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  1. Unable to launch game [XBOX One]
  2. Death loop
  3. Snowshoe-86CF21BA : Your Ethernet cable is not connected or has been disconnected
  4. Display issues unplayable
  5. This promotion is not available in your country due to legal or contractual constrain
  6. Far Cry Update - Installation Stopped
  7. Stuck on load screen after trying to log into/set up profile (background image cops)
  8. Cut Scene Crash?
  9. Can't turn off spotting audio
  10. Boomer bug?
  11. Where's the performance mode on 1X?
  12. BUG REPORT: Mission: Atonement ****Spoilers****
  13. FarCry 5 Gold edition
  14. Revelator mission bug
  15. A couple of bugs.
  16. Xbox One X - Controller issues
  17. Gold edition won't start. Hard copy..
  18. Far Cry 5 not loading
  19. Question About COOP
  20. BUG: Grace icon remains on map after unlocking her
  21. Game fades to darkness 1X
  22. Stuck on Change Clothes
  23. Buttons Not Working?!
  24. Indiana-80190190 PLEASE HELP!!
  25. Error Bookworm
  26. Error: Maine-54
  27. 4K HDR options
  28. Multiple Mission Bugs
  29. Co-op problem
  30. Testy Festy Bug
  31. Here Kitty, Kitty
  32. visual glitches
  33. Broken Path - Side Mission Bug
  34. CO-OP/ SAVE not working
  35. 2 Profiles sharing stats and achievements
  36. Far Cry 3 DLC
  37. locked outside of bunker ''glimmer of hope.
  38. Youtube video of my issues unanswered
  39. Problem with "Wingman" mission
  40. Texture Bug on Female Model
  41. Lost Progress
  42. It's impossible to get the mission "Death Wish"
  43. Far Cry 5 Gold
  44. The Atonement is broken
  45. Day/night cycle bug
  46. Co-op player icon glitch.
  47. Cant figure out where to buy animal bait
  48. Display issue ( Character can't look straight)
  49. Co-op/multiplayer issue
  50. Johnís Showdown Glitch (Xbox One)
  51. [Bug report] Doctor's Orders
  52. Falls Creek Empty after max john seed resistance meter
  53. [BUG] Vehicles move slow af with Classic controls
  54. Close Encounters Mission Bug ***SPOILER***
  55. Snowshoe error xbox one
  56. [BUG] american fist
  57. [BUG] weapons still locked after attaining level 3 resistance.
  58. "Local" multiplayer impossible - DMZ Setting on router required for JUST this Game
  59. Arcade kill/ death not registering
  60. Fast travel
  61. Locked Weapon Wheel
  62. Trapper-C69CD14 Error
  63. Water Works mission bug
  64. I'm about to toss this game out
  65. Game keeps crashing on Xbox One X
  66. Destroying silos doesn't count towards the side mission "Light'em Up"
  67. [Text Bug Report]
  68. Audio and frame rate glitch far cry 5
  69. Weapon Wheel glitch
  70. Farcry 5 Xbox one x Continue game error
  71. Need to be online
  72. bug of the cow festival
  73. "Razing the steaks" / "Special Delivery" Game breaking fail loop bug PLEASE HELP
  74. DO NOT play the Testy festy Mission in Co-Op!
  75. Region fish record
  76. Prairie Oyster Harvest is broken.
  77. Game keeps crashing on Faiths last mission..
  78. (bug) nick rye
  79. The Spark Achievement
  80. "Clinical Study" Skunks not spawning
  81. Farcry 5 lost saved data Xbox one
  82. Error: Snowshoe-BF7A5F3B
  83. 9 featured arcade maps only? why?
  84. Lock and Loaded Achievement
  85. Request: (X) minor change
  86. Coop Issues. Friend will connect. We'll play for a bit, then he'll get disconnected.
  87. Dutch translation of the pick-up truck
  88. Cannot quit only you mission -- stuck
  89. Grace at the Lamb of god church Bug
  90. Completely stuck
  91. Lost all sound
  92. FarCry5 No exit Bliss Production room
  93. Nick Rye Mission Bug
  94. Error: Snowshoe-BF7A5F3B not getting silver bars
  95. Nick Rye Mission bug
  96. Side Mission Bug
  97. Xbox One Beta Preview Program issue
  98. Literally impossible to get 100%
  99. Maine-54 error, Arcade unplayable
  100. Multiple Character Slots?
  101. Mouse and keyboard support?
  102. Problem with "Credits" after completing a game
  103. Night time only Glitch?
  104. Cant Drive? PLEASE HELP ME
  105. Game won't load!
  106. What's going on with the map screen?
  107. Season pass not downloaded on my XBox
  108. Patriot Acts [Bug?]
  109. Peaches Treats Bug
  110. A bug in the game.
  111. Only You Mission Bug
  112. Final mission credits
  113. So many bugs
  114. Not getting silver bars at all
  115. I cannot find mary may from falls end
  116. Game wont progress missions
  117. Mission Bug / Can't Progress, Gearing Up
  118. Trapper-1CD7B734 Error code please help
  119. Anyone have this happen before ? Funny moment .
  120. Trouble launching Far Cry 5
  121. No sound during game play
  122. Dynamite not working during Fire in the Hole stash quest? Patch needed.
  123. snowshoe-3E3384CF ERROR
  124. Mission Progress Blocked (Multiple Missions)
  125. john seed glitch
  126. Collect three bull testicles (canít)
  127. "Science Fact" achievement bugged [no spoilers]
