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  1. So is the Lag abuse/cheat/ whatever it is gonna be fixed?
  2. Gr@b Now - http://www.ebizoffer.com/magnum-pump-xr/
  3. New Characters
  4. Hacker Zapping My Units on MY SIDE of the Field
  5. Spooky Update: Halloween in South Park 🎃
  6. Where do you get the Visitors Mask for New Kid?
  7. Reporting Limit
  8. Points for friendly challenge
  9. Grab Now - http://www.ebizoffer.com/titan-tru-ketone/
  10. bounty hunter Kyle and balance issues
  11. When will the adventure class become playable again?
  12. Dougie buffing - a royal eff up
  13. Developer Update: Let's Get Cereal
  14. What's up with wknd events???
  15. South Park: Phone Destroyer Worldwide Launch Anniversary!
  16. WTF!!! Where did my data go!?
  17. No log out option?
  18. Player versus environment: flaws, bugs and suggestions
  19. Devs: What is it that all offers are not the same to players?
  20. PVP ticket offer?
  21. Adventure Locked Accounts
  22. Instead of pvp ticket offer Rogue Token booster pack I need community manager urgent
  23. Review - http://ebizoffer.com/perfect-keto-max-fr/
  24. Just a Suggestion for Anniversary Week
  25. Direct hits to opponent NK does not decrease health
  26. Why does UH cause direct damage to NK?
  27. Developer Update: Nobody Got Cereal?
  28. About those missing Epics
  29. Review - http://dietpillspapa.com/thermo-sculpt-pro/
  30. Tokens in lockers during events
  31. Can we give Warboy Tweek a buff?
  32. Lockers are pre-decided Redlynx deceive users
  33. الاصلاح الفورى تلاجه نورج ( 0235695244 ) تلاجات نورج ( 012
  34. SP Elites has started its 10th team, SP Elites 3.50 - Come and join us!
  35. I reported my first lag abuser today
  36. Keto Supreme Forskolin
  37. Card Packs paid for with PVP Tickets
  38. Developer Update: Mr. Slave is coming!
  39. Longest Legendary card Drought
  40. Mind Control is broken
  41. Legendary 1,000 cash packs
  42. Developer Update: Buddah Box
  43. Strongwoman
  44. Strongwoman
  45. Where are the cheaper PVP packs promised?
  46. Zen bundle
  47. Missing raffle reward
  48. More silver materials please?
  49. Is it possible to get a Legendary in challenge mode?
  50. Once again an event with only mystic rewards...
  51. Double attacks
  52. Join Koon and friends
  53. Weekend Challenge Issues
  54. Event rewards not worth the time investment and green bucks
  55. Balance Changes: December 4th
  56. No coins/cash in Legendary pack
  57. Tier 7 rewards better than tier 3 rewards 2 seasons in the row....
  58. Legendary rank rewards
  59. Infinite Performance Keto Benefits | And Its Reviews
  60. Lack of information
  61. Developer Update: Unfulfilled
  62. Cards that need a buff for next balance change (ubi-toller please read)
  63. 12 Days PVP bundles
  64. 10.000.000 points
  65. Card donation limit???
  66. Developer Update: Bike Parade
  67. Ubisoft Club Rewards
  68. Team Wars Coming Soon!
  69. Looking for teammates - Serialschtoil
  70. Opening lockers is like getting coal in Christmas
  71. Developer Update: Santa Claus is coming to town!
  72. I think we need a new league
  73. Solution to deranking....assuming RL wants one.
  74. Holiday Break Information!
  75. What are minimum requirements for free holiday gift?
  76. Pve story
  77. Santa issue for hard of hearing
  78. Developer Update: Happy New Year
  79. Read and voice opinion!
  80. Are we EVER going to get another new Adventure card?
  81. Stop token collection events!
  82. Where is the cash ?
  83. Legit mistake or just a lie
  84. Please let there be a TvT update today
  85. Developer Update (EDITED): The Dark Lord Returns & A Fond Farewell
  86. Anybody Having Issues with Power Bind?
  87. Solo point total
  88. Missing outfit
  89. Marcus hits still not working - Timmy, nathan etc. still double hitting
  90. RedLynx Staff; Please Read - Information needed for Team vs Team
  91. Shaman Token ability does not do as described
  92. Team Wars Update is LIVE
  93. Multiple players lost the final single player pack
  94. Forum related question
  95. Developer Update: En Garde
  96. High priority fix, old PvP layout
  97. Asset Bundle Stuck at 0.00MB
  98. RedLynx is Nerfing Bounty Hunter Kyle (BHK)
  99. When was purify changed?
  100. No Garrison Bug
  101. When can players move teams?
  102. A Few Constructive Sugestions On TVT
  103. So, which cards are 'Piarte' cards, and what does 'Increased stats' mean?
  104. How is elo / points, after matches, calculated?
  105. Do bottlecaps stack?
  106. Developer Update: Yo Ho Ho (EDIT 31/1)
  107. BUG - Can't see text box while typing message
  108. At which upgrade level will a player have a card for team wars?
  109. How will you calculate the team war ranking ?
  110. PLZ Dont nerf BHK'S attack
  111. Fix broken team wars now!!!!!!
  112. Team Wars Missing Information for Player Evaluation & Communication
  113. Team Wars Scores Incorrect
  114. No network connection
  115. Card suggestion: Kevin
  116. Team War Upgrade
  117. Team war participation
  118. Info missing again about the 'increased' stats!
  119. Card Rebalancing Question
  120. Small feedback on TW
  121. Working on some new card!
  122. Pope Timmy Revival
  123. Team Wars Upgrades
