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  1. Assassin's Creed Origins - 1.4.1 Patch Notes
  2. Trials of the Gods community reward for last week not added to save
  3. Pocket Fire Uplay challenge
  4. Tips in loading screen bugged
  5. Game crashes in the Afterlife
  6. Sting in the Tale Achievement & Outfit reward not unlockjng
  7. Assassin's Creed Origins - Can't enter house hidden room in Sais
  8. Help - 3 Achievements Not Unlocked !!!
  9. Next releases
  10. Dash Boost / Perfect Dodge - Not working as inteded?
  11. Returning player missing mount?
  12. Reda's Daily Quest not appearing in-game since Curse of the Pharaohs
  13. Daily quests
  14. Missing Elect of Ra worrior bow.
  15. Can You Delete Some of Your Own Photos?
  16. Origins, Curse of the Pharaohs
  17. Unable to create a new support case
  18. Fully Completed but not 100%?
  19. Bug on new dlc side quest gods or creed
  20. Old Habits glitch/bug
  21. Attacking by itself without input from a controller or keyboard/mouse
  22. Avenge-Assassin Quest missions missing
  23. Missing Hair / Beard Toggles
  24. Gennadios
  25. Hermit locations aint working
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  27. !! Community challenge Help !!
  28. New Community Challenge Sobek no reward .
  29. Cannot complete two main quests + stuck at 89%
  30. Problems ps4
  31. Game freezing while battling a war elephant
  32. Game telling me to get out of conflict and there are no enemies near
  33. Paid for game but not on my games list
  34. where is my progress
  35. Bayek exits battles whilst fighting Shadows of the Pharaohs
  36. the new gear marker does not disappear
  37. Oops, something went wrong
  38. No honor amongst Thebes - Bug prevents mission enemies from spawning
  39. DLC unavailable in steam
  40. Moving saved game
  41. No rebels appear in cages.
  42. Hidden ones trophy bug
  43. End game leveling system and DLC
  44. I lost my progression in AC origin
  45. Hippodrome seriously... What s the matter with you ubisoft?
  46. I think we can all agree on this. Ubisoft please make it happen
  47. Corrupted Save File
  48. Reda Daily Quest bug / issue PS4
  49. Bug: Hidden Ones DLC Bosses have 1-2 Health Bars when you're Level 55
  50. DLC refunds.
  51. Game always crashes after 3 hours
  52. 2 Shadow of the scarab glitch so very weak all if turn on enemy level scaling.
  53. Sound problems
  54. Some request and flying walls in the lastet dlc
  55. Heka Chests are bugged
  56. PLEASE nerf Ramesses (BOSS)
  57. Assassin's Creed Origins won't start PS4
  58. Textures not always loading
  59. No puedo iniciar el juego
  60. Roll back to 1.30
  61. Curse of the Pharaohs stuttering on PS4
  62. Can you fix the quest Aya the goddest of blade once and for all
  63. Tools not appearing or working in New Game+ Mode
  64. Assassins Creed Origins UPLAY Version Crashing To Desktop
  65. radience of anubis outfit problem
  66. Game freeze on "checking additional content"
  67. I received Sword of the Duat instead of the Tomb Protector Shield?
  68. Several bugs I've encountered
  69. Trial of Sekhmet is always 3 level higher than mine, no matter what level I am!
  70. Support Chat Still Offline?
  71. Ambush at Sea still missing
  72. Assassin's Creed origins not getting Community challenge Awards
  73. Blacksmith (interacting NPC) missing at Set-Ma'at
  74. Bugs
  75. Battle of the Nile : Quest finished itself
  76. Support Request - Analog Stick Deadzone options, please?
  77. Season pass
  78. Can't install The Hidden Ones.
  79. i really need help!
  80. Roman Blood Badge
  81. 99% completion
  82. 1.4.2 patch issue
  83. Trial of gods community challenge reward issue
  84. Bow of Ra image still not fixed.
  85. Accessing New Game Plus reward in first save file
  86. [BUG] Various outfit clipping issues/errors
  87. Really getting tired of the "helpful" river boat people already... and bugs
  88. HDR problem in Assassin's Creed Origins
  89. Cannot Access Valley of the Kings
  90. Need help, am a begginer
  91. Desert cobra pack
  92. Glitch
  93. No arabic !!!
  94. No voices in Assasins Creed Origin
  95. The end of Crocodile's Jaws...
  96. Jackal's gaze bow
  97. gift from god.
  98. [bug] Archers AI behaviour and detection broken
  99. Serqet outfit bug
  100. How to install Base game without DLC
  101. Killing the Crocodile twice makes the game really confused.
  102. Bow Bug
  103. Issue with Haka chest contradicting the online store
  104. DLC The Hidden Ones bought but not available
  105. Egypt's Medjay - Unable to open chest in Kanopos Lake
  106. Stuck on Splash Screen
  107. I might be
  108. Keyboard is not working anymore
  109. Canít install DLC The Hidden One
  110. Rise of Shaquilat
  111. https://playerschampionshipi.ca/ufc224
  112. Constant Massive Patches Stop Me Playing Your Game
  113. Get Out?
  114. how do i redeem the hellequen in ac brotherhood?
