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  1. quit app
  2. Kenny's Sister
  3. Starting a PvP match and opponents leave
  4. Samsung Galaxy S8 Display Cropped Out
  5. Cannot connect to Google Play in-game
  6. Problem Game Center - iOS 10.3.2
  7. Game crashes when trying to open packs
  8. Almost fully immune to dmg(game record inside)
  9. News/reward issue?
  10. Stage 5 PvP Wins Achievment Missing Description and Name
  11. Small error in a text in french
  12. Pvp Search problem
  13. No Network Connection Error
  14. Game stucked in cartman´s messenge after level 6 stage 2 (galaxy s7)
  15. Not receiving star for your win in PvP
  16. Created character is just of pink boxes/doesn't load.
  17. Cyborg Kenny and Lightning bolt are bugged.
  18. Probably a hacker
  19. Cartman's Tutorial Bug (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge)
  20. "Keep playing to unlock the deck builder" (IOS)
  21. Game freezes have to close and restart when match is a DRAW
  22. Upgrading Cap Wendy LV1 4/5 >5/5 has no stat increases
  23. Units ignore Ranged enemies on platforms only if at bottom
  24. Lost my cash from connection error glitch
  25. Refresh PvP Reward Always Costs 45 In-Game Dollars
  26. Decks don't maintain card position (or have any discernable order either)
  27. Can't open game
  28. Melee units won’t attack flying units
  29. Pvp not working and sluggish
  30. Missing purchased game currency
  31. PVP: too much minus dmg!
  32. Says No internet connection. Stuck.
  33. Terrence Mephesto Crash bug
  34. Purchased cash (in-game) to buy the special deal in-game and lost the cash+pack
  35. Cyborg Kenny Mind Control Bug PVP
  36. All my bugs
  37. Account frozen
  38. Cartman replay stan many moons bug
  39. Achivments broken(since hotfix/balance changes?)
  40. Can't update the game!!
  41. Inuit kenny bug!
  42. Cannot connect to server. Stuck in tutorial. Didn't save my file.
  43. Starting area bug
  44. Two Very common bugs
  45. Bugs on Samsung S8
  46. Not sure what to call this besides LOL WTF
  47. Paid money, received currency, bought special deal ($2100), no cards received
  48. South park phone destroyer
  49. Recharging energy stops at 7.8 bars - Update?
  50. I lost 40+- Cash
  51. Mecha timmy + mindcontrol
  52. Nelly and the Rats
  53. Stuck downloading assets
  54. Cards that become worse as you level up !?
  55. My in-game purchase is missing.
  56. Game freezes on "Upgrade these Cards" (Nexus 4)
  57. Space warrior token bug
  58. same level kenny different range
  59. Game no longer works
  60. Great updates - quite buggy, though
  61. Bugs
  62. Deck Management Bug
  63. Insta loss
  64. Free pack glitch
  65. Game Crash When Upgrading Cards
  66. Cyborg Kenny + Purify exploit / bug
  67. Stuck in tutorial!
  68. Post-Update - Unable to Launch Game
  69. Google Play Error
  70. Tutorial was broken. Delete my progress please
  71. Survey - Missing Images
  72. Stuck on Episode 11 Stage 1(Levvel 6)
  73. Game crashes after watching add and opening locker
  74. south park phone destroyer deck managment bug
  75. No sound
  76. Stuck in tutorial
  77. Request update, but i cant update it.
  78. Stuck in deck creation / Tutorial deck managment bug
  79. Bug deck first time in deck tutorial
  80. Bug with opening locker for cash
  81. Glitches in new challenge
  82. Crashed during opening 3rd pack from Event cards, go back now i cant open it!!!!
  83. Game stucks on epsiode 11 Elven Sanctuary
  84. game breaking four assed cat fight glitch
  85. Won't turn on.
  86. High ping compensation is way too high in PVP
  87. Stuck at title screen
  88. Problem: Could Not Connect To MatchMaking On PVP
  89. Heidi freezing up and not doing anything
  90. Crash at Stage 10
  91. Cheaters Paradis
  92. What Cards from free card pack.
  93. O jogo não quer mais entrar depois que teve atualização
  94. Getting hit/hitting faster characters
  95. Update Broke My Game
  96. Game crashes after the call to Cartman in the beginning - pixel 2 xl user Oreo 8.0
  97. Lost Money InGame
  98. Energy hack?
  99. Google Play Error
  100. without a fight ike
  101. Game Blocks After 1st PvP
  102. Free silver card pack bug?
  103. Game Center logIn crash
  104. amount of life bug
  105. Deck builder crash - iOS 11.1
  106. Game crashes at title screen
  107. Can’t open PvP pack and can’t progress
  108. Asset download error
  109. "Unstable" PvP connection issue
  110. Can't play after closing and reopening game
  111. No sound
  112. Can't access the deck builder
  113. No Pre-Registration Gift / Didn't recieve free Silver Pack
  114. Didn't get free pack?
  115. People are cheating in pvp
  116. Galaxy S8+ support?
  117. Unable to download on the Google Pixel
  118. Event Reward Not Collected after Game Froze
  119. Tutorial free card bug
  120. 0.99¢ pirate pack offer missing pirates?
