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  1. Can't play first mission!
  2. Transparent Textures Messed Up
  3. Assassin's Creed Origins never gets past splash screen (Yes another one)...
  4. Couldn't sync save from cloud!
  5. My keyboard won't work
  6. Ayuda pantalla se queda blanca!!
  7. assassins creed origins curse of the pharaohs bloed in het water
  8. Heka chest duplicate of helix gear can't be sold or dismantled.
  9. Game video is showing blocks in graphics
  10. HDR - not working
  11. ACO DLC not working
  12. my keyboard doesnt work when i start the game
  13. I cant play ACO
  14. Assasins creed Origins
  15. Input Flickering Between KB+M and Gamepad
  16. Can't loot after following rebels to sites in Hidden Ones DLC
  17. Keyboard input does not work for AC Origins
  18. [RESOLVED] Trials of The Gods Anubis Outfit Not Unlocking
  19. Crash every 15min about
  20. No season pass in library
  21. low fps on high end pc
  22. Short fps drop every few seconds. 1080ti, 6950x, 3840x1600
  23. ACS: Laptop takes wrong graphics card
  24. PC flash-back problem
  25. Probleme Manette XBOX 360
  26. Problem with Intel Xeon!
  27. 购买的额外地图,无法在游戏中找到,大地图中切换没有信息,ub商店死
  28. keybord not fontional
  29. On Naxos Spartan kicking people makes them fall under the world.
  30. ACO - Freezing and 100% CPU Usage
  31. Keyboard does NOT responding
  32. +3% damage with heavy bladed weapons engraving bug
  33. Stuck on Walk mode
  34. AC crashed and corrupted all my autosaves!
  35. game crash after warning of epilepsy
  36. Could I get a refund for a game I didn't download yet?
  37. ACO achievements reloaded, one missing
  38. cultist Pallant
  39. Problème lancement Assassin's creed Odyssey
  40. Black Bars on top and bottom
  41. Stuck on splash Screen :rolleyes:
  42. saved data
  43. assassins creed odyssey armors fixes and addtions
  44. Ubisoft you ever gonna make Assassin's Creed Origins run on AMD Phenon II X4 CPU's?
  45. There is a way to remove Permanent XP Boost?
  46. invalid ubisoft login when trying to intall game from amd rewards
  47. Terrible FPS
  48. running very bad
  49. Less 21:9 ultrawide support than Origins? Vertical black bars on in game cutscenes!?
  50. Random Crashes for seemingly no reason at all.
  51. performance wrecked was perfect before.
  52. Assasin Creeds Origins - benchmark 1440p question 2080 ti
  53. Game is blocked on the loading screen
  54. Epic Armor texture white?
  55. Mouse smoothing!!!
  56. Two bugged mercenaries next to each other
  57. Took me 60+ hours to find Sargon. When I did, he was already like this. Help!
  58. Low FPS - asus strix gtx 1080 ti, i7 8700, 1440p, Win7 64bit
  59. Game freezes when USB Xbox 1 controller is plugged in or unplugged
  60. What happened to this week's Weekly Event? i still need to do one more !
  61. Origins dosent load
  62. My DLC for Assassins Creed Origins doesn't work
  63. Assassins Creed Origins faulty rendering system NEED HELP from UBISOFT
  64. Can't claim the rewards of last week's Community Challenge that gives a Anubis Item.
  65. ACO . pc won't launch game
  66. Game won't run - this and Odyssey - I upgraded my processor to meet min spec sse 4.1
  67. Suddenly no sound
  68. Ubisoft, it's like you dont want us to get the community reward at all
  69. failure to achievement.
  70. Keyboard doesn't work while playing...
  71. Wrong voice-over after patch dd 15/11/2018
  72. gros problèmes de latence
  73. Ac-origins/game is crashing all the time
  74. Random crashes
  75. Help!!
  76. I realized that the game won't run on a second storage drive but I need to
  77. After the update does not start the game. assassins creed odyssey
  78. After id died in a mission everything is reset and all crafting stuff is gone.
  79. continues crashes
  80. 上下两边有黑边
  81. ACO RU/CIS to EU
  82. Club rewards not showing in-game after new installation
  83. ACO - camera stutter
  84. PC troubleshooting for various issues
  85. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  86. [PC] ACO Crashes every time I try crafting or change outfit
