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  1. Activate goats
  2. [Question] Ghost HQ APP accessible from Mac?
  3. Task Force Network
  4. Caveira would be awesome in Ghost War.
  5. Not getting Supplies from convoys
  6. Xim4 in Ghost War?
  7. What might've caused this? [Video]
  8. (FeedBack) (Suggestion)
  9. Right bumber menu drop down
  10. Stats count in custom matches
  11. [BUG][PS4]Gun jam
  12. Show your best recordings in Ghost War
  13. Few questions
  14. Graphic Settings (PC)
  15. New Scout Class Idea
  16. [SUGGESTION] Diversionist
  17. Remove Mirror Mark
  18. [Bug] Medic Drone Revive Loss of Ping [PC]
  19. [SUGGESTION] Customization
  20. Suggestion: Option for auto-mark off in menu.
  21. Can someone please help??
  22. Hostage Rescue is in next update!
  23. [SUGGESTION] Please get rid of chemtrail for short-range arrows.
  24. Ghost Profile Question
  25. [Suggestion] Division for teams
  26. multiclass
  27. BUG PDR Extended mag
  28. [QUESTION][PS4] Loading for Match after choosing classes
  29. [SUGGESTION] [WEAPONS] New Sniper Class/Adjustment Ideas
  30. [SUGGESTION] Getting Shot/Suppression Adjustment
  31. Thanks for the ride, but it's over.
  32. Suggestion: Kill House/gun range?
  33. Feedback/suggestions: PvP: Race mode
  34. I bought PATHFINDER for crossbow Why is it denied me in regular play where I play
  35. Mk17
  36. [Suggestion] Spawn locations
  37. What type of rules is your custom lobby?
  38. Pathfinder's immunity to mines need to go away.
  39. [SUGGESTION] [URBAN INCURSION] [WAREHOUSE] Remove/Change these maps!
  40. Assasin with something else than a gun as second weapon?
  41. [FEEDBACK] Calling it wuits
  42. Bug or intended? Radio tower rend completely useless by Tank
  43. [MATCHMAKING] [BUG] massive wait times with high activity
  44. Number of Drones Vs Tech
  45. [BUG] Rank down from winning
  46. Predator - What Would You Do?
  47. [SUGGESTION] Recruit/Multiclass
  48. Yes/No to Medic Drone.
  49. Ranked Mode and Game Fixes
  50. Thanks Predator... and all other gimmicks. I'm out!
  51. [Suggestion] New Support Class "HiJacker"
  52. CASE STUDY: Our goal is to keep the slower paced, tactical feel.
  53. For gods sake just give us team deathmatch!
  54. [Suggestion] EOD
  55. [Suggestion] Undo Jammer Changes to improve PvP
  56. Kicked by EAC!
  57. New Support Operator
  58. GhostWarLeague.com Season 02 Pro Ladder/Tournament registration begins January 20th
  59. Drones hurt the quality of the game
  60. Still no info on Extended ops?
  61. What do you think is more op?
  62. [Suggestion] To improve Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP
  63. Penalty too severe
  64. PS4- personal best- 2k score medic
  65. PS4- personal best- 2k score medic
  66. [SUGGESTION] Random Custom Matches
  67. Ghost War Pass not working
  68. Double XP Event
  69. Suggested temporary fixes that can hopefully be implemented in the next patch
  70. [SUGGESTION] Medic
  71. [SUGGESTION] Sniper
  72. [SUGGESTION]What Predator should be without battle rage
  73. January 2018?
  74. [SUGGESTION] In the main game
  75. [Suggestion] Mortar Strikes should clear Mines
  76. [Suggestion] Give us a mode with respawning enabled?
  77. [SUGGESTION] Fix the M16, that’s how you should nerf predator
  78. - MAPS NOT SNIPER FRIENDLY - Attn Ubisoft
  79. (suggestion) more tactical equipments/gears (2)
  80. UBISOFT whats happening with c4???
  81. Over the Shoulder/ADS Idea
  82. Update 3
  83. Soooooo.. Battle Crates eh Mods?!?
  84. Dead bodies teleport
  85. Binoculars issue
  86. time to wait?!
