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  1. Assasin Creed Origins - BUG Mission The Crocodiles Jaws
  2. Black screen
  3. Trial of Sobek screen & icon still available
  4. Last cutscene of last main mission almost mute
  5. Fps
  6. No Anubis outfit
  7. Multiplayer Events or Missions.
  8. Bugs (original xbox one)
  9. How do i get this boss??
  10. Crash To Power Reset
  11. Missing Trial of the gods shield
  12. Game Breaking Load Screen
  13. Crash on game load
  14. Where Is The Nightmare Pack?
  15. Sehkmet keeps coming back
  16. No audio on CG on Xbox One X
  17. Campaign reset
  18. Photos made in HDR mode are "greyish"
  19. A list of bugs/glitches, framerate and other improvements.
  20. Trial of the gods
  21. Why won’t my game go past language selection?
  22. Barra de vida
  23. BUG - The Crocodiles Jaws (XBox One X)
  24. Patch 1.10 Still huge popup of small objects vegetation rendering range is terrible
  25. See the world through corner pyramid blocks
  26. Cart animals fallen through world and stuck
  27. Corrupted game
  28. Perfil no sincroniza
  29. (XB1X) Here comes a new contender graphic glitch (spoiler)
  30. patch 1.10 issues
  31. No sound randomly after last patch..!!!
  32. Horde Mode Bug
  33. New Hunting pack DLC
  34. loss of drachmas
  35. End of the snake unlocking the box always freezes
  36. In-game Audio Bug Report
  37. Problems after the latest patch
  38. Black screen after loading saved game.
  39. New Quest Available - What is the name of the new Quest (Ambush at Sea bug)
  40. Missing Audios During Cutscenes and interactions with NPCs
  41. Dolby Atmos sound option not available in game
  42. Assassin's Creed Origins - Game Frozen
  43. 50 trophies earned, but no Platinum.
  44. Patch 1.10 "The Hidden Ones DLC" Upgraded Equipment Bug
  45. Bugs #4
  46. the Sunslayer Sword.
  47. Season pass redemption
  48. where is the sun slayer sword
  49. fade black block moves across game screen
  50. Papyrus scrolls solutions missing after patch 1.10
  51. Bug report - Anubis outfit not unlocking
  52. Compenetrations with crocodiles and other animals
  53. Hippodrome loading screen bug
  54. random freezing
  55. Haven't received rewards from Ubisoft Club on Assassins Creed Origins
  56. Game sound cut outs and random crashes
  57. ACO Xbox - Can't set hood on/off or hair/beard
  58. ACO Xbox - Photo mode doesn't work
  59. Down fps on xbox one / queda de fps no xbox one
  60. [Xbox One X] Weird muffled sounds
  61. Purchased Deluxe Edition redemption code not
  62. Assassins creed origin - character stuck at the beginning
  63. Game freezes / Quits to Xbox home
  64. Ubisoft Store purchases can't be claimed on both X Box and Playstation?
  65. Quest: Blood in the Water Glitch
  66. Pompeius Magnus: Stuck nowhere near mission
  67. Problem With Dolby Atmos and Random Sound Loss
  68. Bring Back The Trial Of The Gods
  69. RT button on XBOX ONE S
  70. Circle of Life Achievement/Trophy won't pop
  71. Game download problem
  72. Disc issue
  73. Texture rendering issue in 4K
  74. Assassins creed quit game Xbox one xdashboard turns green color
  75. Suggestion - Bahamut Final Fantasy XV Armor
  76. Roman gladius
  77. Assassin's Creed: Unity - Xbox One
  78. Message to developers please respond!!!!
  79. Camera fixed in one direction! 😣
  80. Preordered Gold
  81. community challenge
  82. Sound just drops out and stays off.
  83. PLEASE HELP !!! The final weighing glitch (GAME BREAKER)
  84. Bug
  85. XBOX ONE X pop in
  86. Flying assassin
  87. Phylakes Prey Quest Bug
  88. My weapons disapear!!!
  89. Assassins Creed Steelbook Gold Edition - Xbox One - Disc Question
  90. Tin can audio
  91. wont start
  92. Latest patch 1.2 major bugs
  93. Xbox One S controller problem
  94. The Setting Sun (The Hidden Ones DLC Quest)
  95. Installing Xbox one disc version
  96. Game crashes at Crocdiles Jaws mission
  97. Origins - Achievement list not showing up
  98. Daily Missions Issues
  99. 1.2 LOD Issues, Textures and Lighting downgrade
  100. Can't play the the hidden ones DLC
  101. xbox one x crashes and crashes again since update 1.20
  102. Blood in the water bug
  103. Yet more bugged club challenges in DLC
  104. Loss of money on quitting game
  105. Game freezes when starting
  106. Deleting Screenshots in Assassins Creed Origins Website
  107. Still have not received The Jackal scepter
  108. Bugs (original xbox one)
  109. ACO: The Hidden Ones - The Setting Sun
  110. ACO: The Hidden Ones - The Killer Shadow quest bug
  111. Misable Trophy in The Hidden Ones!! - Ubisoft HELP!!!
  112. Lost my game save level 45
  113. Viewpoint sync music is the same track everywhere on the main map
  114. Main game papyrus puzzle drops not showing up
  115. ACO Hiddens Ones Question
  116. AC origins bugs that needs fixing in updates
  117. Bayek doesn't get up once he falls flat on ground
  118. Classic challenges showing 0% complete on Xbox One and PC (SPOILERS!)
  119. Another new problem! 😈😈😈
  120. Higher education quest glitch
  121. A lot of people did not receive comunity challenge award for the trial of sobek!
  122. DLC Infinite Load
  123. Hidden Ones Outfit fix
  124. Will you ever make the -heka chest fair
  125. Initiates issues
  126. Game crash after latest patch
  127. Captain Kill not Registered at Walls-Of-The-Ruler
  128. Thoths secret.. papyrus puzzle.
  129. Trinkets via looting NOT respawning (cannot achieve reduce, reuse, recyccle)
  130. Question about the Bureau of The Hidden Ones in Memphis
  131. I Lost all of my save Data
  132. jeux buger a 99% ?
