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  1. Grand Slam quest won't complete
  2. Clear Water Act [BUG]
  3. "first time setup" every time I start the game
  4. Suddenly unable to start the game?? Help!
  5. FarCry game settings reset
  6. Unable to unlock M9 "Red Flag" from this week's rewards
  7. Game Survey Bugged
  8. Failed to start the game: 10011
  9. HUD/Interface/UI bugs and feedback
  10. Glitch and Bug
  11. Things to fix,tweak
  12. How revert old cloud save?
  13. Sudden stutters?
  14. Patch release?
  15. stats gone from website and launcher
  16. FIX the ******* auto-repair windscreen bug NOW
  17. Do events work ever at all? I've got nothing, my participation is always ZERO!!!
  18. Co-op error after playing for several days with no problems.
  19. Out of Sync Audio
  20. Is There A Fix For Nick Rye's Misson "Wingman" Trapper Bug?
  21. 2 new graphic glitches
  22. Arcade Noon Outfit reward not unlocking?
  23. Extremely minor clipping annoyances
  24. halp I can't find my DLC :|
  25. Is FC5 and UBI website statistics wrong.
  26. Uplay loads a save from another account when I boot up Farcry 5.
  27. Has Ubi Confirmed a Controller Fix Yet?
  28. Random sound clips keep playing
  29. Game Crashes on Fast Travel
  30. fps problem on my pc
  31. Losing saves after crash
  32. Marshal Outfit clipping while kicking
  33. Estou preso na missão de resgatar a Agente Hudson
  34. DLC content missing with the new update (Patch6)
  35. unable to launch game.
