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  1. Fresh sample of the 'stunning' graphics after patch (Ps4 pro)
  2. Lighting downgrade & One X situation
  3. Bug in the Blood in the Water side quest
  4. Can't retrieve New Centurion add-on pack
  5. Ayuda pls
  6. 2nd and 3rd save slot DOES NOT WORK
  7. Assassin creed Origins cant get platium because of Aya bug
  8. Need To Remove Accidental DLC Purchase!
  9. Tamed animals attack me
  10. It seems Aya is going to take down Ubisoft
  11. BUG - Inconsistent movespeed
  12. No XP added while discover new Nome or new place or new question mark point.
  13. Cannot complete location because of Aya
  14. Neith Bow
  15. Tablet of Knowledge broken?
  16. PS4Pro - after dream meating with the son
  17. Trail of Anubis
  18. Progression in Other Quests?
  19. Missing content from deluxe edition
  20. hepfezas fire sword missing
  21. The Weapons System....
  22. Cannot Re-enter Eesfet Oon-m'Aa Poo
  23. Cannot Progress The Battle of the Nile Mission
  24. 1.05 news
  25. Master Warrior Trait broken?[PS4]
  26. Stuck at the end of Blade of the Goddess mission
  27. Patch 1.04 Gameplay & Good News
  28. The character's life does not fill anymore.
  29. Patch 1.04 PS4 Pro Framerates still an issue
  30. Missing captain - Camp Tamaris
  31. Circle of Life Trophy not unlocking
  32. Photos active?
  33. Tired of hearing same voices and sentences of NPCs
  34. Blade of the Goddess mission objective won't start
  35. Add a way to return/waste/donate drakhma.
  36. Daily Mission Disappering So Annoying !! FIX IT Please PS4
  37. Hippodrome races
  38. 1.05 and graphical downgrade still the same.
  39. Foliage flickers with patch 1.05
  40. Still no Old habits trophy or Platinum trophy
  41. clipping issues horse and carts
  42. Lost the Anubis Gear Item?!
  43. [BUG Report - Sidequest A Good Roman - Playing With Fire]
  44. More Challenge
  45. Compensation for lost gear and items due to Ambush at Sea Fiasco
  46. 1.05 does seem to stabilize the gameplay
  47. Two Bayeks Bug during Aya: Blade of the Goddess mission
  48. Can’t get “For Those About To Die” trophy (Krokodopolis arena completion)
  49. Objects appearing and disappearing starting in 1.04 not fixed in 1.05
  50. Ray of Hope treasure GLITCH
  51. Application Corrupted
  52. Online service error after 1.05
  53. Way of the Gabiniani -- Objectives do not update after killing the infiltrator
  54. patch 1.06, 1.07, 108 . . . .
  55. The Flea If Cyrene - Speak to Esio Bug
  56. Bathhouse towel glitch
  57. Mysterious Papyrus [possible spoilers]
  58. Installing 1.05 from scratch improves the graphic??????
  59. REQUEST: Can we please SELL Legendary Weapons!
  60. ACO wont let me progress out of Siwa
  61. Pre order level not available
  62. PS4 Pro, Photos taken are very dark with HDR Enabled?
  63. 1.05 fix does not restore lost gear
  64. Old habits issue
  65. Health Bar
  66. Family reunion audio bug
  67. Returning to Hippodrome : First cup unlimited loading screen
  68. Return to Hippodrome: First Cup unlimited loading glitch
  69. Can’t get the crocodile jaws trophy and the siege trophy
  70. Stuck in Layla’s Cave
  71. Demons in the Desert Quest Infinite Loading Screen
  72. Missing One Phylakes
  73. Unable to obtain Quest from Nomad's Bazaar
  74. HDR might be the culprit to 1.04 and 1.05 problems
  75. Still got no platinum after updating patch1.05
  76. Horus Pack
  77. Horus pack is not found in store for season pass owner
  78. Horus Pack still not available
  79. What the hell Ubisoft?
  80. Sobek Trial - Issue in new game
  81. can not complete CLASSIC CHALLENGES
  82. Secrets of The First Pyramids
  83. A dream of ashes - Glitch
  84. Languages Germany version
  85. My photo's are wash-out when viewed in HDR
  86. Known Issues list not correctly updated?
  87. Languages in US PS4 ACO ?
  88. Missing feature /ability
  89. Pls access to outfits helix stuff & season pass, language in patch 1.00 :'(
  90. Pls for internet access to ingame shop, outfits, season pass & language in patch 1.00
  91. Flying boats glitch
  92. Leveling system
  93. Bayek not running properly
  94. Senu does not come when called
  95. Bug activer un mécanisme
  96. Ac origins is stuck at 99% completion
  97. characters repeating themselves and voices over lapping!