  133. Atlas 93% show on the hidden ones
  134. Ubisoft Club Challenges [Hidden Ones]
  135. Phylakes
  136. Eeyoo sekedoo aat mechanism
  137. Reda Mission
  138. ACO weather an other changes
  139. Trials of the gods ubisoft club weekly challenges
  140. pete simmonds
  141. pete simmonds
  142. Fire & Sand,Killing The Abstrgo Agents
  143. game physics
  144. Tooth of Sobek glitch?
  145. Cat petting animation bug!
  146. Save file wiped out
  147. Disappointed with NG+ reward. Ubisoft that was lazy
  148. Pompeius Magnus quest keeps getting re-marked as completed
  149. One Bad Apple NPC not spawning correctly, and falling beneath the world
  150. Chariots
  151. typo in description of Plight of the Rebels
  152. Assassins creed origins
  153. Holes in rocks in the Black Desert
  154. Stuck on loading Screen!
  155. Commander at the Walls-Of-The-Ruler running away from the fortress
  156. The Hidden Ones Achievements- Xbox One
  157. I participated in the Community Challenge multiple times but I didn't get the prize.
  158. Heka chest problem
  159. phylakes killed 9/10
  160. Unable to load game
  161. ACO - Lost Save - Bug
  162. Graphics (original xbox one)
  163. Using 1X playing Hidden Ones
  164. Bug: Conflict / Alert Music Doesn't Play
  165. Where has Egypt Gone?
  166. Main Game Map Icons GONE
  167. Out of Bounds Bug
  168. Opening Fight - Character Wont Move
  169. Bug: ? I can’t get the Old Habits achievement
  170. Draw distance is very bad on xbox one X
  171. Error loading Hidden Ones DLC
  172. game freezes and crashes
  173. ukovertkill
  174. Overpower no longer working
  175. Prison break achievement bugged?
  176. audio stuttering
  177. Lights among the Dunes bug
  178. Sting on the Tale
  179. Stuck on Load
  180. Game crashes when loading my profile
  181. Achivement problem
  182. message to ubisoft
  183. Light among the dunes
  184. Game freezing
  185. Daily Missions not appearing since CotP
  186. lots of bugs in cotp
  187. The Heretic Quest
  188. Ubisoft Badge for Killing Rufio won't unlock
  189. Assassin's Creed Origins Challenge Awards
  190. Game reset. I lost everything. Please help
  191. Recuperar arma
  192. Did not get Reuse Reduce Recycle Achievement
  193. CoTP acheivements not working
  194. rudiarius achievement
  195. Bugs on ACO Xbox One - Dark Mount & Sting in the Tale
  196. Can I change to the gold edition
  197. Hidden Ones - Achievements not Popping
  198. Really Bad Flickering (XB1X)
  199. Zone completion
  200. Unable to collect the community challenge reward
  201. Game stuck in a loop
  202. Did not receive Community Challege reward from last week
  203. Weird issue with Phylakes
  204. Lost all my deluxe edition stuff
  205. Prison Break Achievment Bug
  206. Black Screen Glitch
  207. 1.4.2 still has sound issues
  208. Dolby Atmos for headphones bug on Xbox One
  209. Assassincreed origin xboxe one wont play by disc from one week ago
  210. Cutscene Stutter
  211. XBOX ONE X - Sound and Cutscene bug
  212. Hidden ones DLC installation stopped
  213. Missed some Trials.
  214. Crash When Near ? Mark
  216. Lights Among The Dunes Bug
  217. Instant Death glitch? Final Boss Nightmare Plus
  218. Game Freeze and Crash on "The Lizard's Mask" Mission
  219. Bad graphics
  220. Avoid faiyum and nomad quests
  221. Game crashes at the beginning of Pompeius Magnus at the same spot.
  222. Sound
  223. Reda's Quest didn't trigger after speaking to him for the day.
  224. Sting in the Tale achievement still glitched
  225. Packs
  226. Assassin´s Creed Origins Deluxe Edition gift
  227. HELP game wont launch
  228. New Patch Ruined Stealth Assassinations
  229. Stuck on checking for additional content
  230. game crashes since recent up date
  231. Lag Spikes While Sailing
  232. ACO issue
  233. Different color indicators for arrow racks plz!
  234. Map problem?
  235. Plz help -Game wont start
  236. Are there any way to get ACO Hungarian localization?
  237. Xbox One troubleshooting for various issues
  238. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  239. Request for a final patch UPDATE for AC: Origins-- CUSTOMIZATIONS PLS!!!
  240. Audio is out with audio cutting in
  241. a sting in history
  242. Continuous Loading
  243. kill Anubis error
  244. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
  245. Infinite Loading Screen
  246. Bug in the achievement "Old Habits" ?
  247. Suddendly my weapons almost cause no damage
  248. Assassin's creed origins.
  249. Sound
  250. Cannot find last Phylake