  87. Completed Achievements are Not Unlocking
  88. Several Achievements Not Unlocking AfterCompletion
  89. Gift From the Gods
  90. Just Finished Harder They Fall Got Shaman Skin but no achievement
  91. ACO Crashing in 1st cutscene.
  92. The Flea Of Cyrene
  93. Assassins creed origins not loading
  94. Weird HDR bug?
  95. Lower the weekly TOG requirement to 15000
  96. Treasures of Tutenkhamum and Nefertiti
  97. Defeating Akhenaten Reward part of The Heretic
  98. NPC da segunda missão de lalaia desapareceu .
  99. Pharaoh's Shadow Bug
  100. ACO- PC Restarts On "New Game"
  101. Fix sse 4.1 support
  102. Recent Performance Drop.
  103. Divine Intervention and Lightning Rod Ubi Achievements Still Not Showing Up
  104. Issue with moving and controling character
  105. Floating texure in Tomb of Khafre
  106. Discovery: Game freezes after each tour
  107. Obat Aborsi Usia 2 Bulan Mengatasi Masa Depan Anda 082279999443
  108. Stuck on loading
  109. Dialogue Audio (LOUD!). Was the audio tech half deaf who designed this?
  110. Failure when buying Helix credits
  111. Rush Assassination bug on storks
  112. Help with fixing performance issues
  113. Freezing on loading textures
  114. Trials of the gods
  115. mythical warrior outfit bugs in "Aya: Blade of the Goddess
  116. Game freeze during Curse of the Pharaohs DLC...
  117. Aco
  118. what key is rotated [ refering to?
  119. Assasin's Creed Origins crashing after health warning every time
  120. Game crashes when picking torch
  121. weird bug. on the side of screen.
  122. AC 2, Brotherhood and revelations
  123. Indefinite Loading
  124. refund season pass
  125. Ac:o keybinding help
  126. Bug q Guardian and Kyros
  127. Strange blue circle in my game..
  128. Cannot Start Lost & Found side-quest
  129. Afterlife Mount Perma-Death
  130. Crash before start Assasins Creed Unity
  131. Transfer to new SD card
  132. 8600k pegged at 100% all the time, low FPS!
  133. Is uPlay still currently down??
  134. Not Loading
  135. Fake In-game sale?
  136. Arthemis bug
  137. assasin creed stuck on loading screen
  138. super bright after completing Founding father
  139. Game not appearing in game library
  140. Bug Textures
  141. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
  142. Assassins's Creed Origins stuttering/ Vsync not working properly
  143. AC Origins PC Not Launching
  144. Origins download cannot finish, game cannot load
  145. Here Comes a New Challenger bug
  146. Your account has been accessed from another location
  147. ACO Crashing after loading or cutscenes
  148. AC Origins game runs but no video
  149. AC: Origins - Sound cuts out randomly in game
  150. ACO trying to accept mouse/keyboard and controller simultaneously (glich)
  151. ACO keeps hard crashes after about 10-15m
  152. Error Message on Startup (PC)
  153. Tech Support - Crash on launch into game (AMD Vega 56)
  154. Mouse suddenly stops responding with Origins - but not on any other AC game
  155. Does this game support anything other than 2.0 stereo sound on PC?
  156. language in portuguese
  157. ACOrigins.exe - Entry Point Not Found
  158. fps lag / stuttering
  159. Realy Bad Performance Issues
  160. assassin's creed origin
  161. ACO: Game crashing at Pompeius Magnus quest
  162. Can't hear NPCs if the camera isn't facing them.
  163. acorigins.exe and acorigins_plus.exe
  164. Controller use via Uplay issue
  165. Phenom CPUs
  166. Copying save files and Uplay+
  167. Health bar on filling up 1/3
  168. joystick issue
  169. bug at the launch of AC black flag
  170. "Blood in the water" (main quest). "Follow Tahemet" bug. Valley of the Kings DLC...
  171. OUTRAGEOUS, HIGH CPU TEMPS 85 C AND UP! Anyone else having isues??
  172. The Oasis, can't move after entering stealth mode
  173. My Bayek is stucked at lv.40
  174. cpu shutdown (freezes game unconsistly) overheating
  175. Club rewards disappeared
  176. AC:O Not Saving Progress
  177. AC:Origins won't start
  178. Code received with Blue Yeti 'invalid'
  179. Windows desktop icons mess up after launching ACO
  180. Can I control how much storage the game uses?
  181. Game startup crash
  182. Persistent Audio Issues in PC
  183. Save file missing
  184. Is anyone else getting these graphics artifacts on Senu's feathers and eyes?
  185. ACO não muda as configurações de imagem
  186. How to Access Papyri and letters etc in inventory?
  187. Assassin's creed origins isn't running
  188. Game don't launch