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  4. Premium Vendor
  5. Mirror in the change room
  6. Ninjabike
  7. can't recalibrate classified piece
  8. Classified Gear Bug
  9. Audio Bug
  10. Classified stat rolls
  11. Ninjabike works with classifieds.
  12. Blueprints not shared, unless you choose the character that purchased them.
  13. UI Bug in Vendor
  14. Premium Vendor Bug
  15. Survival
  16. Premium vendor UI
  17. Premium Vendor Animation Bug
  18. DeadEye set full
  19. Patch showing up on weapon
  20. Final Measure 6 piece not working
  21. You're grammar sucks (badumtss)
  22. Cache bug!
  23. Deadeye 100% crit Scopped in cover not working
  24. Classified Gear pieces - always same primairy stat type
  25. Known Issues - PTS2 (Last Updated July 8th)
  26. Commendation progression
  27. Brown pork pie hat floats at players feet
  28. Alt-Tab out crashes game
  29. Invisible Players and Characters
  30. Classified Gear not better than usual gear
  31. Patches and commendation Errors
  32. Crafting materials cap 999
  33. One to None Bug (It still jams your weapon)
  34. SVD in cover
  35. problems in survival pts 1
  36. Classy Final Measure defuses nothing
  37. Resource Signature Gain still limited in 1.7
  38. Caches switching types when bought
  39. Patchs and Spacefarer and Astronaut Shirts
  40. Collectible bug STILL exists 1+ year later (can block Commendation progression)
  41. Reflection Bug
  42. Ninja Not Proc'ing extra talent
  43. Striker
  44. Buying Encrypted Cache only awards 1 vanity item
  45. Not sure if PTS bug or general... but.....
  46. Nomads Indicator not Working
  47. Swapping between Grenades/Launched Skill
  48. Targets in the firing range flicker.
  49. 30 FPS is still in.
