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  1. Fan feedback
  2. Disable Drones/Game modes/Ghost War
  3. GhostWarLeague.com - The premier site for Ghost War Competition
  4. [Ghost War PvP] VIP Rescue, Upcoming Weapons, Classes & New Maps
  5. Allow us to use dlc outfits in ghost war?
  6. Stat tracker in ghost war?
  7. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION] Remove Thermal Vision from PVP
  8. MIC Problems on PVP
  9. Ghost War: Hardcore Mode.
  10. "I Played A Round Where..."
  11. Ghost War hacking
  12. Wildlands PvP
  13. [FEEDBACK] [MATCHMAKING] Ghost War MatchMaking Needs Scaling
  14. PVP mode feedback
  15. [FEEDBACK]&[SUGESSTION] Leaving a squad in a match needs to be penalized!
  16. Tech - Jammer
  17. [SUGGESTION] 8 v 8 man
  18. [WEAPONS] 416, M4A1 & Assault Rifles
  19. [Feedback] Ghost War damage model
  20. Bullet penetration, Ghost war
  21. GhostWarLeague.com - Ladders & Tournaments for Ghost War
  22. Adding weapon customization into Ghost War.
  23. #ghostwar The thermal was a fair thing now its just broken by bushcamping ...
  24. Ghost War Esports
  25. Why call it Ghost Wars? Why not just call it DRONE WARS!
  26. Congratulations Ubisoft
  27. BUG - Mic related
  28. [FEEDBACK] [MATCHMAKING] After patch 8.2
  29. Drones.
  30. A Goodbye Letter to all you Thermal "Snipers"
  31. Does noise maker drone work as intended?
  32. Vehicle combat mode Salt Flats.
  33. Weapon sight options...
  34. Costumes across classes....and add DLC costumes
  35. Ghost War Feedback
  36. Stuck at 0% after 8.2 patch
  37. Please do away with reverse marking
  38. How about the Match Making Fix?
  39. Thermals
  40. 3 Concrete reasons for expanding the player count
  41. I think you broke it!
  42. Feedback: Add epic songs from previous Ghost Recon to Ghost War
  43. Wow
  44. Now The Best TPS since...
  45. [FEEDBACK]- [SUGGESTION]-[BUG] A road map of things to come, should be put out asap!!
  46. Sentinel Damage buff Dragonov
  47. Matchmaking is SOO much worse than before
  48. Sentinel vs Sniper
  49. BIG Problem with Player Balance
  50. Enjoy All...
  51. New class idea
  52. [BUG] Automark turns itself back on after being turned off
  53. Amount of players
  54. [SUGGESTION]About the pattern of PVP
  55. Can't see my stats anymore on my Ghost profile
  56. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION] Why does the Jammer's jammer not counter Sentinel's detector
  57. Anyone else notice the extreme shift in tactics post update?
  58. Ubisoft back at it again breaking a fun game
  59. Competion!?!
  60. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION] Make 4v4 Custom lobby RANKED
  61. The small ghost war playerbase...
  62. Okay Ghost War, Stop putting me into matches that have already ended.
  63. [Bug][Feedback] What in the...?
  64. Instant Level Up Bug
  65. I Hope The Ranking System Will Be Good
  66. Thermal when ADS (Aiming down sight)
  67. What...?
  68. [SUGGESTION][FEEDBACK] Realistic bullet drop off
  69. Revive idea
  70. [REQUEST] Custom Game Options
  71. GHOST RECON : Wildlands - Ghost War PVP GOD MODE 2017 Working Hack PS4
  72. [BUG]Scout drone issues
  73. Why do players suck?
  74. Is run stamina really necessary?
  75. God Mode on PS4?
  76. suggestion, score display in lobby screen
  77. Creating a Spectator mode
  78. A Hello Letter To All You Static Campers
  79. PS4 bugs...
  80. [BUG] Melee Attack Not Working in PvP On Elite Controller
  81. Ghost War - PREDATOR MODE
  82. [MAPS] Urban Maps
  83. A few Suggestions (Wildlands PVP is great)
  84. Ghost Wars Thermals
  85. [medic] p416
  86. Stats issues?
  87. [FeedBack]Hit Registration needs fixed ASAP
  88. [FEEDBACK/SUGGESTION] The Thermal Patch changed things. Let's take a look!
