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  1. Mission Failed/Death Screen when trying to Replay Missions
  2. Aco pc
  3. Assassin's Creed: Origins - PC requirements?
  4. Assassin's Creed: Origins - PC Pre-Download
  5. PC System Specifications - FAQ
  6. Assassin's Creed Origins per-order
  7. NVIDIA Game Works ?
  8. Assassin's Creed Origins - Uplay units discount
  9. Unable to start the game error!
  10. Game not included in collector's edition
  11. Game added to library.. Yet it's not there..!
  12. Crash when start the game
  13. Crash when start the game
  14. Missing Deluxe Edition Items
  15. In game audio messed up.
  16. I cant pre dowload AC Origins
  17. Subtitle Speaker Name not showing
  18. Terrible performance
  19. 4k textures for PC
  20. [PC] Digital Deluxe extra ability points missing?
  21. Give us SLI support
  22. Clicking sound
  23. Audio very low
  24. Departure
  25. Crash on starting the game
  26. No Audio / Sound
  27. Sound problem using headphones via wireless Xbox One S controller
  28. High cpu usage
  29. 100% CPU usage on all cores, even on low. (Intel)
  30. Bad performance
  31. EVGA Precision XOC issue AND a sound bug(?)
  32. Crashing but no hardware issues
  33. 7.1 Wont work
  34. GTX 1080 Worse Performance from an AC title ever.... shocking really....
  35. Sound is broken (not just ingame)
  36. Major bug
  37. colour issues
  38. SLI dont work
  39. Crash On Start up
  40. Gamepad Issues
  41. Badly Optimised?
  42. Assassins Creed Origins not apear...
  43. Game crashes - Unable to create a DX11 D3D Device
  44. Game exits after the new game loading screen
  45. Game crash after animus loading screen
  46. Splatscreen, game don't start
  47. Major stuttering issues
  48. Origins will not load
  49. In game Audio issue - crackling/buzzing sound
  50. Play on GTX 960m
  51. Assassin's Creed Origins Sound Issue
  52. Deluxe edition bonus items missing
  53. [Nvidia] You are running an unsupported video driver
  54. ACOrigins.exe has stoped working (on startup)
  55. Senu causes dialogs sound issue
  56. Crashing ACO and OS when Benchmarking
  57. Audio is not working properly
  58. High FPS, Micro Stutter
  59. Major issues
  60. Senu is deformed
  61. Multi-Monitor = Driver Crash!!!
  62. Press Any (key omitted), cursor moves to upper left corner and flickers
  63. ACO crahing
  64. [PSA] PC tips and tricks
  65. CTD after animus loading screen
  66. No sli support???
  67. Automatic close of the window when I put play
  68. Surround sound encoding = bonked
  69. Audio bug
  70. Photomode is not working
  71. Mainquest, End of The Snake no progress
  72. Download/Installation stuck @12.99GB
  73. dismounting not working on pc
  74. Graphical bug with the game.
  75. First bugs ???
  76. Can't Begin the Game. Lock?
  77. AMD Performance
  78. Black screen when game starts with soun
  79. Didnt get the extra 3 ability points with my Gold edition.
  81. Pc Freeze
  82. Game works untill I try to start a new game
  83. Do not purchase Assassin's Creed: Origins, if you are unable to install the game on C
  84. Prisoners in the Temple mission bug
  85. stupid question time
  86. Stuck at splash screen
  87. I launch game and every thing runs great I start new game on normal and get an animus
  88. AC Origins Known Issues [PC]
  89. Where is my save?? Only NEW GAME avaiable?!!??
  90. Now have NO SOUND AT ALL with Logitech headset
  91. Nvidia Performence Wtf?
  92. Game issues: video frozen, sound driver automatically disabled
  93. [Origins] Initilization Error 4
  94. This game has a high CPU usage 80%-100%
  95. When we will get an Patch?
  96. audio issue in surround mode
  97. Mouse stutter
  98. No jogging Options is bothering me!
  99. No dialogue voice in the cutscenes
  100. How do you get this game to work with steam controller properly?
  101. Starterzone: Temple of Amun - Cannot release the 5th Priest close to the main temple
  102. HUD options suggestions
  103. No sound - fps drops - amd build
  104. Surround sound automatically changing to stereo.
  105. light shadow bug
  106. Soundcard issues
  107. Mouse Not Working on PC Version!!!
  108. Mouse not working on PC
  109. Aco crash
  110. Mouse Lag
  111. Mouse and screen issues
  112. Same Issues as Unity
  113. No sound at all REALTEK HHD AUDIO
  114. Launches on wrong screen
  115. Fullscreen not available in resolution lower than native
  116. No Mouse or Keyboard in gameplay
  117. Stuttering and sound issues
  118. Predator Bow bug
  119. An Odd crash thats pissing me off
  120. Assassins creed origins: Tuned settings for amd r9 380
  121. Choppy Fps on all graphic presets
  122. Choppy Fps
  123. Improve camera and aim assist?
  124. Fix for No Mouse/Keyboard
  125. [Bug report] Sound problems
  126. Crash, Freeze, broken audio
  127. Mouse Sensibility too fast !
  128. Automatic Close the game during the first fight