  128. Solution of the instant death loop!?
  129. I have the Atonement mission bug along with the Nick Rye & Revelator bugs...WTF?
  130. Multiple achievements not working for me
  131. The Cleansing / Spray and Pray bug
  132. Mission Bug Special Delivery
  133. Far Cry 5 Arcade, current map editor glitches.
  134. The kick are binoculars perk missing
  135. Big glitch in Far cry 5 Arcade.
  136. bug with gun for hire with hoarder perk
  137. No Sound
  138. John seed bug on final mission
  139. Glitch in weapons store screen
  140. Melee chain takedowns and Pistol Takedowns not working properly?
  141. Spontaneously Combusting Supply Trucks?!
  142. Lag on arcade teamdeath match.
  143. Tearing ???
  144. Day night Cycle Xbox
  145. REFUNDS for all who have issues until game is fixed
  146. Testies mission game breaker
  147. The Waves wonít Work
  148. Can you play 2 seperate campaigns?
  149. Multitude of bugs, game is literally unplayable
  150. Having problem accessing my weapons
  151. Game Broken - Can't fight John Seed
  152. Elite controller right trigger not working for accelerate in vehicles
  153. "Well Done" Live Event Not Progressing
  154. Arcade Rank Reset?
  155. in game sound problems xbox one x
  156. Tweak's last two quests won't proc.
  157. sometimes i can't jump when fists enabled
  158. Halted Completion - Side Mission Bug
  159. Utilities are just gone?
  160. Turn The Tables Quest - Bugged? Completed and Turned In...
  161. endless ending loop
  162. Game not tracking kills
  163. Stuck in a death loop
  164. Connection drops every 30 mins while in co-op
  165. 'Clinical Study' bug
  166. double ammo usage in co-op
  167. Start escape bug xbox one
  168. Adelaide Cooldown Bugged
  169. Far Cry 5 service unavailable
  170. Saving, Fast Travel broken
  171. "Together Forever" achievement not unlocking (possible spoilers)
  172. Cant Play Arcade (2 errors; 1.= Maine-54, 2.= Snowshoe-4E9BDC73)
  173. Game ending credits loop
  174. Explosive Surprise not unlocking/progressing
  175. Co-op Online Bookworm-A9D61248
  176. bookworm-A9D61248
  177. Aim Assist Off but NOT completely
  178. "Fish Market" not showing as Completed in Club Ubisoft Challenges
  179. "Walk The Path" Achievement glitch
  180. Request Deletion/Delete Userís Saved Map?
  181. Any tricks to break the stuck time of day.
  182. Collectible Progress Lost After Co-op Play
  183. FC5 - Can't Save, Can't Progress in Faith's Region
  184. Can't do the Nixon mission with the wingsuit
  185. No TALK dialog sound & No sound for vehicles!!! Sound stopped working!
  186. Console audio issue
  187. Confession Mission Glitch
  188. Glitch save?
  189. Can't download club content
  190. Far cry 5 Start up black screen
  191. Radio broken
  192. REDHORN 80000-B (Far Cry Service...)
  193. FC Download from XBOX Store
  194. Weapons switching problems
  195. Bow and arrow
  196. [Bug] Revelator is a Intangible Floating Objective Marker
  197. Live Event - Can't Access - Constant Next Refresh
  198. Death Wish, cant quit mission
  199. Ghost Kill achievement wont unlock please help!
  200. Walk The Path Bug
  201. Missing ďultimate survivorĒ and other items on second wheel - BUG
  202. Far Cry 5 Arcade Bug/Glitch/Problem/Mistake?????
  203. Redhorn-80000B CANT UPLOAD MAPS
  204. [RESOLVED] Silo Bug: You Destroyed All Silos But Didn't Get Credit for One (13/14).
  205. VIP's and Guns for hire chat loop.
  206. Jacob Max level Glitch Help
  207. Glitched Achievements
  208. [Bug Report] Rye & Sons Aviation
  209. [Bug Report] Nick Rye Target Markers
  210. (Glitch) Deep Dive Prepper Stash
  211. Serious Screen-tearing after update
  212. Camera auto scroll glitch.
  213. Game update deleted a weapon
  214. Doctors orders pronghorn bug!
  215. Canít play
  216. Far Cry 5 post update (April 9, 2018) Xbox One
  217. John Seed 51/52 bugged ? please help
  218. Fix your Game Fix your Game Fix your Game
  219. XBOX ONE Difficulty Settings
  220. Far Cry 5 on Xbox One still broken after patch
  221. "Saving Deputy Hudson" Achievement not unlocked.
  222. Stuck in night time
  223. Swingers Mission Bug
  224. Bookworm-9770CCC2
  225. Vehicles disappear
  226. Dead Bodies disappear
  227. Weapon swap doesnt seem to work correctly
  228. Live events
  229. HELP issue on Far cry arcade
  230. Infinite Skunk Skins in Inventory
  231. Arcade competitor goal reached but not unlocked.
  232. Game breaking (almost) glitch
  233. I cannot start a new game
  234. Missing content
  235. Game Has Broken Can't Play
  236. Locked and Loaded Achievement glitched
  237. Arcade Progress Gone
  238. Game Version still 0.1.0 after patch
  239. Turn the tables bug
  240. Gameplay freezing
  241. Where it all Began Bug
  242. Snowshoe-86CF21BA
  243. Enemy nametags in Arcade
  244. Can't get 'Where's the beef?' Achievement
  245. Unable to Progress Story in Faithís Region
  246. Vector.
  247. **Map Voter in Arcade needs Fixed**
  248. only 2 question
  249. A Wing and a Prayer - Achievement wont unlock
  250. Day & Night Cycle broken