  124. System bracket horrible !!!!!!
  125. Big Issue with 'Incorrect' Team Wars Stats
  126. Redlynx, you ruined the game
  127. TW brackets, please do something !
  128. [For Toller/Buck] Suspicious Team Wars results
  129. Team Tease
  130. Alien Drone.... Seriously?
  131. Thoughts on more single player levels
  132. Temporary Bug fix: Balance reverted
  133. Developer Update: Keeping it Classi
  134. Overtime should be more than a minute
  135. Valentine event
  136. Mystical is OP AF
  137. New Ideas
  138. Did they make this game harder?
  139. Make Rank fight better
  140. Challenge - Increased Mystic Cards
  141. Developer Update: Love is in the air!
  142. Cap placement
  143. Other people’s card stats
  144. Developer Update: Monkey Business
  145. the latest Update 3.1.0 [DELETED] Chinese language pack, WHY?
  146. Dwarf Engineer Dougie No Longer Working
  147. About the update
  148. A question about new card usage system
  149. Off topic posts in forum / rules
  150. Developer Update: Spellbound
  151. http://www.perfect4health.com/keto-pro-diet/
  152. Challenge First Run
  153. http://www.perfect4health.com/keto-pro-diet/
  154. Weekly event
  155. Premium Shop Pack Improvements
  156. Possible solution to deranking
  157. After resisting mystic for 1+ year, I gave up.. rose up 1k rank and back into 250-750
  158. Balance Change - Bounty Hunter Kyle - WTF!
  159. I can not play the game!!!
  160. Stuck on applying config
  161. Why are new players more highly rewarded than loyal ones?
  162. Where's our challenge mode :@
  163. Developer Update: Sci-Fi Week
  164. Ideas For Future Balance Changes
  165. Buy High Quality Passports, Drivers License, Id cards,Visas. (( jayroy011@hotmail.com
  166. What's with extra bottle caps?
  167. 35% chance of bullcrap
  168. Terrible bug
  169. The impact of TW upgrades
  170. TVT participation Q"uestion
  171. Toller - Weekly themes
  172. Developer Update: Dragons in the Air
  173. Dear Dev Team
  174. 1200 eggs Really?!! redlynx do you test your game?
  175. When Are The Visitors Coming?!?!?!?!? Devs, please put them in!
  176. Event weeks
  177. Screw you guys and your OP mystical
  178. Developer Update: Adventure Rising
  179. Don't forget to bring a towel
  180. Developer Update: Monday Madness!
  181. Big differences in team wars packs
  182. ارقام تليفونات توكيل يونيون اير ((01014723434)) الوكي 
  183. Still wondering about card usage events
  184. Time change affects!
  185. نمرة اصلاح باور غمرة $ 01225025360 $ 01014723434 $ 01127571696
  186. Draw matches
  187. Butter's shop = fashion store?
  188. Missing legendary?!? Pls help red lynx!!!
  189. Developer Update: No Fools Today!
  190. How is it fair giving the most Pay to Win Team extra free rewards?
  191. Remove Transmogrify from important rewards
  193. Butters shop nerf?
  194. Little buff to commons & rares
  195. Buff Transmogrify
  196. Team Wars Silver matchmaking - how will it continue?
  197. Team war : a loss due oi opponent as left and proof by video
  198. Awesome o balance
  199. توكيل صيانة (كاريير) (المهندسين) 01225025360 ** 01014723434 ** 01127571696
  200. Developer Update: Battle Pass is coming!
  201. Developer Update: Maintenance and Update Incoming
  202. Server Side
  203. New issues after the update
  204. UPDATE: Known Issues
  205. Draws = boring!!!!!
  206. Missing team wars and battle pas tokens
  207. Problem with PVP Pack Drops/Battle Pass Points
  208. Fix these damn connection errors!!!
  209. Less cards in pvp pack ?
  210. Seeking some answers
  211. Challenge First vs Second Run
  212. Would I have the capacity to Have Alcohol On A Diabetic Diet
  213. Future balance for cards
  214. Not being awarded battle tokens in 2nd pvp pack of the day
  215. Challenge Scoring system
  216. List of cards for challenge
  217. Game ruined - now encourages deranking
  218. New ladder system doesnt make any sense
  219. Which event pack has battle caps?
  220. Congratulations, rabbleing broke the game.
  221. More trash pass system of all
  222. Purify is ********.
  223. T&P are stupid op.
  224. Losing points after victory
  225. Cash Nerfed In Weekend Events
  226. Team Wars is a Joke (censored version)
  227. Congratulations....
  228. New season reset, whats happining then?
  229. How hard can it be? Battle tokens missing again - Team wars this time
  230. Developer Update: Have you seen my Cheesy Poofs?
  231. Where's the fantasy week?
  232. Can I get my money back ?
  233. Suggestion to new skill rating calc
  234. Unranked mode
  235. Less cash, less or no coins, still repeatedly token events....
  236. Aurora's must be stopped!
  237. New Elo System Bugged?
  238. Is that okay, Redlinks???
  239. Challenge mode unplayable
  240. Any fix before the holidays?
  241. Any follow-up about the battle token problems?
  242. Lag glitch running wild
  243. Missing PVP pack
  244. Deranker bracket
  245. Petition to restore cash and coin amounts to event packs and stop token events
  246. Hey ubi toller! Are you listening?! Fix the zen cartman lag glitch!
  247. Team war silver bracket : No opponent found , waiting for hours
  248. Tvt bug??
  249. Purify
  250. One step forward and six steps back (weekend event cash nerf and more rubbish)