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  1. Will the developers please make an area of the game for the many cheaters online!
  2. Alien Clyde Card Not Working
  3. they take away many points without playing
  4. Is there any way to CHANGE the TEAM NAME?
  5. Deckbuilder issues
  6. Team Wars Battle Tokens Not Received
  7. Either this is a bug or this is broken...
  8. Pb with the team war matchmaking ! I consider it as a bug !!!
  9. First event pack (in new event) not received due to game crash.
  10. Terrence and Phillip neutral event packs bugged
  11. opening pack bug?
  12. Android 9.0 / Xiami Redmi note 7 support
  13. Team War error
  14. Cannot Log In!
  15. enforcer jimmy power bind aura not working anymore
  16. Did not recive pvp pack
  17. Dougie is still walking casually while pastor Craig still sabotages his NK
  18. Zoomed out screen! Still no fix since May 2018!
  19. Barrier Stacking bug
  20. Losing a battle even after destroying all 3 phones
  21. Missing free pack
  22. Stuck in the applying configs screen after new update
  23. Unholy Combustion, Stuck GWC, Ability still able to be used.
  24. Problem with Genie Outfit after last update
  25. Missing pop up
  26. Dougie walking after first hit on NK
  27. whirlpool صيانة اجهزة ويرلبول مدينة الشروق 01129347771
  28. white whale صيانة اجهزة وايت ويل مصر الجديدة 01010916814
  29. kelvinator اجهزة كلفينيتور الشيخ زايد 01207619993
  30. westinghous صيانة اجهزة وستنجهاوس المقطم 01093055835
  31. Frigidaire صيانة اجهزة فريجيدير المنيل 01092279973
  32. Elven King Bradley warcry disappears
  33. Teamwar participation not registered and no teamwar pack recieved
  34. Imp Tweek/Swordsman Garrison Bug
  35. Weird bug
  36. No pack for team war
  37. Enternity Gems not adding to inventory
  38. Strange downloading assets issue (not free space issue)
  39. Zen/Dougie Issue
  40. Invincible guy
  41. Can't collect copper/bronze "Free" Battle Pass rewards
  42. Game is unplayable
  43. Team Wars auto losses
  44. New bugs with every update
  45. Opponent has left the game
  46. Pope
  47. Tvt pack froze
  48. Achieved Skill Rating 6700 -- no reward pack
  49. EOS Pack - Missing Cash
  50. End-of-season pack
  51. Why can’t I see my opponents energy bar like a normal fighter game?
  52. So is the walking Dougie bug now just a permanent ‘feature’?
  53. Alien drone event card
  54. Level 1 NK with entire deck of level 7 cards
  55. Change team name.
  56. Bug in team wars
  57. rewards of team wars
  58. @TOLLER - New Team Wars Manipulation
  59. Sell Cc Ccv Cvv...ICQ (255115) Paypal fullz dumps Good Balane 2019-2020...
  60. Not showing boosted cards or event points earned
  61. Screen Size/Zoomed Out on Iphone Xs Max
  62. Warcry revisited, Hercules Clyde - DKC
  63. IMP bug
  64. Any Suggestion for A Newbie?
  65. Game performance
  66. Game glitch
  67. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
  68. Whatsapp: +27639356786) buy genuine passports, drivers license, id cards, visas, etc.
  69. Somm bug
  70. 1000 PvP ticket fantasy offer not showing up
  71. Issue with last pack of the 24h event
  72. PvP floor
  73. Folks still giving up matches, why? Because you haven’t come down hard enough.
  74. Tvt Disconnects
  75. Why is nothing being done about executioner slave?!
  76. TW pack not received
  77. Different prices on pack shop in IOS and Android devices
  78. how i can connect my account in IOS and Android devices ?
