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  1. Serious Assistance Discussion.
  2. Off Topic: PETA
  3. voice commands
  4. Off Topic: Kenny Glen Hate Club
  5. Which joystick?
  6. assistance off is fine as it is
  7. Off Topic: FIFA
  8. Live with no radar?
  9. Things that can be improved from a pilots perspective
  10. Will my pc be able to run the game?
  12. The Flight Deck, Cool place. Now new video links!
  13. It's a Great GAME!!!!!
  14. Shadow Company wants you! *points finger dramatically*
  15. Demo bug maybe? (machine gun related)
  16. _sK2 Special K ... Recruiting Pilots for TWL!!!
  19. Developers
  20. when do we get code? for bonus plane??
  21. assit mode off
  22. PC: Keyboard or joystick???
  23. Multiplayer
  25. Knights Europa Gaming Community
  26. Just want say thank's for PC Version
  27. Tech question to the Devs - Will PS3 have Anti Aliasing?
  28. Official:Give us cockpit view with assistance off
  29. What are these custom squadrons?
  30. Just a quick question
  31. Assistance off mode.
  32. Joysticks
  33. Pre-Order planes and VIP Program
  34. Seems like UBI ****ed off their customers
  35. What are the Perks?
  36. I see they took down the part of their blog about the blimp cam
  37. A list of must do corrections - reasonable and essential.
  38. radar in off mode??
  39. POLL: PC users- How will you play HAWX?
  40. Opening cut scene
  42. Need help downloading HAWX
  43. Ace Edge FlightStick
  44. Hawx on PC - Using The Mouse
  45. Helmet
  46. How do you think the H.A.W.X campaign will end?
  47. Bad News
  48. Assistance Off Idea
  49. A public serivce announcement from your president
  50. registing
  52. 1st. person view a.k.a. the HUD
  53. VIP
  54. pre-order poll
  55. F-16 RampStart notes
  56. Hilarious
  57. The F-22 No More?
  58. Exclusive pre-order planes
  59. {งยง}13 Years Strong Now Recruiting for HAWX PC !
  60. Ubisoft, Thank you.
  61. do you think the final release will have a locked framerate? (360 or PS3?)
  62. Ever hear of Operation Red Flag?
  63. avatar
  64. North America peeps...(ps3 players only!)
  65. How do you do this
  66. So why are the EF-111A Raven and the EA-6B Prowler in the game?
  67. Assistance off camera mode. :(
  68. Cockpit HUD elements
  69. Just wanted to say...
  70. Keyboard and Mouse Control setup for PC
  71. My opinion on HAWX
  72. aircraft
  73. Which One Would You Be???
  74. Certified AC6 Ace in search of squadron to call home.
  75. Chat and voice chat
  76. too easly for extreme mode?
  77. Voice commands
  78. What do you think?????
  80. How many times have you played Operation Glass Hammer on the demo now?
  81. Afterburner always on?
  82. Xbox Social Club
  83. Political Compass
  84. No Camera ZOOM is the Main Problem
  85. The future of Games discussion
  86. Calling all ITSU/ITUU Writers Guns_of_Fredom wants you(uncle sam pic)
  87. Future Aircraft?
  88. Unlock planes
  89. Special Unlocks?
  90. windows live
  91. Problems Entering Contest?
  92. Xbox Live?
  93. OFF topic:Calling all RA3 players
  94. acheivments
  95. out 26rh Feb or 6th march - Uk
  96. Name Ideas for 'clan' on H.A.W.X. I might be making?
  97. Wii Hawx
  98. HAWX Multiplayer planes question
  99. Flight Stick or Xbox controller?
  100. What is user createable content?
  102. F22
  103. Off topic: Need a little help with xbox live.
  104. 3 Best Buys and 4 Gamestops & no PC pre-orders?
  105. joystick question
  106. pre order bonus plans
  107. All pre order planes
  108. Faceplate outside of Europe
  109. Future Downloadable Content - Planes
  110. PC, Xbox 360 or PS3
  111. Competition
  112. HAWX Geoeye Video
  113. PC Squadron?
  114. Steam and Unlocks
  115. Golden Planes
  116. Achievements and Trophy's revealed!!
  117. i need some help
  118. Zombi mode
  119. New Video GEO EYE
  120. HAWX Moddable?
  121. Hawx Execution mode
  122. All Aussies: EBGames Australia: Plane Unlock
  123. multi platform in multiplayer
  124. Where to download DEMO
  125. Trivial Experience Claims
  126. Q.R.A.T.R.Sq.
  127. Pedals - Rudder Steering with Flightstick?
  128. PC demo delayed to Feb 27th ?
  129. Clans?
  130. The most advanced plane should have been implemented.
  131. live Q&A with the dev team?