  98. Still CRAZY amount of bugs AFTER patch update 1.05!
  99. Help!!!
  100. Aya: Blade of the goddess
  101. this game and crashing
  102. Audio Dialogue problem
  103. Infinite Load Screen
  104. Are you even trying? :mad:
  105. What is status on graphics bug ?
  106. What is happening with optimization bug (confirmed by Ashraf Ismail on Nov. 12th)?
  107. Drawn distance issues and Pop-ins since patch 1.03, 1.04; NOT fixed in 1.05
  108. Why has the Photo Mode website been offline since the graphical downgrade?
  109. Dear Ubisoft any info about patch 10.3-1.05 graphic "bug" fix?
  110. How many people are waiting for a 1.06 patch?
  111. Trophy Glitch
  112. Old habits trophy green mark on bureau
  113. Compensation? More like a joke
  114. Baixar idioma de áudio em português
  115. Ubisoft club friend listing and scorecard
  116. Push attacks not working
  117. Talked to Reda at nomad's bazaar, didn't get daily quest
  118. Medusa shield.
  119. EXPLORATION Seshem.eff Er Aat Not Counting !
  120. The Weapons Lottery system is a joke!
  121. Hidden ones store items don't change & Oacle's relic notification keeps re-appearing
  122. missing trophies
  123. Old habit trophy
  124. Petition for Ubi to acknowledge its mistakes
  125. Old habits trophy problem - !!NEW GLITCH!! (I think) - Please give it a read
  126. Unable to access smoke on tools menu
  127. Free "Secrets of the first pyramids" from Ubisoft Club?!
  128. Missing PSN friends, and ACO friends scores. Need help, please.
  129. Old habits
  130. Fixed patch 1.05 draw distance & graphics with prove
  131. Location Objective Bug - Temple of Amun
  132. Anubis Armor Not Awarded
  133. cyrene avenge fsa 1226
  134. infinite loadscreen
  135. will the new patch fix all graphics issues?
  136. Restart mission aya
  137. Outfit - vestment of horus no hood cinematic issues
  138. still no help with my missing trophy
  139. Daily quest not showing up, cmon Ubisoft!
  140. Can’t download Audio Language Packs
  141. Game file Corruption
  142. Where is the "local info" feature?
  143. Patch 1.10 status
  144. 1.1 does not fix outstanding graphical issues on PS4!!!!
  145. bug horde mode mission PS4
  146. Thank you Ubisoft for bringing back
  147. Trophy bug for "Taste of her Sting"
  148. The game still looks terrible after 1.1 patch
  149. 3D Audio
  150. assassin's creed origins Fully Upgraded Gear Changed Appearance after Patch 1.1.0
