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  1. Trial of Gods - Anubis gear set
  2. Trial of Sobek bug.No scepter/ranubis outfit part
  3. Aya : Blades of the goddess GLITCH
  4. Inside Mountain Wall Glitch
  5. The game runs two steps to load once, seek solution.
  6. Can't hide aiming HUD after(?) 1.05
  7. Nomads bazaar challenge glitch?
  8. Loot at the Entrance of The Great Sphinx
  9. Stuck in Krokodilopolis arena glitch
  10. Can't switch tools
  11. Quest items have mark after completing
  12. The Aftermath trophy The Siege not unlocking
  13. A couple odd, consistent bugs
  14. Silica - Ambush at Sea
  15. Battle of the Nile glitch #2
  16. Reticle glitched off center
  17. UI OFF reticule switching ON itself
  18. [Visual] Poison vomit on boats staying on Worldmap XZ instead of boat XZ
  19. Green Mountains, Refugee Haven (south eastern) Mount Vendor inaccessible
  20. Unable to sell duplicate oufits
  21. Ubisoft!!! Pls do it for us all!!!
  22. Stuck on loading/running screen
  23. Bayek's voice and other NPC's voices have a bad audio quality (PS4)
  24. I bought it but dont get game
  25. Ubisoft I fixed!!! grahipc downgrade in patch 1.05
  26. Bug: HDR not working properly
  27. Xbox one x 1.00 no framerate issues, return with 1.05 installed
  28. Trial of Sobek problem
  29. can't hide crosshair when crouching, senu, aiming, photo mode.
  30. XBox One Controller fix
  31. An issue with NPCs' eyes in Photo Mode
  32. Latest patch : issues .
  33. Old Habits - Still bugged?
  34. Assassins creed Origins - All of the sudden game is in Russian??
  35. Stuck in the air bug
  36. Dear Ubisoft any info about patch 1.03-1.05 graphic "bug" fix
  37. Xbox one camera tracking down for no reason
  38. No asnwer from the support to my ticket about Ambush at sea.
  39. PS4 - May Amun walk beside you -> infinite loading. Still NOT working with 1.05
  40. I bought Assassin's Creed: Origin, but I can not play.我买了刺客信条:起源,但我却玩不了。
  41. Stuck in accidental philosopher
  42. Textures are not loading.
  43. Old Habits Glitched
  44. Boom Trophy
  45. Vendoring Quest Items (Non-Recoverable)
  46. Overpower Chain Throw Skill
  47. Battle on the Nile mission
  48. Overpower Combos not working
  49. PC- Rollback to patch 1.03
  50. Final Weighing mission on PC
  51. Accidentally Sold Medjay Shield
  52. Xbox - possible spoilers, Game Stalled after cutscene with Cleopatra in final mission
  53. Some bugs I've encountered while playing AC Origins
  54. Untargetable bug/Invisibale bug
  55. many have talked about this issue, pls note it
  56. Completed Mission List Bug
  57. A month ago Ubisoft promised more oprtions for HUD. Where are them?
  58. Stuck after Battles in the Krokodilopolis Arena
  59. Earning XP and Ability Points After Full completion
  60. Grahipcs fix in December Title Update? I hope so!
  61. Isu Armor
  62. Origins: All inventory, gear and gear upgrades disappeared
  63. Getting weapons back after losing everything from Ambush at Sea
  64. Why can't I sell uplay pack items and gear I bought from the store to a blacksmith?
  65. Assist Rebels Event Exclamation Mark Glitch
  66. Nightmare trophy/achievement?
  67. Assassin Creed Origins won't start
  68. Sekhmet Bug
  69. random origins ideas
  70. Completed Question List Bug
  71. Missing save
  72. Assassin's Creed Origins Ezio outfit
  73. "Initialization Error 4"
  74. Hermit locations
  75. Horus, centurion and dessert pack content vanished
  76. Refresh Rate option greyed out in options - stuck at 60 Hz on 144 Hz monitor
  77. Is there only one person in Ubisoft shop support?
  78. [QUEST] Fighting for Faiyum
  79. AC:O sudden freezes mid-gaming
  80. ARCHER OF THE MONTH Achievement (glitch/help if needed)
  81. Possible stuttering/frame drop fix for people with 120hz monitors.
  82. Location Objective Bug - Temple of Amun
  83. poison clouds bug!