  115. Heartbeating sound wont stop
  116. Showtime[Fight] Adonis Stevenson vs Badou Jack 2018 Live Streaming Free Boxing On Fi
  117. "Lights Among the Dunes" quest BUG
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  120. New Game+ plus Weekly Challenge rewards
  121. Club weapon bug
  122. I was not able to get the Final Fantasy 15 sword.
  123. Synchronize problem
  124. Assassins Creed Seagate Download
  125. Assassin's Creed origins
  126. Assassin's Creed Origins - PC Flickering and crashes
  127. Grammatical mistake in a letter
  128. Assassin's creed origins second bow
  129. Cotp final boss glitch
  130. June 01, 2018 - Online Services Degradation-Multiple Titles - All Platforms
  131. AC Origins can't get old habits trophy
  132. How to move an AC game from an old to new computer while keeping game progress?
  133. Horrible performance after latest patch
  134. Anubis outfit - Dark Side Of The Moon
  135. Will this be the last time helix credits weapons have discount?
  136. Constant crashing
  137. In game display-Already owned but I can't download(AC origins)
  138. Video cutscenes stuttering
  139. Trials of the gods community reward
  140. "Show Me The Money" badge
  141. origins
  142. combat change or glitch ?
  143. Arabic Gulf alterations in
  144. Trying To Find The Hyena Quest and Game Is Screwed Up
  145. Assassins Creed Origins not launching
  146. Assassins creed origins wont launch
  147. AC:O crashing every 15-20 min.
  148. Hello i have some problems
  149. Graphical Artifacts
  150. FFXV items gone.
  151. Assassins creed origins wont launch "PLEASE HELP"
  152. NPC repeating lines/chatter - option to turn it off
  153. AC Origins - Ubisoft Club Items not popping up
  154. Must fix immediately!
  155. I need Help!! "error at hooking api dumping first 32 bytes"
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  161. Light Among the Dune mission bug/glitch help!
  162. AC Origins won't start - who is Jenkins?
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  164. AC origins trophy glitch
  165. His secret service mission
  166. Why is my game running on 30 fps...
  167. Uplay - Can't start DLCs
  168. Keeps crashes randomly after 30 mins or even 2 hours...
  169. Ac Origins The Hiddens ones dlc achievement glitched!
  170. assassin's creed origins installation 99% Please HELP
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  173. game won't start after switching to nvidia card
  174. Stuck in "Press or Hold Shift To Block" (cant move)
  175. Trial of the Gods (TOTG) not working
  176. ACO 1.5.1 crashes constantly v-sync problem
  177. Temple Of Thoth - No Light Beams
  178. assassins creed origins close when i'm playing
  179. My Keyboard Won't Work In Game !!!
  180. Assassin creed PC - PS4
  181. Game won't start
  182. Moving installation path
  183. Help i dont play origins
  184. Game is downloading twice
  185. Billed twice when I bought AC: Origins on sale
  186. I just want an answer to why my game keeps bluescreening my comp now.
  187. Game impossible to play
  188. assassins creed origins curse of the pharaohs blood in the water
  189. ubisoft deleted all my 210 hours= 7 months level 51 origins gameplay
  190. keyboard not working
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  192. Five issues I've experienced.
  193. Game crash after the first minute of the start scene
  194. Viewing Photo mode on the Website
  195. Chests & Resource Crates Still Appear On Ikaros After Looting
  196. Something went wrong
  197. Freezes and stuttering
  198. Mercenaries doesn't appear even at 5 stars at Higher Levels. BUG or Intended?
  199. Issues during conversations
  200. Terrible problem with the alternate controls
  201. i cant launch game why ?! plz HALP!!!!
  202. Where the hell are my helix credits?
  203. Lost game progress
  204. Не могу получить ачивку за испытание "всё
  205. Can i redeem a uplay code of the aco sp if i have bought the game through steam?
  206. http://malemuscletest.com/g10-force/
  207. Extreme screen tearing when using a controller?
  208. Weird graphical glitch
  209. GUI options
  210. White sqaure top left corner on black background at startup
  211. Error at hooking API ''LoadStringA'' Dumping first 32 bytes
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  213. Assassin's Creed Origins Side Quests subtitles not working
  214. BOOM! Achievement problem.
  215. AC origins keeps crashing
  216. cant login through my bigpond email
  217. *READ ME* Experiencing issues with Assassin's Creed Odyssey? Check here!
  218. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhJ_Mpl-n44
  219. Sekhmet spear, can't find it?
  220. Crafting materials, can't find more carbon crystal etc?
  221. Unable To Launch Game
  222. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  223. [PC] ACO Crashes every time I try crafting or change outfit
  224. No green quest marker for "A gift from the gods" quest
  225. Game flickering between keyboard/mouse and controller
  226. [PC] keep getting bacls screens when playing
  227. Invisible mouse cursor and icons
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  229. May the community challenges scores be less ?
  230. Gift From The Gods missing sideques
  231. UBISOFT: worst customer service ever?
  232. Mise ŗ jour
  233. Final Fantasy Side Quest
  234. Will be Thebes and Kings Valley added to Assassin's origins Discovery tour?
  235. Unable to launch the game
  236. Error upon beginning XboxOneX save - deletes save if I update Hidden Ones and Curse
  237. This content cannot be selected a this time. DELUXE PACK skin and weapons
  238. So Reda's daily quest is still bugged?
  239. Please backport the riding animation fix to Origins
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  242. how to equip the hidden weapon
  243. indicate what will get after decomposition of stuff
  244. assassins black flag gltche??
  245. The Lizard's Face bug
  246. Syndicate bought from Ubisoft store does not support Korean language
  247. CPU 100% usage??
  248. can't use photo mode to take picture bug
  249. CROSS-SAVES....Please Ubisoft!
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