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  1. JBA HQ Finale 100% [spoilers]
  2. Splinter Cell DA (PC Version) Need people!!!
  3. Double Agent - possible to play xbox verson on pc?
  4. Double agent - switch to camera
  5. double agent - how to tell what version
  6. Splinter Cell SAR PC Mods
  7. Mac Porting?
  8. Pandora Tomorrow Crashes to desktop
  9. JBA HQ 4 - Final Part Help
  10. New Gen Double Agent, a Preliminary Review.
  11. Chaos Theory question: How do i hack wirelessly in Displace?
  12. Spies vs. Mercenaries Steam Group Tournament
  13. CT Pistol Whip?
  14. Mission pack for the original Splinter cell?
  15. Pandora tomorrow multiplayer problem
  16. If you'd like to use your XBOX360 controller to play PC, I can help you.
  17. opening the parachute
  18. Second Echelon???
  19. Lag making Chaos Theory co-op unplayable
  20. Is there a way to enable both antialiasing and HDR in Chaos Theory?
  21. Why Double agent multiplayer is deserted?
  22. Im also looking for coop partners for these SC titles :)
  23. splinter cell-oil refinery
  24. SCCT SvM: Can't access Ubi.com
  25. Impossible join serveur ubi.com !!!!! CHAOS THEORY VERSUS
  26. Chaos Theory Co-Op and Versus servers CLOSED!!!!
  27. Splinter Cell: Master Edition (Fan Project Idea for PC)
  28. Looking for people to play Chaos Theory Versus on PC
  29. Search For Someone to play Coop with
  30. Can somebody tell me why the control setup is so bad in DA.
  31. Problem with uPlay Achievement... alll 9 upgrades for uniforms and no points
  32. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - Tactical Espionage Tutorial - Extended Abilities HD
  33. Double Agent and Pandora Tomorrow refuse to install
  34. Question on how to perform certain maneuvers
  35. Chaos Theory sound....no echos?
  36. Splinter cell complet version
  37. Differences in the Splinter Cell versions
  38. Is there a Double Agent old gen version for PC?
  39. Pandora Tomorrow Widescreen
  40. Disable hud
  41. Last PC Double Agent - NYC 4 Impossible without Retinal Scanner... Bug?
  42. SC: Chaos Theory Co-op Question
  43. Thank you Ubisoft! :D
  44. -_- PC version once again not fully tested...
  45. Hamatchi is the culprit for online play not working
  46. Dedicated Server Support?
  47. Cannot play the game since it crashed by "out of memory"
  48. Game runs like ****
  49. blacklist_game.exe has stopped working, everytime i launch.
  50. Blacklist needs to not close game down when host leaves!
  51. Game won't Startup
  52. PC - WQHD issue (+ crash 5mins into the game, repeatedly...)
  53. Game will not load
  54. People still play online?
  55. Fps Problem Multiplayer
  56. cooperativo
  57. to kill heavy amoured Soldiers
  58. Controls Request
  59. Kein Koop möglich
  60. Chaos Theory SvM questions
  61. PC version not saving.
  62. The game will not load; shuts down right after start up
  63. Crash when loading save
  64. gruppenerstellung für coop geht nicht
  65. The game just simply doesn't start....
  66. Steam Keys Question
  67. I really like the new Blacklist installment.
  68. Registered Splinter Cell Blacklist CD-Key But game still shows pre-loaded
  69. code switch
  70. UPLAY Reward Error (Blacklist)
  71. PC Controls
  72. Splinter Cell Steam Version Crashing.
  73. Cannot Continue through the game.Game Locked itself
  74. 10 Hours in, Game Reset
  75. Any body wont to do a co-op play though or just wont to play co-op missions
  76. Why cant i map all buttons when using xbox gamepad controller for windows? SP CELL CT
  77. I can't even play the first mission of campaign
  78. Deluxe Edition bonus and uplay reward problem
  79. Run out of memory!
  80. What Ubisoft Need TO FIX NOW!!!
  81. help me, сос помогите
  82. Double agent hacking bug
  83. Looking for people to play Blacklist with
  84. Give me my money back!
  85. Solved multiplayer problem, inviting/joining friends.
  86. Reinstalled windows 7 now im a leval 1 ingame? What the hell?
  87. Can not choose the Japanese
  88. when I use maximum setting fps lock at 30 fps
  89. blacklist rip off
  90. Русские, пишем ники для добавления друзей
  91. What determines who gets the melee?
  92. Game now does not like 2560x1440 resolutions.
  93. anyone wanna play splinter cell DA or CH?
  94. Проблемма с SplinterCell Blacklist
  95. What the **** Reset?
  96. Pandora tomorrow computer switch
  97. русский чат в игре
  98. Разработчикам. Важные нюансы игры! Пожалу
  99. Как можно поменять ник в Uplay ?
