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  1. Lighting Bug in Johns Bunker
  2. Enemies can knock you down after they've been ragdolled
  3. Geforce Experience Screen Recording Not Functioning Properly
  4. Performance
  5. Strange glitches at the Joseph Statue
  6. Arcade Level Reset
  7. Only stereo sound with DTS Interactive and TOSLINK
  8. Game won't start - crashes after launch
  9. Specialty Ammo with the Bow
  10. Logitech G13 not working in Far Cry 5
  11. Completed Lamb of god church Mission but still apears on map.
  12. Dual 980's in SLI not reading
  13. [BUG]Controls Inverting/Reversing in Arcade Editor
  14. {fix} security violation 0000007
  15. NPC's in weird places and Re: parachute bug
  16. Ultrawide "power saving mode" on game start up
  17. Unplayable frame rate with any setting
  18. Sniping Distance
  19. Can't select fullscreen, stuck in windowed.
  20. Map Editor Problem!!!
  21. Grace under fire wont clear
  22. Clinical study mission bug
  23. Le jeux se lance pas
  24. Cant Access Store-
  25. Far Cry 5 not released yet!!!!!!!!!
  26. Can't craft utilitys
  27. [Bug Report] Water Bug out of no where.
  28. Farcry 5 Mulitplayer servers down? Cant connect to friend
  29. Enemys despawn after walking away around 100m, vehicle disappear
  30. Game crashes after start new game or continue
  31. Arcade Map editor Doesnt Upload
  32. Audio not synced during cutscenes
  33. all weapons dissabled
  34. Uplay not connecting to server
  35. Visual lag, but audio keeps running
  36. Launcher "oh no it crashed" crash fix
  37. Farcry 5 Weapon Skin not unlocking
  38. Side quest bugged.
  39. Updated graphics card after far cry wouldnt start now everything has white static
  40. Unable to begin side quest "Hit the gas"
  41. Mission icon on the map does not disappear
  42. Saving the game doesn't work
  43. How does the Menu Display option work?
  44. Broken side mission
  45. Clinical Study Mission - Broken
  46. borderless windowed doesn't go fullscreen
  47. Far cry 5 error code; Trapper-1C07B734
  48. Dont share any resistance points while with Co-op host.
  49. Extremely low FPS
  50. Sins of the Father - Mission Does Not Progress After Burning Bliss Plants
  51. lost save files thanks to someone hacking my account
  52. No sound with xbox ****le and headphones.
  53. Constant Death Loop
  54. Farcry5 application error . . . The memory could not be written.
  55. Immediate Crash: InstallerInit: installer api is not available
  56. Is there a Permanent OFFLINE mode LIKE origin does?
  57. Error Maine-118
  58. SLI crashing to desktop
  59. launching game causes sounds to disappear
  60. Quest for facing John Seed does not activate
  61. Resolution issue...
  62. Adelaide crashes into water when trying to follow me
  63. Benefits of AMD Radeon 18.3.4 package for me
  64. Glitching through the map with the parachute
  65. Lost 6 Hours of Progress
  66. Far cry 5 ending glitch
  67. Game worked, updated to most recent drivers as I was told, and now it won't boot
  68. Issue with Grace
  69. Eco-Warriors Story Mission Won't Complete
  70. How do I get a refund ?
  71. [BUG] Can't use binoculars, craft items, or pick up arrows
  72. Easy Anti Cheat Missing EXE Files
  73. Game won't start, instead it sends me to the Steam store page for Far Cry 5
  74. Solved - Game Doesn't launch, Errorless crash to desktop after FarCry.exe Splash
  75. Fall OOO
  76. Fary Cry 5 No START / Can not be turned on
  77. Finished Holland Valley before Nick Rye mission, didn't get Nick
  78. Cleansing mission will not complete
  79. The confession glitch - loading checkpoint in the confession makes it unbeatable
  80. [Co-op Bug] Certain weapons use two ammunition units per shot for joined players.
