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  4. Global Events are offline/Bugged
  5. Recalibration station is still bugged for classified gear items
  6. Getting the same main stat rolls on gear pieces when opening classified gear caches.
  7. Lone star 6-piece bug
  8. Performance issues such as Microstutters/FPS Drops/Stutters
  9. Lots of lag in the game on Ps4
  10. Regular vanity items as rewards from opening encrypted caches from the premium vendor
  11. Premium Vendor (dialogue box bug)
  12. Classified Gear Sets in Last Stand on PS4 PTS
  13. Commendations on PS4 PTS
  14. Last Stand Bug : Classified Gear Sets Main Stats
  15. ⚡Added/ dismantling guns -gears bug⚡
  16. Lone Star Bug 6 piece weapon mod bug.
  17. Mark or unmark item in inventory does not work
  18. Wrong rolls on gear pieces
  19. Bugs iv found
  20. No codes
  21. redeem code expred?
  22. Gear mods show decrease
  23. Mark as favorite greyed out
  24. Retrieve Free Cypher Keys notification keeps displaying
  25. Losing ammo
  26. Last stand UI bug
  27. fast travel after finishing a mission
  28. Stuck on spot after respawn
  29. Headshots sound
  30. Support Station
  31. Using a skill jams your weapon for a short duration.
  32. Ninja Bike backpack is not giving the 6th talent with all 5 classified gear pieces
  33. Re-rolling item stats not working properly
  34. Controller sound volume
  35. Blueprints and mats are not shared across all chars initially
  36. Commendation Score is displaying different values
  37. Final Measure 4th and 6th set bonus not working
  38. Commendations for incomplete sets
  39. Incorrect Stats on Gear Loadouts
  40. Hudson Refugee Camp: Challenging diffuculty mode greyed out when using back
  41. Ballistic shield bug
  42. Support station icon after load out switch
  43. Frame Lag / Performance Issue playing Amherst Apartments GE Mission
  44. Empty Caches
  45. Triage bug
  46. Threat Level 1 - rogue kill notification
  47. Lag issues
  48. New items showing on front page of GUI but not in inventory
  49. Threat Level 2 Marks showing but without effect (2-shot kill mechanic not working)
  50. DeadEYE not 100% crit
  51. Dismantling Classified Gear Set Pieces Do Not Result In Materials
  52. Outbreak Cache
  53. patches
  54. underground experiece when start 1st phase of underground
  55. music not playing
  56. turret in the floor
  57. skills not deployig
  58. Patches not showing
  59. under ground contaminated event. I didnt losse any health
  60. Headmaster Commendation
  61. Global Event Progress won't update
  62. 'Modified' Commendation bug
  63. Buglist
  64. Tactic elektronic
  65. Over heal problems and special
  66. PTS PS4 Day 1/2 Bugs/Test/Findings (will update)
  67. GE credits
  68. Commendations Bug
  69. Lonestar classified no damage glitch/bug
  70. Wrong Key for beta PTS
  71. Commendation question
  72. PS4 PTS Asia (r3)
  73. Code doesn't work
  74. Napalm site contaminated.
  75. Fast traveling from checkpoint to checkpoint
  76. DELTA error C-0-1279 when logging into pts?
  77. [ Bug ] Predatory talent bug don't proc on Turret kills.
