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  1. Trial of Anubis disappeared...
  2. PC ACO movement & fight control system
  3. PS4 For the skeptics : PS4 pro MASSIVE graphics downgrade with patches 1.03 AND 1.04
  4. killed 9 out of 10 phylakes [my contain spoiler]
  5. Xbox One Club chanllenge Nose Jod don't unlock
  6. Item Bug - 9.999.999 swords in inventory
  7. [MIN-SPOILER]The Crocodile's Scales ending: not sure if I'm more distraught or amazed
  8. Will I lose my save games if i switch steam accounts in AC Origins????????
  9. Origins, possibly the best AC game ever.
  10. some
  11. Fix your f*cking game!!!
  12. Gear and inventory lost after Ambush at Sea.
  13. New navigation system
  14. PS4 Devs please see this (Desperate Fix)
  15. [CAUTION] Do NOT attempt the Trials of the Gods: Anubis if you already HAVE THE SWORD
  16. PS4 Nitpicks for Future Updates
  17. PS4 Didn't get PREORDER Bonus
  18. (Question/Suggestion) Anubis outfit reward
  19. Stealth Kills Compilation - Assassin's Creed Origins
  20. PC What form of Anti-Aliasing does Origins use?
  21. Unequip shield?
  22. Spear Range needs fixing !
  23. Stealth kills are a bit meh
  24. Ubiclub question
  25. Rank every AC game
  26. Is there a way to earn the Helix outfits without spending extra money?
  27. PC Anubis Speedkill (Video + Tips/Guide)
  28. Xbox One Assassins Creed Anniversary
  29. Snake Boss Glitch!#!#!
  30. PC No sound?
  31. TIPS? For taking down a moving convoy?
  32. Please make Uplay Overlay compatible with industry standard overlays.
  33. Next AC Game to be set in Ancient Rome???(Discussion)(Spoilers if game not completed
  34. Possible Future content
  35. Finding Silica
  36. Things This Game Desperately Needs Patching
  37. Just lost everything 😡
  38. Can't find my photos
  39. Low Profile Assassinations
  40. Repeatable content
  41. Question Regarding Adrenaline Attack and Overpower Attack
  42. Xbox ONE - Draw distance and texture popping
  43. NPC audio settings?
  44. Xbox One Ubi support case ticket
  45. Did the arena get censored?
  46. PC Where is the PC patch 1.04 ? And where can I buy the preorder DLC ?
  47. I wonder how Deocles is faring...
  48. Do You Think Skill Tree Need to Be Rebuilt?
  49. Xbox One HDR disappear and no atmospheric effects (From bad to worse)
  50. Can't seem to access the trial of Anubis
  51. Online Multiplayer Mode
  52. NPC weapons diferent than Bayek´s?
  53. Complete all side missions before "Way of the Gabiniani"
  54. PS4 Protector outfit and Narrowing the list quest
  55. Bayek Statue
  56. Xbox One Read that Bayek was going to be in next AC?
  57. PC Ubisoft Club Challenges?
  58. question about mounts
  59. Place to store items DLC/patch idea.
  60. Tablet of knowledge - Problem
  61. every 10 seconden or less make me very slowing :(
  62. Please look at this Ubisoft...
  63. PS4 Finished the Game, What now?
  64. Netflix AC origins animated series Launch trailer
  65. Question about damage over time effects (DOTs)
  66. Best place to farm XP/gold/materials with poison darts?
  67. PC Graphics card
  68. PC Missing Quests
  69. Anubis event has disapeared - PC 1.03
  70. Xbox One Trials of the Gods: Anubis Gear Save File
  71. PS4 The Hidden ones DLC & Beyond
  72. Assassin's Creed Origins x Mission Impossible Intro Climb theme
  73. Hippodrome Help?
  74. PC Did you sell your 1st dromedary?
  75. Plot hole???
  76. Xbox One AC: origins arena fights should take some inspiration from shadow of rome.
  77. Quest Items?...
  78. How do I praise Senu?
  79. Name of infiltration music?
  80. SHACKY CAM - how to get rid of it?
  81. Music blended?
  82. Weapon/Shield/Bow Tier Lists
  83. PC Assasins creed Origins 100% completion
  84. Any way to see Photo Mode pictures from friends?
  85. Need your help!! I cannot climb onto the boat from the water!
  86. Phots and photos of the day
  87. An Urgent AUto-Level Update!
  88. Downgrade