  100. Ребята, помогите
  101. How to Restart
  102. Splinter Cell Blacklist HOMELAND problem(Steam)
  103. How do I get my DLC to work on steam?
  104. Anyone know how to emulate the Old Gen Version of Double Agent from XBOX on PC
  105. I need a Ubisoft store/Steam copy of Chaos Theory to replace my original retail copy.
  106. [Multiplayer] Server Not Available
  107. Chaos Theory Spies vs. Mercs on Steam...
  108. Chaos Theory Spies vs Mercs - how to regain my key?
  109. Splinter Cell Double Agent Win8.1 ?
  110. Splinter Cell Double Agent scores (points)
  111. SCCT: Amazon and COOP?
  112. Does splinter cell blacklist upper Echelon edition includes the base game?
  113. Chaos theory downloading now!
  114. We want "Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow" on Steam
  115. Does anyone still play SC:CT multiplayer?
  116. Let's revive Chaos Theory SvM (Versus)
  117. can't make an account for co op on chaos theory
  118. "This Game is no longer available" Error SvM
  119. Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow key invalid when trying to add it to the uplay account
  120. Double Agent stealth meter
  121. Don't you miss Agent One and Agent Two from CT and DA?
  122. [Splinter Cell 1 PC] Are the shadows supposed to look like this?( Image inside)
  123. Invisible closet aboard the cruise ship, SCDA
  124. Looking for Decent Partner for Co-Op
  125. looking for a SCDA SvM players
  126. Pandora Tomorrow cutscene crashes
  127. anyone wanna play Double agent
  128. splinter cell double agent, multiplayer resolutions
  129. double agent multiplayer
  130. Bring Back Splinter Cell
  131. Chaos Theory Co-op
  132. Chaos Theory CO-OP
  133. splinter cell 7
  134. Splinter Cell 7 (NxSG Unofficial Soundtrack)
  135. Splinter Cell Pandora Tommorow lighting FIX HERE
  136. How Pandora Tomorrow is meant to look: Retro PC vs Modern PC Lights and Shadows
  137. Chaos theory no-clip discoveries [MUST SEE]
  138. splinter cell 1
  139. Splinter Cell Windows 8.1 Compatibility
  140. Is there a way to add SC CT to uplay with old box DRM-free version cd-key?
  141. Pandora Tomorrow Lighting/Shadowing/Reflection issues FINALLY FIXED
  142. Double Agent: mouse sensitivity slider fixed (LOL)
  143. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory PC Crashing
  144. Escorting Nouri
  145. UBISOFT! Put Chaos Theory On GameRanger!
  146. Scda versus pc community !!!!
  147. Getting Chaos Theory Versus to work on Linux [TUTORIAL]
  148. Chaos Theory: Coop Crash
  149. Screen is blinking when starting game and the game crashes after the loading lvl 1
  150. Splinter Cell 1 see thru textures and GPF errors
  151. SC Pandora Tomorrow
  152. Devs and Modders, help needed to make SCDA identical to the Xbox 360
  153. splinter cell editor
  154. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent
  155. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Thermal Vision Malfunction
  156. Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Liverpool
  157. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Versus mode not working !!!!
  158. SCCT Thermal Vision bug
  159. Stuff that was pointless
  160. Chaos Theory: Seoul Mission, Propaganda opportunity objective
  161. Original Splinter Cell Windows 10 Black Screen
  162. Splinter cell: New patch with the things below :
  163. splinter cell critical error
  164. Splinter Cell 1 General Protection Fault - History: blank
  165. Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Instillation Bug
  166. Free Splinter Cell Legacy in UBI 30 , Got Free Appcrash
  167. Splinter Cell EAX
  168. Ubi30
  169. Enable cheats in single -player
  170. Ebable cheats
  171. Splinter Cell 1 - Uplay Rewards & Actions
  172. I have a problem in splinter cell legacy
  173. Free Splinter Cell Disappeared.
  174. Splinter Cell: Essentials-adaptation for PC
  175. without a paper trail at the company’s Venetian and Palazzo
  176. believe Trinity was an intended target
  177. Splinter Cell UBI 30 slow motion
  178. Trying to play splinter cell stealth action....
  179. Lizenzverarbeitung
  180. Differences Between the Games and the Books?
  181. Splinter Cell Saves Are Invisible
  182. How to play CO-OP together with Hamachi or Evolve?
  183. Future double agent level editor?
  184. Game doesn't start
  185. Review on splinter cell
  186. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 2002 error
  187. Looking for a buddy to Chaos Theory coop on Hamachi
  188. This game just wont start
  189. CT Spies versus Mercs - Speks Noob Guide anyone?
  190. Double Agent save location
  191. Splinter Cell: Double Agent Shanghai Mission introduction issue
  192. splinter cell
  193. Why steam s forum is full of posts about old games and this is empty?
  194. SPLINTER CELL 1 guards Bodies bug !!
  195. Run Splinter Cell via Raptr?
  196. Chaos Theory Let's Play!
  197. HELP: Splinter Cell crashing Windows 7
  198. Double Agent - Ending Crash
  199. Chaos Theory: Getting Disconnected from LAN game when we zoom in with rifle.
  200. To Ubisoft: I had an epiphany
  201. Splinter Cell Movie
  202. Impossible to complete SC : Double Agent (PC) end Game due to Trigger bug. :mad:
  203. Achievements and challenges in Uplay for Splinter Cell
  204. Cant uninstall
  205. How do we convince Ubisoft to re-release Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow digitally?
  206. [Message to Ubisoft] Release SC: Pandora Tomorrow on Steam and fix SC: Double Agent
  207. Splinter Cell, mission 2: Defense ministry - "Mission Failed...too many bodies"
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  209. Ubisoft Support is not cinfigured in a way Firefox will allow
  210. Could Ubisoft Offer Patch 1.3 to EN/US Uplay version of Splinter Cell, SAR?
  211. UFC 230: Daniel Cormier vs. Derrick Lewis Live Stream
  212. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Versus mode
  213. Why we need a new Splinter Cell
  214. How Can I play Chaos Theory Versus?
  215. need help with splinet cell: chaos theory.
  216. Last Mission does not work correctly beginning before entering warroom!
  217. Double Agent sound problems
  218. Chaos Theory: Coop - Expert 100% Problem