  78. My encountered bugs list:
  79. Heal glitch after getting hit with a mortar during falcon lost
  80. Nomad Gear Set Bonus
  81. Intense gun talent
  82. Ninjabag Bugged and not showing up on Tactician
  83. Structural Anomoly DZ 6 Mid Town Music
  84. El recalibrado de la terminal no funciona
  85. Missing gear on a saved loadout
  86. Missing performance mod
  87. Sentry+GE Threat Level 2 not working
  88. Sentry w/ Shotgun marking issue?
  89. Striker and final Measure and Ninja Bike bag not working
  90. Ninja Bike Messanger Bag Broken
  91. no damage contaminated event. 6 piece striker
  92. Immediate death contamination event
  93. Unconscious teammate bug
  94. PS4 PTS Bug Reports & Suggestions
  95. Threat Level 2 marks and Sentry don't always work together
  96. Shooting Range Counts Towards Kills
  97. Cannot place support station
  98. Burning Agents
  99. Invisible Wall in LS - Trump would be jealous
  100. small bug
  101. Commendations Bugs
  102. The Bliss Holster Bug still bugs me
  103. Classified Gear Item is not shown correct after opening a chache (outbreak/bundle)
  104. Copy of builds from 1.6 to 1.7 not correct for recalibrated items
  105. Burning with 100% burn resistance hasn't been fixed on ps4
  106. Loot listing menu bugs
  107. Seeker mines in PvE
  108. Bad Wording: Gold Global Event Caches in Commendation 'Cache Grab!'
  109. Every NPC is currently a cleaner when killed in 10m or less for 'Contagion Zone'
  110. Right trigger
  111. NPC's still shooting before leaving cover
  112. List of Issues Discovered 7/17/2017
  113. Sentry marks not working properly (PTS)
  114. Bugs Seen So Far on 1.7 PTS For PS4
  115. Bugs Reported From PS4 PTS Community
  116. Sets problems in standard game after changing it in PTS version.
  117. sticky hit wheel
  118. 1 grenade kill commendation
  119. performance and frame rate drops
  120. Final Measure commendation
  121. reloading of ammo
  122. Ps4 pts calibration station
  123. Message Text - Insufficient Premium Credit
  124. New Wall Glitch
  125. Fense Glitch Working in 1.6.2 and the 1.7 PTS
  126. Commendation Reward bug
  127. Wont load ?
  128. Commendation Headshot Master
  129. Encrytped Cache <gameaction src =>
  130. Menue Group false Number of Players
  131. Invisibility glitch
  132. Back back bug
  133. Gate does not open after all NPCs are dead in Hudson Refugee Camp Challenging
  134. Division 2
  135. Did'nt get an invite - This could be why
  136. Quests are bugs
  137. Ninja Back pack with 3 nomad
  138. Final Measure and Signature Link bug reports
  139. Another shotgun meta
  140. UI bug on Premium Vendor on PTS 3
  141. Broadway Emporium is still not an 'Outbreak Mission' on PTS3
  142. Classified Lone Star Berzerk Buff Issue - Numerous chained proc's with no Dmg
  143. Rapid Fire with Shotguns is still a problem with PTS 3
  144. More PS4 PTS Bugs in PTS 3
  145. GE Bleed Out Commendation not tracking/working
  146. Global event on sever doing napalm production site
  147. Vender Reset every 24h? - Probably wrong text on loading screen
  148. Mark / Unmark as Favorite Item not working on PTS3 after Global Events
  149. Still In Combat After Completing a Mission (Lexington Challenging)
  150. Typos in Commendations
  151. "GE Starting in 00:00" showing on minimap & hud after GE is over
  152. Green Revive Progress Circle Not Filling in when using another agent's box
  153. Survivor Link
  154. Ninjabike messenger backpack
  155. No Elevator in Lexington Event Center Challenging Rooftop when killing NPCs too fast
  156. Premium vendor HUB gives wrong info
  157. GE problems and being Offline?
  158. Reclaimer/Recovery link bug
  159. What happened here?
  160. Lag, frame rate drop and stutter when de scoping for mag change
  161. Support station healing rate cap
  162. Can't pick up items if there are 117 items in bag
  163. Can't Mark/Unmark Items as Favorite, Unless While in Stash Screen
  164. ADS after first aid skill activated
  165. Unable to mod a weapon with another weapon's attachments, if part of a loadout.
  166. DeadEYE Backpack 100% Electronics? (..and a Couple Other Visual Bugs, Issues)