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  1. Suggestion Optimization station
  2. Forum Rules
  3. Feedback Rouge 2.0 SUCKS
  4. Feedback Healing skill disabled while aiming down sights
  5. Suggestion Inventory UI while waiting for next matchmaking in skirmish/last stand...
  6. No asian console pts? Again?
  7. Status of WSP combat assignments not being saved after a log out.
  8. LZ Supply Drop
  9. Suggestion West Side Piers: loot drop vs ammo drop
  10. Feedback General
  11. WSP cache rewards
  12. Question PC PTS Server Down?
  13. Feedback new exotics are ridiculous especially the LMG and other pain points
  14. NPCs in Camp Clinton
  15. Feedback The D3-FNC shield health cap is way too low
  16. The new firecrest feedback.
  17. how to test the new exotics
  18. Feedback Optimization Station
  19. Feedback To much loot from WSP
  20. Feedback Grenade Spam
  21. D3-FNC and Nomad feedback
  22. 1.8 pts
  23. Feedback Manhunt 2.0
  24. Thompson and Tommy talent change
  25. Feedback WSP spawning system
  26. Something kind of odd
  27. Suggestion Field Proficiency Caches should drop Division Tech too
  28. Why wasn't any change to burst fire rifles?
  29. My general feedback/suggestions after a day of the PTS (PvE only)
  30. 1.8 PTS thoughts and ideas on PvP related things
  31. Question 1.8 phase 1 Patch Notes ?
  32. Feedback Different coloured classified gear.
  33. Feedback Predator's Mark Classified Gear Set
  34. Feedback Can we have opt out Recalibration / Optimaztion cost like 1.7 PTS ?
  35. Rogue 2.0 Suggestions
  36. Feedback LMG still not good enough and weapon damage for the glove is too low
  37. Suggestion Manhunt should have a minimum timer on first tier
  38. WSP "landmarks"
  39. D-Tech locations on map - WSP
  40. Another wierd door
  41. Suggestion Carefree talent suggestion
  42. Nade spam... needs to be fixed asap!
  43. Feedback WSP - camp mobs spawn area leads to infinite loot
  44. Suggestion seeker-mine
  45. Proposed changes to new ROGUE 2.0 system
  46. Suggestion saving clothes-other sets other clothes
  47. Suggestion better sorting
  48. Something everyone needs to understand about exotics
  49. PvPers are never happy constantly whining because they can't kill the server.
  50. Rogue Stauts manhunt issue
  51. Suggestion Rogue 2.0
  52. Classified D3FNC needs proc icon
  53. Feedback D3 nerfed in PVP
  54. Suggestion WSP Dynamic Spawning & PIO Mission System for the Entire LZ map?
  55. Feedback Smart Cover
  56. The House - Exotic SMG
  57. Feedback Hipfire
  58. Put Caches of Class. Striker, Sentry, Reclaimer, LS, FM, DeadEYE in the 1.8 PTS too!
  59. Feedback D3-FNC's Should be Reworked completely
  60. Add appearances into loadouts
  61. Suggestion Suggestion for Classified Firecrest
  62. Suggestion Division Tech in WSP
  63. suggestion on stam and classy gear set
  64. Feedback General weapon rebalancing suggestions
  65. Legendary Times Suare Sgt. Wilber takes no damage.
  66. Feedback WSP enemy spawning is broken
  67. Suggestion PTS Surveys
  68. A change to how rogues can initiate PvP combat
  69. Need to have a Rangefinder added to the player's HUD...
  70. Radical Idea: Changes to Firearms, Stamina and Electronics/Haste