  89. PC Predator Bow for a AC noob. Love
  90. Xbox One Trial of Anubis in Giza
  91. Mechanics and gameplay ideas
  92. PC Please help! Game is literally broken for me.
  93. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse Trophy
  94. PC Weird faint dark lines across screen
  95. PC Ceremonial Staff
  96. Graphics downgrade and auto-suggestion?
  97. PC Having trouble with season pass working
  98. Assassin's Creed Origins *Unicorn* How to get it without Helix
  99. PC Loot table Questions
  100. combat , assasination and close level enemies
  101. Possible damage Buff for Spear R2 Thrust motion
  102. http://www.healthcarebooster.com/stackt-360/
  103. PC https://supplement350.com/claire-hydrafirm-cream/
  104. Max upgrade right gauntlet missing blue color?
  105. New Game Plus for AC Origins
  106. Xbox One My name is Shade
  107. Story Mode Replay
  108. All Previous Assassins Outfits
  109. change this please.....
  110. PC More HUD options will definitely enhance the experience
  111. Origins HUD and other minor tweaks
  112. Civilian sayings
  113. Feedback: Hippodrome races
  114. Xbox One Hardest War Elephant
  115. Kites? Assassin's Creed Origins *Kites* purpose?
  116. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Achievement
  117. PC Could we get a choice at what resolutions the photos will be saved on PC?
  118. PC What happens if I don't beat Anubis at time?
  119. PC Is there a blood setting in the game?
  120. Is it really possible? I hope so, because it would be amazing. ^v^ :cool:
  121. Direction for sequels
  122. Have all your outfits from the beggining?
  123. Hippodrome races
  124. Be careful, freedom of speech is out the window on this forum now
  125. Xbox One General Main Story, weak or strong- The Scarab
  126. PS4 Several questions about the game from a new player (about gameplay)
  127. Assassins Creed Soundtrack with my order short......
  128. Is it just me? Spoilers ahead
  129. Need Help With Trial of The Gods
  130. PS4 Trial of the Gods
  131. Assassin’s Creed: Origins - Origins of the Assassins SPOILER!
  132. Hippodrome (bs)
  133. Love this game. Thoughts on end game!
  134. PC How Long was your game? No Spoilers!
  135. Sandboarding in AC origins - really cool
  136. PC How I managed to beat Anubis at level 35
  137. Is There any Refight the War Elephant ?
  138. Mounts? Any performance difference?
  139. PS4 NEED HELP - I've Lost Senu !?
  140. PS4 Quest Items
  141. PC Just saying thanks to everybody involved in making this game
  142. Origins First Civilization question (SPOILERS)
  143. Small requests
  144. PC Isu Armor error
  145. PS4 Golden Wolf or Humbaba's Fang
  146. PS4 Rudiarius - Ubisoft Challenge Question
  147. Add me for arena play
  148. PC Questions about Phylakes
  149. Jump from horse
  150. Question and suggestion
  151. PC Is this a glitch or intended? (Spoiler Alert)
  152. I`ve lost my medjay shield
  153. PC Game concept --- Spolier warning --
  154. PC Proud Medjay Badge
  155. New Game+
  156. Why story in present is too short?
  157. Question when starting a new game (starting over)
  158. 10 Years today - CONGRATULATIONS UBISOFT
  159. [Patch] Minor improvements
  160. Option to remove spiders from Assassins creed Origins
  161. Assassins creed origins legacy oufit
  162. Seer Master Skill/Animal Damage
  163. PS4 Question regarding the season pass
  164. Elite Hippodrome Tournaments Progression
  165. Please bring Assassins Creed franchise to the Nintendo Switch!
  166. Can't shake the feeling -this game just ain't that good...
  167. PS4 What rewards do you get from completing all hippodrome tournaments...
  168. The extremely fun yet underutilized Events of ACO
  169. Xbox One Xbox One S & Xbox One X flickering problem on the sided of the screen!
  170. Quest expiration
  171. Question About the New Weapon System
  172. Chest Questions
  173. So what now
  174. [possible minor spoilers] Juno events?
