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  1. New patch 1.05
  2. to players who play on HARD with 1.05:
  3. Ubisoft Club challenge take a photo of the Sphinx
  4. Question?
  5. Nightmare pack items in heka chest
  6. Didn't confirm a kill...am I screwed?
  7. Xbox One looking for this theme song from sidequest the hungry river
  8. PC How do I get away from the Elephant
  9. Trials of the gods
  10. Senu make trick!
  11. Origins
  12. Future Patch Update
  13. When guards spot corpes
  14. Missing a Chest to complete
  15. Hood toogle
  16. PS4 Shield Charge Disabled?
  17. Hippodrome 3-Step Guide
  18. Daily Missions
  19. Trinkets
  20. They forgot the PC version?
  21. hmm.. were to find these animals?
  22. PC Club challenges xp issues???
  23. Are you able to reliably push enemies into traps?
  24. PS4 Little Things from other games that you miss
  25. Feedback on AC Origins from an older gamer.
  26. PC Assasin's Creed Origins Graphics card
  27. Patch 1.05
  28. PC Cyrene - Bath house unreachable chest with soldiers
  29. Dotaz prozba
  30. Killing Exp!
  31. How to show and hide beard and hood?
  32. New setting
  33. A little entertainment for our fellow Assassin's
  34. PC Crafting Quiver and Stabilizer Glove
  35. I need a help with a mission!!! Preciso de ajuda com uma missÃo
  36. Can i pass the code (Received when buying a new seagate hard drive) onto a friend?
  37. What crazy things would you add to this game...
  38. The Name "Origin's" Wasted on Throwaway Entry
  39. Anakin Skywalker moment.
  40. Expanded uses for Senu, a couple of ideas
  41. Does this game have option to remove blood?
  42. when will PC get the next patch?
  43. PC Where is Ambush at Sea Quest?
  44. PC Can't unlock all ability?
  45. The way this game should have been balanced
  46. PC Question about the season pass
  47. I WISH : There were more Stealth Kill animations
  48. [Feedback] So let's talk about Endgame lvl40+ - please share your opinion
  49. Non-glowing Golden Capped Pyramids?
  50. What happened to all my stuff
  51. Will there be more outfits released?
  52. Inventory of the ventor in the Bureau of the Hidden Ones
  53. Weekly Club Challenges
  54. Prince of Persia
  55. Why arent there bigger shields in ACO?
  56. PC Assassin's Creed Origins: Trials of the gods reward question/clarification
  57. Can We Get a Silent Assassin Mode?
  58. More Outfits
  59. PS4 Questions Regarding Discovery Mode
  60. PC Nomads Bazaar - how to buy supplies?
  61. Just to many enemy running around mounted.
  62. This game could have a great Multiplayer
  63. Xbox One me
  64. So does it rain in some places?
  65. [SUGGESTION] Improved Control Scheme for Combat
  66. Characters voices change
  67. Accidentally deleted saved game.
  68. PC Forums acting weird
  69. PC Mini Games
  70. PC More legacy oufits ?
  72. Poisoned Enemies
  73. Nightmare Pack in heka chest? after 1.05 Patch (are they lying)
  74. Anyone know what this latest update is?
  75. Trial of the God
  76. Just thought I'd share this with the community
  77. PC Graphical Feature Request - Sharpening
  78. Selling stuff
  79. Add memory replays please!!!
  80. PC ??? to Ubisoft on the upcoming Assassins Creed Origins PC Patch
  81. When will AC 2018 Leak? Strawpoll in Description
  82. A suggestion to avoid locking content with microtransactions
  83. Nomads Bazzar locked behind level?
  84. Statistics: Abilities Unlocked (%) 92
  85. I will pay you to re-spec !
  86. Calamity Blade hat keine legendäre Fähigkeit
  87. Anybody miss optional objectives?
  88. PS4 Can anyone download the Horus Pack yet?
  89. Suggestion: Selectable Gear Skins
  90. Any way we can have more random events (Reka missions and revenge missions), UBI?
  91. 2 bow on the back are too silly !
  92. PS4 Horus pack
  93. PS4 Is it possible to back out of checkpointed story missions?
  94. Weird/Buggy Avenge Quest
  95. Tribal Pack
  96. PS4 Horus Pack
  97. Trials of Sobek
  98. Unequip /remove weapon method in 10 mins
  99. Any news about Patch 1.05 for PC?
  100. Ubisoft please put this amazing story idea in next Assassin's creed title
  101. TOTG Trial of the Gods – Sobek
  102. PS4 Reduce reuse recycle
  103. trials of the gods
  104. Anubis Outfit Question
  105. PS4 Bought the season pass, Horus Pack still not available
  106. Reply Quests/Missions
  107. PC trials of god
  108. PC Carbon Crystals, Outfits.
  109. Find another way for crafting
  110. New game+ with Aya
  111. Going back to those low level areas you missed...
  112. Horus Pack Outfit
  113. PS4 Sobek Trial - Issue in new game
  114. PC Just wanted to say thank you for a great game, Ubisoft.
  115. PC valentine gifts flowers
  116. Unobtainable Weapons
  117. Trials of The Gods ****CLARIFICATION & HELP****
  118. [Blog Post] Improving the Origins formula: The return of a hideout and recruit system