  71. My thoughts on D3-FNC, as a top-tier d3 player, followed by TheDivisionGame on Twitch
  72. Feedback No HEALING while ADS'ing? NO NO NO!
  73. Monthly Assignment
  74. Suggestion Clinton Park no Contamination?
  75. Suggestion Multiple Optimization Station proposal
  76. QoL suggestion - Adding the ability to join a Division
  77. Feedback My experience so far with PTS 1.8 - week one
  78. Reverse Material Conversion
  79. Feedback WSP - Respawn times a bit to fast.
  80. Question Gear score seems meaningless? (Same 2 items, lower GS is clearly better)
  81. Feedback Bug Report - Cannot Access Port Clinton Safe House, Cannot Report Bugs in Bug Forum
  82. Question Is Gear Optimization killing the Game?
  83. Suggestion Optimization Rework
  84. Feedback R.I.P Shield builds
  85. Feedback Is that the final weapon balance?
  86. Optimisation Station (issues)
  87. Feedback and suggestions on optimization station.
  88. Feedback Skirmish Mode 4on4 Feedback so far
  89. non rogue ff ON
  90. Suggestion: Test this during PTS, it should improve PVP.
  91. Suggestion Ideas to Improve 'Cover Based Shooter'
  92. Question Gamers on PTS: Any Weapon diversity yet?
  93. Suggestion Classifield Normalization in Last Stand And Skirmish
  94. Skirmish Feedback
  95. D3 changed opinion
  96. Question No 4th talent for Alpha Bridge?
  97. Feedback 1.8 PTS #1: My findings
  98. Question When is the first update?
  99. Feedback My impressions on the Skirmish 4v4 mode and Latency is a huge issue with this mode
  100. PTS 1.8 General feedback so far.
  101. Optimization Station does not improve across Tiers
  102. Suggestion No need for 30:1 stamina ratio and other suggestions
  103. Another Rogue 2.0 post offering hopefully good solutions
  104. Make the division turnbased
  105. Suggestion Parts when inventory is full
  106. My feedback for the fisrt week of 1.8
  107. Feedback Hunter's Faith Classified Set
  108. Suggestion Lore Descriptions on Gear Sets
  109. Feedback Adept needed a nerf, but not turned into a borderline useless talent.
  110. Feedback This is what Cipher Keys look like
  111. PvE feedback
  112. Optimization station suggestion.
  113. Suggestion Optimization cost
  114. [Feedback] Shield Builds Need Help
  115. Question buy materials for money
  116. Suggestion Firecrest. True firemaster.
  117. Suggestion Firecrest. True firemaster.
  118. Feedback my 1.8 pts feedback so far
  119. Can we get at least one exotic marksman rifle that is.
  120. Hide HUD... not really, make it HIDE!
  121. The Queue Is killing
  122. Suggestion Add Optimization Station to BoO
  123. Question The Future of Loot Finding?
  124. PTS alive for 4 weeks?
  125. Feedback The House and other SMG
  126. this needs a fixs
  127. Suggestion Skirmish 4v4
  128. Suggestion real exotic gear talents
  129. Manhunt terminals
  130. Character is level 11
  131. The DZ needs to evolve into something more
  132. About the Otimization Station
  133. Rogue 2.0
  134. Endless Spawn - endless loot
  135. Classified Predators Mark 6 pc suggestion.
  136. Question: Skirmish 8v8
  137. Suggestion Classified / Non-Classified Interaction
  138. A thought about gear/weapon normalization for Skirmish / Last Stand
  139. Does Rogue 2.0 encourage the same sneaky play?
  140. something for the solo players.
