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  3. Role of Julius Caesar in Assassin's Creed: Origins and Beyond?
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  6. The Hidden Twelve - Theories and Analysis (Minor Spoilers)
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  10. Hidden blade spoiler enter at own risk
  11. Expanded Universe: Quick Lore Recap [Pre-Origins Spoilers Warning]
  12. Video shows how long it will take to ride from one end of map to the other.
  13. Fast-Travel/Player home (houses)?
  14. Anything new on Juno or Isu in Origins?
  15. Did I miss something in the intro?
  16. Entrance to crypt on island east of Temple of Sekhmet?
  17. Does this story get good?
  18. Final Fantasy XV cross over stuff is on the game ?
  19. Aya's story and maybe Rome is next?
  20. Auto Loot Skills
  21. the "death rooms" are a bit to theatrical.
  22. Amazing game!
  23. My Thoughts on Assassin's Creed Origins (In Progress)
  24. modern Story play order
  25. Stuck!!!! Possible spoiler for lower levels
  26. Some questions about ACO mails..
  27. What is Bayek's idea with the hole feather and what is the point of Senu?
  28. About Modern day in AC:Origins
  29. Future AC games will have less narrative
  30. Cleopatra
  31. Modern day
  32. Stone tablet in MD
  33. Ending [SPOILER]
  34. Assassin's Creed: Origins - Memphis bandit raid/Reda quest
  35. So watch dogs is now official canon?
  36. juno events?
  37. Ancient Mechanism discussion (Spoiler)
  38. BEARD or NO-BEARD , Any other styles on the Main Character
  39. [Oversight?] Anachronism at the amphitheater
  40. Rate the story of Assassin's Creed Origins people:)
  41. Interesting find in the Great Sand Sea [spoilers]
  42. MD computer files and emails etc
  43. Was Caesar a member of the order?
  44. The best game I have ever played (my AC:O review)
  45. Assassin's Creed origin Hidden Shop Problem Help!!!!!!
  46. Best Games Assassin creed
  47. Grind XP after ~100%
  48. Proposal : I want to send some questions for the Writters .
  49. Steam to Ubi
  50. Bayek and Aya
  51. (Theory,Wishfull Thinking,Headcanon) Sekhmet is Juno .
  52. Mystic tombs (Modern day?? or The ones who came before?)
  53. So... that ending... (megaspoilers obviously)
  54. The "RPG elements" seriously compromised this game. (No Spoilers)
  55. Where does Bayek kill Rudjek, exactly?
  56. Tomb of Khufu mysterious entrance or exit
  57. my opinion after finish the game spoiler alert
  58. Modern Day (Huge Spoiler obviously)
  59. Assassins Creed Origins [Discord server]
  60. Trial of the Gods - Anubis
  61. My problems with Origin's story
  62. Unscripted Encounters - share your discoveries with us!
  63. Thank you again
  64. 4K Assets?
  65. Nomarch's tomb (Spoiler)
  66. Ratings
  67. surely a modern day DLC??
  68. Great Sphinx/Eesfet Oon-m'Aa Poo Bug
  69. ORIGINS is there any more as i compleated it is there more area,s quests DLC ?
  70. Origins reasons i wish i would have only paid $60 not $100
  71. Minor bug maybe? Posting here because of a spoiler!
  72. ENDGAME SPOILERS: Why was this not Aya's story?
  73. How to steal a date
  74. My Feedback after completing everything in ~70h :)
  75. There is nothing to talk about
  76. My biggest issue with Bayek's story
  77. Isu computer discussion
  78. No conclusion for Connor, Arno and Shay?
  79. Why the story in Assassinís Creed: Origins doesnít work
  80. Strange Robe in Desert
  81. My expectations about the origins of the creed.
  82. Mounted Combat
  83. AC storyline/Origin question
  84. My Thoughts on Assassinís Creed: Origins and why Iím torn
  85. Expectations vs. What I've got - Feedback after ~90+ hours
  86. May the Father of Understanding Guide Us
  87. Glitch
  88. Assassin's Creed Origins Review
  89. Anyone feel bad for Ptolemy?
  90. Aya Tomb discrepancy in Assassins Creed Story Line!!!
  91. Battleship battle on the way to Rome with Beyack's wife
  92. Theories of the next game?
  93. Babbling vender
  94. 11 stone circles
  95. Tablet in Layla's Cave
  96. Don't expect good storytelling for a long time to come now
  97. Origins Modern Day Concept Art? Possible [SPOILER]
  98. Iron Bull Ruined by Rebels
  99. Ambush at Sea
  100. Continuity error? Aya/Amunet Tombs
  101. Defend Caesar help please
  102. Please, put Juno Events in the game .
  103. Have we talked about the lack of actual assassinations in this game?
  104. Trial of the Gods... still goofed
  105. Access The Animus - Official Origins Review (Spoilers)
  106. Sekhmet vs Isfet Temple Fight - What? Why?
  107. A Gaze Into The Nexus: The Empirical Truth (Spoilers)
  108. Just wanted to say how awesome is this...
  109. Gift from the gods
  110. Community Challange: Trail of the gods!
  111. Sharur Heavy Blunt?
  112. [SPOILERS] Need help understanding something, contains massive main story spoilers!