  132. {SAS} Clan
  133. Off Topic: Need some REAL help..
  134. Where could I get the flight stick
  135. Xbox 360 Controller
  136. Help Me!
  137. Forgive me if this seems too much of a rant, but this game needs work.
  138. hawx basher
  139. This game needs more work. Please delay it Ubisoft! Don't let it fail!
  140. Farewell
  141. So HAWX is pulling A Fable 2 on us is it? Regarding Pre-Order bonuses.
  142. Am i the only one ?
  143. Extreme Manoeuvres
  144. European PS Store Update
  145. Confused
  146. will the game have mid-air refueling?
  148. New HAWX Preview from GamerZine Magazine
  149. The forum isn't alone in hating the Assistance Off camera.
  150. Demo Launch Times?
  151. How do I change my camera view in Assistance-Off? Xbox360 Demo.
  152. can u take off and land the planes???
  153. VTOL/Hover mode?
  154. Air collisions do NOTHING. You pass straight through the enemy.
  155. From what ive seen
  156. Games better than hawx Physics wise.
  157. Who Wants to start a xbox 360 F35 clan?
  158. Whilst waiting for the PC demo ... HAWX widget ...
  159. cant wait
  160. Hawx Website Down: Updating?
  161. Whats's so great about Hawx?
  162. Video Output?
  163. Tom Clancy's HAWX music
  164. Ubisoft and industry versus PC
  165. PS3 Default Resolution Problem
  166. PC Users: Do you still plan on buying the game? *Even after the demo delay*
  167. Callsign
  168. HAWX Multiplayer Trailer
  169. Give HAWX a chance!
  170. How do we communicate online?
  171. PSN Online not working?
  172. Framerate Issues
  173. Pre-order planes?
  174. VIP Planes on PC
  175. New GAMESPOT Multiplayer Preview
  176. My impressions of HAWX Demo w/ Joystick control
  177. Just one question
  178. What are the chances UBIsoft will delay the offical release of the PC Game?
  179. Ranking System????
  180. Back After Boat Qual USN
  181. Video of new maps Tokyo and L.A. in team deathmatch.
  182. Fail
  183. Do you think Ubisoft realises the fail?
  184. Cockpit views?
  185. ps3 demo is studdering at cetain points.anyone else having this problem?
  186. Assistance off camera?
  187. Sixaxis Flying (PS3)
  188. IncGamers Article (Hands-On)
  189. The PC version of HAWX
  190. PC keyboard commands
  191. My PS3 Demo Review
  192. Look
  193. Where is the subtitle option?
  194. Earphone on the full game - PS3
  195. Well, this sucks. (2 things)
  196. To all who say its just a game
  197. promblem, can't find online game / PS3
  198. DEMO RANKS??????????
  199. So who is still looking forward?
  200. F A I L ?...or not?
  201. Help me choose controller: PS2 gamepad or joystick?
  202. Strange AI movements
  203. Opus HAWX
  204. Video Uploads on HAWX
  205. Game menu
  206. ace combat, hawx, or over-g fighters
  207. PS3 demo Co op
  208. HAWX On X-Play TONIGHT!
  209. What kind of online game types are there?
  210. HAWX Top Ten Xbox Live + 1 Million Downloads
  212. Pre-order demo codes??
  213. Bluetooth
  214. The speeds of the plane are not messed up...
  215. Hmm....
  216. PS3 and 360 Demo Comparison? Which version do I get?
  217. Game is fun, i dont understand the issue
  218. Multiplayer Ranks
  219. IGN HAWX Multiplayer preview
  220. Your personal guide to using Assistance off! (Demo)
  221. Where can i download the PS3 demo
  222. Think your computer has what it takes to run this game?
  223. Ribbon Squadron
  224. 77th V-TFS
  225. Reclamation Fanfic
  226. Assistance mode OFF Camera
  227. Z.E.U.S. Training SQ Name Poll
  228. HAWX Impressions
  229. Hawx/Ghost recon/Endwar online multiplayer crossover
  230. Lol, you cant fail in the demo
  231. 1st person view drifting
  232. Stop the negative comments... it's only a demo!
  233. i wanna be a Vip, when does the game come out?
  234. What's the coolest clan name you can come up with?
  235. Aerobatic maneuvers
  236. OPTIONS: Asisstance: ON, OFF
  237. DRM or no DRM?
  238. Man builds his own F-35
  239. IGN Multiplayer Gameplay Video and GeoEye Video
  240. Full list of HAWX planes
  241. Can you use assistance off mode in competitive multiplayer?
  242. Developer Blog Down
  243. Assitance off in HUD Mode?
  244. Anyone willing to help a squadron out of kindness? :)
  245. pre-order question?
  246. Just played the demo
  247. Like HAWX or Not?
  248. New Member
  249. Hawx Demo
  250. Callsigns