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  2. Received Email but no Key??
  3. Classified Final Measure defuse issue
  4. Got mail of selection PTS 1.8, but not key on my ubi account...
  5. Can i get a invite
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  7. Some Commendations are not account wide
  8. Broadway Emporiam Frame Dropping
  9. D-Tech from Dark Zone (D-Tech) Crates
  10. drones and SHD in the air (resistance)
  11. Drone stucks in the container box
  12. Resistance bug with boss ending
  13. Devilís doesnt work
  14. Underground Elevator Bug
  15. in Terminal Recalibration Station UI issue
  16. bug video
  17. Do something with support station healing bug, its 1 sec dibuff do 0.8 sec
  18. Tactician 4/6 piece bonus resets when fast travelling
  19. Carrier
  20. Rogue 2.0 Proximity Bug
  21. Weapon Talent: Talented kills with skills (turret, seeker, sticky bomb)
  22. Resistance, bugs and suggestions
  23. Invisible barriers
  24. Commendations: wrong/missing text in objective 'Combat / You Hunt me I Hunt You'
  25. Commendations: missing text in objective 'Underground / Penalty Killer'
  26. Commendations: misleading text in Objective 'Underground / Objectively Experienced'
  27. Commendations: Name of the reward patch for 'Underground / Weekly Warrior'
  28. Commendations: Naming inconsistencies for the different GE commendations
  29. Commendations: 2 commendations got undone in Outbreak - Requirements changed
  30. Character Synchronisation with TD Servers?
  31. خطاء
  32. Ambush Pulse turret damage bug
  33. Not able to finish WSP Alert because of leaving NPC's
  34. 6 piece Reclaimer bonus : 40% Support Station revive speed
  35. Gorilla Gaming: PTS 1.8 Console Bug Report Log
  36. congested Passage
  37. Graphics Issue
  38. dates wrongs...
  39. Broken WSP restock box
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  41. Unable to finish Resistence
  42. D3 FNC Sprint Bug
  43. Predator bleed not procing
  44. D3-FNC issue number 2
  45. 6 piece Tactician calssified stack issues when swapping gear pieces
  46. 6 piece classified Tactician - strange skill stack behaviour
  47. Underground 2nd Hunter disappear when killing 1st Hunter outside battle area
  48. Can't Access Camp Clinton
  49. Commendations: missing condition and errors in playlist 'Strike / Call Security!'
  50. Underground: Hunters are immune to Directive 'Shock Ammo' + Fire Turrets
  51. Resistance:Carrier, Gate opened for leader but not team member
  52. Piers North 56th Street NPCs stay in room
  53. Piers North Final Drone stays in Shipping Container (DivTec drops above ground)
  54. Bug - Floating Loot
  55. Bug - NPCs Switching Characters
  56. Underground - Movement slowness after killing 2 hunts
  57. Bug report - mostly resistance
  58. Delta errors & more
  59. Few 1.8 pts bugs
  60. Tactician 60% Stack remains after removing 6th and 5th piece
  61. Bug Report: Survival 17th Street East Police Station
  62. Glitch
  63. Hunters faith 4 piece talent not procing
  64. Wildfire not proving with firecrest bullets?
  65. playlist of every glitch I've found in the division that will be updated
  66. difference in skirmish score
  68. Why do our toughness and dps get reduced when playing underground
  69. Ps4 pts
  70. Extremely slow cooldown on recovery link