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  1. Crocodiles in captivity
  2. The Outside is missing?
  3. Your reckoning is between you and the Gods
  4. Mission "Family Reunion" bug
  5. Issues with redeeming rewards on other saves
  6. Unable to Confirm Kill on Certain Phylakes - Cannot Complete Phylakes' Prey Mission
  7. Assassin's Creed Origins - 1.2.0 Patch Notes
  8. Stuck in Loading screen
  9. Missing loot
  10. Play with fire mission cannot complete
  11. Typo in Hidden Blade Dmg tooltip English
  12. graphical bugs
  13. New gear toggle?
  14. The iron ram Phylakes bug
  15. Cant login uplay
  16. Team play achievement buggy?
  17. Please fix charge light attack for spear hit box
  18. Season pass
  19. Achievement not unlocking
  20. Merchant doesn't interact
  21. Help All my missions have been re-set
  22. Game no longer successfully runs after patch from steam
  23. Black saving screen froze after a big cutscene in memphis
  24. Frame drops in gameplay and cutscenes
  25. Bug with Phylakes Prey?
  26. Cant run the game with MSI OSD turned on
  27. Stuttering, hangs, long loading times after patch
  28. Anoying Loot bag bug
  29. error message 0x00200101
  30. I can’t access Sinaď or valley of the kings.
  31. Find a new quest tutorial pop up
  32. I Still Have Not Received My Jackal Scepter, Can Anyone Help?
  33. Achievements bug
  34. Papyrus Loot
  35. Pause menu pops up randomly
  36. Game Do not Launch
  37. online server error
  38. Blacksmiths should sell legendary weapons
  39. Loot drop glitch
  40. Isu armor and voice effect
  41. No Hidden Ones DLC in US PS4 store yet, though shown in-game.
  42. The Hidden Ones - Where is it???
  43. The hidden ones dlc: the content cannot be selected at this time
  44. I can't access my Season Pass content at Ps4
  45. Help with THe Hidden ones Dlc download
  46. The Hidden Ones glitch: 1 location already completed after installation
  47. Game breaks
  48. Horseshop Bug
  49. The Hidden ones DLC- New upgraded Gear bug
  50. Annoying pop up in every menu
  51. Crashing since version
  52. Prison Break Achievement not showing up
  53. Blades of Thoth bug
  54. why i can't play the content of the first dlc?
