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  1. Far Cry 5 - two-player co-op support for different device (XBOX / PC) ??
  2. PC Controller support for Far Cry 5?
  3. The farCry 5 will support the processors that do not support SSE4.1 / SSE4.2 ?
  4. Samsung promo code not working?
  5. Game security violation
  6. i cant start the game (uplay version)
  7. Dont have the pre-order or deluxe items
  8. Can't enter into the Game
  9. Gold Edition/Season Pass Items
  10. unable to start the game
  11. Ubisoft Club Rewards not unlocking?
  12. Uplay wont allow me to buy it
  13. Where do I download it from ?
  14. where is Far Cry® Primal Outfit
  15. #iconic weapon skin in not letting me unlock it no matter what farcry 5 site im on
  16. Unable to start game - please locate files loop
  17. Missing Golden edition items
  18. Uplay game will not launch past the splash screen
  19. Far cry 5 is still coming soon on my client. 03/272018 @ 00:30 am in spain
  20. Cannot Assign Caps Lock In Keybindings
  21. Game Security Violation Detected #00000007
  22. Unable to start the game. Please check that your game has been installed correctly
  23. Runs at 6 fps
  24. My game is in chinese
  25. Not able to start the Pre-order version
  26. It is now 23:23 UTC and game is not unlocked - UPLAY non Steam!
  27. Frequent crashes at random points
  28. error 000001
  29. Will not respond to gamepad
  30. Awkward FOV, Crosshair Placement, and 16:9 HUD
  31. Purchase
  32. Nach ersten video sequenz nur noch schwarz bild
  33. Game won't start (error code 22)
  34. X360 Controller Not Recognised
  35. Please help
  36. 21:9 Support has some bugs, multiple things display in 16:9 format
  37. Game chash on start
  38. Sound Bugs
  39. I can not save my game
  40. Como resgatar far cry 3 comprando versão far cry 5 Gold
  41. "Error: Snowshoe-67C4DC3A" and "Error: Granite-2000000"
  42. no pre order content
  43. Xbox one wired controller
  44. Grace's recruitment mission still on the map despite already recruiting her
  45. This product cannot be activated right now, please try again later
  46. Launch Error Access is denied
  47. Can't enable Corsair RGB Light
  48. Can't use promo code
  49. Error code: Bookworm-6E739F5B
  50. Level Editor Objects
  51. Far cry 5
  52. Fullscreen Problem: Screen edges cut off like overscan issue (1080p on 4K TV)
  53. Locate files
  54. Far Cry 5 crashing in cutscenes
  55. I can't even start the game
  56. Can't Start FC 5
  57. Game Will Not Launch
  58. UPlay Update stuck at 98%
  59. What update ?
  60. Refresh Rate not able to change
  61. major rendering stutter when driving a boat/car/airplane...etc
  62. Snowshoe 9E42873B when loading into story or benchmark
  63. Can't start coop
  64. Bug? Always Night in Far Cry 5
  65. can't start the game error code: 10011
  66. Cannot install - Uplay hangs on Initialization forever
  67. Dpad not working on Xbox One Controller
  68. Arcade Editor crashes right away
  69. Stuttering
  70. Multi colour flashing border on Ultra wide!!
  71. COOP doesnt work - Canada HELP PLEASE
  72. Unable to get into Ubisoft Club. Error: Trapper-3FD3FEF6
  73. Sometimes marks not appear on the map
  74. Unable to quit mission - Patriot Acts
  75. [RESOLVED] Steam far cry 5 *oh no it crashed* problem
  76. Can't raise the resolution in "Video" - 1080Ti
  77. About not working on Controller
  78. extremely low fps
  79. .exe sitting at 15% cpu and ~20Mb of ram
  80. Game only displays on one side of 5k monitor (screenshot)
  81. Purchased the game on uplay and it's not showing up
  82. Mouse Settings - Aiming
  83. Only One Save
  84. #000000D ? is that for real?
  85. Preorder content not avaliable in my country
  86. Crashes when trying to changing clothes first time
  87. Unable to start Game
  88. Playground (can't play)
  89. Unable to start the game in hdr mode
  90. Wtf ubi do something
  91. Cannot use Pad
  92. Far cry 5 HELP
  93. Game stuck downloading at 99%. Can't get past the tutorial! Please help!
  94. mouse soft freeze bug
  95. Bug/glitch with cosmetic items
  96. Game crashing, screen turns off
  97. HI guys
  98. Bought the Gold Edition but did not get Far Cry 3
  99. Adding Language
  100. Terribly low FPS with GSYNC on
  101. Buggy sound
  102. My Nacon controler dont work.???
  103. Cannot start the game
  104. Cannot bind Numpad Del
  105. how to change a language
  106. 1. No data 2. can't play cooperative games 3.CLUB Unlock (Not available)
  107. how to get the login bonuses??
  108. Gold edition Itens
  109. Black Screen when I quit or minimiz the game
  110. Game plays like a slideshow
  111. Demo pls
  112. snowshoe ea8151f error. Plz help
  113. Blood Mist Effects/Bullet Body Hit Effects is/are nearly invisible
  114. Launch Error invalid game executiable
  115. Wrong landing sounds
  116. How to access on Steam?
  117. Error 10011: Failed To Start The Game / Access denied
  118. Controller Issues (Multiple)
  119. No Content Gold Edition is a BUG and needs to be repaired!
  120. Character customization (skin) not available (skipped)
  121. Possibly gamebreaking bug broken path quest
  122. No pre-order code received.
  123. IMac Display issues (Bootcamp Windows 10, Pro 580)
  124. Error: Trapper-C69CD14 - Unable to continue campaing
  125. Bug NPC got stuck (Jesse Keaton)
  126. purchased today, game not received
  127. new egg activate code supplied in email not working
  128. FOV in Eyefinity / Surround stuck to 60 - not playable
  129. Refresh rate
  130. Game Security Violation Detected
  131. A question about club rewards
  132. Error Showshoe 67C3DC3A
  133. Game Crash At Loading Screen after press "Continue"
  134. sensitivity jumping up and down randomly
  135. [BUG] Sunrise Farm Store not working
  136. what are the 5 CD's for? Am I installing the game wrong?
