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  1. Lost game save after reinstalling Windows while Cloud Save Sync was on.
  2. Nomach's Tomb Ancient Mechanism Bug
  3. Assassin's Creed Origins Red Screen Crash!
  4. Sound issues
  5. [RESOLVED] Constant crash to desktop after patch 1.2
  6. Crash at startup
  7. AC Origins - Graphic heavly glitched (Please help!)
  8. Stuck at loading
  9. Game crash since patch 1.2.0
  10. How do I switch from cloud to local savegames?
  11. Latest Patch Broke graphics and controls! How do I downgrade?
  12. Need to know keys used to track quest 360 controller
  13. Crashing On Start Up !!!!
  14. Crash on Startup when 3d vision is enabled with new patch
  15. Hunting bow Cobra Royale through Heka chest
  16. Frame rate gaps since some days
  17. SLI / CrossFire
  18. Mouse and Keyboard Not Working!!!! Game unplayable
  19. Stuck at 99% on uplay.
  20. Arrows sticking out of quivers again
  21. Unable to start game
  22. Question about Roman Centurion and Horus packs
  23. Question about the AMD CPU fix
  24. Hidden Ones can be bought now, but not played if already owned...
  25. So please just let us know when???
  26. Help
  27. Assassin's Creed Origins Gold Edition question about The Hidden Once DLC !!!
  28. Flare around Anubis Oufit appears blocky
  29. [RANT] Controller conflicts
  30. Horrible FPS drop, someone plz help
  31. Steam Achievement Team Play Glitched
  32. Classic Club challenge The hidden one
  33. How to install The Hidden Ones DLC?
  34. I cannot download the Hidden Ones DLC. (I've already bought it)
  35. authenticator
  36. Wondering if I was hacked.
  37. Hidden Ones Steam Achievements Glitched
  38. Fix the dam crashing !
  39. Uplay Achievement Prison Break Not Unlocking
  40. Cant adjust/turn on HDR
  41. installation problems Assassins Creed 2
  42. Trail of sobek , not registering
  43. Sobek
  44. Fighting with Sobek
  45. hi guys i need help conserning saves
  46. Game freezing since hidden ones patch
  47. I Really Enjoy Playing Assasins Creed Origins
  48. Missable Trophy in The Hidden Ones!! - Ubisoft HELP!!!
  49. In game purchase problem
  50. Roman Blood Badge and Action
  51. Says 0% on Ubisoft Classic Challenges
  52. Uplay Prison Break Achievement Will Not Unlock
  53. please help, im getting suttering in my game when there is movement
  54. [Graphics][Texture] Body Texture of Enemy Soldiers Bursts in combat at Khensu Nome.
  55. Long Loads - Graphics Take a While to Res
  56. Assassin's Creed Origins 1.20 BROKE MY GAME!
  57. Save game deleted after power outage
  58. Hidden Ones DLC ruined save
  59. Shards from a Star side quest bug
  60. Game CRASH!!!!
  61. DLC through Uplay and Base Game through Steam installation error
  62. I did not receive the community challenge reward
  63. Problem with Phylakes' Prey
  64. Fully upgraded chest armor piece looks the same as one upgrade level before
  65. Why does ubisfot put out an update that crashes with fxaa???
  66. Ubisoft heads up! - Bow Of Ra wrong image
  67. ACO won't start
  68. Anubis golden outfit
  69. Mounts
  70. AC: Origins not launching on PC
  71. Game Crash
  72. So,.. the stuttering?
  73. Cant import save
  74. [BUG] Stolen Goods
  75. Bayek freezes when dying and no desynchronisation happening
  76. Giving up
  77. Infinite Black Loading Screen when starting the Hidden Ones DLC
  78. Game crashes after starting Hidden Ones DLC mission
  79. Recovering save file
  80. Can't get out of water
  81. Two bugs in the Italian version
  82. still nothing
  83. just downloaded assasins creed origins but crashes
  84. Origins crash
  85. Bought this game when it came out, still can't play it, won't load, please help.
  86. Cannot enter water
  87. Still crashing !!!!!
  88. ac origins gameplay
  89. Can not share the photo
  90. Please decrease the chain kill time
  91. No SLI support
  92. More crash
  93. black loadup screen
  94. [Cinematic][Graphics][Texture]Cloth Texture of Julius Caesar Bursts.