  121. [iOS] Game Center doesn’t exist anymore
  122. Can't download on Asus Zenfone 2
  123. Can’t win 1 pvp match because of disconnects
  124. Will not install on iPad
  125. Screen colors glitch and low-quality textures.
  126. ManBearPig?
  127. Game is no longer compatible with my device. Please help!
  128. keeps crashing
  129. No Sound - iOS 11
  130. Characters get revived on PvP
  131. Restart Game/Story?
  132. Internet Connection Issues
  133. Moto G4 plus crash
  134. I'm stuck on episode 2 stage 2
  135. Lost card maybe pvp pack
  136. Can't answer Cartmans phone call on Pixel2XL
  137. Graphics problem
  138. Can't believe such a username was alllowed....
  139. Inverted colors in Moto C Plus
  140. this game is not available in our country
  141. Unlimited energy havcks
  142. Unable to progress
  143. Cheater? Won Match, Player's Name Disappears, They still Taunt
  144. No network connection
  145. Opened a rank10 pvp pack and didn't get a guaranteed rare csrd.
  146. Unable to purchase money packs
  147. Invalid battle result
  148. Assets taking a very long time to load
  149. Stuck at title
  150. I played against a hacker
  151. Game crashes when accessing Deck Building every second time (iPhone X)
  152. Deck builder tutorial hangs
  153. Loosing cards
  154. Can't redeem my cards after PvE battle win
  155. Where is my game account?
  156. Account reset - progress gone
  157. Why did my account reset?!?
  158. My game has reset to beginning stage & I have lost purchases.
  159. My entire progress got whiped out now i need to start over again
  160. Account Reset - Lost $50 Spent...
  161. My account was erased
  162. Southpark phone destroyer
  163. Reset progress and can’t reload or even complete tutorial!
  164. Help, My account was suddenly deleted!!
  165. Account Just got Wiped...
  166. Lost progress
  167. Saved progress issues
  168. Account vanished
  169. Any news on reset
  170. Account resest !!!!!
  171. Account missing!
  172. Game is stuck after first PVP match and can't progress
  173. Get banned for nothing
  174. PVP Really Bad Issue
  175. Deleting decks?
  176. Automatically expended bux at PvP pack
  177. Update?
  178. Update issue?
  179. In-game purchases problem
  180. No Network Connection
  181. Current Device Configuration Is Not Supported Issue
  182. Device Configuration
  183. Game Freezes/Crashes during gameplay
  184. The current device configuration is not supported
  185. Update Loop?
  186. Cannot progress past the first PvP battle
  187. Freezing at the End of Every Match When Online (PVP or Stages)
  188. The current device configuration is not supported
  189. Pvp pack
  190. The current device configuration is not supported
  191. I can’t update on IPhone
  192. Get banned for nothing
  193. Cant Play Due To New Update
  194. Texture's problems
  195. "The current device configuration is not supported" - Android 6.0
  196. PVP pack progress lost on dropping rank
  197. My Game Keeps Crashing After Accessing the deck
  198. Game Crash/Restart every time - One Plus 3
  199. No network connection and still not solution from Ubisoft.
  200. Excuse me! Unban my good accout!
  201. i have issue
  202. Help, I have no sound/ card access
  203. Where is phone destroyer?
  204. network connection issue pvp
  205. Purchased Items-Where are they?
  206. Banned and baffled
  207. Againnnnnnn, this game is not available in your contry
  208. Kinda peeved
  209. Can't Load the Stage
  210. Game Freezing when starting PVP game or opening PVP pack
  211. win not registering in PVP
  212. I bought some cash but i cant get
  213. No Connection Error at Title Screen
  214. Your account has been banned for violating the terms of service
  215. Cash being used when I don't refresh in pvp
  216. Stuck at downloading asset
  217. Waterbears not being added to account from pvp packs
  218. Banned account for no reason
  219. Silver Pack bug ?
  220. Shothpark pvp pack error?
  221. Banned for no reason
  222. Lockers Giving Next to No Coins
  223. Cheaters I've Encountered
  224. Why can't I play these cards? This seems like an obvious, terrible bug.
  225. Hackers are making this game unfun
  226. Avatar clothing bug?
  227. Download Resources every time
  228. Moss Piglets event bug?
  229. Justification for My Ban
  230. Anyone else stuck loading into the game at 97%
  231. Connection Error during PvP
  232. PVP problems
  233. Event cards not registering
  234. Banned for no reason!?
  235. Servers are cleaner
  236. Science Fair Event Bug No Waterbears
  237. No lab glasses from science fair event.
  238. Idk what the ****
  239. What are you doing about the energy hackers?
  240. Energy hacker.
  241. new hack: poor network connection detected. please wait.
  242. Waterbears capped at 493/500
  243. Awesome event thank you
  244. 2 accounts on one device?
  245. No network connection
  246. Thank you for not doing anything about my problem.
  247. The game freezes when I beat “the incredible Randy”
  248. Banned... Sure, but I'm team leader, please fix that!
  249. Game won't load - "No Network Connection"
  250. Phone Destroyer screen freeze