port Forwarding for GRFS?
  176. hey mr shade
  177. How do I turn graphics options off completely?
  178. Can't log in to play the Game!
  179. When I launch up the game, Yeti error comes up..
  180. Tommy respnded to me on twitter..
  181. Too many to list
  182. ubisoft WTF!!!
  183. The new patch - Any graphics upgrades?
  184. Where is the famous Gunsmith module?
  185. Crawler drone: Can it be used any time or just when scripted
  186. No more crash
  187. All Problems Solved, no more disconnection, no more low fps, no more low resolution.
  188. When will people stand together and not let this be the norm?
  189. Mouse accel/lag/smoothing, whatever you want to call it.
  190. Your interface sucks. Here's what's wrong and perhaps some possible solutions.
  191. Helpful site for tomorrows UK launch!
  192. Looking for people to play Guerilla Mode
  193. Tech Support is Awesome! Way to go guys...(insert sarcasm here)
  194. Working hard? Let's see the results.
  195. If your unable to move character try this~
  196. The reason UBISOFT will not care
  197. Resolution not Supported
  198. I say BOYCOTT Ghost Recon Online, play it but dont spend money on it.
  199. Black Bars @16:10 (1920x1200)
  200. Class Action Law Suit
  201. Will this be in the Steam summer sale?
  202. Refund Victory!!!!
  203. Anybody download this from Gamersgate.com?
  204. Possibly solution for MP disconnects/kicks
  205. Steam problems and invert y for gamepad
  206. Erm, for real UBI?
  207. Dear Moderators,
  208. Overclocked video cards are the cause of the driver hang ups.
  209. Read About Yeti Fatal Error
  210. No Mouse and WASD, and some info for the devs.
  211. no mouse and almost no keyboard inputs
  212. Looking for people to play co-op campaign
  213. Fix Steam Mulitplayer Issues With Disconnectng
  214. I think things are getting better...
  215. Steam version 1.1 , want coop game.
  216. Flashes/Flickering on CrossFire enabled
  217. Bug: Critical error
  218. Anyone tried to patch 1.1 with steam in offline mode
  219. Attention! Possible fix for "wasd" & mouse problem
  220. I have a problem.
  221. Turning in circles
  222. Please increase the amount of Siege rounds.
  223. Screen Goes Black
  224. Misleading Trailers/Video's/Discription
  225. First level 50!
  226. Feedback thread
  227. Has Ubisoft solved one single issue today?
  228. Solution for patching steam version of gr:fs
  229. Crashing at Intro of the Game
  230. Looking for Multiplayer and Guerrilla players!
  231. Game lag's in Campaign Mode only! Help!
  232. Realy bad FPS
  233. I Enjoy the game UBI, Thx!
  234. Game wont start
  235. Save Your Breath, Do Something Productive
  236. Ho no, issues with GRFS
  237. ARe you friggin kidding me... gave me my money back a-holes
  238. My friend and I appear offline to eachother on UPLAY when we try coop
  239. I click play and the game doesn't open!
  240. Pre-ordered, was hyped... ERROR!
  241. Friends for coop!
  242. Game crash after installation
  243. Worst excuse for a game.
  244. Connection drop in MP Possible fix...
  245. should i ask for a refund or wait for the patch?
  246. I can't believe you people can pass this off as a game.
  247. whose down to play guerrilla mode?
  248. Connection to server lost.
  249. 4/3 resolution: REMOVE BLACK BARS!!!!!!!!!!!
  250. Probleme mit dem Multiplayer Modus/Problems with the Multiplayer Part