  129. Sell/remove outfits
  130. Where is the Day "1" patch
  131. Dialogue Blowing out ear drums
  132. Slow loading textures (pop-ins) on NPC
  133. Game opens but won't display
  134. Problem with poison weapon
  135. Stuck in walk mode after Lady of Slaughter mission
  136. Fast Travel Bug
  137. The game sets every graphic settings to lowest when restarting the game to apply them
  138. Music doesn't start properly during game?
  139. wont load
  140. Performance isnt great :(
  141. AC: O Will Not Start
  142. Assassins Creed PC Gameplay Controls
  143. Dialogue sound issue is not just limited to logitech headsets
  144. Dialog sound issues also in 5.1 speakers...
  145. Fix Phenom II and other CPU pls!
  146. Can't Exit Haystacks in Walk Mode
  147. A plethora of sound issues
  148. I found a 'hotfix' for the sound issue for Logitech users with Voicemeeter.
  149. Very Bad Performance On Very Good PC...
  150. We need sli support!!!
  151. Ubi club rewards
  152. Multiple Game-Breaking Issues like freezes, crashes on all presets
  153. Low Sounds
  154. Bad Performance/Optimization
  155. Crash - with BLOOD toggle On
  156. Multi-Monitor Driver Crash
  157. No/little sound
  158. No dialogue bug workaround
  159. How to DISMOUNT on PC ?
  160. How to DISMOUNT on PC ?
  161. Keyboard commands
  162. Failed receive local steam response
  163. Talking
  164. Can't start game
  165. Can't call my mount (pc version)
  166. HDR support for pc?
  167. Camera keeps trying to view from under character
  168. 100% CPU use with AMD 8350
  169. Game crashe
  170. Game CRASHES before I could get pass the first loading screen :/
  171. Assassins Creed Origins exit issue
  172. Why isnt there sli support
  173. Stuck at Loading Screen for mission Lady of Slaughter
  174. I'm very angry Ubisoft. This cannot be
  175. Need Help in Launching the game from steam
  176. My resolution isn't displayed.
  177. stuttering cutscene
  178. Photo taking limit
  179. More issues
  180. No AUDIO
  181. No speech or movement noise
  182. Shops selling things i already have
  183. Light Glitch in Hideaway side quest tomb (and fix)
  184. Constant Crashing
  185. Nomad bazaar wrong rewards
  186. No GPU Error
  187. Can not start the games
  188. Graphic Bug in Alexandria
  189. Why is the high CPU usage everyone is experiencing not a known issue
  190. Optimization problem
  191. PC crash for Origins
  192. 60hz is the only option for refresh rate
  193. Q9650 - No Start - CPU supports SSE4.1
  194. Menu cursor flicker between mouse and controller
  195. Game not loading using Bootcamp Windows 10
  196. No Savegames
  197. Controller and keyboard changes nonstop
  198. nVidia Surround triple screen - Game crash after loading
  199. Book of the dead - Can't finish mission
  200. Command keys for changing Bayek's Beard / Hair PC
  201. no smooth mouse function
  202. mouse bug in menu
  203. Cannot open the game
  204. ACO PC game start problem (hangs at spash screen) - Fix
  205. Broken Achievement?
  206. Bug at the first quest and audio bug
  207. Health bug
  208. Stuck on loading
  209. [Deluxe Pack] The 3 skill points not showing up.
  210. GraphicBug
  211. Solution for no dialog/no sound on Logitech G933
  212. Medunamon kill bug
  213. No voice/dialogue sound in cut scenes
  214. Bad Image Issues game not loading.
  215. Game won't start "Error at hookinh API "LoadStringA"
  216. Bugs and weird things
  217. No Dialogue Sound
  218. Crash when the game finishes loading the save game
  219. Lost Save Game
  220. Activation, where is my game?
  221. Weird noclip through floor/wall bug in Yamu Temple (PC)
  222. Stuck inside wall at the Palace in Alexandria
  223. When is the next Title Update coming out?
  224. Bug - Why can't I run?
  225. Button problem
  226. .dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.
  227. I use the HyperX Cloud Revolver Headset and I have a lot of sound/audio bugs
  228. Activation Issue Assassin's Creed Origins
  229. Crash at the first fight
  230. My health is not recovering
  231. A Priest won´t leave...
  232. Game crashes every few minutes
  233. A Priest won´t leave...
  234. Why is the audio issue being billed as a Logitech issue?? I don't have Logitech??
  235. Game runs poorly (barely 30FPS)
  236. Audio files in Layla's computer in spanish are in portuguese
  237. Stuck in Siwa
  238. Camel animation is pretty attrocious
  239. Getting between 15-20 FPS?
  240. Ubisoft Store - Error 0x00200100
  241. Constant massive fps drops and can't even hold a solid 30 fps
  242. Game is languaged changed to Russian yet English is checked
  243. game crashes after i press start
  244. High CPU usage
  245. Only Bayak talks in main cutscenes ( Astro a50 headset)
  246. Please help me the game keeps..............
  247. Please
  248. High 100% CPU usage
  249. problems after closing the game - cpu usage
  250. Map Icon Filter