  95. Next patch
  96. Unable to purchase Helix Credits
  97. Download of PC (Origins and THO) Patch 1.2.1 stuck at 33%
  98. Proformance loss since this update 1.21
  99. ACO Crashing constantly
  100. HDR no longer working as of 1.2.1 update
  101. Ibex Lair Bug please help!
  102. Animation loop bug while climbing wall with drape
  103. Unable to start the game
  104. Cutscene stuttering
  105. Crash and broken save game after first modern day cutscene
  106. New Potential Fix for ACO Crashes
  107. Problem with club challenge
  108. ACO after installing the Hidden Ones the UI moved to my left screen
  109. Can I recover old save? I accidentally dismantled legendary weapon
  110. Game crashing on pc
  111. My game won't load
  112. AS:O Keeps crashing on startup
  113. Gtx1080 19fps
  114. Massive FPS drops after I respawn from dying or respawn from fast travelling
  115. What About High CPU Usage
  116. # of quests completed?
  117. I havent got the warden outfit even though i redeemed it.
  118. Quest Aya: Blade of the Goddess seems stuck in a loop
  119. signatures for those that the processor does not support SSE4.1 / SSE4.2
  120. aya blade of goodness
  121. Game not loading after end main quest
  122. Input hints change to keyboard and mouse keys
  123. Older game saves overwrote new ones in Uplay Cloud
  124. Nvidia Surround - Broken UI
  125. steam
  126. ACO crashes on startup
  127. Wrong Papyrus Interaction
  128. Red Screen with AMD processor
  129. Game is cracked...Remove Denuvo
  130. crash whem start the game
  131. problem with GTX GEFORCE 1050
  132. Locopells: Where do we discuss it?
  133. Assassin's Creed Origins Cann't download or install the DLC
  134. Assassins Creed Origins - AMD Phenom II X6
  135. Assassin's Creed Origin Mouse Lag
  136. Comunity challange bug
  137. Please add the ability to carry unconscious enemies
  138. Lack of Phenom II / Core2Quad support is just a SHAME...
  139. vegetation bug
  140. Constant, constant, constant crashes.
  141. he does not want to run the assassins creed game
  142. Reda refuses to give daily quests
  143. Scarab of the South reborn
  144. AC Origins Sound problem
  145. I didn't get my Uplay points
  146. Can ypu please let us control over how long we meditate?
  147. Problems with Heka Chest
  148. ACO - PC // Phenom II CPU's // Fake Sys Requirements presented by UBI
  149. Did not recieve the anubis community challenge reward?
  150. Keyboard suddenly not working.
  151. Language keeps changing
  152. Photomode Not Working Correctly
  153. Please bring back Dolby Atmos on Pc
  154. Is there a possibilty to buy the hidden ones DLC with a paysafecard?
  155. Error recognizing GPU
  156. [Graphics]The Arrow's graphics stuck on loading screen.