  113. Other clothing from AC to origins (Outras Vestimentas de outros AC, para o Origins)
  114. Bayek's "The feather will always be lighter than my heart" comment
  115. Feedback with spoilers!
  116. Jeska: the side-character who stole the show
  117. Suggestions on horde mode & more
  118. Was Darby McDevitt originally the writer for Origins?
  119. Disappointed
  120. Help with Khefu tomb
  121. I wish the story was more conspiracy
  122. So...Is Bayek possessing an eagle ever explained?
  123. How many scrolls in the Great Library of Alexandria ?
  124. Is the hidden ones DLC the actual ending? Was it cut from the game & sold as DLC?
  125. Bayek and Aya cause of death
  126. Modern day segments in the AC games
  127. Does Layla get a time skip?
  128. Hidden Ones DLC - All New Weapons (Spoiler)
  129. SPOILER-Hidden ones
  130. Crafting in Hidden Ones
  131. Bayek to visit Jerusalem? (Possible Spoilers)
  132. Hidden ones content available early?
  133. Bayek's burial place in-game
  134. Cost of upgrading weapons to level 45
  135. campaign question
  136. about some rather important figure.
  137. Let me get this straight...
  138. What happend to Corteseos and the kids with the dog?
  139. The beginning of hidden ones in 4k video
  140. Stone Circles hidden one
  141. Shards from a star mission bug.
  142. Amenmesse Pyramid Treasure
  143. Hidden Ones DLC weird reward for mission at the end. SPOILERS
  144. hidden ones review. spoilers.
  145. My thanks
  146. Bayek on the cross!
  147. So, does Septimius ever get killed?
  148. The Hidden Ones Secret Room
  149. AC Origin
  150. Maybe spoilers idk
  151. So... Why no Gamilat shield?
  152. Is there any more progress in the modern-day portion?
  153. The head the order of ancients worship
  154. crystal of toth
  155. Unobtainable Loot (Possibly Hidden) in Arsinoe Nome
  156. Sekhmet translation
  157. Temple of Thoth Hidden room
  158. Hood for Protector Outfit
  159. Request modification of costume modeling
  160. The Setting Sun mission - glitch?
  161. Now William has joined the party again I wonder...
  162. Fun idea for a boss fight between Juno and Layla
  163. Modification of outfit modeling is required.
  164. assassins creed origins sucks
  165. assassins creed origins worst than any other assassins creed before
  166. Praise the helicopter!!
  167. My poetic vision of The Crest
  168. Is there anything to talk about story wise?
  169. Fix this patch on 13th. please.
  170. Those little details *SPOILERS* CURSE OF THE PHARAOHS
  171. Tutankhamun
  172. Eternal Maw
  173. Motivations in Assassins Creed (Spoilers for CotP)
  174. Khemu. Missed opportunity?
  175. Is there no outfit with a hood in this DLC?
  176. New Game Customization Suggestion
  177. Curse of the Pharaohs Ending
  178. Curse of the Pharaohs and lack of lore relevance .
  179. After game strange Letter to bayek about Canaan
  180. Potential Spoiler Found
  181. About "new boosted savegame" option.
  182. Unmarked Hermit Locations in the Afterlives
  183. Pharaoh's Shadows
  184. game
  185. Cause of the Curse. COTP DLC
  186. Modification of outfit modeling is required. Please!!!
  187. Access The Animus - The Origins DLC Review + Where to next?
  188. Is Tahemet speaking of Jesus?
  189. Replay mission
  190. What's up with the new RED missions?
  191. What was your favorite moment in the story?
  192. Found a secret room in Kkufu's pyramind
  193. New item if I do Game Plus again?
  194. Bayek and Amunet In Rome *Possible Spoilers*
  195. Bayek death in AC Odyssey
  196. AC Origins - Going back to SIWA
  197. Assassination Strategies (Spoiler)
  198. Massive feedback [May have Spoilers]
  199. Assassins creed origins pre order
  200. "The Final Weighing" where Aya appears dead really caught me off guard
  201. Am I the only one here who hated the Aya levels?
  202. Hidden Ones - Aya's outfit - why so extra Ubi?
  203. Eesfet Oon-míAa Poo
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  216. Good quests to do?
  218. Finding the underwater world
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