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  1. infinite loading screen - I think it ate my save
  2. Crash when in gear menu
  3. Cant play the game since patch.
  4. The Stranger Phylake Bug...
  5. Getting graphical artifacts
  6. Stuck at "press any key" screen
  7. hepzeffa sword(fire sword)?
  8. Heavy Fps drop in game and cpu uses of 100%
  9. How do I activate my Steam games to UPLAY?
  10. Crash and Freeze after first seconds in game after first titles :( PLS HELP
  11. Graphics glitch - Alexandria area
  12. UBER loud dialogues
  13. His Secret Service Mission Bug
  14. is chopping and still storing
  15. Inexcusable High CPU Usage
  16. Game Crash every 20-30 min
  17. Unable to play because menu's and ui think they are on a cinema screen.
  18. PLZ Help me !!
  19. AC: Origins Crashing Constantly
  20. assassin's creed origins crashing issue
  21. God quest indicator moved below Giza after killing Sekhmet
  22. Bug with captain at Camp Shetjeh in Siwa
  23. I can't even get into the game!
  24. ambush at sea
  25. Game just started crashing?
  26. Cloud Sync error? Lost my save file!
  27. Game crashes during cutscenes
  28. Information about HDR Support on PC
  29. Completely lost sound in game
  30. No 'No limits' & 'Proud Medjay'
  31. unable to find library
  32. No 1440P resolution in options
  33. Patch 1.10 infinite loading Battle of the Nile Quest
  34. HDR is awesome - Thanks Ubisoft - still Dolby Atmos is gone since 1.05
  35. No Horde Mode option when entering Cyrene Arena despite doing new quest
  36. Game keeps going to pause menu after patch 1.1.0
  37. Visual change for the Legendary equipment in the latest patch
  38. I cannot buy Helix credits (PC Steam)
  39. Patch broke running the game at different resolution thanthe desktop's
  40. Two 3359 folders, game not selecting right one.
  41. Stuck in Combat
  42. Crash After Crash After Crash
  43. Game Unplayable - Can't move - Mouse Locked?
  44. Health bar issue
  45. Patch 1.10 really bad pop texture ins
  46. Crashing after upgrade
  47. After patch game loads to pause menu
  48. Ultra long loading screens when starting quests
  49. Assassins Creed Origins Patch Download
  50. Red screen crash while playing
  51. 按鍵盤的方向鍵或是拿起丟會跳到桌面上
  52. Increase walking speed
  53. Cloud save overite/deleted my save 40 hour save file
  54. constant Blue Screen after patch 1.1.0
  55. CPU spikes to 100%
  56. Ability to enable/disable owned helix items and DLCs.
  57. Patch 1.10 Infinite Loading 'The Aftermath'
  58. The Healer.... crashing in water continually
  59. Shadows in Cyrene broken at dusk
  60. Terrible performance after patch 1.10
  61. Russian localization error in scroll description
  62. About Patch 1.10
  63. Map markers have disappeared in map view
  64. Cannot play until patching 1.10 - Main Menu Issues
  65. Patch 1.1.0 - Game almost unplayable now!
  66. Did not recieve Jackal's Gaze after completing smoke over water quest
  67. Help, game has become unplayable after latest patch!
  68. Crashing each hour or so
  69. Infinite loading on the main screen, after patch 1.1.0 (cant reach main menu)
