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  1. Soft launch in the Czech Republic
  2. How to win against ppl with lot of money?
  3. PvP Season and Rank
  4. Multiple cards?
  5. poeple exploiting the pvp locker
  6. Struggling w/ level 28
  7. Economy
  8. Daily Challenges
  9. Why No Replaying of PvE Stages?
  10. Who is this?
  11. Do I have to complete the Episode in order to unpack these cards?
  12. Delete/Reset Account?
  13. People can still cheat, and they do in this game.
  14. Bone upgrades?
  15. Seasons Reset
  16. Rewards for legendary leaderboard
  17. Android devices
  18. Game isn't worth playing after update
  19. The PVP is getting out of control and that's sucking the fun out of the game
  20. I've just about had it with this game!! Cheaters and bugs galore
  21. Fairly new to the game, how do you obtain Fantasy deck cards?
  22. locked cards
  23. New content update !
  24. This game is unplayable and a cash grab
  25. How do I play?
  26. I love this game!!!
  27. Lower the level range of the PVP opponents
  28. ****in cheaters
  29. South Park ( Teams ) ( Clans )
  30. Donating cards should not give you XP
  31. When can I download the game from Google Play?
  32. Evidence rewards are too random
  33. With the global launch being imminent, here is a list with many of the current balanc
  34. I made a comprehensive list with all current issues + suggestions, ideas &complaints
  35. Join the team Cereal Killers!
  36. Hackers galore
  37. How to look at other TEAMS?
  38. Join RealTeam Canada
  39. team Cocor
  40. The time has come
  41. Join Spartans
  42. Disappointed Beta Player
  43. Chance for legendaries?
  44. Aus420 team for donating and sharing tactics!
  45. Game won’t load
  46. Tome of knowledge
  47. [team] gang servietsky recrut
  48. Join South Park [FR]
  49. My thoughts on game and crew invite
  50. can i play/team with someone on IOS?
  51. Game constantly Downloading Assests
  52. Digital Mayhem
  53. New team recruitment
  54. Matchmaking
  55. Youth Pastor Craig and Imp Tweek
  56. Could we see these characters added to the game?
  57. Just calling it now
  58. Blatant energy hack
  59. Wifi usage
  60. Feedback on greedy PAY TO PLAY model
  61. BM
  62. Join OGSparkleponies
  63. Join Kalamity! :)
  64. Lurks recruiting, active adult players.
  65. Recruitment
  66. Making a team
  67. Make Reqruitment/Team Sub-Forum
  68. Add report hacker option in game
  69. PvP Store/Cartman Store - Buy 1 at a time or buy all 10?
  70. All my progress was erased!
  71. Episode 10 the Orc Pit - Help
  72. Been playing for a few days. Im done. Hackers have ruined it.
  73. How to cheat
  74. Awesome-0
  75. Recruiting for New Clan
  76. Join group FREEHAT!
  77. Join to PORNHUB team
  78. 3rd deck slot
  79. Join "Sticks Of Truth"
  80. Phone Destroyer not working
  81. Sudden death is freaking stupid
  82. Looking to join active group
  83. Come join Snu Snu (we are a top 50 guild from Animation Throwdown)
  84. Solution to pvp cheating
  85. Blue ManBearPig?
  86. Namokel Gang is looking for members
  87. Free packs nerfed
  88. Lvl 12 search for active badass team
  89. Come join my channel!
  90. Come Help us F Them All, need players
  91. New team looking for active members.
  92. Get the player stats back
  93. Team " SKANKHUNT42' " is looking for members!
  94. Difficulty: what am I missing?
  95. Broken cards/ mechanics
  96. Teams
  97. Will it be released to Amazon devices in the future?
  98. One shot card
  99. Join "Play2Win"
  100. Strange items in pvp pack
  101. "THROWDOWN GUILD" recruiting now...
