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  1. My fellow pc ghosts
  2. GRFS PC Hardware requirements
  3. Oh no, I misread GRFS PC release date as MAY 12th
  4. PC ladders now open
  5. So... You. Yes you. Right there. Tell me your opinion. :/ Or not. >.<
  6. Tech anouncements!!!! Great read!
  7. Featured weapons.
  8. Co-op Teams
  9. Ghost Recon: Alpha - watch on youtube
  10. No Support class?
  11. Will PC version use Steamworks?
  12. Gunsmith SP Question
  13. its finally on steam but....
  14. So 95% of us are pirates ... arrrrr
  15. Scout Stealth Ability
  16. why... did you do an ad like that....
  17. Amazing!
  18. What the hell, Ubisoft?
  19. When will there be more info about pc version?
  20. Absurd Marketing Situation
  21. When do i get my redeem code for beta play???
  22. Wheres the lush jungle? Countryside? Forest MP MAPS?
  23. Need official clarification on confusig cases [Mush if You'd be so kind to help :)]
  24. Options....Dedicated servers!
  25. Console gameplay same as PC gameplay
  26. Ubisoft is a joke
  27. iOS Gunsmith App When???????????
  28. Ubisoft Launches Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Commander
  29. Unlocks in single/multi (is it like in R6 Vegas 2?)
  30. Ghost Recon Australia Players
  31. Multiplayer on PC
  32. Co-op and Guerilla mode match making?
  33. Unlock system question
  34. Future Soldier team
  35. LOL servers, Problem?
  36. I am saddened of the console players demeanor <_<
  37. 2-Stage Trigger
  38. A new Team for GRFS
  39. Guess what I (supposedly) unlocked for GR:FS!
  40. Console or PC?
  41. Ubisoft read this!
  42. Ghost Recon Future Soldier Finland
  43. Nostalgia Night - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2001
  44. Esdf?!
  45. Future co-op and multiplayer [Everyone is welcome, even devs and Forum Managers!]
  46. Control Concerns
  47. No Sharpshooter or TD WTH!!!
  48. Will we get any info before launch
  49. Question About Servers
  50. Console Players Comments....Dedicated servers
  51. TAW-The Art of Warfare & Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  52. Looking to find people to play GRFS on XBOX
  53. Possible PC Graphics GRFS Trailer?
  54. Grfs - pc
  55. Ghost Recon Future Soldier Team (GRFS Team)
  56. Question about ghost recon future soldier signature edition for pc!
  57. The PC pre order bonuses for this game suck.
  58. Pc gamers here and want infornmation about field of view (FOV)?
  59. No PUBLIC Match making for co-op or horde mode are you f* kidding me???
  60. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Gun Breakdown Episode 2 - M110
  61. GRFS(PC) Coop/Multiplayer. No Splinter Cell: Conviction type matchmaking please!
  62. Interest Waning, Do Something!!!
  63. Ghost Recon Future Soldier's Future on PC!
  64. I think they don't give a hoot about PC gamers
  65. Aim Assist?
  66. Purchase Source Assistance
  67. The PC version should get exclusive content after it is released
  68. Compass is going to play a tactical game. Derp :3
  69. Max Payne is good till GRFS comes out - [VIDEO] MP PC walk through
  70. Max Payne has this mode why can't we? [VIDEO]
  71. Blood
  72. Cancelling preorder till we get footage. There are hiding it (soon my arse)
  73. Sos!
  74. Uplay and User Name on pc
  75. Pre Order content Multiplayer ONLY?????
  76. Don't pre order from Best Buy unless
  77. This must be the worse misinformed game ever.
  78. New Mission for PC GRFS Players
  79. Wheres the Cross-com(visor) in the multiplayer?
  80. Holy crap.....Red Storm still exists?
  81. Get PC version free with SSD purchase
  82. Selector switches?
  83. When will you get the game if you preordered it?
  84. Pre-Order GRFS
  85. Possible tournament
  86. Soon!!!
  87. WTF we need info azzhats!
  88. We need info azzhats!
  89. Frustrated/Excited
  90. What's the status of balancing, bug fixes, and patches.
  91. Полиция(Police)?! Should be Спецназ (Special Force) in Guerrilla Mode?
  92. Gr: Fs pc trailer
  93. GRFS PC player can't get the E3 bonuses?
  94. Ghost Recon Future Soldier - DELAYED
  95. GRFS PC Q&A - Available on June 26th (USA) / June 28th (Europe)
  96. Pre-Order on UbiShop = Game on Steam?
  97. Questions For Ubi_Antoine
  98. support of DX9 or DX10, or is only DX11? admis please respond
  99. Gameplay of pc version where???
  100. A mod idea- FPS with a different twist?
  101. Alpha Dog (video)
  102. pre order cancelled
  103. Why no Dedicated server?
  104. Windows XP users to blame for delay?
  105. Delayed Again??
  106. GRFS physical copies
  107. Full 16:10 Support?
  108. grfs delay;smells fishy
  109. An Old School Classic GR Game
  110. co-op character/class selection
  111. Will the pc version have the map from the e3 trailer
  112. "Stunning" Gameplay
  113. Singleplayer.....
  114. Petition: Give Us Dedicated Servers!! *Please Sign*
  115. Quit Delaying
  116. Gunsmith on the same PC as console
  117. ghost recon future soldier Windows XP or do not XP?