  50. Brown Pork Pie Hat not visible
  51. Classified Gear sometimes cant be marked trash
  52. NPCs walking through doors
  53. Napalm Power Plant And Russian Consulate Collision Problems
  54. Falcon Lost demand Icon missing on top of my player when I have the bomb.
  55. Mobile Cover
  56. Legendary NPC's
  57. Defibrillator revives still don't work well with Support Stations
  58. Final Measure does not defuse grenades while disrupted
  59. Stat range bug
  60. Premium Vendor Label Error
  61. Mirror in PTS
  62. high speed healer - classified striker
  63. Striker's Glitch no PTS 1.7
  64. Patches Notes Mistake on Classified Gear Caches
  65. Cosmetic Glitch of HVT Officer while in new Mirror Room
  66. Survival DZ Entering Message bug
  67. There's no NPCs at the Armory landmark in DZ9
  68. Two weapons that need changed before PTS is over
  69. Encrypted Caches giving duplicate items
  70. Lone Star gear set does not have 6 Pc talent
  71. Reclaimer Bonus Available Even without Unlocking it within the BOO
  72. list bug finds in pts
  73. Innate Signature Skill Resource Gain Still Hasn't Been Fixed
  74. Grenade pre stagger
  75. Spelling bug
  76. Stacking Adept needs to be stopped! and some other opinions
  77. No Mods
  78. Striker 6 piece gear set
  79. survival med kits
  80. First Wave Agents NPCs Seekers still have stagger effect
  81. Thx for letting me finally test the DLC's i don't have :D
  82. Dark Zone Contamination Events: Infinite Critical Levels Duration
  83. Burst Fire Weapons Not Shooting at Advertised RPM
  84. Napalm Production Legendary - BUGGED!
  85. Locked screen when attempting to deconstruct item in survival mode pts.
  86. Issue with using Antivirals and the counter continues to tick over
  87. Commedations bug
  88. Gloves able to recalibrate two major stats
  89. Side mission for cypher keys
  90. I can Roll 133,000 crit chance [Picture]
  91. Pts2 delta every 15 minutes or so
  92. Old gear showing double stats when recalibrating
  93. Minor Atribute Duplicated, My character just jump? and some aother stuff
  94. Comendation mistake
  95. Classified gear recalibration
  96. Server not retaining re-rolled stat value on classified gear
  97. Week 2 Strikes Recalibration Bug and Recal UI Bug
  98. 6/7/17 update
  99. Commendation unlocked while testing in the firing range
  100. PTS2 Recalibration
  101. Not able to Recalibrate 2 stats on PTS
  102. Current gear have all the stat at minimium possible
  103. Cant Find Cipher keys anywhere
  104. Matchmaking - Misleading Message
  105. Glitch
  106. DeadEYE 6 piece set bonus not lasting 10 seconds
  107. Ninja Backpack not working with Sentry 2 pc
  108. Lonestar 6 piece talent damage not increased.
  109. Low aim sensitivity while reloading
  110. Cap for Credits, Intels, Weapon-Kit, Crafting-Materials ...
  111. Daily Crafting Assignment
  112. PTS2 gear mod in survival
  113. Support Stations still taking priority over Recovery Link or Defib when reviving
  114. new gear set not keeping rolls
  115. Smaller Weapon And Gear Text
  116. Survival PTS mod error
  117. Bugs found today
  118. Subway Morgue Boss Re-healing, Global threat modifier 1, WT 5
  119. Deadeye, Bonus Classiffied working also in other guns
  120. Striker Classified cant be rerolled twice
  121. The Opera landmark is bugged and does not spawn NPCs at all
  122. [Bug] Recalibration of equipment sets
  123. PTS2 1.7 Unable to fast travel to missions
  124. Napalm Production Site Outbreak Threat Level 1 health diminishes when no enemies near
  125. Global Event Tokens from Open World Bosses?
  126. Outbreak Event observations
  127. Outbreak Threat Level 2
  128. Group Headshots Counter in Global Event Stats not working
  129. Recalibation Reclaimer
  130. Striker not getting 5 pc set bonus.....
  131. Recalibrating Classified sets, some items can get an additional stat, very bad
  132. Dragons Nest not showing completed at Event NPC
  133. Outbreak Cache: Bug or by design?
  134. After death text notification need to be refined
  135. Since threads are ignored after the passed along reply...
  136. Multiple Support Stations glitch
  137. My (bug) list
  138. Huge bug found
  139. PTS -Blueprints Gone After GlobalEvent's
  140. Classified gear now contaminated!!!!!
  141. Bug List
  142. A few bugs/Observations
  143. New gear and old, the recalibrated stat/modifier is set to minimum
  144. Strikers 5th and 6th not showing up
  145. exotic items from exotic caches no count in inventory
  146. All progress so far in the PTS gone?
  147. Event team head shots not being counted
  148. Mission end bosses not spawning correctly.
  149. Cannot Re-roll
  150. Re-calibrating Not showing up
  151. Bug Report - Several bug encounters
  152. What transfers between PTS and live, and vice versa
  153. got no Classified gear from Outbreak Cache
  154. Posters on the wall (global event area in terminal) - overlap
  155. Cannot Equip Gear Mods in Survival!
  156. Global event not starting
  157. LoneStar Bug Possible?
  158. Unexploded Ordinance - The Case of the Dangling Grenade
  159. Written in Italian - Bugs Ricalibrazione e Set Assalitore
  160. Why classified gear secondary stat was changed from 334 back to 205?
  161. ninja bike messenger bag
  162. Crashing when in fullscreen
  163. Lost 10 hours with latest update
  164. Medkit Cleansing bug {PTS 1.7.3}
  165. Potential bug with Crucial Assault modifier
  166. Visual bug. The game still tells to pick Cypher keys
  167. PTS3 - Global Event system not working as intended?
  168. PTS 3 LMB outbreak not taking damage
  169. Stuck in a Wall Falcon Lost
  170. Premium Vendor issues(PTS3)
  171. Last Stand broke recalibration!
  172. 6 piece lonstar bug
  173. How to make cypher keys
  174. global event caches still broke
  175. Bolt action RPMs
  176. Pork Pie Hat bugged in a whole new way
  177. Unable to set GE modifier on most quests
  178. Commendation Bugs still lingering in PTS week 3
  179. Russian Consulate Challenging not counting
  180. Pts download
  181. Vanity rewards are now awarded in Leaderboard Caches only
  182. Ninja Backpack with D3-FNC (Hybrid mix)
  183. NPCS become invincible sometimes when both globel and activity modifiers are active
  184. global event rewards
  185. Global events
  186. Classified lone star bug with two Cassidys
  187. Global Event Credits reward Miscalculation
  188. Lonestar - Beserker
  189. Shock and Awe Still Broken as of 1.6
  190. Assault Global Event Bugs and Grand Central Bugs
  191. Global Event credits don't drop on the floor when you're capped
  192. Negative Currency Bug
  193. Hunter Bug(possibly)
  194. PTS3 Buggy world geometry outside Base of Operations
  195. Pork Pie hat Simple is invisible.
  196. [Bug] Lonestar Berserker - Testing included
  197. Survival PTS3 Issues
  198. The Assault modifier is affecting skills in PvP
  199. NOMAD SET Still NOT WORKING Very Buggy and fails to restart.
  200. Striker's not working
  201. Global Event Outbreak
  202. Blocking firing from some weapons.
  203. Typo in Phoenix Heart Patch title preview
  204. High-End Weapons from Caches do not hold their initial DPS value