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  1. Pts - pc - delta
  2. Weapon swap speed bonus /w Heel & Devil does not work
  3. USA wont give me the Download PTS when hitting play
  4. Forum Rules
  5. PTS - PC - Commendations and armor dps number
  6. Delta
  7. Second door of new base didn't open
  8. Classified D3 set bonuses are bugged
  9. Cant heal while ADSing?
  10. Endless Optimization glitch?
  11. Finaly i entered pts and than ???
  12. Gear score calculation bug?
  13. Delta
  14. Stop pairing me with RU/UA players and their high ping
  15. Rogue key binding
  16. What's the deal with 4pc Hunter's Faith
  17. skillpower and shield health whats going on?
  18. Tactical link doesn't work properly
  19. Recovery link doesn't work properly
  20. Delta
  21. Ninja bag now works for Classified Gear up to 3 pieces
  22. Classified D3 Bug - Damage Resilience
  23. PTS 1.8 underground and 4th character in erternal "Position in Queue 45"
  24. PTS - Installing issue, attempted copy of live client...
  25. Possible Bug in Piers North sewers
  26. Smartcover "Recharger" still broken on PTS 1.8
  27. dragon breath skill stop being deployed in some area of new pier area.
  28. Possible Loot Cave situation outside Camp Clinton
  29. Devil (& Heel?) Reload Animation Bug
  30. D3 Classified Bug - Shield Health/Skillpower
  31. Caracter stuck in underground ?
  32. UG queue takes too long to get in
  33. Max Optimized Gear and Armor Value
  34. Double reload animation when using a skill during reload
  35. mask opitmization
  36. Path Of Nomad Bug
  37. Rav Club Audio Bug
  38. No enemy spawning
  39. Hunter's Faith Bugs
  40. Hunters Faith RPM Restriction
  41. Shady mask not unlocking (Ferro's Mask doesn't show as "unlocked")
  42. fire power bug
  43. Rewards from ESP Caches
  44. recalibration out of screen
  45. Path Of Nomad Bug
  46. Small fence issue
  47. Classified Lone Star Berserker Proc Rate Bugged/Nerfed
  48. Weapon damage on gloves switched to differen weapon type.
  49. Big Alejandro - Indefinite Buff
  50. Camp Clinton closed
  51. Devil and Heel 3rd Talent
  52. WSP Assignments
  53. Sealed Cache found in Westside pier...
  54. Massive Bugs within Recalibration/Upgrade Stations
  55. Nomad 6 piece BUG
  56. "The House" talent can be manipulated (in your favour)
  57. Game Breaking Optimization Bug
  58. Manhunt inside a safehouse bug
  59. AlphaBridge - Free Weapon Talent Not Showing?
  60. Optimization "Complete" Not Flagging on Masks
  61. WSP Combat assignment showing up in the wrong district
  62. Shield damage mods no longer work on PTS
  63. Sidearm kills don't count for WSP sidearm kill assignment
  64. 6 piece nomad talent stuck
  65. Manhunt Feature Bugs
  66. Agent Jumps onto Cover Instead of Throwing Grenade
  67. 1.8 PTR; List of bugs found thus far...
