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  1. Far cry 5 gold edition pre-order on ps4 problem
  2. Far Cry® 5 Weapon Skin problem
  3. Co-Op Questions
  4. Pre-Order content
  5. co op problem
  6. Far Cry 5 PS4 Gold loads title screen but will not start
  7. Far Cry 5 Inverted Horizontal Camera
  8. Ps4 Pro
  9. Father Edition - Where is my season pass??
  10. Not registering 'kills' so no perks ps4
  11. Pre-order steelbook problem
  12. Can't start the game
  13. Far cry 5 season pass issue
  14. PS4 PRO Render Mode?
  15. How do I redeem my gold edition
  16. Trophy issues in Gold edition ubisoft games
  17. Far Cry 5 season pass code not included in gold edition?
  18. Pooper scooper poop dissapered
  19. Coop problem please help
  20. Keeps crashing and spitting out disc
  21. Vehicle Mobility
  22. Enemy spawn issues
  23. FC5 PS4 Graphics Issue?
  24. Started Co-op Game...Some Disappointing Issues
  25. Challenges not Updating, No Kills etc recorded
  26. I can't see My gold edition
  27. Main story missions bugged
  28. Wildlife stuck in spawn loop
  29. "A Glimmer of Hope" main mission bug
  30. Game Wont Start
  31. Farcry 5 error snowshoe-110D8569
  32. Loop Death Glitch
  33. please fix this
  34. code invalid
  35. Death wish Mission Exit error
  36. Far Cry 5 PS4 not full-screen
  37. i cannot download the game
  38. Screen cut-off on TV
  39. PS4 - Patriot Acts - Problem with Checkpoint Load
  40. Got redeem code only for Bonus?
  41. Some bug in main story mission
  42. Bug: It's always night time
  43. Lamb Of God Church Grace Armstrong Bug
  44. Far Cry 5 Digital Deluxe Pack code includes Doomsday Prepper DLC?
  45. Game-breaking error
  46. Pre orderdeluxe edition bonus / content is missing
  47. The Cleansing Awkward/buggy start
  48. New to FAR CRY series. Grapple Hook Problems.
  49. Please include a mini map in your next update
  50. Trouble connecting to Ubisoft website
  51. Disappearing items and cultists while free roaming
  52. Cars not moving....
  53. [RESOLVED] Main Story Mission: Wingman Bugged?
  54. Enemies spot dead bodies from way too far away...
  55. Mission Rye & Sons Aviation BUG (does not mark as completed)
  56. Change game language on PS4
  57. Disappearing vehicles
  58. Nick Rye is now a regular Gun for Hire instead of air support
  59. Help - Control points and NPC's - Arcade Mode
  60. Patch for swap weapon/loot button
  61. Mission counter bugged!!! Stuck on 48(50)/52 Holland Valley.
  62. Grace Under Fire Glitch?
  63. Unable to enable subtitles before game starts
  64. Weird Bookworm-9770CCC2 bug
  65. (BUG) Nick Rye is Missing
  66. False idols mission bug (help)
  67. How do i remove nukded city background after boss fight
  68. Music copy right?
  69. Swap button option changes all modes
  70. help Quick
  71. Faiths bunker black screen
  72. Dolby Digital 5.1 not working as it should.
  73. PS4 PRO - Stuck in HOPE COUNTY JAIL
  74. Enemy Spawn rate. lol WTF?!
  75. No Rain or Snow
  76. TROPHE AMOUR VACHE mauvaise traduction + bug
  77. Widowmaker Quest is bugged.
  78. bugger hit the tank
  79. HDR/Brightness issues
  80. Special Delivery mission bug
  81. can't exit missions
  82. Nick Rye map icon won't go away.
  83. Framerate in Arcade
  84. Mission "Atonement" not appearing
  85. [BUG] Requirements to unlock guns are not working.