  157. Different Movement Speeds
  158. Assassin's Creed Origins stuck at 65% download..
  159. How to win the sea battle?
  160. The game doesn't remember the Display settings
  161. Still crashing ! No fix in sight
  162. Screen Calibration
  163. ACO not responding on start-up
  164. character has gone crazy
  165. Update 1.2.1 makes me want to......
  166. Bayek mimics Michael Jackson... and goes crazy!
  167. Two months later, still getting constant BSODs
  168. 1.2.1 update crash on launch
  169. Bayek Goes Nuts in Gameplay
  170. Very low FPS on i5 8400+gtx 1080ti
  171. Hidden Ones Not Showing UP
  172. Game crashes when trying to open Inventory/Map/Skilltree
  173. MAX Everything
  174. ACO language problem
  175. RedScreen duranting playing ACO
  176. steam sountrack map deluxe
  177. [NPC][Audio] The NPCs conversations are heard twice repeating words twice everytime
  178. Very high cpu 8700K temperatures
  179. Silica
  180. Disappointed with NG+ reward. Ubisoft that was lazy
  181. HDR still not working as of 1.3.0 update (now includes screenshots)
  182. List of Missing Heka Chest Items [As of v1.2.1]
  183. Update 1.30 CPU Usage
  184. New update doesn't address 1.2.1 start up crash problem..
  185. Constant 'Hitching' with new 1080 Ti and Threadripper
  186. New patch update problem
  187. Missing NPC textures.
  188. ACO Ubisoft Club error
  189. Discovery Mode News Ad Not Closing
  190. ETA for maxed CPU issue?
  191. New patch introduced some stuttering?
  192. Blue Screen of Death after patch 1.1.0
  193. Keyboard not being registered by game.
  194. Missing Ibex in the 'Ibex Lair'
  195. Audio Stutter Issue after 1.3.0 Patch
  196. Ubisoft please repair automatic way point feature in discovery tour
  197. New Rectruits Trophy achievement not working
  198. Выкидывает с Игры
  199. Выкидывает с Игры
  200. PC shutting off/overheating?
  201. Suddenly bad FPS after 40 hours of gaming
  202. Lost my save game with last update!
  203. I start to play the game and it pause without pressing de button
  204. Origins - PC: Vibrational behavior problems navigating menus with controllers
  205. Missing Phylake
  206. Please help
  207. Game Freezing and stopping
  208. Clavier d'ordi portable non détecter / Non-detect portable computer keyboard
  209. Settings won't go lower than High setting.
  210. Mouse keyboard control
  211. Bayek has "fallen and can't get up"
  212. Uplay erro de autenticação de propriedade
  213. Audio stuttering and game crashes my system.
  214. Can't launch the game
  215. GTX 1080 Ti low GPU power (max 80%)
  216. Can't obtain ToG rewards.
  217. Rock Geometry Glitches
  218. Unexplicable freezing
  219. PLEASE Allow us to Toggle Weapon and Shield Visual Effects
  220. AC:O Won't Start, Stuck At Splash Screen
  221. Photo Mode
  222. AC: Origins crashes on start up since Hidden Ones release. (AMD/Crimson Settings)
  223. Since the last upgrade i can't play.
  224. My game crash at the gate of Alexandria gate
  225. 8700k fps?
  226. Hippodrome Time Trial Races - Button Issue on results screen and more
  227. there is no map in deluxe pack on steam
  228. I am afraid ubisoft gave us false info
  229. un-sellable items
  230. Uplay Cloud Service Messing with Saves
  231. UNABLE TO SELL "Eastern Dynasty Pack" ITEMS [HEKA CHEST][BUG]
  232. Trial of gods is not count
  233. Lights among the dunes bug
  234. I cant close the box that tells me about the light among the dunes quest
  235. The game is using my wrong graphic's card
  236. Fraraon
  237. can someone please make ezio outfit not glue to legs
  238. Pleaaase fix the poor preformance in cities and towns.
  239. Phylakes 9/10 and only 2 keys! Unable to find the missing Phylakes!
  240. Cant start the game or open a support ticket.
  241. Cant use my keyboard in the game
  242. Performance Patch
  243. AC Origins won't launch
  244. Trial of the Gods March 2018
  245. Controls are so bloody wrong.
  246. Completed trail of gods event but did not get the item from community event!
  247. Fix the payout on the Trial of the Gods Community Challenge
  248. Achievement "New Recruit" and "Look up to the Stars" not working
  249. Ubi Club Rewards on new save (not plus)
  250. curse of the pharaohs DLC wont show up