  89. After the Update , Where is the fun now ? I 'd rather a refund .
  90. Ghillie suits (FeedBack)
  91. Some general ideas
  92. Inviting to Task Force, in game. . .
  93. Hey Ubi....About the Scout
  94. Crosshair change with Dpad ( PS4)
  95. [FEEDBACK] [SUGGESTIONS] Weapon Damage/TTK Hardcore? Please
  96. [BUG]Portuguese language written wrong!
  97. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION] Make Diversionist not useless
  98. Question about Ghost War
  99. UBI fix the Medic drone use please
  100. [Suggestion] Changing the markers
  101. [SENTINEL] underperforming rifles and pistol
  102. [Important to Ubisoft] Not Leveling Up anymore
  103. Alright ghosts, let's put together a badge list
  104. What Happened?
  105. Droning at the start.
  106. [SUGGESTION][FEEDBACK]Voting Pools
  107. [SUGGESTION][FEEDBACK] LOBBY no matchmaking
  108. Summary of the forum wishes and feedback anno 25.October
  109. WTF happend to what yall said
  110. A little Ghost War Feedback
  111. Anti-cheat?
  112. You have terrible Head shot damage ratios
  113. [BUG] Applying any locked textures to any weapon
  114. Please add center camera option in settings from default over the shoulder.
  115. Please bring back thermals for the characters!!!!
  116. [Feedback] Diversionist class became absolutely useless!
  117. Demolition (bomb satchel plant on enemy base)
  118. Weapons attachments
  119. 8v8 or 10v10
  120. I wonder...
  121. [BUG] Super annoying bug with the Sentinel class
  122. [Game Mode Suggestion]
  123. Stats fix please -.-
  124. PVP game mode
  125. PVP game mode
  126. [FEEDBACK] rewarding players for teamwork
  127. makes me laugh
  128. Map Voting
  129. Out of body glitch
  130. [PS4 Mic problems]
  131. [Suggestion] PVP Friendly Fire
  132. [bugs/suggestions] address immediately!!!
  133. {FEEDBACK} invincible revive
  134. No Thermal = No Camping
  135. {FEEDBACK} direct hit with morters
  136. A suggestion for Ubisoft about gun paints.
  137. Scout Drone's Motion Detection (On-Screen Display)
  138. [Suggestion, game mode] for Thermal fans.
  139. Overview of achievements
  140. New class and item ideas
  141. Ghost Wars: So many are playing it so wrong
  142. Clothing slots
  143. Allow Weapon Customization
  144. Game modes
  145. (Suggestion)Idea for the loading mini-map
  146. Update for negative XP
  147. Matchmaking getting even worse
  148. [Ubisoft] Drone Markers
  149. [question]
  150. Marking bug
  151. C4 detonation
  152. 4v4 Ghost Wars NA Xbox Tournament
  153. [FEEDBACK] Spotting problem on enemies inside buildings
  154. What kind of player are you?
  155. [ISSUE] Matchmaking - Is - Terrible
  156. Huge problem needs to be adressed!!!
  157. [Scout Drone Noobs] [Please do something]
  158. things that need to be changed
  159. "Leave the round"