  70. Sell outfits?
  71. Loot-button is the same as poison-button with alternate controller layout
  72. Available Gear inside the Heka Chests???
  73. PC armor model glitch
  74. How to fix mouse lag
  75. Samsung SSD redemption code not working
  76. White bloom effect at the screen edges
  77. SSE 4.2 support
  78. Game crashes minutes into playing. Also poor performance.
  79. Trees Shadows Scale Distance
  80. Yet ANOTHER whose mouse won't work
  81. Promotional code is invalid
  82. Origins is crashing when I click play in uplay launcher
  83. Frequently Frame Drops even on Very Low Settings
  84. ERROR in ACO quest A Tithe By Any Other Name
  85. Lebensbalken Bug oder falsche Einstellung?
  86. Game crash aster last patch (december)
  87. Retts1
  88. Stop working
  89. Can't access Secrets of the first pyramids
  90. A Gift of the gods big huge bug
  91. Combat game suggestions!
  92. Arena Improvements
  93. Issue with community challenge
  94. Trial of the gods
  95. Stuttering and micro freezes in game
  96. Old Habits and For Those About To Die - not unlocking?
  97. Cant get the community challenge item
  98. No Reward on the community challenge
  99. It's about time we had SLI support.
  100. assassin's creed origins community challenge reward bug
  101. cannot sync cloud
  102. Jacob Outfit in AC origins ;)
  103. Can't get my reward
  104. Map issue
  105. Problem with chalenge Reward
  106. Daily quests glitched. Reda does not have a daily quest
  107. Jogo interrompido como se apertasse ESC o tempo todo.
  108. Community Challenge Bug
  109. Aya bug
  110. Black stripes and lines coming out of shield
  111. Photo Modus Website
  112. No Connor Outfit
  113. Battle of The Nile - Progress Bug
  114. Just purchased and can't play - stuck on loading screen.
  115. Game will not launch - says I have an unsupported video driver
  116. Black Screen in game HELP
  117. Game randomly freezes PC since 1.0.5
  118. JobHttp.cpp Crash
  119. A minor bug
  120. Bought Gold Edition, didn't get season pass or deluxe pack
  121. Appcrash, won't launch
  122. fake minimum pc requeriments fake recomended settings
  123. Ubisoft, please allow us to bind mouse wheel and press same key to exit tabs
  124. Latest Update Renders the game unplayable
  125. Enemy level - Red Shield with white skull
  126. Controller Bug AC Origins
  127. PC: CPU getting maxed out will there be a fix ?
  128. "Cannot complete main quest - "Crocodile's Jaws" crashes every time
  129. Stuttering in cities eliminated by PC restart
  130. I want to display dualshock prompts but still have auto-controller on. How?
  131. Still no Sunslayer?
  132. Cannot purchase helix credits via in game menu (PC/ubisoft)
  133. Old habits after patch 1.10
  134. Will AC Origins CPU usage ever be fixed ?
  135. Lions and leopards dropping from world
  136. This game's performance is a legit joke on PC
  137. Character dialogue very loud
  138. (PC) ACO Crashed and UNINSTALLED
  139. Loading freeze when traveling near Faiyum.
  140. Texture popping of NPC and other objects
  141. why in hells name is it soo hard to get a fix for this??