  36. Season Pass/Gold Edition weapons disappearing after patch
  37. first person body but no self shadows
  38. Now I've Lost a Bow That Was Already Customized
  39. I can't interact with live Event with long range kills
  40. Weird water outline...
  41. Death Loop
  42. Cannot complete campaign
  43. how to fix error
  44. deluxe,DLC,season pass items go missing after fast travel
  45. Glitching deer (VIDEO included)
  46. Faith seed doesn't spawn after max resistance points
  47. Controller STILL not properly supported...
  48. Lost saved game when reinstalled Windows even though had cloud synch when playing
  49. Bouncing animals / animal companion - stuck in Loop
  50. Help
  51. All Deluxe, Gold edition and pre-order items keep disappearing from shops and my inve
  52. All Deluxe, Gold edition and pre-order items keep vanishing from shops & my inventory
  53. Restart Mission
  54. My Personal User Settings Feature Requests
  55. Additional content of far cry 5 disappear
  56. Did not get the community challenge reward.
  57. Sins of the Father mission glitched
  58. Suddenly experiencing poor performance
  59. PSA: If You Have a Controller and Cannot Reverse or Descend
  60. Far cry 3 not appearing on steam or uplay
  61. Sbowshoe Error 3FA3981E
  62. Fast Travel Removing DLC content
  63. If you already owned a previous version of FC3, you dont get the classic! :|
  64. Regular MP34 skins
  65. je peux pas jouer au farcry 3 special edition qui venais avec le 5
  66. Stuck underwater trying to save the Marshall in STORY MISSION: IGNORANCE IS BLISS
  67. Just Tried Launching For First Time After Update & Nothing happens..
  68. Death Loop - Burning Chalet after "Eviction Notice" mission
  69. Bug - stats in Uplay Launcher are displayed incorrectly
  70. black screen crashing
  71. Outpost master bugged won't reset but no outposts are active.
  72. Far Cry Browser World map bug.
  73. Season Pass Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition Code(s)?
  74. Game Security Violation Detected (#0000000D)[LightingService.exe]
  75. Outpost Master doesn't work
  76. Far Cry 5 DLC content (Deluxe Pack) disappears when I die
  77. FC5 not bootiing up .
  78. Bookworm error: Multiplayer crashes after 30 seconds to two minutes
  79. Epsrrp
  80. Class Action Lawsuit
  81. My game runs at an extremely low fps
  82. Game crashes when synchronizing with ucloud in game
  83. Arcade Editor Hard Crashes (Shut down) My Computer
  84. Achievment unlocked notification stuck on screen, frame loss
  85. FC5 Wont Start!
  86. Help me please... seriously I spent 29.99$ on this ****.
  87. Don't know how to get my copy of Far Cry 3 from the Premium Edition I got.
  88. costume add-ons
  89. Far cry 5 hours of darkness not out on yet?
  90. DLC missing
  91. Where is the DLC?
  92. Can a UBISoft person please tell us when DLC will be out on Steam?
  93. [RESOLVED] Far Cry 5 Hours of Darness DLC - Issue with Steam access
  94. SVD sound missing issue
  95. No sound for the SVD sniper rifle
  96. Comic Books Collecting
  97. What region am I locked to if any? (Australia)
  98. Can't get all 12 revived in Where it all Began mission on PC
  99. Just lost all of my saved progress, so pissed off
  100. Windows 10 1803 patch KB4338548 break the game patched windows boot loader detected
  101. Random MASSIVE framerate drops (from 80 to 5 fps...)
  102. Season pass issue
  103. Again, how do i launch the dlc on pc. I can't find it!
  104. I did not receive Far Cry 3
  105. Far Cry 3 - Unable to start the game
  106. Huge fps drop when using keyboard
  107. Black bars/Letterbox using Steam Link
  108. Season Pass Holder, can't find any DLC options
  109. Low framerate with V-Sync after latest game update
  110. Couldn't start Far Cry 5
  111. Cannot access DLC content...need help.
  112. Farce cry 5 vietnam
  113. Can't claim second Explosion Hazard event reward
  114. "Only You" mission stuck in the bunker.