  151. A flying cart
  152. Apprivoiser animaux
  153. Missing language
  154. Passage of time no longer occurs in my game post 1.1.0 patch.
  155. To all the forum member who experienced graphical problems
  156. I'm playing on PS4 Pro, no PS1. Fix this ASAP, please.
  157. Trophies do not appear in ps4 recent activites.
  158. Some camels have abusive graphical bug since 1.10 tail stuck in the bum -many reports
  159. Patch 1.1 graphical downgrade
  160. Textures issues [With PROOF]
  161. Introduction video of the Hyena missing voice, text, and mouth movement
  162. Rare Shield/Weapon Sold from Seconday Missions
  163. Gear packs and Season Pass
  164. sound out of synk
  165. Ubisoft! LOD distance still needs more improvement.(Vid+Pics)
  166. Nomad Quest Marker Not Accessible (Underground near Giza)
  167. Assassin’s Creed Origins - Issues I need fixed to make this game perfect
  168. Trophies Not Unlocking
  169. PS4 - Patch 1.10 Very Slow Loading Textures
  170. Game crash at a certain point
  171. December 17th, graphics still look awful
  172. Missing Legendaries
  173. PS4 - Patch 1.10 Very Slow Loading Textures
  174. Videos and pics of lod view distance and texture issues ps4 pro!please watch ubisoft!
  175. God's edition content
  176. FPS drops
  177. ACO Issues - Ubisoft please, please, please, please help!
  178. No Polish language
  179. Omfg it is that hard to give us the day one patch graphics back??!!!
  180. god events crashing the game!!!!
  181. Trial of the Gods Problem
  182. Anubis Outfit
  183. Not Getting Gold Anubis Items
  184. Trial of God's (ERROR)
  185. Did not receive the Sunslayer Sword.
  186. Qetesh and Resheph trophy glitched
  187. Arrows need A bigger cap
  188. Sunslayer Sword Glitch
  189. Kweh should've been an Ostrich
  190. Help
  191. Can't claim Twitch prime loot.
  192. Game freezes on saving
  193. Big snake boss bug
  194. Twitch prime items not appearing in game
  195. Any owners of British Physical Edition notice that PS4 'Activities' is disabled?
  196. Avenge magoje01
  197. Papyrus Scroll - Dead End
  198. Fix the Old habit glitch ubsioft will you ?
  199. secrets of the lost pyramids reads: "This content cannot be selected at this time"
  200. Bug - May Amun Walk Beside You
  201. Limited Edition Mercenary Pack
  202. Purchasing DLC from online Ubisoft store
  203. Constant freezing
  204. Unable to connect to ubistore
  205. Lazy Editors?
  206. Add Helix Credits/Drachma To Reda's Quests
  207. Ubisoft Club Reward - Secrets of the First Pyramids bug
  208. The Old Library - Quest Bug (Sword of Ptah reward) PS4
  209. Quest Legendaries are GONE AGAIN - FIX THIS ASAP
  210. Upgraded Crafting Gear Bug
  211. Taste of her sting bug
  212. Low fps
  213. i know my land trophy won't unlock
  214. Accidentally Sold Hepzefa's Sword
  215. Infinite Grid Loading Screen After Quitting Hippodrome
  216. [BUG REPORT] Possible Incorrect NPC Models used in Outdoor Life Simulation
  217. jumbe elephant reed arena glitch
  218. Assassin's Origin Dualshock4 wireless controller
  219. Glitched Trophy: Almost there
  220. Game keeps stuttering for me
  221. Papyrus Treasures Vanished [not showing/appearing]
  222. Just a bug report of what's happened to me
  223. Can you please fix the cape on Shadow Warrior outfit?
  224. Assassin's Creed: Origins - Flickering Sand Bug(?)
  225. Season pass
  226. New Trial of The Gods
  227. "the hidden ones"?
  228. Shield modification
  229. Recovering Saved Game
  230. Still can't get the DLC I paid for to install.
  231. I did the weekly challenge and collected but still didn't get the The Jackal
  232. Unable to download patch 1.20
  233. Community Challenge reward not in inventory
  234. Ben-Hur trophy not working
  235. Trophies and Ubisoft Club rewards not working well on PS4
  236. Assassin creed origin freezing
  237. Camp shetjeh glitch missing captain
  238. Eeyoo Sekedoo Aat Mechanism Bug
  239. please alow us to do quests again once done
  240. Fixing 'Aya'/'Old Habits' trophy - Ubisoft please enlighten your paid customers.
  241. Cant hear voices during cutscenes
  242. Help - All missions and side missions reset
  243. Patch 1.20 Save Not Loading
  244. Full page ad for new mission won't stop displaying
  245. Unresponsive keys and menu items
  246. Nikes winged victory Infinite Loading Issue
  247. How to get the beard and hood on Bayak
  248. Ac origins draw distance bug
  249. Hidden Ones not showing in the US PS4 store, though shown in-game
  250. Can't find The Hidden Ones DLC in the store