View Full Version : Issues - Resolved

  1. Grammar
  2. Crash on tapping the mic button on Sam's chatting screen
  3. Can't find Sam, was last seen yesterday.
  4. Minor speech issues
  5. i cant receive R6 Daily Login
  6. Wrong data for things about Jackal
  7. Guides may be too old
  8. Wrong name in daily login
  9. Bans
  10. Elaís Mira
  11. Elaís Mira
  12. Monopoly Plus Online play not working
  13. My season 3 operators
  14. alpha pack issue
  15. Silence?
  16. Wrong youtuber
  17. Word pronanitation
  18. Map makers
  19. The new Sam assistant is neat
  20. Why are you named Sam? Typo
  21. Any word that Sam has to pronounce that has a double m is pronounced wrong
  22. Questioning E3 Results
  23. Sam doesnít know what r6 is
  24. Sam can not pronounce community
  25. Sam only tells me how to counter dokkaebi
  26. Sam doesn't say any word with 2 'm's together correctly.
  27. Sam uses "Ela's Mirrors"
  28. Sam's words containing mm
  29. How do I counter (Operator)
  30. Sam hates America
  31. Pronounciation
  32. Gave me wrong info
  33. Not responsive to my messages
  34. Sam talks about "Ela's mirror" and not mira's
  35. Just a little spelling error
  36. Sam doesn't work
  37. Sam doesn't work
  38. Ubisoft store
  39. Sam not working.
  40. Sam Assistant and E3 Rewards
  41. Sams pronunciation.
  42. Villa 24/7 missing
  43. Pernounciation and phrasing
  44. Sam canít pronounce community.
  45. Sam canít say Community
  46. I said hibana not doke doke
  47. Sam writes wrong
  48. Game requirements prediction
  49. Slow Character. PS4 PRO
  50. Bug Sam. Maestro
  51. Sam Intro Typo
  52. Bugged image posting.
  53. Sam canít say ďmemeĒ
  54. Sam is giving me someone else's stats and my own stats