  141. So Classified Gear is our Future? Then give us more Options!
  142. Question Rogue 2 PTS
  143. WSP too easy
  144. Optimization Station Bugs
  145. Suggestion Skirmish Private Games
  146. Pts 1.8
  147. Suggestion Remove the 1mil hard capped shield HP with the D3-FNC set
  148. I'd like to suggest a tweak to west side piers
  149. I hate how everyones whining is ruining the game. Massive turn back the clock to 1.1
  150. Question New Gear item levels and gear Scores
  151. Why Division-Tech for optimisation ?
  152. Suggestion Buff SMG's AR's LMG's Not nerf PVE
  153. New Commendations for patch 1.8
  154. Suggestion The Future of Mods
  155. Feedback Hunters in Resistance
  156. meat with the potatoes
  157. Nomad the set it was always meant to be
  158. Suggestion It's all about risk and reward
  159. Suggestion SMG Silencer/Suppressor with Crit. Hit Damage
  160. Feedback Flame turret PvP modifier
  161. Pts2
  162. Classified Gear in Underground
  163. Feedback Pulse turret no longer builds Tactician stack?
  164. Changes to Tactician Set are very bad for solo players
  165. Suggestion Underground 1.8 feels good, but there some Things Missing
  166. Resistance & Underground
  167. Shield build still rekt in W2 ? (other than D3)
  168. Sentry classified suggestion 1.8
  169. Feedback What does everyone think of the 6 piece alpha bridge?
  170. Global event tokens for missions
  171. GE credits nerfed on PTS??
  172. Underground Checkpoint
  173. Suggestion for Alpha Bridge Classified 6 piece
  174. Feedback General PTS 2 FeedBack
  175. What's with the Hunters being mini-gods in Resistance?
  176. Suggestion WSP - add a leveling system for characters
  177. Feedback More ammo boxes in resistance
  178. 1.8 Ge and so
  179. Classified Alpha Bridge Feedback
  180. Feedback Resistance: The number of npcs of each wave should be scaled to number of players
  181. [Suggestion] Make Firecrest the flame god it was meant to be
  182. The Hunter on Hunters in Underground
  183. Suggestion We need that Hunters music to be played in UG
  184. Suggestion to alleviate rng on gloves
  185. Suggestion Implement a "Take a break" feature to Resistence
  186. Feedback Discussion on Tactician's 6th-piece talent usefulness
  187. Suggestion SHD Tech in Resistance.
  188. Suggestion Keep Shield builds diversity, here are my suggestions for patch 1.8
  189. Some 1.8 PTS 2 feedback
  190. UNDERground still UNDERwhelming
  191. Question resistance - showroom support station
  192. Feedback nomad class, what do you think? xbox PTS
  193. Feedback 1.8 PTS 2an - Undergound
  194. Feedback PS4 PTS 1.8 Reclaimer 6th piece got changed WHY!!!!!!
  195. PS4 PTS first session impressions
  196. Bags
  197. Classified Gear Sets - either change droprate or let us choose which type drops
  198. 1.8 thoughts
  199. Feedback Ambush modifier
  200. a bit disappointed by 1.8 "rebalance"
  201. Commendations
  202. Suggestion Classified Tactician 6 Piece
  203. Feedback Resistance not working?
  204. Resistance Cache Rewards....
  205. how you do to go rogue on console
  206. Suggestion Devil's Heel suggestion
  207. Question Rogue 2.0 mechanic? Broken? Working?
  208. Cant enter Clinton warehouse or do Skirmish!!!!
  209. 1.8 needs a Buff to its Rewards in Resistance, Underground and the GE Credits
  210. Pts the division 1.8
  211. Feedback PS4 PTS 1.8 The Delay in The Sticky Gone
  212. **Please Update Survival Loot Pool**
  213. Suggestion Change how classifieds look when they drop
  214. Feedback Ballistic shield changes destroying diversity and usefulness.
  215. Feedback Predator 6 piece
  216. Resistance need checkpoint
  217. Get back 6 piece reclaimer rivive buff 40%, with out it its useless
  218. Suggestion PTS 1.8 My thoughts
  219. State of the Game 12th October
  220. Feedback Classified Alphabridge
  221. Only one new commendation for 1.8 ?
  222. Feedback Classified Alphabridge
  223. Feedback Removing cover from a cover based shooter...
  224. Suggestion AR's ballance
  225. Console PTS signup
  226. Global Event Credits, Commendation, Caches Rewards Suggestions
  227. Feedback PTS console feedback
  228. Suggestion Mission Cache
  229. Suggestions for Global Event Credits Change
  230. Suggestion Classified Predator + Normalization Problem
  231. Suggestion reclaimer
  232. More options for Resistance
  233. Suggestion more inventory and stash space
  234. Feedback Time to be killed (TTBK) by Elite NPC in Underground lower than LZ and DZ Elite NPC
  235. slow motion in RESISTANCE
  236. feedback
  237. Feedback 1.8 PTS Xbox Feedback and Suggestions
  238. One Glaring Problem with Resistance
  239. Suggestion replace weekly rewards exotic cache with classified cache
  240. Suggestion Please keep Reclaimer the same as it is in 1.7
  241. Suggestion New Mechanic when reaching crafting material cap
  242. Suggestion Change cost for Directives or drop rate of Directive Intel in The Underground
  243. MY 1.8 PTS Feedback / Bug / Suggestion LIST (will add more)
  244. PTS involvement
  245. Question Healing in The DZ
  246. Suggestion Allow players to unlock advanced starting waves in Resistance
  247. Suggestion Changes to 2PC & 5 PC Firecrest
  248. Feedback Resistance
  249. Classy 6pc Tactician
  250. Feedback Underground feedback - I like it!