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  1. Error
  2. Game crashes everytime I enter the skills tab.
  3. Twitch Prime loot not appearing in game
  4. Flotating stones in Black Desert region
  5. Bug Report - Fighting system
  6. Lost everything after playing "ambush at sea" dlc mission
  7. BUG - Important one: Bayek & NPC freeze, invincibility
  8. patch 1.04 when?
  9. Please with this.
  10. Today all of sudden all TEXT in game is in different language
  11. Classic Challenges Bugged, Not showing Completed
  12. Anyway to re-redeem the centurion and desert cobra pack?
  13. Buzzzzing soud ...
  14. Does "AA Off" -> "AA Low" really increase FPS?
  15. Assassin's creed Origins - minimizes at launch of the game
  16. Sphynx Temple bug?
  17. Ubisoft, please confirm performance issues on PC.
  18. Hippodome - Darius' Great Battle
  19. Flavius disappears in Final Weighing
  20. Chariot racing. Which botton is accelerate???
  21. No SLI Profile but also no solo Profile
  22. Make a "harder" difficulty that scales up NPC's levels as you lvl
  23. DirectInput controller over Bluetooth, unplayable due to issues
  24. Graphical Glitch with dual bows
  25. Assasssins Creed Origin on pc
  26. logitech G430 don't have people voice
  27. Assassins creed Origin on PC
  28. Game Crashes No Matter What I Do!!
  29. "Poison on Hit" causing Epidemic
  30. Huge Graphic Glitc or my Gpu is diying?
  31. Why do my graphics looks low rendering ?
  32. Repeat Pharaoh Armor via Heka Chests
  33. Wrong Language showing up once game launches
  34. Aya character model replaced with Bayek.
  35. Crackeling sound entire pc when AC Origins start (using USB sound card)
  36. Loading scene infinite problem
  37. My game crashes a lot
  38. Does any AMD user have game suddenly shut down porblem?
  39. "You still need 8880..." Achievement still locked.
  40. Please Give Us SLI Support!!!
  41. Cloud save game mixed with another user !
  42. [Freeze/Crash] - Alexandria western gate.
  43. Uplay keep saying "This product cannot be activated right now"?
  44. Opening ACO makes my computer not have sound
  45. BUG - NPCs conversations play twice at the same time with slight delay (overlapping)
  46. Question about Secrets Of The First Pyramids
  47. Shop Connection problems
  48. NO ACO IN INDIA- Help with info
  49. Unequip Bow
  50. Want to play 4K, where is the SLI support?
  51. Health is permanently capped at 1/3
  52. Option to reload quest N/A
  53. Oun-mAa Niye Ressoot - Hole in the world bug
  54. Photo mode page , when will be back again?
  55. Assassins Creed Origins won't load and after a few tries crash my pc
  56. Help Me Change An Email For My Account
  57. Not working past loading screen
  58. I just removed the game
  59. Uplay
  60. STEAM bought the game body, but also bought a season ticket UPLAY, can not be used no
  61. Avenge quest bug
  62. When in pc version Origin will add HDR
  63. I need a help with a mission!!!
  64. ACO Unable to Fast Travel
  65. arena cyrene gladiator arena error
  66. 2FA on uplay (did not activate), no response from facebook/ubisoftsupport chat