  81. Aiming and Video (Graphics) settings don't change Issues
  82. My game is still in pre load mode and i cant play it
  83. Can we please have an option to mute all in game music?
  84. Lighting issues in menu and dark places
  85. Pc slow load up time
  86. ошибка: Granite 2000000
  87. HELP I can not Start Game
  88. Game not launching
  89. Mechanics and weight behavior, adjustments
  90. UNtrusted system file + issue in FC5 exe
  91. Being stuck permanently in a bunker
  92. The game crashes when I try to change clothes
  93. Cannot Assign Num DELETE / Num COMMA In Keybindings | Forums
  94. Prairie Oyster Harvest bug
  95. Frequent game crashes
  96. Strange fps problems
  97. Possible Fast Travel glitch.
  98. Unable to operate the menu.
  99. Error - Snowshoe -C3CE2543
  100. 2 days and no update on the crash?!
  101. Black screen as soon as the game launches, but exe hasn't crashed
  102. Game won't run, crashes at start-up intro (EasyAntiCheat problem?)
  103. Still no Deluxe items
  104. Game crashes at random
  105. [BUG](?) Problem with Editor, broken lines on the map
  106. 无法打开游戏
  107. 2 days now and no official update from Ubisoft
  108. "Deathwish" bug. Game currently unplayable
  109. Full resistance with Jacob, nothing happens.
  110. Far cry 5 Cloud save problem
  111. Testy Festy bug
  112. Game locks up my computer
  113. Recovering Lost Saves? (Lost 6 hours)
  114. Purchased sniper rifle no longer available
  115. New weapons
  116. Mark
  117. Far Cry 5 Father Edition - No DVD
  118. FC5 Co Op doesn't work.
  119. .NET Framework keep installing endlessly
  120. pepper cash
  121. Full screen blanks out
  122. Stuck in a loop after the end credits
  123. Please fix the HDR settings
  124. Echoing Dialogue [PC + Astro A50]
  125. I can not find my dlc in the game...
  126. Far Cry 5 Gold Edition Maybe an issue(Far Cry 3)?
  127. Pressed "Continue" and game started from the beginning
  128. Fixed my crashing to desktop problem! OC PROBLEM
  129. Arcade rewards are NOT working...
  130. Patriots Act quest Bugged
  131. cannot refill LMG ammo store
  132. Multiple Game Saves / Versions ?
  133. Can't zoom in/out camera or map, can't proceed past Dutch's Island.
  134. Campaign not progressing
  135. Far Cry 5 DOF removal possible? controller patch info?
  136. When to expect Far Cry 5 Primal Outfit?
  137. Game crashing
  138. Low FPS, starting on menu screen.
  139. Radio in vehicles refuses to play after few hours.
  140. Clinical Study Quest Bugged
  141. Low FPS + Edge Ghosting
  142. Game-breaking bug - makes game unbeatable
  143. Game won't start "api-ms-win-crt-conio-l1-1-0.dll" not found
  144. The game becomes so empty after defeating bosses
  145. Bug - Free Falling ever and ever again
  146. Can't Reel in fishing from a height
  147. Problems with Starting Game
  148. Truck won't drive during atonement mission.
  149. Grand Slam Side Mission bug - Baseball cards are not removed upon completion.
  150. Trapped in "Only You" mission
  151. far cry 5 blue yeti mic download.