  119. Nightmare Pack patch for Heka Chests
  120. What is happening
  121. Are the draw distance problems being worked on?
  122. Pre patch screenshot
  123. PC Logitech Headset FIXED!!!
  124. PS4 Old Habits
  125. PC can 2 people play at the same time?
  126. PC AC origins patch 1.05 performance
  127. Please Ubi...show us you guys care...
  128. PC Trial of the Gods - Sobek Level 21 [includes Spoilers]
  129. Random Soldier Attacks
  130. Is it just me?
  131. Random Encounter in Iment Nome
  132. [ALL Platforms] Objective in Proximity. <> To call Senu
  133. Move support posts
  134. Xbox One aco
  135. PS4 PS4 PRO HDR Game TV 4K Settings Help
  136. PC Origins' Combat Critique
  137. PC Glowing Green After Kill Since Patch 1.05
  138. PC Trial of the Gods Ranged Only???
  139. Nonsensical items
  140. REDA Quests Missing after 1.05
  141. BOOM! Achievement/Trophy
  142. PC Rollback to patch 1.03 the PC version already
  143. Xbox One Dying during quests brings all enemies back to life: Origins returned to EB Games!
  144. No Reda Daily Mission
  145. How to rollback to 1.03???
  146. Can't upgrade Bayek to maximum/not enough XP
  147. please consider add online PVP feature in battle arena
  148. What is this called?
  149. Give us a way to switch shoulder view in ACO
  150. Bugs report, thoughts and issues
  151. Relic of Great Power - Thoughts & Possibilities
  152. Can we have option to disable poison/health gain glowing effects?
  153. The "Origins" in Bayek - (alpha)
  154. 15 years on and no SLI multi screen support for 'Asassins games - including 'Origins'
  155. PC Simple feature request
  156. PC Ubisoft Store
  157. Aya as a playable character in Free Roam, please!
  158. PC Can\t change resolution!
  159. Horus outfit
  160. Hunting
  161. Mentor thread: Collecting questions for dev Q&A !
  162. Old Habits - Trophy/Achievement Tracker
  163. PS4 Legendary Weapons and Shields
  164. Hippodrome Time Trial competition. Good idea, bad for single player game.
  165. Will the Season Pass get a discount seperately?
  166. Color schemes for outfits?
  167. 4 Days without Reda
  168. Alexandria only bad performance
  169. Mercenary Pack on PC
  170. Xbox One Where can i find the stats of the game? and how i can restart a mission?
  171. Guy on steam found a way how to rollback to version 1.03
  172. Golden Wolf
  173. Assassins Creed Origins Walking the Walk
  174. How to unclock tools in ac origins
  175. In Memphis always cloudy ?
  176. Back to version 1.03.
  177. PS4 https://www.healthdietalert.com/testo-ampx/
  178. Please Help!!
  179. uplay down
  180. Old Habits. What am I missing?
  181. Best AC:O review I've seen so far lol
  182. UBISOFT - Thank You
  183. Thank you ubisoft
  184. Ubi,Please Add Controlled Movement Speed For Pc
  185. Too much grind
  186. Origins Black Friday Sale!
  187. PC Menu Navigation Question
  188. Show me your favourite weapons and Shields :-)
  189. Front Page Clogged with Spamming
  191. Problem with windows after patch 1.05
  192. PC New bug from the holy 1.05 patch - the scary one
  193. Ubi fyi Weird bug
  194. Bring back Assassin's Creed multiplayer for the next game. (Petition)
  195. PC Logitech Headset Bug still not fixed?
  196. Help me!! (ps4)
  197. PC Stuck on 99%
  198. Patch 1.05 PC Perfomance
  199. Xbox One balance level of side quests according to my level.
  200. Thx ubisoft for making another game i wasted 60 bucks on with your stupid gimicks
  201. [spoiler] - disable that sound ?
  202. Heavy attack bug
  203. Here's mine!! Now show me your best bow skills
  204. Quick question
  205. Rebels
  206. Feature Request - change Tool without going into the Gear Screen
  207. Beginning character will not move in first scene
  208. PC Fast travel not working
  209. PS4 Game looks incredibly dull in PS4 Pro w/ 4K TV
  210. This is what Origins gets so right...
  211. Locked 30 or 60fps without stuttering or tearing?
  212. PS4 Glitch of the Elephant Jumbe
  213. Anubis boss
  214. PC Mercenary Pack DLC
  215. Controls and Eye Tracking settings are grayed out
  216. Please add Level scaling and more replay value to the game
  217. Xbox One Gah
  218. Have you Hiersehen my Son?
  219. List of issues currently addressed by Ubisoft
  220. Did UBI know this?
  221. Is the Duelist worth the grind? Maybe so...
  222. Amazing AC1/Origins video
  223. Assassin's Creed Art! ...I hope this is okay, haha.
  224. Ideas for Endgame
  225. AC Origins Naval Aspect
  226. PC New Game Plus & Outposts suggestion
  227. PC [PleaseFix] Fishermen, boats and me
  228. Menu glitch
  229. Trial of Sobek bug
  230. First Civilization Pack
  231. Assassins creeds next chapter
  232. Old habits
  233. Nightmare items in Heka chest when?
  234. PC Assassins creed Origins - All of the sudden game is in Russian??
  235. How to unlock the No Limits Challenge
  236. Ubisoft's Shady Micro-transactions Continue in Assassin's Creed Origins
  237. Skyrim Mod features found in AC Origins
  238. Hippordrom
  239. UBISOFT Compensation
  240. Xbox One Do In App/Microtransactions count towards all game sessions you play or only one time
  241. Where are the assassination contracts?
  242. Jumbe (SOILERS maybe)
  243. Feather in Blood by NerdOut
  244. PC Berserk Mode Question
  245. Untracked missions
  246. Anyone else want more outfit packs?
  247. Using my Saved Games on friend's PC
  248. Copy my Saved Games to friends PC
  249. Micro-Transactions
  250. PC Standalone Season's Pass contents (European Version)