  55. Max Level issue
  56. Anyone stuck on 99%
  57. Blades of Thoth quest
  58. Missable Trophy in The Hidden Ones!! - Ubisoft HELP!!!s
  59. Assassin's Creed Origins Lag/Freeze on PS4 Pro after 1.20
  60. Assassin Creed origins - The hidden one - glitch trophy What Time is it?
  61. 1 health bar
  62. PS4 - trophy glitch
  63. Walls of The Ruler Achievement glitch
  64. The Hidden Ones bug - The Setting Sun - Escape the pyramid with Gamilat
  65. Alternative controls scheme overlapping
  66. Assassin Creed Origin - Hidden one - What Time Is It? trophy Issue
  67. NEW DOWNLOAD the (hidden ones)
  68. Give me an menu-option to turn off camera-auto-zoom-in
  69. Please help re: Helix bonus credits
  70. Anubis Outfit
  71. Anhk stone circle hidden ones
  72. HIdden Ones Club Challenges not unlocking
  73. Horus pack
  74. assassins creed origins aguilars outfit
  75. Castra Vetum Villae
  76. Carbon Crystals
  77. Game-stopping bug in The Hidden Ones DLC on Xbox One
  78. Seshem eff er aat bug preventing me from getting Old Habits trophy!
  79. Lack of character sound and no trophy pop in Hidden Ones dlc
  80. Completion progress wrongly reported as 0%
  81. Horus pack
  82. Ubisoft heads up! - Bow Of Ra wrong Image
  83. Trail of the gods weekly challenge
  84. Captured rebels not appearing if enemy auto-leveling is on
  85. Outfit clipping in recent patches
  86. Fire sword not available
  87. "The Sickness" Quest Description Typo
  88. Updates Question Poll Petition
  89. Question on Trial Rewards
  90. Anyone else having the 0% ubisoft club classic challenge issue?
  91. Bayek is giving me the silent treatment - HELP
  92. Can't solve Papyrus
  93. Ubisoft please read! Your game is broke! Afraid to play!
  94. Stopprd unlocking trophys
  95. Crocodile's Jaws - Layla cut scene doesn't spawn
  96. THO 0% completion on Atlas map
  97. Game crashes after a few seconds
  98. 'Team Play' trophy is glitched
  99. Assassin's Creed: Origins - 1.2.1 Patch Notes
  100. Hidden Ones Max level Bracer and Breastplate upgrades Silver color instead of Gold???
  101. Bow of Ra
  102. Possible "fix" for not receiving gear for Trials of the Gods
  103. Stuck in a Tree During Quest - How to get out?
  104. Helix credits
  105. Trophy issue "Old Habits"
  106. AC Origins lags in cities
  107. Ps4 1.21 textures loading problem
  108. New update, same problems (Xbox One) I give up! 100$+ down the tubes!
  109. Gracious Attire.. Hiddens Ones DLC
  110. (PC) Gracious Attire Hidden Ones DLC
  111. Shards from a Star + Selling Items
  112. Shadows of Apollo and his secret service missions glitch
  113. Stuck in wall glitch
  114. Bureau of the Hidden Ones: Sinai
  115. No loot from elephants?
  116. Unable re-walking path Bayek and Gamilat take through Amenmesse's pyramid
  117. Sent this message to Ubisoft, but doubt they'll get back.
  118. Assassins Creed Origins
  119. Uplay club app causing the problems? To all gamers with % issues.
  120. No vendor in Sinai Hidden Ones bureau? Another bug? The Bugged Ones?
  121. Radiance of Anubis outfit?
  122. Why is the Sinai region red on atlas map? I own season pass and Hidden Ones dlc.
  123. Selling "Mysterious Paper" quest item
  124. Convoys/Caravans totally break stealthing
  125. When are we getting a level select?
  126. I cannot reply to posts in threads
  127. Anyone still missing a community challenge reward?
  128. Fall of an Empire, rise of another - infinite loading screen
  129. Weapons level downgrading
  130. Didn’t get the For Honor outfit from the club.
  131. HUD Presets needs improvement! Are they listening to us??
  132. Running animation
  133. Assassin's creed Origin doesn't launch from uplay
  134. Burning bush for ps4
  135. Assassins creed origins glitch in ‘Fair Trade’ Quest
  136. DLC not installing
  137. Crocodiles Jaws Trophy not unlocked
  138. "Will Siwa never know peace?" bug - quest dialogue repeats over and over
  139. Kill captain camp Tamaris bug??
  140. I never received “the lizard” or “wake up” (PS4)
  141. Disappeared Map Items
  142. Missing Helix Credits
  143. Horus stone sound bug
  144. Cannot purchase season pass
  145. Stiff and Wonky Horseriding Animations
  146. Community challenge progress not showing
  147. Daily Quest Not Appearing
  148. Avenge Quests
  149. Black Screen Bug
  150. Ubisoft Club Challenges [Hidden Ones]
  151. Blurred caravans in the desert
  152. No community Challenge Reward?
  153. Custom button mapping (glitch?)
  154. No rebel to free
  155. Fall of an empire, rise of another
  156. The keyboard does not work
  157. Did not receive the Anubis reward from community challenge?
  158. [UK-TV] England vs Wales 2018 Live Stream Free Six Nations Rugby Game Online