  152. I can't start the game
  153. 7900x maxing out 2 cores
  154. Map: Rh and Sons avation audio stuck in loop
  155. Erro in FarCry 5 Steam
  156. Falling through terrain
  157. Far cry 5 saves gone
  158. Fast Travel Unavilable
  159. 'Unable to start the game'
  160. Keep jumping back to desktop
  161. Map bug
  162. Perk for flamethrower challenge stuck?
  163. game wont launch
  164. Bug that big, it broke the game, and cant play the game anymore
  165. when i look down i see 4 legs
  166. Limited graphic options
  167. Death wish mission broken
  168. Enoying graphical bug
  169. Easy Cheat - unable to change system language
  170. Eco Warriors (Adelaide) mission freezing
  171. problem with running the game
  172. Can't hear dialogue
  173. Clinical study won't progress
  174. Infinite Death Loop
  175. Bliss oil message on every load
  176. When will there be a patch?
  177. Partnership: Streamer ElitheCat and some keys for me and my fans
  178. Gamebreaking Bug - Killing John Seed
  179. Arcade Challenges are NOT progressing...
  180. Fisher King Bugged?
  181. Bug
  182. Bug
  183. Game breaking bug unsure what to do
  184. Dear Ubisoft, controller support
  185. Very low FPS around every 3th start
  186. Opening the parachute too close to the ground will cause Rook to go under the map
  187. Arcade mode - mouse cursor won't disappear
  188. Mission "Wrath"
  189. Uplay story progress
  190. Game Keeps Crashing!!!!!!!!! Help
  191. Game Security Violation Detected #0000000D
  192. Can't use my weapons at all after Co-op
  193. Bug: Dock south of Nolan's Fly Shop Undiscoverable
  194. Stuck on mission The Cleansing
  195. [Bug] After completing the main story line "Hit The Gas" disappears
  196. My save was replaced with someone else?
  197. Bug Report - Jacob Gone and not gone
  198. Farcry 5 crashes at launch
  199. Far Cry 5 Gold with Far Cry 3
  200. Game Breaking Bug
  201. Error code Bookworm-9B0718C4 and Bookworm-6E739F5B
  202. Always night?
  203. 51/52 missions in johns region
  204. Broken Path Mission
  205. Sli Issue/Support
  206. The Revelator mission not showing up
  207. Initial Startup - D3D verification
  208. Fire in the Hole Prepper Stash mission Bug
  209. Not sure where to put this!
  210. Why are the ubisoft servers down?
  211. Unable to save campaign
  212. SLI and Single Card Problems with GTX 1080 - LOW FPS
  213. Audio out of sync during cutscenes
  214. Save gone and somebody tried to reset my password.
  215. Far Cry Arcade Level Reset
  216. Zip out of control
  217. Game keeps reloading to last checkpoint on the 'Patriot Acts' side mission
  218. Mouse moves from primary display to secondary in fullscreen mode
  219. Coop Can't purchase any guns
  220. Holland Valley: "Light 'Em Up" Side Mission Bugged?
  221. Gold Edition Items
  222. the game is getting slowlier
  223. Cannot Redeem Blue Microphones Far Cry 5 Code
  224. Can't play the game after beating it
  225. Experience freezes and load errors
  226. [BUG REPORT] Parachute texture glitch
  227. Final Jacob story mission bug
  228. Granite Error and Save file missing!!!
  229. GPU Utilization
  230. [BUG] Difficulty changes randomly on it's own
  231. why did I spend about 100 on this crap EAC stoppin me from launching!
  232. AK-M Bug
  233. GPU isnt being fully utilized.
  234. 51/52 Missions in Holland Valley
  235. Character customization/store crash is SOLVED. Click for fix.
  236. NPC eyes and hair glow
  237. Gamebreaking bug - the atonement
  238. Base jump sign
  239. Help with Game Files
  240. Why can't I zoom my binoculars
  241. Getting refund - No voices in dialogue.
  242. Disabled HT and FPS + mouse responsives increased
  243. FarCry5.exe - Application Error : instruction at 0x00007FFDC301E084
  244. UPlay screwed up my save game on Far Cry 5
  245. editor map
  246. Last silo is invisible and unbreakable
  247. D-Pad not working on PC Xbox Controller - Also Reverse Gear for Vehicles not working.
  248. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller's problem
  249. *UBISOFT DEV* Drubman Marina bug
  250. Low FPS/Stutter fix...and life story.