  88. [SUGGESTION] Ghost War Tournaments ESL
  89. Ghost War Gameplay Suggestions
  90. [Feedback] Hardcore with no drones or limited drones
  91. can not play ghost war
  92. Ranked ?
  93. Special stand alone version Ghost War?
  94. Is this cheating? --> very rapid fire
  95. A brief list of suggestion to the game balance
  96. thoughts on pvp
  97. Something needs to be done about glitching on to the roof
  98. [Feedback] [Suggestion] Mines placed on elevation or stairs
  99. when is it update 3?
  100. Group option
  101. Would you consider the ghost app cheating?
  102. Battle Crates concern
  103. [BUG] Artillery Zone
  104. [SUGGESTION] Weapon Paint
  105. (BUG) Tech.
  106. [SUGGESTION][MATCH TYPES] Breach, Mixmatch
  107. [FEEDBACK] [Communications] Additions to Communications wheel
  108. [SUGGESTION]4v4v4v4?
  109. Prestige credits.
  110. [BUG] Players stuck when revive a teammate and medic drone (Video)
  111. Can we get a skip map option?
  112. [SUGGESTION] Adjustment To Getting Shot
  113. Drones are garbage
  114. Finally a use for Prestige Points!
  115. Please fix
  116. {BUG} another new mine glitch
  117. Fears for hostage mode
  118. Is this game/community for ******s? Or sh1tbags?
  119. Extend Ops Trailer
  120. Extended Ops Patch Notes - Pred has been adjusted
  121. Lagswitching?
  122. Least favorite map
  123. [SUGGESTION] Terrorist Hunt Mode
  124. Least favorite class and favorite class
  125. Wake up Ubisoft, stop listening to the babies
  126. What time does update 3 drop?
  127. (Clarification) Ranked Matches.
  128. Where are new weapon attachments ????
  129. Unlocking weapons
  130. Update available
  131. Grenades and Flashbangs
  132. New update patch notes
  133. What's the duration of extraction rounds?
  134. Undocumented Patch Note Changes
  135. Battle crates
  136. Update Question?
  137. Free Battle Crate Not Available
  138. [suggestion] new game type is great
  139. I'll say the same myself, Tanks for the ride Ubisoft.
  140. BUYER BEWARE: Battle Crates
  141. Let us play extraction
  142. Uplay VS Steam
  143. Drone wars continue...
  144. Remind us again what our Prestige Points are for?
  145. [SUGGESTION] Map Vote & Game Mode Vote
  146. [FEEDBACK] Compass azimuth location
  147. 3 vs 4 in ranked?
  148. [Suggestion] give disruptor old tech ability passively
  149. Icon section?
  150. [Suggestion] New Support class [Drone Counter Class]
  151. Skilled Players are still performing very well with the Predator (Video)
  152. Can we remove extraction from the game modes?
  153. [Feedback] Medic Drone time before reveal
  154. What are your top 3 favorite weapons so far and why?
  155. Please fix the rambo melee in this game, it's getting ridiculous
  156. [SUGGESTION] Hostage behavior
  157. [SUGGESTION] UBI please use this for the mines in the next update
  158. Why ps4 havn't 30% discount?
  159. [SUGGESTION] Rework the Battle Crate system within one week
  160. (Suggestion) "Extened Op's FUBAR's Attentin UbiKeeba pls.
  161. [BUG] grenades through boarded up windows
  162. Matchmaking Ranked problems
  163. Ubisoft check this out, Ranger has “battle rage” #cheaters (video link attached)
  164. [FEEDBACK] Extraction
  165. [SUGGESTION] HVT Notification
  166. What's my rank?
  167. @ubisoft spawn rotation
  168. [FEEDBACK] Extraction - Attackers Spawns
  169. [SUGGESTION] Extraction!