  102. Event Pack Different From Shop Pack
  103. Anyone else losing even though you got opponent to 0 before they did to you?
  104. Level 10 looking for active home
  105. PvP rank rewards
  106. Having problems with putting on different clothing
  107. Obvious cheater - screenshots
  108. Message for devs :)
  109. Official rankings?
  110. Daily locker limit is garbage
  111. New team welcome to join! :)
  112. Join to my team: ROMPEORTOS
  113. Pvp
  114. Stage 50 Difficulty
  115. Stans clan has a few openings. Top 10 have over 800 combines donations.
  116. Can I have more than one account?
  117. Scuzzle_Butts seeking active members
  118. Cheaters
  119. If you have an event make sure we can complete until the event end date!
  120. Join our team= skankhunt69 Lots of card sharing
  121. Tip to find pvp cheaters
  122. New guild "snow" lf members:)
  123. RPO4LYFE is looking for more Team Members
  124. PVP With Friends? Other features?
  125. Why do you need to fill in a cathpha for every time you make a post?
  126. Changing email adress used for this game?
  127. NEW CLAN KickThaBaby
  128. Banned users: innocent or "innocent"
  129. SOUTH_MAFIA recruiting Top 10 players combined donations 700+
  130. Kik or KakaoTalk group?
  131. Nieuwe clan: Belgian FishdiX zoekt members!
  132. Join our team. Skankhunt69 growing team
  133. Point of view on current state of the game
  134. Pvp cheater issues and campaign difficulties
  135. Is this cheating or a glitch?
  136. Fourth graders is recruiting
  137. Premium Card Pack Pricing
  138. Skankhunt69 recruiting
  139. Coins/Tickets
  140. SOUTH_MAFIA recruiting with over 1600 combined donations and counting
  141. Is ubisoft banning cheaters? (iOS)
  142. Join team: Ooh I Member
  143. Medusa Bebe is STUPID overpowered
  144. Game is unbalanced as hell
  145. Do not waste your money on the mystical pack
  146. Join My Authoritah!
  147. Come join THE THIRD LEG
  148. Costume/Outfits - questions
  149. Rank seasons and floors
  150. Beating the Game- End Game
  151. 311 Clan
  152. Games decent... Support team sucks
  153. I quit, I want my app purchases refunded
  154. Whose D*** I gotta suck to get a legendary card
  155. Looking for the leaders of the Timmy!! Teams
  156. SOUTH_MAFIA recruiting 3200+ donations and counting
  157. Cck magic
  158. Revenge Club looking for recruits
  159. Anyone ever going to address the cheaters, or no?
  160. Another cheater
  161. Arena
  162. HellaTeamStyle looking for members
  163. This is just embarassing guys.....
  164. [Balls Deep] recruiting
  165. Greens decks need a rebalance.
  166. SOUTH_MAFIA recruiting Top 19 players over 100 donations!
  167. Skankhunt69 recruiting. Only 4 spots left. Very active
  168. [Recruiting] SouthPark Cows.
  169. How to stop image verification
  170. South park - nerves destroyer
  171. Thoughts of a frustrated player
  172. Incompetence, taken to a whole new level
  173. I love the game - But your progression system combined with poor monetization is bad.
  174. New Team Recruiting - “MMM’KAY” Join us!
  175. plz nerf the arrow storm
  176. Serious question - state of the game
  177. How long until the state of the game outweighs the ip?
  178. Reporting cheater Cloud77br
  179. Does ubjsoft block my phone because its rooted please help i cant do anythin nomore
  180. Charge back!
  181. Hh46bb
  182. Cash Grab ? Fremium? Cheaters?
  183. Major Bug w the Space Timmy guy that shoots lasers
  184. Recruiting for skankhunt69. Very active clan 3 spots left
  185. Boycott this game
  186. Join Clan 「FEEDERS」, a new AUS/NZ CLAN!
  187. Join the Queendom clan!!!!!
  188. Disappointed and mad...a lousy shirt?!?
  189. Looking for a good guild
  190. How many time for a balance patch ?
  191. SOUTH_MAFIA recruiting Top 32 players already over 100 donations!
  192. The Worst Thing About Cheating
  193. Banned without reason
  194. Can we add a Recruitment Thread for these Clan requests?
  195. Feedback on Super Hard PCness event, please no more relying on locker prizes
  196. Please add uplay account interworking
  197. Unfair Legendary Drop Rate
  198. Alien Egg Event
  199. Issues with PVP only
  200. New event rigged?
  201. Team Jews Inn is looking for members
  202. How do people have lvl 4 and 5 cards???
  203. “Special” Cards from Events — Missed
  204. I cant lose rating (and that is my issue)
  205. 3 Themes In 1 Deck
  206. Cant find pvp match
  207. Do you loose the card unlocks if you level down ?
  208. Card grinders read this @
  209. Singapore Corps: Recruiting Clan Members
  210. How do I obtain....
  211. Invalid battle result
  212. Y u no costume buff.
  213. When were visitors added to the game?
  214. Pvp cheaters
  215. http://xtrfact.com/priaboost-male-enhancement/
  216. MF Chicken recruiting!
  217. What triggers the phone zap?
  218. YOU******* IS recruiting!
  219. When is the ladder reset?
  220. Feedback on Pirate Week event. Yes, please keep events like this. This is good.
  221. Stuck in legendary?
  222. MAN BEAR PIG is recruiting
  223. Improper distribution of upgrade items in purchased event packs?
  224. Throwdown Guild has a few spots
  225. Schezuan sauce recruiting.
  226. Reporting players with usernames in another language
  227. Plup Penguins wants YOU! We encourage fart emotes
  228. Anyone else feel cyborg kenny's DW is OP?
  229. Trying to join a group
  230. Guild settings
  231. Regeneration
  232. I have some questions about game machanics
  233. Pig lickers
  234. Things that need looked at
  235. Hook Hand Clyde proposed change
  236. Glitch? Cheat? or Exploit?
  237. 6 Months after Ubisoft acknowledges a cheat issue, we still have cheaters,unaceptable
  238. Pack Deals
  239. Matchmaking
  240. A simple fix
  241. Satans team now recruiting
  242. Need those silly swarms already
  243. whos beat level 60?
  244. Looking for some new teammates.
  245. No Twitch Feed - Observations - Security
  246. Mind Control glitch?
  247. Poo nuggets
  248. hookhand clyde
  249. f2p players - Opinions?
  250. Christmas Event more like Grinch Event