  67. Game crash right afterh the spash art.
  68. Infinite Loading Screen
  69. add friends - pc
  70. Graphics Help - Trees and Plants shimmering
  71. Can not use bow while in combat
  72. Bayek moves so slow
  73. AC Origins
  74. Lost the game from hard drive
  75. Sphynx mission bugged
  76. I am having problems loading ACO
  77. Progression blocker in Aya Blade of the Godess
  78. Senu's Perception PC vs PS4. PC is broken.
  79. Bayek cannot vault over low objects as shown in E3!
  80. Feature request - photo mode improvement
  81. How long for support ticket to be answered
  82. there was a problem Authenticating ownership
  83. Crashing around Alexandria
  84. Performance Queries
  85. HUD Configuration Lacking
  86. Activation key not working
  87. The Battle of the Nile - Defend Ceasar
  88. CPU usage 100% fixed date?
  89. No sound
  90. Origins download
  91. Game now loads in a different language possibly russian...
  92. Horus Pack
  93. PC 1.0.5 is Tomorrow. 11/22
  94. Save file lost
  95. STEAM bought the game body, but also bought a season ticket UPLAY, can not use now
  96. Lost all saves + game went russian
  97. Did everyone at Ubisoft quit?
  98. Can't download, stuck at 0B/s
  99. Everthing in the game went blurry after last patch on pc
  100. Horus pack can not be installed!!!!
  101. How to check game version
  102. 1.05 Patch?
  103. *BUG* Hold (=) to Track Quest... Unavailable!
  104. Soooo... That 1.05 patch
  105. Patch 1.05 Same problema huge cpu usage
  106. WTF Ubisoft? Dolby Atmos support is gone
  107. Trial of Sobek Issue on PC [ Patch 1.0.5 ]
  108. "[PC] Fixed ... multi GPU mode issues"
  109. Nvidia 388.31 - hows performance?
  110. ALT + TAB crashing the game after 1.05 patch
  111. Performance gets worse with new patch 1.05 (at least for me)
  112. No Reda STILL...
  113. Why Bayek cannot sit?
  114. Constant Crashes when Alt Tab or switching Fullscreen Mode since 1.05
  115. Game Crashes Every Time Now On Startup
  116. Video Benchmark AC Origins 1.05, Does it fix 100% CPU usage?
  117. Ubisoft you win, i give up
  118. HDR Support?
  119. Constant crashing on The Lizard quest when loading cutscenes!
  120. 1.05 definitely messed up draw distance and LOD. Restore it please Ubisoft
  121. Glitch
  122. Patch 1.05 Technical Issues
  123. Free Addons - Bug
  124. Get Knocked To Ground - Cant Get Up
  125. Dolby Atmos with 1.05
  126. Possible performance upgrade
  127. ACO Micro shuttering with hight fps
  128. the new update of assassins creed origins sucks
  129. A Tithe By Any Other Name - Cart Bug
  130. Ambush At Sea
  131. Bugs report, thoughts and issues pc
  132. Customisable HUD Elements
  133. Uplay fully downloads but doesn't update the game correctly
  134. Game freezing/crashing after 5-30 minutes of play
  135. Missing worker quest from Reda - cannot complete 1.05
  136. 更新後無法快速旅行
  137. HUD since the patch 1.05 not COMPLETLY INVISIBLE!!
  138. Map Glitch since new patch like two days ago?
  139. No missions after 1.05 patch
  140. Still no fix for max CPU?
  141. Venator fight funny 1.05 Glitch/ Bug
  142. Is ACO ok to play now
  143. The How to Return\Rollback to 1.03 Mega Thread
  144. Bug with trial of Sobek
  145. back to the last patch
  146. Leave the game quicker?
  147. 1.03 - 1.05 LOD/Draw distance Comparison Screenshot Thread.
  148. screen shudder or flashing in the game.
  149. Save game lost
  150. Game crashes when trying to apply changes to screen refresh rate
  151. FPS Low for PC patch 1.05
  152. ACO dont starts after Update 1.05
  153. Returns of this game...
  154. 1.03 vs 1.05 Screenshot Comparison (image heavy)
  155. Assassin's Creed Origins aya blade of godness bug
  156. Weird Issues After 1.0.5 Patch [Screenshots]
  157. Dive with alternate control scheme
  158. Only DX12 can solve the high CPU usage problem
  159. Please make the ORIGINS run better on PC, just like AC ROGUE!
  160. UBI should give out free season pass to PC players
  161. Horse textures downgraded drastically (BUG)
  162. The game crashes after 20 minutes of playing
  163. Uplay asks for Assassin creed origins cd key when it doesnt even have one
  164. AC Origins - Horus Pack not instaled ! Why ?
  165. Alt Tab . For ubi support
  166. Switching to walking mode doesn't work after you ran for a couple of seconds.
  167. new patch 1.05 left the game impossible to be played
  168. How about you remove highlight from your micro-transactions store? Annoying AF!
  169. More granular brightness setting
  170. patch 1.05 made the game worst as a performance!