  86. Nightime Daytime Bug?
  87. Weapons loadout let downs
  88. PS4 - 2 Seperate People and 2 Seperate Saves
  89. Annoying reverb in every dialogue in the story mode
  90. Stuck in a loop of the end credits. (w/ Video)
  91. Share play not working due to region?
  92. Story Levels Being Beat by Townspeople?
  93. Game Stuck at “Loading 47%” after trying to continue solo campaign.
  94. T shirt
  95. Bow Problems
  96. Farcry 5 Stuck on Loading screen.
  97. FarCry4 [PS4] in-game store bug
  98. Arcade mode graphics glitch
  99. Fps drops in certain spots...
  100. Error code:Bookworm-9770CCC2
  101. Find Merele bug.
  102. Main Mission will not appear and Rye and Son Mission Bug
  103. Ps4 Pro Overheat
  104. [Bugs] Godspeed mission listed under wrong region/ fast travel point not unlocking
  105. Prairie Oyster Harvest mission problem
  106. Story Mission: Sins of The Father Glitch
  107. Final Mission in Jacob region is bugged.
  108. Death Loop
  109. Light'em Up Quest Glitch
  110. [BUG] Can't Trigger 'Wingman' Quest
  111. Holland Valley " the cleansing" story mission bug
  112. Multiple Missions Broken
  113. (PS4) - Disappearing Vehicle
  114. Far Cry 5 The Widowmaker completion issue (possible spoilers)
  115. Download stopped working
  116. Boomer is bugged.
  117. Stuck in scaffolding.
  118. Color is flashing when turning camera.
  119. Missions broke
  120. (PS4) - Building With AI Collision Issues
  121. Death Wish Mission Glitch
  122. Is this a Bug? Can't Reload Guns/Fire [Randomly]
  123. Special Delivery quest infinite loop cannot play the game any more
  124. Multiplayer Level Bug
  125. PS4 Hit the Gas mission glitched and vanished completely
  126. Full Bug Report by me in-game [Add more in the comments and I will edit]
  127. Glitch: Can´t progress mission "Here Kitty, Kitty"
  128. stop mission function in pause menu not working
  129. Beat faith seed mission bug
  130. GAME BREAKING GLITCH!!! Any Ideas on a solution!?!?
  131. BUG - Frozen Time (always night)
  132. Main Mission Bug (Faith's Region)
  133. Bug!!! Can't finish vinyl crate quest
  134. Glitch - Camera motion overlay "lag"
  135. [BUG] Silo 13/14
  136. best command for left handed
  137. John and Faith Region mission completion glitch
  138. Bug: Ground vehicles can only be driven in reverse.
  139. Disappearing fish bug
  140. Flight Controls/Wrath Mission
  141. Another Game breaking issue after being captured 2nd time
  142. AI glitch character wont switch vehicles and not sat in the back properly
  143. Can't drive any car/vehicle forward, but will drive in revese
  144. Turn the Tables mission bugged!
  145. sins of the father glitch
  146. Never Received DLC That was supposed to come with the Gold Edition
  147. Error: Snowshoe-2AC61BAF
  148. Widowmaker cut scene Bug
  149. Application Data Corruption - Game Unplayable
  150. Close encounters - Larry mission
  151. Ending loop glitch
  152. Bugged missions: light em up, Call of the wild
  153. Arcade Editor Can't Publish.
  154. Save ruining bug. Could I get an exact location for testing a fix?
  155. Error: Redhorn-4800002
  156. Old Glory Holes Mission Bug
  157. Perk points
  158. 2 bugs Grace Icon and armed Convoy mission
  159. Game automatically change your equiped weapon
  160. Black Female Protagonist skin (arms) horribly mapped/glitchy
  161. Grace Johnson not found at Lamb of God church
  162. Missions Dissapear
  163. Redhorn 80000b
  164. BUG - Mission Quality of Mercy
  165. The Deathwish mission loop
  166. Bug with Chad's Mission
