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  1. Share your Deck Pics!
  2. What cards need a nerf?
  3. Bounty Hunter Kyle
  4. Game/Card Feedback
  5. Witch doctor token
  6. What Card needs a Buff ?
  7. Gunslinger Kyle question.
  8. Can i log in the same account on my ios and android ?
  9. I'm broken. I'm OP. I need a nerf but... Who i am ? Let's guess !
  10. Terrance Mephesto
  11. Princess Kenny (fantasy card)
  12. A card that needs a nerf (In my opinion)
  13. informations?
  14. Best shooting card?
  15. Going full upgrade on bandita sally
  16. y u no darkmage craig.
  17. arrowstorm plz explain/justified
  18. REALLY do something about Regeneration card, it completely ruins the game...
  19. I've got only two words for you Ubisoft...
  20. What are the Underpants Gnomes good for?
  21. Blue Skull and Crossbones
  22. OP Cards
  23. Helping a Newbie out
  24. The mystical problem
  25. Suggestions for future superhero cards - Professor Chaos & General Disarray
  26. Gizmo Ike - Poseidon Stan and other combos
  27. Barbarian Tweek
  28. Seriously?!...I earned 2 Legendary Hankeys..
  29. New Card - Mysterion
  30. HHC Mechanic? Or is it?
  31. Mecha Timmy
  32. Which card is this ? Never saw it before
  33. Nerf the fire ball
  34. Theme Analysis (includes unreleased)
  35. Change "Starvin Marvin" card name in French version accordingly to the tv show
  36. Can we nerf the rats ?
  37. STan of many moons totally ridiculous OP as expected same for scifi
  38. Randyspawn stats
  39. Freeze
  40. Lightning - Way to improve
  41. Purify nerf too much
  42. Hyperdrive needs a buff
  43. Poor spell levelling
  44. New card proposal: Lexus Martin
  45. Mind control and other card issues
  46. Some thoughts on Magic (Chickens) cards
  47. Awesome-O unique possible add
  48. New Cards At A Faster Rate
  49. Robo-Bebe - misleading stats
  50. Energy stuff
  51. Next cards to nerf
  52. SciFi Poison card needs nerfing
  53. All overpowered and underpowered cards IMO
  54. Dougie attack speed
  55. Grand Wizard Cartman... buff maybe?
  56. Quick Towelie fix being epic and all
  57. Sixth Element Randy
  58. Canadian Knight Ike
  59. hookhand clyde
  60. Fantasy theme
  61. Kanye West
  62. The cannonball of the Pirate Ship Timmy
  63. Question about Choirboy Butters DeathWish
  64. Sheriff Cartman drawn to Heidi
  65. Cap Wendy EASY QUICK small itty bitty fix
  66. Theme Balancing
  67. Nerf Marcus
  68. Question about the Snake from Medusa Bebe.
  69. Just saw the witch Garrison
  70. The Definitive Mystic Rant
  71. Important balance changes
  72. Question about Powerfist Dougie
  73. Join Koon and friends
  74. OP Mythic cards ruining the game
  75. New card idea
  76. Visitors Card
  77. Gizmo Ike bug?
  78. Chicken coop
  79. Is Warboy Tweek the new game-breaker?
  80. Energy staff
  81. Card makeover idea: Alien Drone to Alien Station
  82. Jesus "El Savvvvvvviiiiiooooooorrrrrrr" Christ
  83. Buff Transmogrify
  84. Jimbo and Ned
  85. Fix Purify.... Bug?! Anomaly?! Or it always worked like that! + suggestion
  86. Change animation of Mind Control
  87. Arrowstorm is gonna disapear
  88. Pastor Craig
  89. Mr. Slave Executioner heal faster than we may damage him
  90. Buff shelly
  91. Is there a guide of cards stats available?
  92. After few weeks of DragonSlayer Red
  93. Kyle's cousin Kyle
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  95. Top 10 best and worst cards
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  97. Purify - what effects does it remove?
  98. Mysterion respawns at wrong lvl
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  100. Arrow storm and Stan of Many Moons
  101. New SPPD team! Recruiting all levels
  102. New card idea
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  104. Jesus should work like this
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  107. Join us no kids or *** hats
  108. We need balance between colors
  109. New card idea: Kevin Stoley
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  111. Virtual Kevin
  112. Card Ideas
  113. Token Shaman needs a buff
  114. Does Shelly hit twice?
  115. Sci-fi removal card
  116. My least used/interested in/updated cards
  118. Commander hat is buggy and broken
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