  115. What To Do With Error Code 22
  116. Far Cry 5 wont start
  117. John Seed Bossfight Softlock
  118. Weird audio issues with Hours of Darkness content in base game
  119. Far Cry 5 Gold edition dlc missing
  120. Can't even activate the game to enjoy all the other errors.
  121. No water, large pixels, character customization problems
  122. Some items Earned in Arcade Disappear after starting a new game
  123. Have Far Cry 5 Gold Edition and Facing some Problems
  124. Please allow controlling Mortar aim with keyboard
  125. DLC Hours of Darkness
  126. Far Cry 5 - Deluxe Pack
  127. SVD bugged
  128. Far Cry 5 launch failure fix found
  129. Far cry 5 Low frame rate after windows creator update.
  130. The game crashes randomly
  131. Game will not continue...???
  132. FC5 Won't Run on my R9 280X GPU at 2560 x 1440 Resolution
  133. No more Grizzly Bear skins
  134. Game won't launch after latest "update"
  135. Utterly unplayable - even juddery beyond belief in menus
  136. Can't access all weapons slots post patch
  137. No Throwables
  138. Regular crashing to desktop
  139. Grizzly bear skins
  140. Flamethrower's flames are still weird on high FOV
  141. I own the season pass for FC5 but did not get FC3
  142. Weapon Wheel has been broken for 2 MONTHS
  143. Aim /Free Look is broken.
  144. Worse Performance after latest patch?
  145. Where are maps downloaded from Arcade stored on my system?
  146. Baron Lumber Mill ALWAYS cleared
  147. [Editor/PC - Full repro] House (object) gets replaced on editor startup
  148. Club Challenges - Hambearger issues
  149. Last Comic disappeared
  150. Why am I losing Black Market ammo?
  151. Far Cry 3 Skins locked despite owning FC3
  152. Known issues "FIXED" not for me Ubi
  153. Game exits to pause screen
  154. Aiming with weapons is broken. Please fix.
  155. Update to fix issues for console users - MJ4 - Last Day on Earth (featured level)
  156. Error code 30005.
  157. Far Cry 5 Untrusted System File Preventing Launch
  158. Far Cry Gold Steam Key?
  159. Untrusted sytstem file error after windows update
  160. Issue with Nick Rye He's symbol on the map
  161. Possible to go back to title update 5?
  162. [BUG] Sliding down a ladder at Breakthrough Camp causes player to fall through map
  163. challenges not counting progress at all
  164. FarCry3 classic edition. I NEED HELP PLIZ
  165. Less detailed game than Far Cry 2
  166. Invalid code
  167. Ubi please respond to this issue (Twice ignored)
  168. eurror 2000000
  169. Pause Menu Closing
  170. seaon pass far cry 5
  171. Bug report Far Cry 5 – Co-op
  172. Open Parachute, Fall through Map to death... Fun
  173. Game won't start!!!
  174. Arcade BOOKWORM 2CEA2BDC *sigh
  175. 1.07 HDR Problem
  176. Destroy the bliss: The plane chrached into a tree
  177. Wrong icon of M60 on item pickup and inventory weapon choice. [DLC Hours of Darkness]
  178. locked in in the hope county jail mission! :( / need a dev / admin to answer
  179. "Where it all began" final cut scene glitched
  180. first person body but no self shadows
  181. Cannot change keyboard controls
  182. BP-2 Infinite Fun MISSING!!!
  183. Arrow Bug - bows doing zero damage
  184. Reshade Whitelist
  185. Far Cry 3 Classic Edition
  186. Arcade Multiplayer is not finding any players
  187. [BUG(?)] Fishing controls display
  188. FC 5 – PC Bug report - saving issues in certain area - Whitetail Park Ranger Station
  189. Didn't receive BP-2 upon challenge completion.
  190. Can't play Far Cry 5
  191. Vaas and Citra outfits reward for FC3 owners not being unlocked
  192. error code keeps appearing
  193. Ich bekomme mein Spiel einfach nicht
  194. Easyanticheat rubbish software stopping 3 games from loading!!!
  195. Live Events Bug
  196. Matchmaking takes 20 mins and doesnt pair me with anyone
  197. There was a problem authenthing the ownership of the product
  198. Hit The Gas Glitch
  199. Prairie Oyster Harvest no reward bug
  200. photo mode path pc
  201. Video evidence that the Fighter ability "Veterinarian" does not function.
  202. Fehler: Bookworm-9BF4CF37
  203. Trouble with Heartbreaker event
  204. Heartbreaker Live Event not Counting Animal Hearts
  205. Slugger live event not registering kills on PC
  206. Game now crash when using fast travel
  207. Heartbreaker Community Reward 2
  208. Error: Maine-118, bookworm b90a7af6 and problem with coop
  209. Ubisoft Far Cry 5 World Map Does not Show Plant Markers
  210. Arcade Map editor crash on launch
  211. Season Pass Far Cry 3 DLC question
  212. Can't launch game because it can't find easy anti cheat
  213. Character leg issue
  214. .308 Carbine not shooting after reloading bug
  215. Can NOT download or upload created maps in Far Cry 5 Arcade
  216. I am so done with this bugged mess.
  217. Lost on Mars DLC won't install!
  218. Lost acces to season pass
  219. Lost on Mars installed but in-game says I still have to purchase
  220. Lost on Mars DLC crashes when I try to start a new game.
  221. When are you going to fix the stutters during autosave?
  222. no lost on mars with seasons pass??
  223. None of the DLC installs
  224. Controller issue - ubi help
  225. Colour / Hue / Brightness change issue closing the game.
  226. Lost on Mars stopped working
  227. Game chrashed after the Bunker mission..
  228. FC5 Dont allow me use key RIGHT ALT as strafe rigt or guide right in land vehicles
  229. heads up for LoM DLC
  230. Lost on Mars - Bugs
  231. Lost on Mars Bug
  232. Lost on Mars:untrusted file system:uxthemes.dll
  233. Lag/unplayable after update?
  234. High Tension: ziplines issue
  235. using ai in helicopter in Arcade
  236. Story Progress still 95%
  237. PC - Bug report FC5
  238. 1887 ADS animation BUG
  239. Turn The Tables 9/10 Vinyl Bug
  240. Can't start Far Cry 5
  241. New Error after over 300 hours of play
  242. Anyone figured out why the game crashes?
  243. "A ubisoft service is currently unavailable"
  244. Strange save issue
  245. Can't use COOP anymore Snowshoe-593036C0 error
  246. The Far Cry service is not available. Try again later... ShowShoe C3CE2543
  247. Unable to interact/Use E
  248. Truck Bug weapon
  249. Unable to see Responce
  250. My game doesn't launch!