  84. Tablet of Knowledge bug
  85. Game progress lost
  86. AC Origins or Ezio Collection??
  87. Lions and leopards drop below ground after arrow kill
  88. My save data is lost ..
  89. Reda's daily quest is gone for me
  90. Photo Mode not hiding HUD *PC*
  91. Still Crash in first fight of game after titles :/
  92. No response on support ticket
  93. Glitch in Arena
  94. Crash and kick out of the fight
  95. Bugs thread (all platforms)
  96. Still stuck in Arena NEED HELP
  97. When will this game be playable? Characters not rendering in even?
  98. bugs in papyrus puzzles
  99. Headphones audio stutter (Xbox One)
  100. Game storage deleted on Xbox one
  101. Terrible texutures and their loading times XONE-S
  102. The good roman
  103. I have to say this
  104. Assassin's Creed Origins - 1.1.0 Patch Notes
  105. Why cant i kill Sachmet the Cat God.
  106. Assassin's Creed Origins Black Screen
  107. Patch 1.1.0, game progress 99%, abilities 92%...
  108. Patch 1.10 Still huge popup of small objects vegetation rendering range is terrible
  109. Duplicate, 26 papyrus "Ray of Hope" in inventory after patch 1.0.5
  110. terrain popping/texture popping
  111. Can't buy or receive helix credits
  112. Anyone know if we can disable the Horde Mode notification?
  113. Season Pass - United Arab Emirates
  114. [PS4] Assassin's Creed Origins Bugs and Glitches
  115. Bsod after 5-10 minutes of game.(fx 8320e)
  116. 100% CPU Usage
  117. Worst Game
  118. Map Icons Question
  119. Invisible Animal Attack
  120. Re Enable Phylakes and Elephants
  121. Trials of the gods
  122. [PS4] Assassin's Creed Origins Bugs and Glitches
  123. Dismantle ubisoft weapons.
  124. Scorpions?
  125. Win 10 Game Bar, does not work When SLI is enabled.
  126. Assassin's Creed Origins - My issues with this amazing game.
  127. Are You Not Entertained - Quest Suggestion
  128. problem authenticating ownership of the product
  129. Textures, and other assets like rocks and bushes not loading in as they used to.
  130. Game stops working after 10 mins on xbox
  131. AC Origins Deluxe Edition PS4 - languages?
  132. Cant Complete Location
  133. Walking is tiresome. and What's Secondary Interaction for?
  134. Almost 5 crashes per hours when playing...
  135. Textures not loaded properly and game keeps freezing to load them
  136. Whea_uncorrectable_error
  137. Key/product code Free Assassin's Creed
  138. ACO Issues - Ubisoft please, please, please, please help!
  139. problem with online store [0x20000011]
  140. store- weapons got from heka chest not counted as “owned”
  141. assassin's creed origins cpu low usage?