  160. drone problem
  161. No reticle in any weapon , no mini map or borders and no sound markers.
  162. Draw!
  163. Starting spawn droning.
  165. Fix your game
  166. [suggestion] [request]
  167. Negative XP bug
  168. [Feedback] SASG-12 - Not good at anything
  169. [Suggestion] PVP Suppressed Weapons
  170. Can we get more club challenges for GW
  171. "Show Me What You Got"
  172. 1 V 1 or clan BATTLE thread (PS4)
  173. There needs to be 8v8 PvP or else population will drop
  174. Quarry map wasted building
  175. suggestion and feedback : thermal only used on scout class
  176. {Seeking Gamer Feedback Poll} Thermal
  177. [FEEDBACK] medic drone
  178. Player out of bounds of Deforestation
  179. [FEEDBACK] Separate matchmaking till level 5 or one hour in pvp
  180. [Feedback] [Suggestion] Marker Transparency
  181. Low Details mode in PvP rework needed I believe.
  182. FEEDBACK: New mode focus on long-form play
  183. [FEEDBACK] [SUGGESTION] Bugs and Automark issues + more
  184. Custom lobby question?
  185. Please Add
  186. Why people are leaving this game.
  187. PVP w/ Air and Ground vehicles????? 4v4v4v4 mode???
  188. [Feedback] Quality of Life
  189. New Areas
  190. New cowards tactic...
  191. Guns don't work.
  192. Drones....
  193. Costumes across classes, second attempt.
  194. [FEEDBACK] M4A1 needs a scope and suppressor
  195. Practical Customization and Game Play Improvement Suggestions
  196. [ Suggestion ] Communication when down
  197. [Suggestion] XP for destroying jammer
  198. Just give up....
  199. Ghost War: You CAN have...
  200. This Game is awesome, ignore the haters
  201. I understand why people complain now.....
  202. Hand guns need a boost
  203. [FEEDBACK] AUTOMARK OFF bug (Video inside)
  204. [Feedback] Ghost War pvp
  205. [Feedback] BUGS! Call pest control!
  206. [SUGGESTION] Mentor Class Ghost. Deploys a rebel AI onto the map.
  207. [SUGGESTION] weapon attachments
  208. Ps4 Ghostwarleague.com
  209. [FEEDBACK][VIDEO] Diversionist with Thermal Drone is OP
  210. [FEEDBACK] Footsteps
  211. Bug while shooting
  212. When can we use Prestige Credits to permanently unlock classes?
  213. Do we really need pinging location? Or is it just a distraction? [FEEDBACK]
  214. Turn off third person aiming
  215. [SUGGESTION] Quit to desktop for Ghost War
  216. Need to trackdown teamkiller
  217. [SUGGESTION] More of an idea to see what people think concerning Tech:
  218. [FEEDBACK] Grenades
  219. Keep getting booted from game
  220. Medic Drone questions
  221. [feedback] vector .45 acp
  222. [SUGGESTION]Can we have PVP's headshot sound in PVE too?
  223. PRESTIGE: Question @ Ubisoft
  224. 2 separate BUGS to be addressed by UBISOFT!!
  225. UBI can we get a way for 5 to join a match or allow switching teams?
  226. GhostWarLeague.com introduces new 4v4 King of the Mill ladder
  227. Prestige
  228. Címon Mannn
  229. VIP Extraction
  230. So tonight
  231. How about a class-based respawn mode?
  232. Parts for weapons
  233. 2 questions
  234. I'm still relaunching game when I exit ghost war
  235. Problems with knife attack
  236. [SUGGESTION] End of match draw
  237. [SUGGESTION] More points for kills - drone points vary
  238. (FEEDBACK) Mortar Drones
  239. [feedback][suggestion] implement a lobby system
  240. [BUG] Kill Count Incorrect At The End of Round
  241. XP issue?
  242. [Feedback] This needs FIXED!
  243. Another 2 bugs today. Ubisoft!!!
  244. [FEEDBACK][POLL] Bring Melee Back from Beta
  245. 2 Patches in November!
  246. If you could make your own class, what would it be?
  247. HACKS!!??!! being reported for being good??
  248. [FEEDBACK] Resetting Classes after Prestige is for the birds.
  249. [FEEDBACK] Explosive kills after the round ends!
  250. My wish as a long TPS player