  167. This forums for the ps4 version only
  168. Plane Spawning Bug !?!?!?!!?
  169. Nick rye bug
  170. Faiths region bug, can’t progress
  171. Ending/Credits Glitch (PS4)
  172. Season Pass: FC3
  173. No MS16 In the map editor
  174. BUGS - found during missions
  175. Bugged Side Quest: Valley Armed Convoy
  176. Cant join server error Error willow-82204404
  177. Error: Redhorn-880002
  179. *BUG* Feeney stuck under map
  180. PLEASE FIX (PS4): Loot/Revive/Swap!
  181. Missing Trophy Save the Marshal from the Bliss
  182. Little graphics glitch near Wolf`s Den heliport
  183. UBISOFT When ps4 patch
  184. Also getting infinite credit loop
  185. boss fight john seed
  186. It is always night and it's driving me crazy
  187. John seed plane does not spawn
  188. BALD Eagle does not spawn !
  189. the atonment glitch
  190. Is it possible to deactivate aim acceleration on PS4 ?
  191. Parachute takes me under the world. Please fix UBI
  192. Error:Redhorn-4800D02
  193. I love the game, even though it's in a broken state...
  194. No main character Shadow
  195. Bug City
  196. *Valley Armed Convoy Mission Bug* Holland Valley 51/52
  197. Question about the final trophy with the endless credit loop
  198. Final John Seed Mission not starting
  199. Does anyone know how long it'll take?
  200. Inventory Issue
  201. "Sins of the Father" quest does not progress to the end.
  202. Game breaking glitch
  203. Nick Rye final mission will not appear and Jacob Seed final mission will not appear..
  204. Can't change ammo types
  205. PC version GETS UPDATE BUT PS4 DONT
  206. PS4 Patch ETA?
  207. Far Cry 5 Testy Festy Co-op glitch
  208. Pronoun issue
  209. Game Breaking Glitch: The Quality of Mercy
  210. can I get a definite answer on a patch note?
  211. Always night time
  212. Hit The Gas mission missing after completing Johns area?
  213. Small Bug Report
  214. Inventory Contents Vanished
  215. When is the First Patch Coming?
  216. Endless loading at Ammo stores
  217. Grace & Nick Rye issues
  218. Co-op arrow usage glitch
  219. Co-op issues
  220. Far Cry 5 Co-op
  221. Golden Age Nostalgia Bug
  222. PS4 Frame Pacing Issue & Map Editor Bugs
  223. Audio Bug - Looping Ambient Noise
  224. General Store gets stuck on Loading screen...
  225. Far Cry 5 Magnopulser glitch
  226. There's more Bugs than Gameplay. Joking of course lol
  227. Grand Slam side mission bugged
  228. Mute players in deathmatch?
  229. Unable to progress due to weird autosave issue.
  230. Characters are Stucking in cars
  231. Outpost reset mission issue
  232. We PS4 XBOX PC gamers want important patches 1st!
  233. Close Encounters Unable to Retrieve 4th Artifact
  234. Can't play co-op for more than 5 minutes
  235. Ok where's the ps4 patch!!! Its 9th April
  236. WRATH - John Seed Mission
  237. Chad's subtitles wont go away
  238. New patch has deleted season pass items from inventory
  239. Fix the damn Death wish glitch!!!
  240. Nothing is fixed, you guys are the worst.
  241. video for dev's to help with infinite credit loop
  242. Thanks for fixing the credit glitch.... Oh Wait
  243. Far cry 5 Unable to fast travel and no manual save option
  244. The Hero's Journey softlocked
  245. Co op in story needs up to 8 players not 2!
  246. Death Wish Mission Glitch
  247. Rye and Sons mission gone after death in mission.
  248. Unable to end missions & Lost progress
  249. Far Cry 5 “gold edition” Update 1.04
  250. Multiplayer aint working on ps4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!