  142. What happened with enemy level scaling?
  143. Triangle does not appear to toggle hood unable to change hair beard ect
  144. Trophy ben hur
  145. No Golden Anubis Item on Collection of Club Reward
  146. please hide the ucoin mission purchase for Gold Version Pre Order
  147. Killing Sobek doesn't count towards Community Challenge? No Gold Anubis Weapon.
  148. Weapon trails
  149. Enemies and items clipping behind scenery
  150. Unable to collect Anubis Armour (PS4)
  151. 1.1.0 Crashes
  152. Whats a guy gotta do to get some attention round here lol. Ubisoft Please respond.
  153. I don’t recieve jackal’s gaze
  154. The Jackal Legendary Scepter.
  155. Bug in Battle of the Nile Mission?
  156. Map locations have disappeared
  157. Ubisoft, please add an option to toggle weapon and shield visual effects
  158. Gods don't appear in the quests
  159. Assassin's Creed Origins - Trials of the Gods
  160. When the bracers change
  161. Community Contests region limitation
  162. Lost the Conductor of Souls sword
  163. The Harder They Fall Trophy Glitch
  164. Accidentally sold Unique shield but no way to get the item back
  165. Location not clearing, item HUD not showing (PS4)
  166. Photomode contest issue
  167. Attacks failing to execute in combat
  168. Sand-Dweller Legendary mount Graphical Bug
  170. Stuck in pause menu
  171. AC 2 B freeze after 5-10 minutes gameplay
  172. Bug Character got stuck
  173. Lost Outfits
  174. ACOrigins.exe has stopped working on PC
  175. Ancient maps pack
  176. Final breastplate upgrade texture glitch!!!????
  177. Physx of the game
  178. Falling down disables all aqbilities
  179. PLEASE FIX Missing Hidden Blade on Ezio's Outfit and a personal Suggestion
  180. PLEASE FIX Missing Hidden Blade on Ezio's Outfit and a personal Suggestion
  181. Game won't start at all!?
  182. REPOST: PLEASE FIX Missing Hidden Blade on Ezio's Outfit and a personal Suggestion
  183. Avenging Katja-jani
  184. Assassin's creed origins screen calibration
  185. Can’t get the community challenge’s reward
  186. Quest Bug
  187. K+M not working
  188. Selling Outfits
  189. Origins graphics bug
  190. cant claim twitch prime loot
  191. No sunslayer sword
  192. Ubisoft, seriously when are you going to fix the armor glitches?
  193. Multiple Bugs - Infinite Respawn, Escaping Mission Marker.
  194. Have you ever met "initialization error 4"?
  195. 【PS4】why I dont get the trophy of THE LIZARD after I finish this game?
  196. Nope
  197. Red Screen Crash
  198. DLC Camel Textures Bugged (PS4 Pro)
  199. Let me be able to hide Action hints ("Y" or "△" button hints)
  200. New Game Glitch At Start
  201. Can't buy a horse twice.
  202. Assassin’s Creed Origins Photo Mode Contest - Link "expired"
  203. Game Freezes
  204. Starting Game Bug
  205. Nomad's Bazaar in "The Final Weighing" quest
  206. PS4 Pro crashing
  207. Abiltiy to change crafting gear types
  208. ACO Photo Mode Contest Submission
  209. Cant start the game
  210. BSOD on startup (PC)
  211. Xbox One X Glitch - Demons in the Desert Quest
  212. Cannot gain access to either gladiator arena's
  213. cannot complete HIS SECRET SERVICE mission
  214. Poison runs out and mobs becomes immune to it.
  215. Can no longer start game without super hassle
  216. AC Origins - Season pass
  217. A Gift from the Gods glitch
  218. Hood remove
  219. Bug with layla Help please!
  220. Achievement Progress
  221. Assassins crees origins
  222. Papyrus riddle - siwa god bowl - cant loot
  223. Bugs
  224. Ubisoft Customer Support is dodging me
  225. Medjay's Shield is respawning?
  226. senet
  227. Sunslayer reward no show PS4
  228. New Win 10 intel security fix - Origins the only game showing an big FPS drop.
  229. Smoke Bomb Difficulties
  230. Assassins creed origins Xbox one x dashboard glitch
  231. Deluxe pack ability points and helix missing
  232. Problem on startup
  233. Assasin's Creed Origins Download Problem
  234. Flea of Cyrene bug - Quest won't update after leaping from Roman Akropolis
  235. Great ideas for future games and origins
  236. Bracers of bayek
  237. Please help me about shadow bug (Video in here)
  238. Claiming a loot from Twitch Prime after linking ubisoft and twitch
  239. Needs patches bad
  240. If i bought a game from ubisoft for could i then can i then make it a steam "game"?
  241. Stables bug
  242. Rough size of upcoming Hidden Ones DLC?
  243. Leander's Villa - Eagle will detect a "treasure marker" in the wrong location
  244. Regarding Exclusive Twitch Prime Loot
  245. Issue with in-game play
  246. Assassins Creed Origins: it is not possible to get back on the animus
  247. [Forum] Post disappearing
  248. Helix Credits
  249. Switching to firebomb
  250. Old Habits trophy STILL glitched??