  79. Rank#6500+, got even 0 epic in season pack
  80. warcry DKC bug when ZEN power activ
  81. Server maintenance broke the event
  82. Changing Team names
  83. Unable to find matches
  84. Disconnected while game in Underdog Challenge
  85. Spawning on top of other units
  86. Bracket creation in Team War
  87. Silent PvP Floor Change
  88. Perfect connection, all games run smooth and then this game happens
  89. Challenge question...
  90. Upgrade failed, please try again...
  91. Won game = Defeat
  92. Early Event Lost Team Packs
  93. Unit stuck
  94. Crashing
  95. Upgrade Failed
  96. Battlepass
  97. Upgrade Failed - Cards Stolen
  98. Bug in PVE , don’t have the lockers
  99. Team Wars Reward Pack
  100. Cards disappeared
  101. Bug for the new theme event
  102. Stats not showing correctly
  103. xnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxn.com
  104. New information about the double attack bug
  105. Pvp matching suddenly takes ages???
  106. Missing Card from Boss Fight
  107. Game stuck on old game version no Pvp Matches
  108. Donation bug, unable to ask for superheroes
  109. Error 200, units not spawning
  110. 3+ days of not being abls to log in
  111. Wrong Pvp Package after reaching a better league
  112. Broken superhero task
  113. Battle Pass BUG!
  114. Control-Bugs
  115. Super Hero campaign stopped for me
  116. Call girl mode
  117. Minor token collect items on lockers don't count in event
  118. Misclick
  119. Buffs and debuffs
  120. Alien Drone being killed by Unholy Combustion !
  121. Wrong arena
  122. Mysterion level issue
  123. Defeat 4 cowboys in PvP not registering
  124. What did I get in my team wars pack?
  125. Rollback while upgrading
  126. sppd account lost
  127. Account ban?
  128. Team War Caps Left Over
  129. Superhero event icon missing
  130. Missing team war pack
  131. can't finish mysterion quest
  132. Broken game
  133. Battlepass
  134. Got sent to the Call Girl app instead of the rewards screen in single player
  135. Single Player Challenge
  136. Another Day, Another Bug - Challenge Mode
  137. Account Banned because of Username?
  138. call girl wendy bug
  139. Connection problems
  140. Couldn't open PVP pack
  141. Double Battlepass bug
  142. Battlepass Bug!
  143. Battle pass fixable?
  144. Installed / reinstalled click doesn't work
  145. Unusual PvP match-ups
  146. Missing cash
  147. Card Request timer issue
  148. Solo mode skipping lockers
  149. Couldn't use my cards on a PvP play
  150. Missing pack from battle pass
  151. ATTN TOLLER missing lockers
  152. Google Play Account Glitching/Not Recognized
  153. Superhero Pack (1500 tickets) w/guaranteed Human Kite didn't give me Human Kite
  154. Could not connect to matchmaking for 1 week
  155. PvP arena too small on new smartphone devices
  156. Stopped playing about 18 months ago, now missing legendary cards in deck?
  157. Help
  158. Challenge pack not rewarded
  159. Support Team Failed to Refund Battlepass Rewards for a Whole Month
  160. bugs found this week, including zen slowing dougie glitch findings
  161. DKC Targetting
  162. Event is bugged!
  163. >@http://www.f2fdiet.com/maxx-boost-male-enhancement/
  164. Ban has not been lifted?
  165. I never got my war pack from the most recent war
  166. Connection Error - Matchmaking Server
  167. Ubi-toller! Support issue
  168. deck does not have enough cards... when its full?
  169. Big Gay Al vs Zen Cartman - Targetting Bug
  170. Imp Tweek and Mind Control Glitch
  171. Ban Notice/ Aviso de banimento
  172. Victory should have been mine / video proof
  173. No TVT pack
  174. New kid zap
  175. Youth Pastor Craig Glitch
  176. Lost a legendary card
  177. Lost legendary card
  178. Matchmaking connection error
  179. Can we please fix the screen zoom out?
  180. Add missing Superhero theme for Card Request screen
  181. Units get blown out of the battle arena
  182. Battle finished but the playing goes on
  183. Less Crowns in War Result
  184. Fix Rigged TvT Brackets
  185. Warboy Tweek bug
  186. Mismatched Challenges and Team Wars
  187. I can't get ANY event reward since FRIDAY
  188. I needsa help!!
  189. my clans battle prize disappeared
  190. Mr.Slave+Superfart=6 Chickens
  191. Kaufen Pass, Führerschein, Führungszeugnis, Ausweise, usw..(Whatsap +27639356786
  192. Purchased manbearbig bundle which was to include 15 cards, only got 3