  170. Custom - major bug
  171. [BUG] Scrapyard Yellow Roof
  172. Custom - Still no "single team" possibility
  173. [suggestion]extraction mode - roles switch
  174. Bring Respawn and stop being CSGO/R6 siege
  175. (Suggestion) New game modes with Hostage Rescue maps
  176. [SUGGESTION] Tactical Whiteboard
  177. Legendary crate
  178. Jungle base
  179. Icon Costume questions
  180. [FEEDBACK][Pathfinder] A little too much
  181. Sub Factory Terrain Bugs (in tunnel)
  182. Tired
  183. Extended Ops
  184. [SUGGESTION] Ghost War Conflict mode
  185. Customization Ideas
  186. More Immersion
  187. Ghost War Tactics
  188. Prestige points
  189. DEVS. I am tired of playing 1v4
  190. Fix the MK-17
  191. [SUGGESTION] Ranked Season Rewards
  192. Tech's jammer /all class guns
  193. GRW Sale on PSN
  194. Extraction: bug or as intended?
  195. [Suggestion] ONLY FIRST PERSON MODE
  196. Suggestion - Siege
  197. [FEEDBACK] Tech Jammer + Mortar Drone
  198. (Feedback) Ghost war
  199. [Suggestion][WildAnimals] Addition of Bears, Cougars, etc
  200. Ghost Recon PVP Cheats
  201. More Recon
  202. Loading time?
  203. GRN STILL in maintenance?
  204. [SUGGESTION] Smoke / Sensor grenades?
  205. [FEEDBACK] Can't change scope on tech class
  206. Ghost Recon ----- 2 ?
  207. Known Bugs
  208. If UBI really wants to sell their cosmetics items.
  209. Respawn PvP Game Mode
  210. Matchmaking is still garbage.
  211. Sniper question on PvP
  212. Aim sensitivity still sucks but there's time for loot crates and the Predator?
  213. Extraction - Round Scores
  214. [BUG] Not all issues have been addressed
  215. Moving the uplink point
  216. Ubisoft you guys have to listen
  217. You want us to buy cosmetics/lootboxes?
  218. Mode for Consideration: Ambush
  219. Hacking
  220. The MM is absolutely destroying the game
  221. [SUGGESTION][PS4]Fix task force name display
  222. http://www.madnibaba.com/istikhara/istikhara-for-love/
  223. Make 8v8 or 16v16
  224. [Suggestion] "Blackout" Mode: x1 Week Event All Nightime Maps + Heavy Weather.
  225. [Feedback] Since patch I have suffered more disconnections on XBOX
  226. [BUG] No adrenaline rush on teammate suicide
  227. [BUG] Is Tank diverting Recon Tower Intel intentional?
  228. Glitch on the Institute map
  229. Open world Free for all Please
  230. [BUG] [GRN] Ranked Stats
  231. Battle Crates Item List
  232. Diversionist thought
  233. Ghost War Game Modes "Uplink" and "Extraction" Revamp Suggestions. PLEASE CONSIDER!
  234. [BUG] Medic Drone Full Health Revive
  235. End of season Shafting
  236. Ranked Mode End of Season Reward ***FAILED ??***
  237. Next Season Start Date: Different Dates for Different Players...??
  238. [FEEDBACK]Ubi tested several modes?
  239. Icon Skinz
  240. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION] PVP and PVE suggestion summary from Reddit
  241. [FEEDBACK] Season Rewards | I Don't Need Boosters @ Prestige 10
  242. End of the season clarification
  243. [Suggestions] Making Ghost War more...
  244. [SUGGESTION] Idea for new mode "Black Box"
  245. [BUG] Both teams start at same position (Video) PS4
  246. [SUGGESTION] 5v5 the dream team
  247. Marketing Suggestion: Make Ghost War a Free Standalone Game
  248. [Suggestion] Revamp End of Season Rewards
  249. What if the diversionist.....
  250. [Suggestion] undo medic drone detection time or nerf guns and add extra health