  137. [BUG] Holland Valley Silo's
  138. COOP not working [the session you are trying to join is currently not available]
  139. PC Input lockup.
  140. Stuck in death animation
  141. No sound
  142. Crashes when loading
  143. MBP sniper rifle missing
  144. not exist C:/Program Files (x86)/Ubisoft/Ubisoft Game Launcher/games/Far Cry 5/bin
  145. Controller Auto Aim settings not saving
  146. Game difficulty stuck on 'Hard'
  147. 3 years to make the game is enough to have not issues like black screen, crashes..
  148. Error 000001
  149. .EXE not found
  150. Game doesn't start
  151. error (0xc0000142) and vcruntime140.dll
  152. [Bug] Can't release allies (Boomer, Merle Briggs etc)
  153. Uplay doesn't find the file
  154. Problems acquiring the game
  155. Farcry 5 - Speak to Dutch Mission bugged (Corrupted Save?)
  156. Texture Bug
  157. Unable to authenticate the ownership of this product.
  158. Someone else is using my account
  159. Terrain won't render, denies access to progressable area and soft locks my game.
  160. Dialogue audio echo-ey
  161. crashing in loading screen
  162. Problem Downloading Far Cry 5
  163. Game fails to launch - missing bin folder and FarCry5.exe
  164. No Amazon Code Yet
  165. My launch crash/drop back to desktop causes a BSOD
  166. ERRO DE INICIALIZAÇÃO: security violation detected (#0000000D)
  167. Game crash after 2-5 min
  168. All PC Characters are Silent
  169. Tobii.GameIntegration.dll crashes game
  170. Can't hear any voices in game.
  171. Partial controller support my ***!
  172. Can't unlock club rewards
  173. Launch game and nothing
  174. Can't enable HDR
  175. Stutter when pickup item or ammo or when meet enemy or bomb
  176. O jogo não abre
  177. Portuguese language not found
  178. Performance Issues - Frame drops
  179. Unable to start the game
  180. Can't launch game, can't locate files...
  181. No Far Cry 3 on account
  182. 21:9 Support Issues
  183. Progress preventing bug on "The Atonement" after respawn. Spoilers OBVS
  184. Game crashes when looking at map in co-op
  185. Intermittent Black screen
  186. Coop: HP bug
  187. Game crashes after a few minutes of gameplay consistently
  188. Enemy Issues
  189. Silver Bars not received
  190. Xbox 360 Controller Support
  191. Uplay error when opening/Cant download all files.
  192. Horrible performance at 4k!
  193. Changing Clothes
  194. Weapons not unlocking in shop according to resistance level
  195. Farcry not launching
  196. Granite -2000000 error
  197. game violation security detected
  198. Farcry 5 not loading
  199. Change language to russian
  200. Vcredist2015x64
  201. Have no Gold Edition content
  202. Far Cry 5 Service Not Available
  203. (Unplayable) Low FPS In Map Editor On Multiple PC's
  204. Cannot connect to server, error Bookworm-9770ccc2, or Maine-118
  205. Granite -2000000
  206. Oh no!, it crashed! message
  207. Bought Father and Gold Ed - how do I give my son his copy?
  208. Cant start game
  209. Great sli scaling launch day!!!
  210. Bugged/Broken - Cannot interact or complete objectives
  211. Far Cry 5 Widowwaker BUG
  212. Cannot play(Initialization Error 2/upc.exe))
  213. Game won't launch
  214. issues of flickering black screen on launch
  215. HEEELP game violation security detected
  216. Cant use my Map
  217. why do I can't open farcry5
  218. Specs
  219. Game won't start. Error 30005, StartService failed with 1450
  220. Game Security Violation Detected #00000006
  221. game wont start after splash
  222. Suggested Fix: Game Wont Launch (EAC Errors)
  223. screen is all black during game play
  224. Save Deletion After Qutting to Desktop
  225. untrusted system file (c:\windows\system32\secur32.dll)
  226. Unable to launch
  227. Save Issues
  228. Buttons Not Working?!
  229. Buttons Not Working?!
  230. Steam Version Says PRE-LOAD instead of PLAY
  231. You can not find the game.
  232. Current objective does not disappear with HUD off
  233. [BUG] Wingman Mission
  234. missing content
  235. Minor Graphic Bug
  236. D-pad on Gamepad Unusable
  237. Far Cry 5 Weapon Skin Not Unlocking
  238. Sound direction problem? Sound is coming from all around!
  239. Game crash during loading screen/ setting up profile
  240. FC5 installed on encrypted drive (Samsung T5)
  241. can i run this if i cant run the arcade
  242. Cloud Save lost 14 hours of progress...
  243. Target priority bugged
  244. Special Delivery Bug
  245. Far cry 5 map editor camera auto scroll not working, again.
  246. Microphone volume
  247. Starting a new game bug
  248. Game Won't Launch
  249. Installing... D3D verification 8 (5/12) - Winx64 stalled
  250. controler on pc no worky