  118. Ghost recon runs on windows xp or not?
  119. Dedication to PC gamers? stop whining....
  120. Why no lan?
  121. Ubisoft, nothing but disappointment.
  122. Some questions about GR:FS
  123. So.... Back to the lack of information?
  124. Opinions on the AI?
  125. Prolls, and Hacks, and Turrets. Oh My! (video)
  126. BF3 close quarters while you wait? [videos]
  127. GRFS out tommorow
  128. Question about controller support?
  129. Calm down!
  130. Visual upgrade question
  131. Postpone of PC Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  132. Ghost Recon vs Black Ops 2
  133. Can u play Future soldier on pc in first person?
  134. Anti-cheat
  135. Another one of those threads...
  136. Closed Beta... Im Lost!
  137. Ubi_antoine;need ur honest answers
  138. Very Slow Online Launcher Speed
  139. Make sure you post in the Right Forum for Ghost Recon Online Closed Beta!
  140. Beta Download
  141. Does Future Soldier have CoOp Defend like GRAW?
  142. Tired of the lag switching!!!
  143. 3D Vision Official Request for support thread
  144. Preloading on Steam Availability?
  145. Erm....quick weapons question.
  146. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for only $39.95 !
  147. Server locations for Future Soldier PC
  148. This game feels very unpopular
  149. Still not gone gold?
  150. PC Demo ?
  151. Pirates already have this game on PC.
  152. Goblin PDR
  153. Deluxe edition only available on ubisoft official site?
  154. Lookin for a squad.
  155. PC game and video options
  156. Is GRFS gonna be the same on the PC as it is on the xbox?
  157. Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Gameplay On Alienware x51 Max Settings
  158. How to play this game in windowed mode?
  159. Refresh Rate when playing on a HDTV in 1080p
  160. Pirated version already available, SERIOUSLY ANGRY!
  161. the game is unplayable on any resolution or settings
  162. Co-op 2 players
  163. Weapon statistics
  164. Will there be a day one patch?
  165. Ghost Recon Future Soldier - glimpse of the upcoming PC trailer!
  166. Let's add each other to play guerilla/co-op or mp!
  167. Ghost Recon Review on PC ...
  168. Future soldier...worth it?
  169. Can this pc run it on max or even high and which is better
  170. So, why are there no high res textures?
  171. GRFS PC Laggy as F*CK
  172. Ghost Recon Pirates
  173. Don't hesitate, GRFS for PC is great
  174. Steam
  175. I think i need to stop reading the forums.
  176. Release Time??
  177. Ubisoft shop expensive!!??
  178. Greenman Gaming giving refund for GRFS.....
  179. We made it guys!
  180. FYI: GRFS is now pre-loading through Steam
  181. Why no official footage stil!!!!
  182. disappointed in the game
  183. i have a problem error with game laucher of ghost recon future soldier
  184. Lets Play! GRFS co-op or Squad
  185. Dedicated Servers?
  186. Meet other players and team up.
  187. Day-one Patch. Here
  188. Unsupported Resolution
  189. Can't Rotate my soldier? (PC/Mouse)
  190. Error Preloading ??
  191. need some info
  192. ghost recon future soldier Game save data
  193. i got a question
  194. GR:FS - Steam Key and retail discs....are they compatible?
  195. How long before it's live in the US?
  196. Please don't disappoint me
  197. Mouse Controls Not Working
  198. Where all the multiplayers at :)
  199. Gamestop Digital Download
  200. Ghost Recon Future Soldier PC Stream planned for Today
  201. PC got 8v8 compared to console 6v6?
  202. Not Ghost Recon we saw, at all.
  203. from Ps3 to PC, do i have to start over ?
  204. Savegames
  205. Is it available?
  206. Ghost Recon Network
  207. No pre-order bonuses?
  208. its already unlocked and playable in the Netherlands PHYSICAL COPY !?!
  209. Open letter to Ubisoft
  210. Steam EU release
  211. upgrade physical to deluxe?
  212. resolution doesn't actually change
  213. Product Key for Steam Version
  214. GRFS June 26th release?
  215. Day-one update information
  216. Help.
  217. Bonus key on steam
  218. Let's show Ubisoft, why they must support PC version!
  219. I cant start the game, apparently my monitor doesnt support the default resolution
  220. Loading Screens
  221. Missing decryption key
  222. Ugh, Port Alert: Cannot get keyboard/mouse controls to work
  223. Bugs Report
  224. Need A Little Info
  225. GRFS June 26th release?
  226. Having serious performance issues.
  227. Wow.....I like.
  228. Future Soldier - STEAM Purchase - No key to play!!!
  229. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier List of Mistakes
  230. LB for grenade? I don't know about you but my keyboard doesn't have an LB key
  231. Error Message: "failed to join, unable to establish a connection"
  232. Xbox button prompts? come on!
  233. Can't play mutiplayer, and patch 1.2 for Steam Users
  234. Mutiplayer Matchmaking
  235. Ubi give Gamestop permission to release
  236. How dare you Ubisoft...
  237. Missing decryption key! Help!
  238. Unable to invite friends?
  239. PC vs Console differences ? yeah right..
  240. Its our money guys...
  241. GG Ubisoft
  242. I figured out the firing range "bug"
  243. Fix the game, and quickly
  244. Yippee its here so now what UbiGenious'sssssssuck
  245. Gamestop release time???
  246. Manual offline?
  247. game doesnt start
  248. It's a disgrace
  249. My Mouse wont work oin Future Soldier, But my Xbox-windows controller works fine.
  250. Blank Screen no sound no picture ghost recon future soldier pc