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  1. How extensive and deep is going to be mechanical prosthesis aka cyberware?
  2. http://malemuscletest.com/retro-vigor/
  3. Online and single player!!!!!
  4. Impressions on the 3rd Space Monkey Report!
  5. about contribution
  6. zoology 101
  7. My vision for Beyond Good & Evil 2 ~ A message for the dev team
  8. New Survey 09.11.2018
  9. So, how exactly would i contribute the remainder of my skills?
  10. Mini games/side activities/Fictional card games, share your ideas!
  11. Hello there! Please let this be an option in character creation.
  12. Amazing craft skills in the recreation of the Gada ship!
  13. Different stats & abilities for different hybrid characters?
  14. Playable instruments that play player made notations
  15. Currency, Trading, Pirate empires?
  16. Fractal animation!
  17. Easter eggs/Hidden references!
  18. some things i would like to see.
  19. Side activities in BGE2!
  20. Games within the game
  21. idea for the hitrecord guys
  22. What do you expect from 10th December Space Monkey Report?!
  23. Photomicrographs of alien space dust looks like miniworlds!
  24. Co-op offline/ local
  25. Homepage Language Selection Change Request..
  26. WTF!!!!!!!! online game !!!!! where's michel ancel ?
  27. Impact of the character creation on the narrative aspect of the game
  28. So it’s been 6 days
  29. I miss bge2game.com
  30. Do You Want Beyond Good Evil 2 To Be Playable Offline?
  31. This isn't the BGE2 game that i'm waiting for!
  32. #Notmybge
  33. Scientists believe they've found a planet cover with sapphires and rubies!
  34. About character creation.
  35. "Beyond Good and Evil 2 Always Online Angers Fans ..."
  36. "Is Ubisoft FORCING "Online Only" Games In 2019?!"
  37. Feedback: You need to turn this situation around and fast.
  38. Love what I see. I have one real request.
  39. Scientific inaccuracy: Your character is NOT a monkey
  40. Your Characters Already Created
  41. Space monkey program (bgae2 - collaboration ideas from games of the past)
  42. legendary crew , memories
  43. Different languages
  44. E3 2019 Predictions!
  45. Libertalia Planet, meteor station, Mothership / flagship
  46. Treasure planet
  47. Race specialties?
  48. My contribution to the Space Monkey Program (🇪🇸)
  49. Solarpunk design in the cities
  50. Gameplay Ideas. (Long post)
  51. Is there any dynamic weather?
  52. Are You Still Going TO Buy Beyond Good & Evil 2?
  53. Music Submission?
  54. Video exploring the BGE2 Universe and History (🇪🇸)
  55. This livestreams doesn't work anymore!
  56. Particle effects and BWF
  57. Throwing your sword ability, with pick back up or flys back to you
  58. No E3 Gameplay?
  59. Fishing do you think itll be included
  60. Buy passport online Buy identity card online Buy driving lic
  61. The positive thread
  62. QUESTIONS DES DÉVELOPPEURS AUX SPACE MONKEYS #4 : personnalisation de l'avatar pirate
  63. Unique Hybrid Skills Traits?
  64. Product Sale( reguler, special, collectors)
  65. Prosthetics abilities.
  66. Will it be available on Google Stadia?
  67. Non-European Clothing!
  68. Beyond Good & Evil 2: What I'd like to see in Character Customization
  69. Help
  70. Beyond Good and Evil 2: Gameplay (Something different)
  71. https://vspchdlive.com/49ersvspanthers/
  72. What Ubisoft and BGE2 MUST and NEED to learn from recent failures!
  73. Guys/Ubisoft this is a Instrumental that I wrote I feel may fit in BYG&E2
  74. About griffons , suggestion
  75. Eager SpackeKat awaiting BETA
  76. Suggestion
  77. Big statue suggestion Artemis of Ephesus
  78. Hidden, respawning, changing planets
  79. Space Monkey Report #7
  80. Lessons from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  81. https://tv2pclivei.com/bearsvspackers/
  82. Suggestions: A lot of them and a Rebel Heart!
  83. New Year New Dev in game showcase.