  159. Trail Of the gods items missing
  160. Ubisoft please dont fix cpu bug (sse 4.2)
  161. Sickle Swords Attacks
  162. No keyboard wants to work in the game.
  163. unable to access loot in hidden ones dlc
  164. Assassin's Creeed Origins - Profile
  165. No Reda nomad missions
  166. Black Screen after launch.
  167. Incoming Threat Mission
  168. Non Cut Sceen Dialog Gets Cut Off
  169. Guardian Lion Shield Glitch
  170. Xbox One Audio Cuts Off
  171. Won't launch without hidden ones installed
  172. Bug in Incoming Threat Quest
  173. Mission Glitch AC ORIGINS
  174. Hidden Ones DLC
  175. Cobra Royale bow and Celestial Raiment missing from heka chests
  176. Can't access mission 'Cat's Cradle
  177. Uplay points
  178. Plese fix for AMD phenom II X4 955
  179. Felucca Camera Angle Has Suddenly Changed
  180. Assassin's Creed: Origins - 1.3.0 Patch Notes
  181. Fall of an Empire, Rise of Another - stuck on 'LOADING'
  182. BUG: Cobra Royale Is Not In The Heka Chest Drop Table! (Tested On Over 50,000 Chests)
  183. PC keys
  184. When will the Update take place? like 8 pm UTC+0?
  185. Infinite loading screen (ps4)
  186. Disappointed with NG+ reward. Ubisoft that was lazy
  187. Assassin's Creed Origins: Discovery Tour Mode - Polish subtitles?
  188. Assassin's Creed Origins: Discovery Tour Mode - Czech subtitles
  189. download?
  190. Anubis Outfit bugged
  191. Friend can't launch the game - all other games work peferctly
  192. Helix credit
  193. No tutorial notifications with HUD Minimal or Off
  194. Toggle HUD elements
  195. Can't run the game properly
  196. Photos not showing on map - Xbox One
  197. Various Things regarding the Discovery Tour
  198. I can't get out of General Discussions Forum "Maintainance" in Chrome?!
  199. 99% Completion
  200. Slow boat and Slow ride in Discovery Tour
  201. Voice concern over art censorship in Tour DLC
  202. Xbox one crashes
  203. Phylakes' Prey Bug
  204. Discovery Tour Censorship Missing
  205. Cant verify game + Cant play
  206. 0% on Classical Challenge progression bar
  207. Surgical Strikes glitched?
  208. Is Legendary-Weapons-Collected display bugged?
  209. AC: Origins New Game+ no Trial of the Gods reward
  210. AC Origin PC forever loading end of mission The Last Medjay
  211. Stuck in "fall of an empire, rise of another"
  212. Discovery Tour improvements
  213. Launch stuck on splash screen + high cpu usage (solution that worked for me)
  214. Is this fixable. I'm also an idiot I, know.
  215. New Game + mission levels and rewards
  216. Discovery Tour Mode - Arabic subtitles?
  217. http://www.go4trial.com/mustachio-muscle/
  218. http://www.go4trial.com/mustachio-muscle/
  219. Game crash
  220. Game always stutters (not micro stutters)
  221. Suggestion for next update - Different skin colors for cobras
  222. Suggestion for map HUD
  223. Anyone else still affected by in-game stuttering? (PC)
  224. http://order4healthsupplement.com/nutralu-avis/
  225. Assassin's Creed: Origins - 1.4.0 Patch Notes
  226. Assassins creed origins - Discovery tour - Czech subtitles
  227. Leave DLC map?
  228. http://www.go4trial.com/sb-garcinia/
  229. Having 90-100% CPU Usage on Alexandria
  230. Antique Trafficking
  231. New update glitch. Need help
  232. Opening Heka Chests in NG+ is somewhat BROKEN.
  233. Bad texture streaming, LoD, shadow loading (PS4 Pro)
  234. Horde Mode Bugs.
  235. http://trial4supplement.com/bold-mass/
  236. Dagman38
  237. Games doesn't start Assassin creed origins execaption error
  238. An Amazingly Accurate Game
  239. Control Nuisance issues help please?
  240. OLD HABITS Still glitched?
  241. Completed Reda Mission - go no item
  242. DLC the curse of the pharaoh
  243. Dawn of the creed statue
  244. Second DLC is out on Uplay but for me it doesnt show up
  245. The Curse of the Pharaohs message PC
  246. BUG: Not getting Master Assassin' Badge or Reward AC: Origins
  247. Please add npc dialog frequency or volume option!!!
  248. Cannot seem to link twitch to ubisoft account.
  249. UPlay PC- CotP DLC not marked as owned for my gold version!
  250. Achievements not unlocking right.