  142. AC: Origins Dawn of the Creed Collectors Edition PC (Download) - Missing Game Key
  143. Continuous black stuttering lines
  144. video freeze's but audio still plays
  145. Fix Cpu Usage Please
  146. Trials of the Gods | Did not receive community challenge reward, 'Sunslayer Sword'
  147. Game Crashes after Siwa - now unplayable
  148. Crashes my PC
  149. game won`t save
  150. Is there any way to fix the BSOD with FX8350 CPU?
  151. CPU use while using Layla
  152. New outfits can not be added into collection
  153. ACO on AMD Phenom
  154. Save bug
  155. Community challenge ~ Golden Anubis item
  156. Hacked account. Character saves dosen't belong to me !
  157. Minor map bug - always uses WASD keys
  158. Double tool throw bug
  159. Lag Issues
  160. Unable to Synchronize at in-game Viewpoints?
  161. Loading
  162. Assassin's Creed Origind doesn't want to save anymore. Uplay failed to sync my save
  163. Stuck Loading even after reinstall
  164. Game started crashing in Fall of an Empire, Rise of Another quest
  165. Cut scene dialogue not working
  166. Low FPS issue
  167. Huge graphical issue
  168. AC: Origins keeps crashing
  169. ACO Random crash while playing the game
  170. ACO opens to only the flash screen and the fails
  171. Can't launch the game, showing initialization error 4, need assistance please!
  172. Fast travelling by map not possible?
  173. Still No SLI or Crossfire Support!??
  174. Game crashes
  175. Why does AC Origins lag even on lowest settings on GTX 760, i5 4460 8gb ram?
  176. No "The Crocodile's Jaws" Quest, no Arena
  177. Game stuck on splash screen
  178. HELP ME!!Do i have to replay all of the ac games for the master assassin achievement?
  179. Can't start AC Origins without internet connection
  180. Save game issues
  181. I need help (bad performance)
  182. Temporary fix for anyone still experiencing BSOD on FX CPUs
  183. Game Crashing and Freezing AGAIN, HELP
  184. Randomly starting on a different monitor each time!
  185. Game wont allow progression
  186. The Final Weighing mission bug
  187. Spontaneous random Stealth Kill XP
  188. Random crashing on PC - however on Nvidia Shield
  189. Any way to force anisotropic filtering?
  190. Any news on SLI support?
  191. Drapes flowing through walls
  192. HELP Mouse delay and lag not fixed
  193. Samsung SSD redemption code not working
  194. Yeti mic code not working
  195. Stuttering In-Game When Moving Camera
  196. Game crashes while loading save
  197. Problems after Microsoft Patch KB4056892 (Spectre/Meltdown fix) 4-jan-2018
  198. AC:O Will Not Start, HELP
  199. Problem with lvl after breake
  200. Anubis weekly challenge not visible in-game
  201. Anubis Weekly Challenge 0 Contributions
  202. Trials of the Gods vanished from quest list
  203. Crashing randomly every so often and constant crash in water!
  204. language changed to russian
  205. Trials of Anubis quest wont appear
  206. Rendering Distance so bad
  207. Stuck on Game Glitch
  208. The cursor while im in the map isn't "calibrated"
  209. Stuck at uplay loading the game
  210. The game closes
  211. PC server issues
  212. Trials of the god community challenge contributions are not counting
  213. "The Jackal" does random quick attacks occasionally while running
  214. Помогите что делать?
  215. Latest Community Trials Bonuses
  216. If I buy the Season Pass on Steam, will it work on my UPLAY copy of ACO?
  217. Trial Of The Gods weekly challenge rewards.
  218. Can't load in game
  219. Game doesn´t start full.
  220. Assassin's Creed Origins Gold Edition question about steam family sharing !!!
  221. ACO does not start
  222. Game crashes on load
  223. Cant buy Helix Credits through steam
  224. Game crashes in hippodrome racing
  225. Trial of Anubis Community Challenge Contribution Not Right
  226. Continuous Crashes 4 months after release
  227. Using 21:9 aspect ratio causes intense stuttering in-game (pc)
  228. Black screen
  229. Assassins Creed Origins not launching after 1.2 update PC
  230. Dolby Atmos is still removed Ubisoft! Since 1.03 it is gone - bring it back :mad:
  231. Cannot launch after 1.2.0 update
  232. Almighty pack in Heka ?
  233. Please fix the AMD 8350 bug
  234. Patch 1.20
  235. Senu bug
  236. Increase LOD Distance UBI!
  237. Potential Fix for ACO not launching after patch 1.2
  238. Lost around 3 hours of progress.
  239. Unable to sell the Protector outfit
  240. My Temporary Solution for Startup Crash with 1.20 Update
  241. Big Freeze Patch 1.2
  242. black screen and gltich
  243. Frequent freezes regardless of settings
  244. bought season pass in game says to install the packs but when i try to it says to buy
  245. Foliage draw distance bug?
  246. Savegame bug after 1.20 update!
  247. Problem with last update
  248. Repeating Dialogue Bug
  249. My season pass content is not working. It says i own it but then wants me to buy it
  250. Game crashes while playing the mission "Lizard's Face"