  175. I hate games that do that. Spoilers ahead
  176. Hippodrome(chariot races) awesome feature! (Tips)
  177. PS4 unique valentines gifts
  178. Upcoming Patch for PC, XBOX, PS ?
  179. Questions about these 2 outfits
  180. PC Controls Bug
  181. PC About the Hippodrome races and cart handling
  182. Xbox One Eagle Vision - Senu
  183. What is the best economical strategy in-game?
  184. Assasins creed origins 4k wallpapers
  185. got to admit
  186. PC Is my PC capable to run this game
  187. Assassins Creed Origins (Ambush At Sea) Glitch.... Please see Ubisoft....
  188. PC Senu Senu wings flap bug
  189. Suggestion for new content: Random events that tie into random quests
  190. PC Nightmare Pack
  191. PS4 Trophy Glitch ? Fix on the way?
  192. Nightmare Pack Live
  193. 2017 11 14 Trial of Godz
  194. PC Cannot Reload Checkpoint on completed missions
  195. When is the next God set to release?
  196. Everybody is ok with that??? :O
  197. HUD Customization
  198. Suggestion : Guys you spare on the arenas can join the Assassins on the future .
  199. PC Around 15 Euro for Nightmare Pack?? lol -what a joke
  200. Nightmare Pack in heka chest?
  201. Is there a new Trial of the Gods today?
  202. Feedback from silent majority
  203. How is the nightmare pack more than the centurion pack?
  204. Bayek in Black Flag!
  205. PS4 Naval Combat Controls?
  206. Reach the Curia stealth video(spoilers-no cut scenes)
  207. New Game Plus / Level Scaling Around World
  208. Ubisoft Git A Diskord!!!!!!
  209. suggestion/Feedback Option To remove the Mask from Isu Outfit ..
  210. The Nightmare Pack - concept Art vs in game Item
  211. Today was a let down
  212. PS4 A steady desire to UBI about Aguilar outfit (I want ubi to see this!)
  213. Where is Trial of the Gods?
  214. Heavy Blade Sword
  215. PS4 3 weeks olf support ticket (Dawn of the Creed Edition)
  216. Heka chest
  217. PC Dev's - flawed system
  218. PC Ubisoft, rethink you businesses plan
  219. Any wish-least for DLC - story, gears, characters and mission design.
  220. PC Join the Uplay community group chat! :)
  221. @Ubisoft: Fix No Limits + Proud Medjay club challenges
  222. PC Ac-origins-rog-strix-gtx1080ti
  223. 65 hours into the game, One of the biggest problems with recent AC games remains
  224. Xbox One To whom may concern...
  225. Maintenance - Thursday, Nov 16
  226. PS4 The official list of fixes to be considered for patch 1.0.6 thread
  227. Size compared to previous games
  228. Xbox One 1.0.5 patch wont fix the screenshot bug?
  229. Xbox One Walk command for consoles?
  230. PS4 [BUG] Master Warrior Ability Bug (with testing results)
  231. PS4 I think i have accidentally started the black plague...
  232. Patch 1.05
  233. F u ubisoft
  234. About the Blades of a Godess/Battle of the Nile rewards
  235. FIX hippodrome difficulty!
  236. Thumbs up for the game and support
  237. In talk of a sequel.
  238. Pros and cons
  239. Don't buy this game
  240. Not loving the feedback effects
  241. Is Heka Bugged?
  242. My thoughts on UB's approach to future franchise.
  243. Feature Suggestion - Map Colour Toggle
  244. DLC SUGGESTION: Items to aid stealth
  245. Xbox One Draw distance killing this game for me!
  246. POLL: Bring back the ROPE DART
  247. ubisoft is really suck and bad in Customer Service and Support
  248. PS4 CO-OP Gameplay
  249. +1% Master Skills still broken?
  250. Why disable spatial sound for every PC player in 1.05 when only a few have a problem?