  171. Game looks like it would be fun... if it would stop crashing.
  172. Nomad mission: Find the missing worker
  173. Major Glitch: The Flea of Cyrene (DO NOT leave once started until the quest is clear)
  174. ACO Crashes on Start-up
  175. Not keeping track of Club actions....
  176. Game crashes everytime every 5 10 or 30 minutes in game!!
  177. Lost 22 hours of progress, local save possibly gone.
  178. Fix for stutters and crashes
  179. Petition for patch to support AMD Phenom II and other processors
  180. Anoying LOOT problem, 1.03 onwards....
  181. Game freezes after first hide hunt
  182. Typo
  183. Season Pass Problem ?
  184. Map Fix
  185. Crashing when changing resolution.
  186. Playing AC:O on 1440p. 7700k(5.1Ghz) & 1080 Ti, 100% CPU & GPU use.
  187. Logitech G933 still bugged a month (!) after release.
  188. AC:O - Blade of the Goddess quest glitch
  189. Has anyone else had Steam and uPlay problems?
  190. Day 1 patch
  191. Jerk When Bow is Drawn
  192. Game display language changed to Russian
  193. Did UBI know this?
  194. Uplay shop problem
  195. Stuttering and crashes on PC version using Xbox One Bluetooth Wireless Controller
  196. Game crashes when trying to load save game
  197. Performance fix update?
  198. Where is this performance patch update?
  199. Relic of the oracle bug
  200. Microtransactions for season pass owners
  201. Moon turns into Sun underwater
  202. I upgraded to 1.05, suggesting that I need to activate the key
  203. Can't Load into game past new game loading screen
  204. resolution of game
  205. Cores negativas dentro de cavernas
  206. Petting cats is not working properly
  207. Patch 1.05 -> LOD is shamefully downgraded...!!
  208. Aim assist do not work with eye tracking.
  209. AC Origins (My issues)
  210. Game file corrupted without cause?
  211. Fix This?
  212. I give up on Ubisoft
  213. Crashing to desktop.
  214. Just at this point answer my case and return my money.
  215. AC Origins puts my system in standby mode
  216. RX Vega 64 and core i7 4770 Very low and unstable frame rate
  217. Assassin's Creed Bugs
  218. Solved startup problem
  219. auto save troubles
  220. Start up game error : API "LoadStringA"
  221. Game blocked
  222. Sli support for everything?
  223. Anti aliasing stutter
  224. Game keeps loading
  225. Lighting Problem
  226. Infinite loading
  227. Game keeps crashing randomly
  228. Location of game/crash in new zone
  229. Game is all of a sudden freezing
  230. How do I unlock the Proud Medjay badge?
  231. Stuck in a mision
  232. Mission Bug - Escort the actor
  233. Jesus ubi!!!
  234. In general, everything is not bad on the PC
  235. [BUG] Aya: Blade of the Goddess, all items lost and Aya uses Bayek's character model
  236. Graphical Bug
  237. Game closing alone
  238. [BUG] Aya: Blade of the Goddess, all items lost and Aya uses Bayek's character model
  239. sli
  240. Cannot get stable performance
  241. Crashes when i try to change refresh rate in options.
  242. auto drive wagon sucks
  243. Still no SLI, this is the answer from a developer on steam forum.
  244. Arena fights issue
  245. Problems since last Patch
  246. Game crashing 1 minute in.
  247. DENUVO SSE 4.1 and SSE 4.2 Requirements stops paying customers from playing!
  248. Anubis outfit does not unlock
  249. Promo Code Banned?
  250. Cant get into an actual game