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  1. I didn't get the Golden Box despite playing since December 25th 2017.
  2. Did not receive guaranteed card
  3. Game constantly downloading the same updates
  4. Question regarding SPPD rules, reports and punishments
  5. Hercules Clyde glitches
  6. Dwarf King Clyde needs debug. Also Imp Tweek.
  7. Long time invincibility bug that's never been fixed
  8. Unable to do weekend event due to low card levels and rating lock
  9. SPPD Crashing
  10. Skill rating wont go below certain point
  11. Did not receive Animation for TVT pack
  12. Error 200
  13. Stuck at the tutorial
  14. TvT pack not given
  15. Team Wars pack glitch
  16. Issue with team member receiving caps/team wars
  17. Can someone explane why my gf got banned?
  18. TW bug - dissapearing characters
  19. New Quick Deck Toggle but no Preview Panel
  20. Never received Season Reward
  21. Friendly fights amongst teammates not working?
  22. Problem with update 4.4.0
  23. I did not receive battle tokens
  24. Update issues
  25. Mecha Timmy Glitch
  26. Legendary rewards not awarded
  27. Bug or not so bug... maybe hack... but a tremendous lag!!!!
  28. Possible Missing Caps Spent during upgrade
  29. Didn't play a tw match but still lost a match-point whilst playing tw friendly match?
  30. So somebody tried to MC Mr Mackey, that's bad mmkay
  31. Loosing one of your precious opportunities just because?
  32. Missing cash??
  33. Teammate’s Name disappears from Challenge Leaderboard:
  34. Unable to login via Google Games
  35. I did not play for a long time, now the game is unplayable for me
  36. Mr. Slaves super auto heal function
  37. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
  38. P2wrlosers is offensive and bannable?
  39. Help! Infinite restart/not logging in
  40. Stop banning players for their regions!
  41. Tupperware Friendly Fight Level
  42. novelty documents passport renewals scannable fake id contact : +1 (617) 410-6403 wha
  43. Really bad connection issues
  44. Imp Tweek and Rushing Clyde problems
  45. Pope Timmy question
  46. Account issues
  47. Russian community forum
  48. Challenge mode scam for russian players
  49. Last weeks TW data not available?
  50. PvP loot locked
  51. Lost rewards
  52. Missed items from pack
  53. Can people learn & change?
  54. Hyperdrive bug
  55. Tostoned AZ
  56. Lags since last update?
  57. Overusing the taunts
  58. Missing cards from “BE A TEAM PLAYER!” Pack
  59. Achievement for 1000 missions
  60. Drone vs dsr vs mintberry crunch
  61. Game stuck on Screen
  62. Mbp boundle pack
  63. Major Hack
  64. Issue with resolution on Note10+
  65. The "mirror free win" hack is still there...
  66. This Morning's Update has Frozen me out
  67. Problem with the pack i bought (Stuart), the new card....
  68. Ladder ruined due to hack
  69. Buggy match report
  70. I need help
  71. Event points not showing on team leaderboard
  72. PvP matchmaking doesn't find me an opponent
  73. Missing Item
  74. Missing coins bug
  75. Missing tickets but did not receive a card
  76. I lost the 100 dollar Grand Wizard reward
  77. Game freezes when opening token rewards in SCI-FI tuesday
  78. Profile restarted 4 times over the past day
  79. Missed the 2500 cartman coins stage 45
  80. Asset Download Failed - Can't log in to the game
  81. Can't login
  82. Can't make card requests
  83. Missed Legendary card from 650 offer
  84. User in game names not displayed correctly
  85. Opened a legendary pack and got a common
  86. Game crashes after call girl and cart man calling
  87. Achievements not showing up
  88. Game makes me login twice, then says it can't connect to PVP server.
  89. Units disappearing during Team Wars.
  90. Can i get my super craig event packs back so i can open them i normally open mondays?
  91. I can´t play