  68. Big Alejandro "Cover Shooter"
  69. Stuttering 99+ disk Usage WHAT ?
  70. Nomad and tactician bug
  71. Predators Mark stack-counter not present in shooting range
  72. Skirmish
  73. Groups 'Bugging Out" After Achieving Manhunt Status
  74. All enemy NPC vanished after 10 minutes.
  75. Camp Clinton Safe Room
  76. Optimization Station bug
  77. NPC fire from the outside off the Wall (Street) in Disco
  78. You can "un-optimize" gear
  79. Character selecting screen error
  80. Hudson Refugee camp graphical glitch with Exotic Devil
  81. Sticky bomb, No damage!
  82. Classified hunter's faith backpack skin bug
  83. 1.8 PTS unvaultable section of railing
  84. Optimization Station bug with masks
  85. Predatory doesn't proc in Skirmish
  86. All DPS show a .0 behind them, dont need the decimal place even if it worked
  87. 1.8 PTS - Combat Assignment in Flatiron District
  88. Classified Nomad backpack error
  89. NPC spawns in wall West Side Piers
  90. FLAGGED Rogue without choosing on 1.8 PTS
  91. Sound bug
  92. Matchmaking issue's with Skirmish
  93. Critical hit chance does not add up correctly.
  94. Waste of nomad in skirmish
  95. WSP north underground tunnel glitch
  96. Recalibration Station in Terminal Prematurely Active
  97. Weapon talent for "The House" not working properly
  98. I cannot play Resistance!
  99. Uplay PTS STILL needs full install
  100. Tactician 6 Piece Signature Skill Bug
  101. Hunters Faith
  102. What's up with my shoes?
  103. Broke Warrengate with 5pc Tac build
  104. Resistance Unavailable if Unknown Signal isn't Completed
  105. You're the last agent standing (Resistance bug)
  106. Game breaking 1.8 bug.
  107. Resistance - npcs spawning glitchy
  108. Resistance waves end and stuck in carrier.
  109. Carrier Turret not working / seems confused
  110. Doors to Carrier second area bug out after a failure.
  111. WSP - restock box doesn't work and gear drop bug
  112. Kinetic Armor directive not working as intended?
  113. A list of bugs I've found in The Resistance
  114. Resistance - shield boss weak spot doesn't work
  115. Classified Reclaimer backpack clipping issues
  116. Stopping and saving a video of gameplay with Nvidia Shadowplay overlay crashes game.
  117. Close but no cigar - SHD Tokens Annoyance
  118. LZ Cleaners now have X-Ray Vision on West 46th Street / 10th Avenue
  119. BSOD during Resistance Underground
  120. Trial period ended or is it that PTS has ended?
  121. Resistance/ Pier Bug List
  122. Pier 93 Barge Cover Movement Block
  123. Covert Ambush penalty does not apply to "Cover to Cover" movment
  124. Unreachable resistance SHD drop
  125. Stuck Drone on Powerhouse Resistance
  126. UI alignment issue opening some caches
  127. Repairing Turrets etc in Resistance - Cost Calculation Bug
  128. Carrier Resistance - Ammo / Medkit / Frag Grenades Exploit
  129. resistance - when you're downed you die automatically
  130. A lot of Commendations are still not tracked between different characters
  131. power relay mission
  132. 1.7 onwards audio issues.
  133. Cover removed in 1.8
  134. Assault GE - Issue with in-combat state
  135. Beefalo's Bugs
  136. Underground Bug Report (Mostly)
  137. Character not syncing with live
  138. D3-FNC - Bug
  139. Armor value overlaps optimization emblem when reaching >2.000
  140. Bug door in camp
  141. Unable to play that stood in the Underground Last PTS
  142. Main menu issue with character
  143. Some PTS3 Bugs
  144. 5 Grenades
  145. minor bug: ammo crate not accessible
  146. Optimization and Green item in WSP Cache PTS3
  147. 1.8 PTS Underground bug
  148. Logg in with my PTS Char not go at yesterday Phase 3 Update
  149. Cannot reload with hold to sprint
  150. Caracter bug in PTS
  151. Back to 1.7.1 after Sever update. No 1.8 content.
  152. Mini map and displayed info buggy in underground
  153. Defiler Not Optimizing
  154. Rehabilitated talent bug
  155. Queens Tunnel Bug (Rope Bug)
  156. Infinite loading screen/character not visible/gone in character menu PTS
  157. Bug - In Resistance my Pulse Turret does no damage to drones
  158. Classified Items and Rainbow 6 Commendation
  159. New Gear Score calculation inconsitencies
  160. Can't go down the rope in Queens Tunnel Mission
  161. Tom Clancy's The Division PTS